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  • This episode exhibited the problem of so many season premieres -- it tried to do way too much, and left the watchers feeling a bit dizzy. It was not up to House's typical standards -- however, it's still better than anything else on television.

    This episode exhibited the problem of so many season premieres -- it tried to do way too much, and left the watchers feeling a bit dizzy. It was not up to House's typical standards -- however, it's still better than pretty much anything else on television. I also somehow couldn't buy House running eight miles to work two months after he was shot -- leave it to him to show off like that, but it was a bit too much. Worst of all was Wilson's manipulation, not revealing the truth about his cure. That seemed even too low for Wilson. Luckily he redeemed himself at the very end of the second episode, but until then, I was quite disappointed with that whole situation.
  • Starting to get a bit old...

    Before I start: Yes, I am a House fan and yes, I am still going to watch every episode of Series 3.

    However, is anybody else just starting to get, well, just a little tired of the structure of each and every episode?

    It is great to see Hoouse walking - and it allows for a whole new angle of one-liners and jokes, that Mr Laurie delivers very well... but the one thing I will say is... COME ON, PLEASE! I MEAN REALLY?

    In this episode, House successfully diagnoses a "terminal" brain cancer patient as, well, someone who doesn't have cancer. Now that's *fair enough*... but the bit that really gets me, is he has been "terminal" for EIGHT YEARS.

    EIGHT long years of intense medical scrutiny by, quote, "the best doctors" - and at no single point did any of them, in those eight long years, find what House was able to find in only eight minutes. The man in question is wheelcahir bound - and hasn't walked for the whole eight years.

    House's proposed solution actually ends up in making the wheelchair bound man instantly walk.

    Yes, there may be *some* medical reasons behind why House was able to diagnose it and the hundreds of other people were not - but come on, we've had this same structure in a previous 46 episodes.

    It's getting just a lil' boring now.

    Anyway - with that said, I am a fan of Hugh Laurie. Here in England we have had Fry and Laurie on our screens for years and years - and they have always delivered more high-brow comedy to the screen. This is why I like House - Hugh Laurie does the same in this show.

    I guess I'll tune into epidodes 48+ the same as I always do... but I'll make sure I have a cup of tea to hand, in case I fall asleep with the predictable structure... again.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house is the season 3 premere and house is just coming back to work after getting shot and he has to deal with two cases a man that is in a wheel chair who drove himself into the pool at first house thinks he wanted to kill himself but then later he realizes he was wrong and the thinks the yoga girl is faking it and then changes is mind and the guy is a real puzzel who house wants to solve and has the whole team working on it and then house comes up with the anwser for it and kuddie does not want t to do it because she thinks he is wrong and turns out he was right but then dont tell him
  • House Jogging!

    This episode is a very good season opener, after 2 seasons of same diagnostics, same tests, same unique diseases that only House can treat and the occasional sarcastic witty repartee's by House, and his usual depressed state, gets old. You get bored kinda while still enjoying House you want more. This episode came like a breath of fresh air. A different side of House, proves that lack of pain CAN make anyone feel better which is quite obvious. Fortunately this episode is so boldly written, so smart and clean that eventually you already miss the "crippled" House, which is a good thing. Great episode, can't be missed.!
  • A solid Season opener...

    After the cliffhanger last Season, we get to see House without his cain and walking, running and (hilariously) skateboarding.

    I thought this was an interesting development from last Season's finale, as we see House battle what meaning is as a result of the halluncination he had. His discussions with Wilson were brilliant and very philisophical, and yet House struggles to find meaning in his profession, and still prefers the puzzle. The crash he suffered when he believes there are no puzzles to solve was a brilliant piece of acting, and I doubt that we have see him in a more sympathetic light.

    I thought it was a little mean of Wilson to forbid Cuddy to tell House he actually solved the case, but I see why he did it. It also allows the writers something to build on, with the threat of House's leg pain coming back, and forging Wilson's signature for Vicodin.

