Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2004 on FOX

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  • Nothing like a good baby epidemic to lighten the mood.

    Seriously, this was the kick in the leg the series needed at this point. Everything was too episodic until a cool epidemic virus comes and starts killing babies. This episode really made me question whether or not House is a good person (generally the answer is a bit of both, but for telly it's all different of course); and a show that makes you think that much about something is always a good one, the other good show that does this is Dexter. I came to the conclusion that House is a force for good but he needs to be forced to be a force for good.

    But anyway, daym: babies gettin' sick. So House and his team of frowny concerned doctors get right on the case. This was a tense episode, and it actually felt like there were some stakes at play, so kudos to the writers. Still needs some character development, but it has made up for it in other areas, so it's okay for now.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a virus spreading through out the hosptal and its spreading amoung babies and house and his team must figure it out and thing is its comes down to sacrifing one patient to save the rest of the babies and one of the babies dies and house ends up figuring it out this was was a good ep and i thought it was well done and it showed that house is not one of those shows were none of them die . i thought it changes from the rest of the shows
  • This episode was extremely good, but a little depressing because of the new born babies dying. The only thing was that it seemed a little unethical for a hospital to be giving out stuffed animals to new borns...

    This episode was extremely good, but a little depressing because of the new born babies dying. The only thing was that it seemed a little unethical for a hospital to be giving out stuffed animals to new borns. I mean wouldn't they know that is a major way that infections spread? I mean they are doctors for pity's sake. The poor mothers, I can't imagine losing a new born. All in all it was a great episode.
  • It's a nice show and the dialogues are very witty, but if you've seen one episode you know how the rest will be.

    Although it is located in a hospital as many other shows, it doesn't copy any of them. It's a standout hit amongst other shows which debuted last season, and I really enjoyed watching a few episodes of this show.
    Problem is, that the stories are repetitive, and so are the once brilliant dialogues. House needs some kind of a jolt.
  • baby case

    Well last night episoide was intresting wasn't it, i mean having patients beening baby was good. Last 3 episoide have adult patient so it was intresting to see how house dealt with it. what i find so intresting was if he wasn't in matunity doctor louge he wouldn't of known about case and only reason he was there was to watch his Soap. it's intrestingly planned.

    ok, so one baby died, that's hard but it provides intresting look into Cameron who seem to have a problem telling patient that their baby dead but it goes deeper then that because when House at end of the episoide question her, he kinda of suggested she had personal experience of this, if that's true it makes a little bit more intresting, i'm hoping in future episoide we might find out. What got me here was fact he cared enough to ask her about it?. He's does take his job responiablity of his speciast team quite seriously.

    i liked women who found out the baby was her husband and i really like how she asked him to deliver the baby, The only reason he agreed was to watch his soap, so i'm really begaining to like this chacter. next week episoide looks very intresting.
  • Pretty Good!

    In this episode, a baby epidemic uprises when six babies get a deadly disease...but from what? Dr. House, and his three teammates must solve the case within a short period of time to prevent the babies from dying. But, they must use their skills, their knowledge, and their common sense to keep most of these infants alive. This episode will be a tearjearker for many, but it is simply another great installment of this great show. 8.3.
  • It certainly keeps the audience on their toes and helplessly hooked til the conclusion!

    I think it's interesting that House pretends to be so heartless yet he actually seems to care just a tiny bit for his patients. How else do you explain the way he agreed to go along with the pregant lady who wasn't sure who the father was and pretended to have 'mono' so she could have her husband tested for paternity? He continued to be acerbic- "here I thought you were the idiot that didn't know how to use birth control..."- but he helped her out anyway, and agreed to do the prenatal! Now isn't that sweet?
  • First episode I actually took some interest to.

    This is the first episode I\'ve actually watched with interest. My mum and sister had been doing nothing /but/ talk about it for the past three weeks. So I gave in to their mad cackles, finished off my last math problem, and sat down to watch.

    Thank God I did. I am now addicted to House, Cuddy, Wilson, Cameron, Chase, Foreman, the lot. My favourite line was after one of the babies died from the wrong medication, and House asked after doing a quick re-cap of what they\'d just learned, \"What the hell is this?\".

    The bit where House woke Chase up by throwing a book at him an telling him that they were going hunting. What for? Wabbits. I didn\'t shut up about it for a week, being able to thred it into every bit of conversation I could.

