Season 3 Episode 10

Merry Little Christmas

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on FOX

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  • Looking Back--what a superb episode.

    Just saw a rerun of this tonight. What a superb episode. No matter what happens on House in Season 7, this is the REAL House. The House that made us want to watch House. House is in PAIN. For reasons that are not made clear, House no longer is rude or shown taking ANY medication. Did someone just miraculoulsy cure his pain? Blame the AMA, the FDA, the lawyers and blame the producers for chickening out taking away what made House a truly human being despite his grouchy *(at least in this Season) disposition. He makes it clear he loses the life force when the pain is severe. This episode has so much in it that I felt it deserved another fine review. This is one of the best episodes of what might have been its best season. BTW--I read many reviews of this episode and no one wanted to use the "M" word (Ok I saw two out of 40 reviews that used it). Kudos to the brave who said's not an insult. It is just an in your face label. No one wants to be labeled anymore. House doesn't call them "little people" and I find that term even more degrading. "Little people" it sounds as if they are from another planet or race. They are JUST people like you and me. Using the M word is NOT the same as the "N" word, no one lynched "M"s or made them drink (if they can reach it) from a seperate water fountain. Lighten up on the political if all you angry "little people" want to send me emails,
    I want to let you know..I loved the Wizard of Oz
    ...I love you all :)
  • this episode is so bad that i nearly stoped watching the show

    this sorry with the annoying cop really getting old, i was thinking about for a while to just stop watching the show all together, but then i just decided to skip the episodes with the cop (witch are the next 2), this stupid cop story simply do not fit the rest of the show, i just hope house will not stop taking drugs because that will be the end of me watching the show... as this episode was so bad that it made me over thing my general interest i give it the worse score just possible... i simply hated it
  • House vs Tritter- Round 6

    House is well and truly on the ropes in this episode, as he deals with Wilson's betrayal and refuses to take the deal offered to him.

    The episode was good as a whole, but it took a slight dip in the recent storylines, the first time for me House has been less than perfect during a story arc.

    The case itself was fairly interesting, and the episode started fanatastically with House refusing the deal proposed to him by Tritter- 2 months in rehab, and he gets out of jail and keeps his medical license. The banter between himself and the dwarf mum was also hilariously funny, and set up the storyline well. However, when Cuddy and Wilson try to force House into accepting the deal by taking away the vicodin, House begins to deteriorate- and, in some ways, so does the episode.

    Cameron and Wilson's sniping was understandable- Cameron obviously cares deeply for House, as seen when she visits him at his place to help him whilst he was detoxing. Hugh Laurie's acting was fantastic through his detox and his junkie behaviour to get pills, however the episode seemed to be a little drawn out and didn't quite have the dramatic effect the previous one did. The case was interesting, and had good twist at the end, but something in the episode was missing.

    It may have been that, to me, even House would have accepted the deal. He may be stubborn, but he senses reason above all else- he could have easily got out of it, and although he never makes things easy, this does overstretch the mark. Nevertheless, the episode as a whole was good, setting up a final showdown between House and Tritter in the next episode, as House's behaviour has caused Tritter to now not need Wilson's evidence. The look on House's face is one of defeat- the first time we have really seen it in the series. Although dramatic, it was also a little depressing. Overall, a very decent episode, but not as good as the ones leading up to it.
  • A bunch of midgets.

    This episode was strange to be a Christmas episode, an episode about dwarfs, some of it didn't make sense, but the sub plot was very good, Tritter continues to try to ruin everyone's life, the aftermath of Wilson ratting out House. Now House is in trouble, and he is nuts when he stops taking Vicodin again, and he takes Oxycodone, and starts foaming from the mouth, I like how the child didn't turn out to be a dwarf, the A plot seemed to be like any other episode to me, but the B plot was amazing, even House felt defeated in the end, great episode.
  • Review

    Tritter and his case have one episode left before I begin to lose interest in anything that is going on. Its all just build up at this point. In the beginning it was surprising and fun to watch House meet his match with a patient that he took too far. Now it just seems like more of the same. Tritter keeps one-uping House every which way. House finnaly caves and agrees to take the deal, something no one thought he would ever do, and now Tritter says that the deal is now off the table and that he plans to put House away for good this time. The next episode is going to be the make or break for this storyline. The storyline has run its cource and now its time to see its resolution. If anything, it has not gone how I thought it was going to go. I still think House is going to easily find a way to get out of this without seeing anytime behind bars, I just dont know how yet.
  • very good episode.

    we find out the effects of wilson going to tritter. house can either go to jail or rehab. both things our stuborn house doesnt want. cuddy does not appreciate wilsons mover, because she knows house too well. she realises he will not go along with any deal, and she might lose him. so she cuts him off of his meds, osr should i say his life. and the case he is working on. house just would not give in. because house is off the case, it is hard for the rest of the team, to function. house is the main help, the one who usually solves it in the end, but he cant help them.but in theend they turn to him. well you know the end. anyways, very interesting episode.
  • A must-see epsiode!