    I thought the cases itself wasn't the best, but it was moving see the man walk again. The team were good, although we only get to see a glimpse of their development- Cameron is standing up to House more, whilst Chase is still the same, whilst Foreman reveals that he wants to learn from House, which is something he hides in his desperation not to be like him.

    Overall, a great beginning to this Season.
  • The meaning of strife....

    The House season two finale left us with Dr. House being shot by an unknown assassin and the beginning of the third season opens with the usually cane-ridden Dr. House running to work. "Meaning" shows Dr. House's first day back at the Hospital since taking a two-month leave to recuperate from his gunshot wounds - and House wants to hit the ground running, taking on two patients. Everyone who works closely with House sees that he is acting strangely - well, it would not be strange behavior for a lot of other people but, because it is House, going to large lengths trying to make a patient feel more comfortable is strange behavior. The condition of one of his patients gives House a particularly difficult puzzle to solve - and he is the only one who thinks it is worth solving.

    "Meaning" is a blockbuster of a way to begin the third season - full of jokes, thoughtful themes, fantastic acting, interesting storylines, and the ending is especially moving. One thing particularly notable about "Meaning" is how we watch House not be House. Since his gunshots and subsequent surgery (also involving an experimental treatment to help his leg) we see House with no cane, trying not to take meds, acting kind for the most part, finding life more fulfilling, and becoming crushed in a way that House fans have not seen up until this episode. House is more sympathetic and classically likable here than much of the rest of the series.
  • House recovered from his gun shot wound.

    House recovered and he doesn't need his cane. His leg is fine now, and he runs. After his "rest", he comes back to work, and taking two cases in one time. Kind of disappointing because I thought we can see how House deal with his recovering. But still a OK episode, much better than season 2 finale.

    In this episode, House's cases are interesting. Love it. This two patients are full with mysterys and House have to find out why are they sick. This is why I like this series, more medical than drama. But I hate the ending, Wilson should not hide it from House.

    Final Diagnosis: Addison's disease (Richard) and Scurvy (Caren)
  • News cases, New House? Start of Season 3.

    I thought there was something wrong with my TV set when the episode started, as you watch from the point of view of a paralyzed middle aged man in a wheel chair. The colours are all saturated and cleverly directed. The prologue ends with the man guiding his wheelchair into the swimming pool in the garden.

    It seems the season starts a few months after the last episode of last season, which at first I was disappointed because I wanted to find out more about the man who shot House. I'm hoping it will be addressed to at a later stage. Most importantly House is running! He is without his cane and is jogging to work. Those who saw the season 2 finale, should remember the random guy shooting House, and in his brilliant, vivid dream he works out Ketamine would stop his pain. From the looks of things it has worked. House takes two cases, one Wilson believes is of no interest, the brain cancer patient and the other case a female patient with strange symptoms. She believes to be have snapped her neck, but x-ray shows not spinal damage. Both interesting, and the female patient is solved fairly quickly. How does someone suffer from scurvy in this day and age, especially for someone into Yoga. The paralyzed man proved more difficult to diagnose. After a series of tests House cannot conclude exactly what is wrong, until by chance, when he cools himself down in a fountain after a jog, he works out that the patient just wanted to cool himself down as well.

    House runs up to Cuddy's house in the middle of the night, to tell her his theory and all it requires is an injection to heal the patient, but Cuddy dismisses it as House does not have proof. House knows this and is in constant thought through out the rest of the episode. Before the patient leaves Cuddy injects the patient anyway, and miraculously the paralyzed man stands up! Throughout this episode I see a different House, he is in no pain, he isn't as miserable as before, and he's seeing patients quite early on! Is he becoming more human? Is this the start of a new House? I'm not sure I like this new House. As much as a jerk he was before, he was a lot more compelling to watch. We'll see how this season plays out.

    At one point in the episode House asks for Vicodin from Wilson, and the question whether the pain is psychological or physiological still remains. I siding more towards a little of both, it hurts a lot more when he is feeling depressed or guilty in some way.