    I love this show.
  • Sad at some points, but at the same time one of my favourite episodes of season one!

    On the DVD this is the last episode on the first Side A of disc 1. And out of the first four episodes this is my favourite one without a doubt. Just before watching this i remember thinking to myself that it would be odd to see a baby get infected with something, and this happens! This is basically the first time you see the doctors panick because they may not solve the medical mystery at hand, and the patients are just new born babies.

    The idea of taking each baby of a different medication was a smart but risky idea. Unluckily it didnt work for them, i thought i was going to cry the first time i watched this episode!

    This is also one of the only teams you see close ups on how the virus was being spread throughout the hospital! Cool!

    Medical Problem: Echo Virus 11
    Rating: 9.8/10
  • What do you do when six babies are at the brink of death, just shortly after it was brought into the world? (May contain spoilers)

    From all the House episodes I’ve seen, which were only four, this was the most graphic one for me. It was the first time I saw a baby having a seizure. It was this tiny little thing that started to foam at the mouth and convulsing. You don’t see that kind of stuff everyday. And when House made the decision to experiment with types of treatment on two of the babies, it was insane. Sadly the two didn’t make it, and it was a race against time to save the other babies. Dr. Chase tried saving one of them by giving them shocks but House stopped him and called time of death. Then the second one, House remained late at night and finally walked around a dead infant. It was no life in the baby it just remained still on the table. What could it be? Was it a full-blown epidemic that only targeted babies? What could be so harmful as to cause lethal viruses to newborns? I’ll tell you who, the damn coughing nurse from the maternity ward. It was basically her coughing that caused the deaths of two infants. I say fire the old hag and make sure she doesn’t work around infants again. I was watching it and I was like, “You b*t*h!” But I guess the old lady remained working there, to kill off the rest of them, cause I didn’t see a scene where they fired her, that’d be pretty cool to see.
  • It was so so sad I might have been crying.

    House was just being House at the start sitting in the Gyn room thing watching his soaps and then he hears about sick babies and gets on the case like stink on cheese.

    I loved how House tried to convince Cuddy that there was an epidemic going around and she eventually shut down the Maternity ward down. The hospital really is Cuddy's baby as House said.

    It was sad that one of the babies died while they tried to find out the cause of the epidemic.

    It was awesome to see Cuddy really being part of the team while her hospital was sick.

    I'm really glad that the next episode wasn't so sad.
  • so sad....

    This was a really sad episode, when that one baby died, I cried for like ever! ! ! ! Cameron was pitful when house wanted her to tell the parents. It was a really good mystery and it was hard to figure out, Cuddy was hilarious cutting that dudes tie off, I mean when she told him to get a pin she meant it! It was funny! Also when Cameron and Chase walked into the foom where the person was having her baby and chase said we'll see you later I cracked up, but yea it was sad all the babies being sick!
  • First episode where a patient dies. A milestone episode.

    So, in this episode a patient dies and it is also an infant.
    I'm glad that not always will House save the day and the casualties appear from time to time. That way we will never be sure if a medical case will result in (full) recovery or not.
    We learn something crucial about Cameron, and also we see that there are patients that DO like doctor House :)

    Overall - very good episode.
  • Review

    What I like about all the House episodes is the interactions between House-Cuddy, the interactions between Houser and the Clinic people, and then the interactions in the medical field between the docotrs and whomever may have the strange virus that no one is sure how to cure for almost the whole episode. Becuase the latter of the three reasons were all babies, I kind of missed the interactions. I dont think that the doctors dealing with the worried parents really made up for the interaction I feel when they deal with the patient individually. Its always nice to find the one hidden lie the patient doesnt reveal, and there couldnt be that in this episode. House always wasnt as funny in this episode as he usually is. But it was still a good episode nonetheless.
  • A good episode, but sad to watch at the same time.

    Okay, i never actually cried when I saw this episode. I just labeled it tearjerker because it was sad. Still, a good episode!

    1) The medical plot (like always) Excellent! There is believed to have some kind of virus running through out the hospital infecting babies. As the clock is running short, House makes a drastic choice, the only way to save all the other babies, is to let one of them die to find out what is wrong with the others. That was sad.
    2) I liked how they ended it, by that i mean what the diagnosis was. I won't say what it was though incase others reading this hasn't seen it yet.
    3) This episode kept you at the edge of your seat because you're always wondering "What's happening next? Why are they doing that? Will the medicine work?" I like episodes like that.