    After Wilson makes the mistakes of going to Tridder, House has two options. He can either go to jail, or spend two months in rehab. At this, Cutty gets very angry with Wilson, knowing that House, being his stubborn self, wouldn't take Tridder's offer. In an attempt to convince House, Cutty cuts off House's Vicadin, and removes him from the case. But when there is no sign of House changing his mine, even the team becomes worried. Also, a fifteen year old girl's liffe is in jeopardy. Becuase House is no longer on the case, the team isn't sure what the girl has, as she is running out of time. As, she becomes more and more sick, they finally turn to House. This is a must see episode. It really shows how stubborn House really is.
  • How do you treat a friend?

    How would you feel if your friend betrayed you? would you feel that all hope is gone becasue that friend betrayed your trust? That is how Doctor House felt when he found himself in his office with police officer Tritter and one of his best friends as it seems in the series Doctor Wilson? And that Doctor Wilson told him, the cop, that House had forged his signature. And Tritter has amde a deal that will be on the table for 3 days. The deal is that House has to go to a rehab center for 20 weeks and not go to jail. But House in his sturborness doesn't take the deal so Cuddy is forced to keep him away from Vicodin and in his protest he doesn't help a case of a smallperson with unexplained symptoms.
  • Titter offers House a deal so that he does not have to go to jail. Cuddy tries to force him to take the deal by taking away his supply of Vicodin. However, House refuses but they need his help in treating a patient but he refuses because of the Vicodin.

    This episode shows how addicted House is to the medication but also how badly he needs it. Another important revelation she that he can still be counted upon even when he is in pain. The episode also show how each character cares about House. they fell remorse for him even though he is hard to work with. It also shows that some people get hook on pain killers because it enables them to function at a reason level. The episode shows that House needs and wants the pills although it usually seem like he takes the pills only because he is an addict. It is pivotal to see how far he would go just to get his medication. The most important is that when he is not in great pain he is able to find the soultion easier.
    It is also important to realize that the regular pain killer did not do much and that is why he only takes Vicodin and goes to such extremes to get it.
  • This is one of the best house episodes i have ever seen. It leaves the next episode in great anticipation.

    This is most positively the best house episode i have seen for well ever.

    It was very dramatic when house called his mother, i hated the part though when trigger said Merry Christmas at the end it was a bit harsh but i guess that makes the character.

    Probably the greatest thing i liked about the episode is that i finally saw house go without drugs, and watching him go through detox which was quite an interesting phase.

    Through out the last couple of episodes i always kept thinking that they are going to take it away for good, and now they finally did, but i didn\\\'t think house was that stupid to go for more drugs, and especially overdose and try to kill himself on them either.

    3 Thumbs up, hope tomorrows episode is just as good.
  • IT gets better with every episode!!!!!

    Love this episode. I got mad that Wilson "tattle-taled" on House. Now House has two choices either go to rehad or go to jail. And being the stubborn guy he is he choices not to go to rehab. Then House can't work in the hospital. Now when they try to solve a medical problem they can't solve it. They then have to ask house but refuses to help them until he has his pills. ANd Cuddy dosent do that deal. Even though HOuse is sick he still manages to solve the problem.
  • House take the case of a midget's daughter. Meanwhile, Cuddy witholds pain meds untill house accepts the deal- putting a patient's life on the line. Many of the major characters must make potentially life changing choices in "A Merry Little Christmas

    There have been Many, Many good episodes of House, and this season in particular. However, this is my favorite episode of House in the entire series to date. ***NOTE: This reveiw contains spoilers!!!!***

    Tritter, who has argueably become the most hated \"Villian\" in the series and evoking a much more visceral response then Vogler, has by now set everyone on the wire. Cuddy must worry about Keeping her hospital open, Wilson worries about his betrayal from the previous episode, and House worries, alot, about how to get more pain killers.