    Cuddy injected the corisol in the patient at the end, suggest she truly does trust House. I suppose if there is any time to trust him, now is the best time. He's in no pain, he's not high, he didn't jerk her around and not as irratible or miserable. Shows House is GOD when he is in his best frame of mind, but he doesn't know this, so he could fall back to his old ways soon enough. The cases were fairly interesting and the characters acted out their normal selves. However something in this episode still felt different and it wasn't just House. The editing maybe, or just the story structure or direction, or maybe they're finding their feet it's the first episode after all. I don't know, but it's a solid episode overall.
  • House without pain.

    This episode was definitely a change form Season 2, first of all, I catch House as a bit nicer. Then everyone else is meaner except Chase, Especially Cameron is the mean one, saying no to House, I would of fired her. Anyways House works on 2 patients, The first one he does really fast and the second one he was trying to cure on a hunch. That's why no one let him give a treatment, he even went to Cuddy's house. What was really nice of Cuddy is to give the guy House's treatment at the end, and he started walking! And House got back on the Vicodin when his leg started to hurt again, no! Nice House is gone! Anyways the skateboard gag was funny. Great season opener.
  • Can House still be House without pain - either physical or psychological?

    After last season's outstanding finale, comes this average-level season premiere. To start with, I felt this sequence to "No Reason" was kind of disappointing. The two cases depicted in the episode failed to draw my sympathy for two main reasons: first, the patients and their illnesses didn't mean big challenges for House's keen mind. Of course, he had to overgo a little bit of thinking in order to find the correct diagnosis, but we've seen him solve much more complex puzzles in the previous seasons. And secondly, Cameron and Foreman's questioning of House's sanity. This has happened many times before, but not in this very level of rebellion, to the point of definitely refusign to perform medical procedures suggested by House. Although this behavior could be more related to Foreman, it is difficult to believe Cameron would so emphatically stand against her boss and question his mental capability. On the other hand, I liked watching House trying to become a better man, and I enjoyed even more watching him fail to do so. Last season he realized his life was miserable and that it lacked a purpose. Now he is trying to find a meaning for his survival by turning into a caring, good-hearted man. He seeks rebirth. But as time goes on, he notices he cannot change his point of view, his entire belief system and moral code - marvelously pointed out in his conversation with the crippled man's wife. House knows that what defines him is not the good nature of his gentle acts, but rather the absolutely rational, emotionless modus operandi that makes him an infallible diagnostician.

    The idea that he was wrong about the crippled patient's illness crashed upon him as the proof he needed to return to his past persona. His fear of becoming a soft-hearted and fallible doctor haunted him to the point of bringing back the pain in his leg. Thus the Vicodin he wanted so bad was a symbol of his persecution of the man he used to be. The pain returns, but is it really his injured leg or his injured mind? He doesn't believe he is prepared to change. He doesn't believe he can be a better man by himself. But he cannot give it up by himself either and admit that he failed. He needs some sort of talisman, a made-up reason to go back to whom he used to be. And in the lack of a cane, he can use some Vicodin pills.
  • A very special episode.. with kind and carrying House

    It was beautiful. The way House was so different, totally like new person and it was so great to see. He was kind, but he had all that what made him House. The way he explained that fall into pool to that son - it was rude but worked for them.

    Not mentioning the stylish shots they had - like House at the pool, standing there and realizing. It was very well done.

    And the ending - tears, it really brought tears. usually it does not happen with this serie as it is shocking, humorous and exciting but there are few as moving cases like that.
  • Great episode!

    I love to watch House. I think every episode is great and compelling. When I saw this episode I thought it jumps the shark a bit. I like House when he has the limp and is a bit crazy and eccentric. In this episode House doesn't have the limp and he's acting crazy, but in a different way. I started watching House from the beginning and I have always know him to have the cane and limp and pill poppin' addiction. When I first saw this episode I was thinking, Is this another plot twist? Or is House going to change in every way because he is cured? I loved this episode even though House doeen't have the limp and cane.
  • House can walk and even do some jogging. One special medical case like you have never seen before. Will make you cry at the end!