    1) They may have wanted to play this a little further in the season, playing such a sad episode too early may not have been the greatest idea.
  • So sad it was hard to watch

    This show is so well made and so realistic at times, it can be hard to watch. MATERNITY is just such an episode. A very nasty bacterial infection or virus spreads like wildfire among the hospital's newborns, and their lives are threatened. It is very hard to tell in most scenes when we are looking at a real baby and an animatronic doll. Death stalks the halls big time in this episode, and that is all I will say about that. As for the clinic subplot, wait until you get a load of the woman harboring a "parasite." And wait until you see how House gets involved with the sick babies. Without giving the specifics away, I will say it is both funny and somehow oddly pleasing to see House in the exact same situation at the beginning and end of the episode.
  • The first dead patient...

    In this episode we can testify the first death of one of House's patients in this show. It was so sad. A harmless little baby sacrificed for the good to the others. I think this episode wasn't a regular one cause it had more serious emotions than the other episodes but it was still good. Seems like Dr. House doesn't any feelings. But I think his emotions will come out once. And it looks like that female doctor (I forgot her name) has a little secret. We'll have to dig up and snoop around her history. At the end, she said to House can be a real jackass or something like that. Anyway, in that moment we could saw she's really sad... :( :)
  • House loses a patient.

    This being the 4th episode of the series and I have to say this show may be to smart for me. I like the actors but watching a show that tries to solve medical mysteries is just a touch above my education. Ok, a great deal above my education. In this episode House and the team must try and solve why newborns are becoming very sick in the hospital. After trying a trial on 2 of the babies one dies. As usual they solve the case and save the other babies.

    This is the hard part for me to explain. I ranked this episode pretty high but I am starting to lean on not watching anymore of the show. All of the medical terms are getting to be to much for me. Other than knowing that Cameron has had to deal with death in the past we have seen zero character development. There has only been one scene shot outside of the hospital, House at the lacrosse game. The hospital does not look like a hospital to me either. I am in limbo about this show taking up more of my time. I just don't know what to think.
  • First dead patient. :(

    Babies are going to die! Definitely a Cameron episode. This episode was so sad, the lesbians fit in quite well, they lose that baby,Cameron is afraid to break news & has fear of death, this made me think of Cameron & House hooking up especially at the end when House turns out to care about her fear but Cameron takes it the wrong way, I know it is wrong to say this but it was sort if funny them testing babies, just because they are so small, I just laughed when it went through the MRI machine, but my favorite couple made it through! My favorite guest star would have to be the nuts pregnant lady! So perfect way to fit in to maternity. A perfect guest star! A really good episode.
  • Humanity

    A pesar de contar con las bases de House este capítulo se caracterizó por mostrar un lado más humano, más cálido. Empezamos con un bebé enfermándoze repentinamente y, aunque no soy muy propenso a interesarme por la vida de nadie que no conozco menos la de un bebé, eso me conmovió. Claro que también a Cameron quien ya empieza a mostrar muy por debajo una vida personal dura. También a House. También espero, por el bien de la humanidad, a la mayoría de los televidentes.
    Maternity: el mejor capítulo hasta ahora (recién voy 91 palabras?); le pongo un puntaje de 9,2.
  • Powerful episode showing some good character development.

    Maternity sees the sensitive subject of ill newborns handled very well. Hugh Lauries performance is superb, and we see some great character development from some of the cast.

    House's curiostity and willingness to do whatever it takes strikes me in this episode. Whilst in later series/episodes he shows a lack of care for his patients, in this episode we see his care for the babies, but also his boldness in doing what noone dares to do- treating the two babies for two different illness'. Like in the end of Occams Razor, House discovers the true course of the episode in the very last scene.

    Camerons subplot was also very interesting, as we see her struggling to deal with the case and breaking the news to the family. Her emotions were capurted perfectly, as well as being incorperated perfectly with the storyline. We also see Cuddy showing her "control" issues, blaming her "baby" (the hospital) as the cause for the illness.

    The clinic scene was once again hilarious, and provided some needed comic relief.

    Overall, this was a very powerful, moving episode, showing great character development, and some exceptional writing skills.