    It has been mentioned to me several times by former addicts that this is the first time the series as even approached what withdrawl is like. Though the episode in Season one entitled \"Detox\" attempted to demonstrate both his addiction and Withdrawl, many recovered or recovering addicts belittled the poor attempt at the misery. This episode manages to come closer and progress the story, an amazing feat. But a nessicary one; Once an addict hits withdrawl, he is liable to do what he must to get the drug and even, in some cases, dissociate. We weren\'t tuned into his emotional anguish, nor was it presented as \"Angsty House,\" Like it was in season one. THe Tritter arch, for all its much hated villian, has allowed the writers to explore in a more realistic way what None of the other archs were able to do right- the dark side of House\'s addiction. Tritter\'s character is expounded upon a little in this episode, as well. He is revealed to be more then just vinidictive- this is a man off his rocker for justice like that old batty fundementalist on the corner that everyone can\'t get to shut up about Hell fires and Brimstone. Afterall, Doing the right thing can be taken too far, can\'t it?

    Which is the question Cameron poses to Wilson DUrring a wonderful confrontation scene. Is it really doing the right thing if you do it for selfish reasons? After facing House attempting to steal, Cuddy\'s wrath, and The fact that the young patient is failing, Wilson chooses to tell Tritter that he would not testify. Later in the episode, he finds an OD\'d House with a bottle of stolen pills. Both in Finding Judas\'s Betrayl and in This episode\'s backing out, Wilson is attempting to do \"the right thing\" but only by what another character has hinted might be right (First Chase, then Cameron.) The fact that Wilson is seemingly unable To determine right from wrong when It comes to his best friend is an insight into the character\'s make up. While he may thunder about an opinion he is unlikely to do anything about it until provoked. He also has a history of regret, and almost a need to seek out retribution on himself- Wether it\'s for Cheating on his wife or for promising to testify against his best friend. I can hardly wait for the next episode- is the last glimpse of Wilson Growing Balls or doing more fence sitting, or is it a red herring all together? Only time, and a new episode will tell. Another major point is House deciding to take the deal, and Tritter Rejecting it. Contrary to Fox\'s Podcast summery (Boo, fox, thou hast droped the ball!) House comes into the office shortly before midnight on the last day of the offer. Thus, the offer should still be on the table, and tritter should be unable to reject it as he lacks the authority to do so (unless the DA who offered the deal said so.) The Big question for this scene isn\'t \"is Tritter a nutter?\" (only because his threats to Cuddy earlier have already answered that one) but rather \"Is House being House and procrastinating? Or did the blighter actually learn something this episode?\" Unfortunately, We can\'t know for sure, though the trailer for new episodes does suggest that an admission to himself of his addiction AND his need for help did occur. Since Cuddy has been alluded to above, THe choice she must face, and makes, is if she truely believes that House can be a drug addict and a good doctor. Cuddy admits that though House needs help above all things, She does sometimes for some cases need him. *Insert work un-apropriate joke here* In the end, though, it\'s a sober House that Cuddy, and the Hospital that is her baby, needs and she knows it.
  • A must-see episode!!!

    After Wilson makes the mistakes of going to Tridder, House has two options. He can either go to jail, or spend two months in rehab. At this, Cutty gets very angry with Wilson, knowing that House, being his stubborn self, wouldn't take Tridder's offer. In an attempt to convince House, Cutty cuts off House's Vicadin, and removes him from the case. But when there is no sign of House changing his mine, even the team becomes worried. Also, a fifteen year old girl's liffe is in jeopardy. Becuase House is no longer on the case, the team isn't sure what the girl has, as she is running out of time. As, she becomes more and more sick, they finally turn to House. This is a must see episode. It really shows how stubborn House really is.
  • Horrible, Cruel, mean.... oh, and totally FUNNY!

    OK, House has the sickest sense of humor ever. And I love it. This episode was very serious though. It went over a LOT of problems that were being bottles up in earlier episodes, which was good. And it was kind of depressing. But still, House was able to manage to say a LOT of funny things through out the episode to keep him in charector. It was still sad though. I don't know, I have mixed feeling from this episode, but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what shows a good and well written episode. Absolute confusion, but still loving it all the way.
  • Wilson tries to get House to take the deal, but he won't do it. Meanwhile, House takes the case of a girl with dwarfism who has a collapsed lung.