    Simply the best medical episode. When you see House in the room with all the radiographies, it's like science fiction! The guy is so good, makes you want to be a doctor like him ;-) He's not giving up where everyone else would and to me this was THE EPISODE where he proves himself. Also, at the end when Cuddy gives the drug and the guy starts moving from his wheel chair... ouf, it's so intense. Oh and seeing house doing jogging, really really great start. I can't get bored watching this episode ;-) I would say that this was the best episode of all season, at least until season 4...
  • Review

    First episode of season three started off solid. Loved the opening scene with House going for a run, great song to play while he was running for the first time. I thought this was a solid come-back episode after the explosive season 2 finale, but I felt the yoga case was simply a filler and I really didnt understand the importance of it. I know they wanted to show a different House - one that offered to take two cases this time around...but I think it would have been better to have him offer to take two and then not use the filler scenes.

    House went from top of the world feeling good in this episode back to depression as he wrote himself a new persciption using Wilsons pad to do it with. Loved the man at the end standing up - though anyone could have seen Cuddy giving in and giving the man the shot, I thought the acting of the actor that played the man was great and it really made the scene pay off for me. Solid episode, met my expectation level.
  • I love the new House

    Well, I missed the second season's finale, but the season premiere of the third season was really great! I'll try to catch up on the shooting and surgery storyline soon!
    This episode was really one of the best I've ever seen. I really like the new House who's suddenly a little insecure and at the same time the same ass he's always been. I really liked his interaction with Cameron and the whole thing about Cuddy not telling him he was right to teach him a lesson: kinda painful, but brilliant storyline!
    I'm really interested to see where the story will go now that House might be feeling better (physically at least). But towards the end when he wrote himself a prescription for his drugs again, you could already see the direction it's gonna go again. It's not that I didn't love the old House, but his change of heart was refreshing and brought a whole new perspective. I'll try to get my hands on the second eppy right away. So excited!
  • House is back, pain free, and trying on a new outlook on life.

    Brilliant! This episode was astoundingly able to give House even more dimensions, which I didn't think was possible. For the first time we see House pain and vicodin free and he's almost manic as a result. I found the conflicts fascinating, House attempting to change and give his work meaning, but instead ends up creating a puzzle after feeling nothing when the patient's wife was grateful. Then, there's Wilson trying to help House change, but at the same time betraying him with a lie. The scene where House asks for a Vicodin perscription and Wilson turns him down has to be one of the best in the entire series! I don't think people are thinking about this episode enough to be able to understand it. It did move kind of fast, had new locations/sets, and House behaved differently, but different doesn't necessarily mean bad, in this case, it means interesting. I think the only real flaw in this episode was that the combination of how different it was and the three month break caused some people to freak out. Hardly David Shore's fault that some fans can't get past that and see the high quality episode that it was.
  • A great way to start off season 3 of House!

    The first time i saw this episode, i kind of felt like 'meh, its okay.' But i saw it again on TV the other night and my opinon has changed. This is really a good episode! House's leg is healed, but after being back at work for a while, once again it begins to hurt. Wilson thinks that it is because of all the things House has been doing that he never would've been able to do before; like running and skateboarding. House takes on two cases; one is about a girl who ends up having scurrvy, which i thought was pretty cool. The other patient was a cancer patient, and House believes he can fix him from being a 'vegetable.' In the end, he is right, and he cures the cancer patient. Although, the patient getting up right away and being able to use his legs like that is NOT likley. It would take quite a bit of physiotherapy before he could support his body with his legs. There is some funny jokes in this episode as well. I love it when he's like "The patient talked last night." "What did he say?" "Ughhhhhhh...."(makes funny face while doing so). Overall though, i thought this was an excellent episode! I love it! Great opener for season three.
  • Another funny House Episode!