    This episode is a huge stepping stone in House's development as a character. What was most interesting was when Dr. Cuddy took House off the Vicadin and off his case. While watching House detox, it was interesting to see that he would rather put himself through physical pain than take the deal set before him from Tritter, and spare himself all of that torture. The end of the episode was the climax. House, who had been popping stolen medication known only to me as "oxy," was sitting at home, and before downing the pills called his mom to wish her a Merry Christmas. When Wilson arrived at House's apartment, he found his friend on the floor, with the empty pill bottle next to him. My question is: was House trying to kill himself? Or was he so desperate to get rid of the pain that he downed the whole bottle? Whatever the motive, he was screwed anyway. He must have realized how stupid he was being when he walked into Tritter's office, ready to take the deal, and Tritter basically told him that he had him for taking a dead man's prescription from the Rx center at the hospital. There is an important lesson in this episode. Addicts will do anything it takes to get what they want, and they won't realize that they're screwing themselves over until they realize for themselves that they need help.
  • A fine of example of how new charcters inserted for plot development can ruin what made a show great.

    Don\'t get me wrong, you need to add things to a show to keep it fresh, but the addition of Tritter to House has completely moved the show away from what made it great. You had House screwing with everyone and while the medical knowledge never got passed \"cancer, lupus, neural, or some rare disorder that would invaribly get mentioned every 3rd episode despite having an incidence rate of 1 in 1,000,000 people\", it kept things in line.

    Now the medical aspect has gone completely out the window, and House\'s actions have become so farfetched that the show is losing realism. This episode was a perfect example. Cuddy withholds medical expertise to the \"dwarf\" patient to keep House off vicodin. The series has just started getting more and more off track, with unreal circumstances where before the only thing you had to get past was House knowing absolutely everything, which isn\'t that surprising when you are capable of meeting people like this in the real world.

    The acting is consistently great, and that is probably the one plus in this episode. Every episode where House detoxes, it actually is believeable. You can feel the concern of the actors/actresses when encountering situations.

    The series needs to clean up the plot before it runs too far off course and ends the series.
  • Incredible acting, mediocre writing.

    This episode was a mixed bag: the character moments were excellent, but the medical mystery seemed to be a cheap sideplot: it was only there so House can prove his smart-ness.

    I liked the beginning: pretty intense. Not like I didn't like the middle: but the medical mystery took away alot of screentime from what's really important; House & Wilson & Tritter.

    The ultimate showdown between the 3. What saved the episode was the excellent acting. On everyone's side.

    Although the episode has a similiar surprise scene like the last episode, it didn't punch as big as the previous one.

    Overally, satisfying 'Fall finale', but then again, could've been better.
  • My favourite episode this season

    The medical puzzle took the back seat this week to House's ongoing problem with drug addiction and Tritter.
    The patient of the week this time was a dwarf and her mother(Maddy). Lots of short jokes but a surprising raport develops between House and Maddy ... even a bit of flirting.

    What we see in this episode mostly however is House spiralling into dispair. We see drug seeking, self mutilation, theft ... it is not always pretty to watch.

    And does House try to commit suicide at the end? One aspect I am not sure about is how the rest of the doctors are portrayed as being almost borderline incompetent compared to House. No wonder Cuddy wants to keep him around.

    For example in every episode I have seen Cuddy in a medical role she is portrayed as being a fairly mediocre doctor. We see this again tonight as House takes over yet another one of her patients after she again fails to recognise that the patient even has a problem.
  • The improbability of it all

    I wish I had the option of giving the show score only for the acting – then I would give it a 10+, most of which would go to Hugh Laurie. Other then that, this episode is just one big disappointment. Not that the writing is bad or anything, but even a good writer such as Liz Friedman (Hunting, Forever) can't do miracles while having to carry on with the pathetic Tritter/"addiction" storyline. No point in going back again to discuss the improbabilities about House's (forced into) "addiction", Tritters' actions in and outside the hospital, Cuddy's and Wilson's actions and motivation….. At this point I'm so fed up with this I can't even bring myself to discuss this in length. I'm at a point of – o.k. here they go again with the same old phrases –"House is a misbehaved child", "let’s take away something he loves"….. Yes, good thinking – it worked so great until now, go ahead, keep it coming…. Yes, I know – the ratings are higher then ever, the forums are filled with people discussing these issues passionately, the promos are oh so much more melodramatic – so what??? This is not House anymore. Will he be able to come back as the free sprit, brilliant, broad minded, arrogant sob that used to quote Dante? And will we be able to erase the memory of him lying on the floor in his own puke? Something very fundamental was broken on this episode and for what? – to prove a point about "doctors can be addicts too"? You want to deal with that, go make a documentary on the Discovery channel, why ruin one of the most interesting characters in TV ever? Then again, Hugh Laurie saves the day and right now his acting is why I'll still be watching the next episode.
  • So House is subject to the same weaknesses many experience is our society.