    This is one of my favorite episodes of House it's the craziest and for once he doesn't have that blasted cane of his. Also I think he realizes he loves Cameron. But that smile he gave her was just plan creepy. *Shrugs* Then even though this is my fave ep. I didn't like the fact that he asked Wilson for Vicodin. But all in All I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
  • it was nice to see house not on narcotics for a change.

    i have to say, i've been getting kinda sick of the drugged up, desperate house lately. i really like seeing House after three months without narcotics. its like he was able to focus more on the medicine. seeing him jogging was a bit strange, though. if it continued, i totally could have gotten used to it. this eppie was really good. the two cases were actually pretty interesting. the yoga girl's well i thought she was faking. the man in the wheel chair was just sad. i really think house is so brilliant. although he may not have known it at the time, he cured that man. he actually got up. i tried to stay strong, but the second i saw cuddy crying i totally broke down and shed a tear or two. actually, i kinda made myself cry. ive been expirimenting with my acting skills, and i have now decided that im a good crier haha.

    overall, really refreshing episode. House being House, not the narcotic one, but the drug free jogger, was really nice.
  • ...and we have House without his cane....

    House without cane? Can you imagine the brilliant Sherlock-ly diagnostician without his trademark? Jogging to office? Doing stunts with his skateboard? Playing tag?

    Yes it happened!

    Although this eposide can't be classified as a classic, but at least I had a lot of fun watching House ridiculing his fellow colleagues even without his cane. If the caneless House was exciting, the case, or in this episode: CASES, are more exciting, as House tackles not one, but TWO cases. The first one is not as thrilling, but still serves us with the best of diagnostic, but it was the case of the brain dead guy which created a conflict within House and his assistants as to whether his seemingly flawless assuptions are finally losing it's juice. But in the end House triumphs, although in a very unorthodox way, as Cuddy carried on his treatment without House's knowledge, while Wilson insists that House shouldn't know about it so that he could "learn humility"
  • Another brilliantly written and just as brilliantly performed episode, profound in every way and pivotal in revealing another "peel" of House's character, and as always HUGE fun!

    "Meaning" is a very special episode not only because we see a running and walking House - which makes the religious fan incredibly happy - but because it deals with the major issues of the puzzling, fascinating and most complex character on TV, Gregory House!

    One of those issues being how far does he define himself over his pain. Picking this issue up were the season finale "No Reason", which deserved another Emmy for for David Shore's spectacular writing, we see House having to deal with the fears he was faced with during his hallucination after being shot by Jack Moriarty: what if the Ketamine treatment messes with his abilities, with his brain? What if being pain-free and un-crippled strips him from everything that makes him who he is? Despite of those fears House bravely chose the Ketamine treatment and therefore the possibility of more meaning in his life than he had allowed himself ever since his infarction. Now he has to deal with the implications of his choice...has he lost his edge? Is he really defined by his pain in so far as not being able to be the brilliant doctor he is? His worst fear seams to be coming true when he thinks that he is not able to solve the case around his disabled patient!
    What makes the situation harder on him is the fact that everybody around him seems to think that House is just manufacturing a mystery or puzzle around this patient, when there is none, just to get his high, having been off Vicadine for 3 months and seeing that besides Vicadine puzzles and mysteries are his other addiction.
    When Cuddy denies him to go after his hunch that he thinks might heal his patient he starts doubting his motives, thinking that maybe the others are right, he is just manufacturing a puzzle without it being real, and sees his worst fear coming true: he feels he has lost his edge! Something that is extremely painful to watch considering that his hunch turns to be right, as always, and his patient stands up from his wheelchair after Cuddy gives him the medicine House suggested...a fact that Cuddy and Wilson decide to hide from him.
    In this depressed state of mind, House resorts to his other addiction forging Wilson's signature on his friend's prescription pad to get Vicadine after experiencing some pain in his leg. This storyline, dealing with such pivotal issues of House's identity, along with the question of how much has his capacity to feel atrophied along with his leg, will have to be explored throughout the whole season and the season premiere sets the stage perfectly!!!