    This is a tear jerker episode. House is pathethic as he struggles with drug withdrawal and the intervention of his friends. It points out the struggle family/friends encounter when they try to interene in the druggies life. The conflict between patient care and drug intervention pushed his colleagues into making some very hard decisions. The final scene released the tension regarding "is House going to jail?" when House went to the police station and accepted the deal. Only to be followed by the disclosure that the officer intended to prosecute based on House's theft of a deceased patients pain pills. Certainly the officer is completely within the law to proceed. However,which option better serves the community? I think it is important that the public know that illegal drug use is a serious matter for professionals as well as the general public. Unfortunately, our laws are enforced differently for professionals/politicians than for the general public.
  • No other show does moral ambiguity as well. This show was full of conflict, and psychically painful, but in a not-entirely-unpleasant way.

    This episode was seriously intense. There was tension flying every which way. Cameron put the moral smack down on Wilson, House put the psychologically smack down on Cuddy, Cuddy took away House's Vicadin. So much drama. The medical mystery was only mildly interesting, and I'm getting more than a little tired of all the blood and grossness. The mom was sassy without being annoying, and it provided a way opportunity for House's speech about being a freak. House's legal/drug/withdrawal troubles were way more interesting.

    Watching House go through withdrawal was really sad, and I was actually kind of glad when he scored. I don't like the turn they've taken with Wilson, but Cuddy is still interesting. Man oh man, do I hate Tritter. Jerk! They've set him up to be like House, except that end of the day House is going good and Tritter isn't. House doesn't abuse his power to hurt people, just to fuel his opiate addiction.

    Best line~
    Wilson to Foreman: House, you've tanned.
  • Wilson turns on House.

    In this episode, it seems that the medical mystery takes a back seat to what is happening between House, his team, and Wilson.

    Listening to everyone interact in this episode frustrated me a lot. Cameron's confrontation with Wilson was probably the most frustrating part of the entire episode. Wilson is House's only friend. Throughout the entire series, Wilson has been the only person to consistently defend House's actions, turn the other way, and help him do what he wants. Constantly, he puts aside his own work to talk to House's patients, performs tests, makes consults, and anything else House wants. Don't forget, he also prescribes House's vicodin. Wilson is nothing but a friend to House.

    When Tritter talked to Wilson the first time, Wilson defended him. When Tritter presented Wilson with the forged prescriptions, Wilson stood his ground. This is what friend does. Forging prescriptions, however, is not what a friend does. Even after finding out about the forged signatures, Wilson lends his car to House to go to Atlantic City with a patient, and then goes off to create an alibi for his friend when he realizes what is going to happen. Who's to say that Wilson is anything short of a great friend?

    Cameron, Cuddy, and everyone else being mad at Wilson for supposedly betraying House is completely unfounded. House was the one who betrayed Wilson by taking advantage of his trust. Only by the kindness of Wilson is House even in a position to fight Tritter on the charges. Even for House, there should be a realization that Wilson, Cuddy, and the team are sacrificing everything to protect him. The team does it for their reasons, among which is to keep their jobs. Cuddy does it for the hospital. Wilson does it out of friendship. House refuses to recognize this act of kindness, and continues to ask for sacrifices from those around him without ever offering a glimpse of remorse. His supposed friend is eating peanut butter and jelly because he has no money. Should I offer something? No, I'll take half his sandwich.

    Comparing House to Jesus and Wilson to Judas is in no way appropriate. Jesus never went behind Judas' back to put him in a bad situation. By never offering gratitude for Wilson's altruistic actions, House sacrifices any claim for Wilson's friendship. In fact, House always feels like he is entitled to everything. He a spoiled child, believing that he deserves kindness and special treatment because of his leg.

    When Cameron asks Wilson if it was an easy choice, Wilson had every right to answer that it was. The only thing that made it difficult was his loyalty to his friend. Cameron and the others have no right to criticize Wilson, as he has done too much and gotten nothing in return. They need to understand that.

    Wilson wants his life back, and it's a testament to his virtues that he still wants that life with House not behind bars. He is still looking to help his friend, if not, the deal would never have included rehab instead of jail. Any lesser person would have just thrown House to the wolves.

    The character flaws are so well portrayed and exploited in this show. It's continually impressive.
  • House is the best show on tv.