    Other, more fun issues that are dealt with are the Cameron's ongoing serious crush on her boss who, now that he can walk and wouldn't be a charity case anymore, tests his protégé’s affection by asking her out! Cameron's baffled reaction and her turning him down suggest to House that he was right all along about the nature of her feelings and with a grin on his face he declares that she is "full of crap": now that he isn't a "hurt puppy whom she can nurture back to health" anymore but healthy he's not interesting to her anymore! But Cameron's answer that he is not healthy suggest that the matter is not as simple as he'd like it to be and that her motives are not what he suspects they are! We'll have to wait and see how that plays out!

    Other great scenes include House running through the corridors of the hospital and skateboarding on Campus, along with great moments between House and Wilson and classic banters between Cuddy and House!

    House is a show that is brilliantly written and has a very high level of quality! "Meaning" follows the show's tradition and even takes it a step further promising yet another amazing season of House!

    Particular thanks are due to its creator David Shore and to Hugh Laurie, the only actor who could have brought this fascinating character to life!
  • It was great to see House not only walking, but running. He takes on two patients, and the families actually thank him.

    House is finally able to walk and run and use his leg freely without pain. I was so excited when I saw this because House was happier, and everyone in the show was glad he wasn't in pain any longer. Towards the end of the episode, House does get some pains back in his leg, but he tries to ignore it. During the case, there is a man who had cancer before but could barely move and couldn't talk. The man drives his wheelchair right into the pool. House has his team of doctors perform surgery on his knees to take the pain away, and the family thanks him....relatives...thanking House?!?! Wow. No one would expect that one. Towards the end of the episode, House goes to Cuddy's bedroom window (after standing in a fountain) in the middle of the night, and tells her his diagnostic. She says there isn't enough evidence, to prove it, and sends him home. The next day, on the family's way out, Cuddy gives the man a shot filled with something, and he stands up and starts making noises similar to speech, and he is cured. But what does Cuddy decide? Don't tell House! Why not, he'll find out, and be all depressed. It’s sad. But this was a very different episode from others, and I loved it.
  • It was really good.

    I really liked it, I didn’t see the paralyzed women because I came in late and didn’t see but the second half, I felt so sorry for house when his boss wouldn’t let him do the injection for that poor ol’ man, I loved it when he was standing in her window soaking wet, it was funny, hes so cute to me, um…. that’s about it I mean since I didn’t see the first half I have no idea what else to say so….
  • In this episode,the pain in House's leg is gone and he's able to walk again with out his cane. He asks Cameron out on a date, to test her feelings now that he is no longer damaged. Cuddy and Wilson hide the fact that House's diagnoses was right.

    Although this episode is unlike the others, I liked it because it was nice to see House not using his cane and seeing him...happy. I did not mind the change in Houses character because I knew that it was not going to last, that he would be sarcastic and rude once again. So I laughed at his kindness during the episode. I also liked the change in Camerons character. She grew a back bone and was sticking up to House. That was awesome. The fact that she said no to House gave me mixed feelings. I am a fan of the House/Cameron relationship. I do not want this whole thing to drag on because the writers are definitely giving the impression that something is going to happen between them. I was expecting Chase to do whatever House wanted. He is such a wimp and I actually find his character annoying. I would like to see a time when Chase will actually stand up to House, maybe have an argument, something that will make him seem like a man. The one part of this episode that really bothered me, is the fact that Wilson and Cuddy chose to hide the fact that he cured that man. \"House needs to learn some humility.\" Ya, ok.
  • Surprisingly bad.

    I've loved previous seasons, but this one starts off pretty badly. Both Wilson and Cuddy do things that are horribly out of character for stupid reasons. House is great as always, but the team isn't as interesting as usual, and the show isn't as funny as previous seasons.
  • I enjoyed this episode! How you ask? Hmm...

    Contrary to what most people felt, I enjoyed this episode. I truly believe that all of those other people enjoyed this episode as well, they're just a little nervous about the change in House's character. Now don't get me wrong, I dislike the change in House's character just as much as everyone else. I love the gruff, blunt, indifferent House that the rest of the world fell in love with and I will most likely watch this show for it's entire duration (hoping for a run length rivaling "Law & Order", in fact).

    The reason I'm not concerned with the change is because I know that it won't last.

    It's a character arch and will only run 4 episodes, 5 at best, and then we'll be right back to where we were before. It's just like Foreman's "rebirth" after his two part episode brush with death. The only difference is that his "re-birthing" only lasted for half and episode, and House's is going to stretch over a few episodes. I've already taken the theft of his usual Vicodin prescription as a sign that he's on his way back to becoming the House we all know and love. Even Cameron showed some signs of changing only in the sense that she said "no" to House and seemed to develop some sort of backbone. The point of the episode was saying "no" to House, so again, I'm not too concerned about her either. But then again who knows? They might actually be taking a crack at giving her some sort of personality. Chase was the harmless brown-nosing suck up that he's always been and that was the security blanket I would imagine most of the world used to get through it all.

    It's nice to know how House would react to certain situations. "Meaning" was just the case in which we would know how he'd react to getting shot and regaining the use of his leg (with which I'm still a little sketchy on the medical validity of this phenomenon. I would think that if a muscle's dead it would be unusable, regardless of the pain). This episode was fascinating at best, interesting at worst, and even though I know his outlook will change, I'm also hoping his leg will go bad again. I miss the cane.
  • Well not what I expected but it was good

    Okay -- I had really expected the new season to start with a bang. Here is House shot at the end of last year. Any scenes of what happened? No! That was the one thing I hated.

    What I liked! The fact that House came back kinder and more helpful. I loved the fact that he showed emotions. Also, I loved the way he tested his leg -- skateboarding was great. What I hated was the attitude of some of those around him -- Don't tell him he was right -- It'll go to his head. That was wrong!
  • Seeing House getting better as far as his leg was unexpected for me.

    It was the unexpected for me, I enjoyed it as I have all the rest of the shows. I liked the mystery of wheater House is being honest about his leg pain, interesting. The whole aspect of medicine is adventurous for me, which is how I see this show very adventurous. I haven't missed any episodes and this one ranks up there with the episode where Epps was dying, a very good episode full of exitement. I believe we can learn a lot about medicine and the body's reaction to medicine from this show. I rate all the cast superb.!!!
  • A changed and fresh House returning.

    After the near death experience House and a successful Ketamine treatment, House returns with a vengance, this time with lots of energy and a renewed leg. So strong he can run from home to the hospital!.

    But he comes back with some issues, not getting along with Cameron and the other doctors, he resents that he will not be treated equally as he was treated before his recovery.

    Also in this episode House faces 2 patients, both can't move, he is intrigued specially with a quad man that drove his wheelchair into a pool, with a possible suicide attempt. Also a yoga girl that was immobilized after doing a yoga move.

    Also we find out House may not be healthy as he claims to be.
  • This episode was terrific! House actually gets over his pain and starts trying to help people because they need it, not because their conditions call for it.

    As an infrequent viewer of "House", I cannot claim to be any sort of an expert.

    However, this particular episode, anyone could recognize as very special in general and with respect to the rest of the series as well.

    House actually is cured! His pain is gone. His use of drugs (pain killers) has stopped.

    His personality is slightly changed too. He says he wants to help people - not just treat their conditions.

    One catches a glimpse of the wonderful human being he could be, not just the great doctor.

    His female subordinate, who had been quite friendly, actually pulls away a little. His minder begins to get the upper hand and become manipulative, rather than just being a passive, ineffective councillor.

    On top of that, the two medical cases presented are actually quite interesting too.

    This is really a standout episode. Anyone who has watched any episodes of House and liked them at all should watch this episode.

    If you have friends that watched the series some but were put off by one thing or another - have them watch this episode.

    It might just win them over. It is terrific.
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