    ’s Houses first day back at work since he was shot several months before. In the meantime, he has undergone the Ketamine treatment mentioned in last year’s season finale and no longer has pain or weakness in his leg. He arrives at the office to find that he has 3 patients to chose from. He scolds Wilson for trying to give him an easy case, and then chooses to take both of the two remaining cases.

    The first patient was a young woman who was standing on her head performing yoga, when she heard something snap and found herself paralyzed. An x-ray showed no evidence of a broken neck or spinal trauma.
  • Oh My God...House is a junky...a drug

    I not quite sure if i'm angry at Wilson for "rat-ting" House out or not! I mean, he should have never turned on House, and i feel that he wanted to do so for a very long time...but it was never the right moment, but because House hit chase...Wilson used that opportunity to tattle on House. For that i'm angry.

    However, i'm kind of grateful also, cause it appears that House is actually a junky, and if that is the case...he needs help. In that prospective, Wilson did the right thing!

    Nevertheless, i'm still not convinced that Wilson's motive was pure or selfless!
  • This episode is a definate favorite of mine so far in season 3!

    This is one of my favorites so far during season three, but i was hoping this would be the last one with Tritter. Darn it. The thing with the patient was cool, everyone thought she was a dwarf, but it was just hormone growth thing. That was kinda cool. It was also interesting to see House go through withdrawl. Every time he popped a pill into his house when he got some pills made you worry "He's taking a lot of pills." An overdose, which results in him blacking out. It was a definatly cool christmas episode! I'd reccomend it!
  • Great episode to close out the year! Can\'t wait for January

    I loved this episode. House is one of the few tv shows worth watching anymore on basic cable. I loved his bits with Abigale. It will be interesting to see how he copes through rehab.

    I don\'t like how everyone is hating on Wilson for turning him in. I mean, I understand House for being upset, but come on! It\'s not Wilson\'s fault that House forged his name, and Wilson was loosing everything. I didn\'t see House offering to help support him as he lost his car, his money, his practice and such. I would have eventually done the same thing, \"right thing\" or not!
  • This episode are the pwn!

    wow, the last two episodes have been amazing, especially this one. Tritter should be shot 2 death, i hate that guy, oh lord wats gonna happen to house. this was such a suspenseful episode, and wilson might also get arrested. wow, i havent seen such a good episode from them in weeks. Truly one of the best. I cant help but think what would happen if house got sent to prison, like where would the show be, or maybe the writers wanted to take a turn in that direction, i mean this is supposed to be well written and if they follow the typical route of Oh NO the main character will \"die\" ten doesnt, its kinda predictable.
  • An awesome and unique episode.

    Merry Little Christmas was different than the typical episodes. It focused more on the storyline with just House than the actual patient, I noticed. For example, the introduction wasn't a scene of how the patient ended up in the hospital, it was different this time. It was a scene of House going to work.

    House has quite a few pun lines in this episode as well. In fact, more puns than usual!

    So you get the idea, this episode rocked as you can see my rating (10/10!). It was one of my favourites for this season so I suggest you watch it if you haven't already.
  • Procrastination: a lesson learned.

    Another chapter in the Tritter vs. House story. Wilson decides to generate a deal for his friend House with Tritter. A deal of 2 months of rehab, and pretty much all if not all charges are dropped. Of course House rejects this deal, because he is too stubborn. House gets suspended, but the staff harks him up for some advice on a dying patient. The basis here is compromising letting a patient die in essence for House to detox himself. Seems to be working, until House gets desperate and decides to steal the meds of a dying / dead Wilson patient, which gives House his fix. House doped up, decides to volunteer his advice, and the patient is cured. House then visits Tritter, to say he would take the deal (or risk getting convicted & ending up in jail). Only Tritter says the deal is off the table, because as I suspected, Tritter had the local Pharmacy’s tipped off in case House got some meds, thus proving Tritter’s theory that House is indeed an addict. Bad timing for House, and his procrastination cost him an easy deal, but House’s sloppiness of stealing meds freed Wilson from any legal action in the case. We also saw House make a suicide attempt, whose fed up with all of the Tritter crap & pain.
  • this was the best ever it was so funny and great to watch house was at his best and worst in this one

    This was the best the house with all of his comments were great and the want to take a spin comment was great he was at his best and at his worst and can we say that cop is the reason people hate cops he is such a prick and a bully you just can not help but want to deck him I hate him and can not wait till he is offf the show talk about mis use of power just let house do his job and wilson you are no kind of friend to do that to house and to use the excuse that you are helping is bull loved the show and this was the best one yet
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