Season 1 Episode 15

Mob Rules

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • First gay patient.

    Well the episode about the gangsters all seemed a bit silly to me because I kind of expected more from an actual mob but they made him gay which made it all very silly. Cameron finally admits she likes House a lot more than friends, she told Chase & Chase told Foreman, I like how she developed also throughout the episode, she's coming along nicely. Vogler, I still hate, and every episode I hate him more, he is trying to get House fired, which is always not good. The ending I didn't quite understand, with the drugs he got from China, why would you need drugs for being gay Anyways the patient not so good, but the other plots made up for it.
  • Tough guy turns out to be transexual. Oxymoron? You be the judge.

    You know, I liked this episode more than your average House episode. Mainly because the average House episode is about the patient, with a hint of \"Something Else\" added to the mix. Yet in this episode, we see a little bit of patient thrown in with the \"Something Else\" to make the episode enjoyable.

    It worked, but it might have been that red sport car that the mob guys gave House that got my juices really flowing.

    I suppose I have to thank the rich fat man who is now running the hospital. Thanks to him the episode is now much more about House and is he going to stay or not, and Cuddy struggling to hide her secret passionate love for the world\'s greatest cynic. Sure, the mob guy was a great change, took me right out of the kid/housewife zone we have nearly every episode. And the slap the lawyer gave to Chase, ouch, didn\'t see that coming! But enjoyed it nontheless. Guess the guy gets punished in the end anyway for ratting out on House.

    I suppose I missed most of the episode since my surroundings made so much noise I had a difficult time trying to keep up with the dialogue, but I must say the clothing Dr. Cuddy was wearing was quite.. revealing.

    Mob guys are racists.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a guy that comes in and he is supposed to be under witness protection and is involved with the mob and house must figure it out if he is faking or not and they must also figure out he his other buddys are tring to slow things down for him to testfiy and house thinks that his brother is gay and they learn that from him and his other brohter does not want to deal with that and cuddy is tring to convince volger that house is a key assset to the hospital
  • House has to cure a mob member before he testifies in court. Meanwhile Cuddy is trying to save his job.

    House goes through a few turns trying to find out why a mobster keeps going into a coma, why he has too much estrogen, and how to keep the mobster's brother happy. The patient seems to have Hep C and things start to look as if he is on some herbal treatments to heighten homosexual sex. Unfortunately his brother refuses to believe that he could be gay. House has to schmooze the brother to protect his own safety from the mob, meanwhile Cuddy is trying to keep House from being fired. This episode was well written and moved along at a fast clip. House has such good sarcasm and one-liners. He finally is helped in the puzzle of the mobster by a recurring patient; a one year old who keeps on shoving toys up his nose. There is a toy already stuck up there which House cannot see. This is why he keeps putting other toys up there, to help get the first one out. House realizes there is an underlying problem with the mobster that he has not been seeing, that he is gay. His brother finally sees the light and allows House to treat him appropriately. Cuddy saves House's job, but with some concessions. House has to fire one of his staff...
  • It look like House might have to fire one of his staff :(

    Wow, what a cliffhanger, Cuddly did everything to protect House and she did a good job but I knew last week that new boss would make changes but going after House is one thing but making him sack one of his team, now that’s not fair, I know everyone has they person they want to leave in the series but I like the team, I bet next week no-one will get sacked. It was quite a good way to end the episode because for the first-time in this series I really cannot wait until next episode, I doubt it will be Cameron which was according to promo of next week episode.

    So what mob guy is gay, I’m sorry but I really didn’t care much about this patient but who was a bit taken back when brother hit Chase, that almost made me jump out of my seat. Still at least this time clinic case was amusing baby sticking little thing up it’s nose, I honestly don’t know how they did that filming wise, I mean why would anyone leave a little thing like let a baby stick it in their nose?, parent of baby allowed that? , i realise that they had to use a fake baby doll but damn it was convincing
  • This was great as far as regular TV shows go, but in terms of House episodes, this one was not nearly my favourite.

    This was a another great show, but still as I said there have been better thus far in the season. There was something a little off with the writing or something that made this episode noticably worse than the others. Perhaps it was the fact that the medical problem truly wasnt all that interesting. The characters were a bit of a nice change, they were cool, interesting, and interacted with the principle characters fairly nicely.

    This episode did also have some humour in it, with all the homosexual jokes that House cracked. Even Dr. Chase had some of his own good ones here and there. Anyways decent episode, I was slightly dissapointed but then again it was still House M.D.

    Medical Problem: High Estrogen Levels
    Rating: 9.0/10
  • I wannna make this episode's overall rating a 9 or more.

    I wannna make this episode's overall rating a 9 or more because it is the only one rated under 9. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here. That is why this is here.
  • A classic episode, where House attempts to cure a mob boss, while pressured by his mobster/lawyer brother to keep the details in another set of books... A very intriguing but classicly witty installment of the house series. Worthy of your time. WATCH IT!

    A mob boss goes into the hospital for treatment, but he has a secret that would compromise his mobster image. The brother wants the secret to remain just that, but that would mean House has to "fudge" the records to keep it out. which means a nice reward for him. This episode shows that even if you dont like what your family is like, you have no choice but to love them for who they are. It's sweet, and House delivers a great performance as usual. An episode to remember as a comical yet endearing installment. Great Watching.
  • It was a really good episode

    Okay the mob thing was an interesting angle and I thought that the thing they did with the pig was really amazing and interesting that they could do that. House telling Joey's brother that he was gay was just so House. House's little arguments with Cuddy and Vogler were classical.

    Joey's brother trying to tell them that his brother was not gay and then getting all defensive about it was good it added some violence. I loved when he slapped Chase when they were going to treat him for Hep.

    Joey's brother and House getting into little spats about Joey's care were also good. The only reason I gave it this rating though was cause I liked the pig thing otherwise it wasn't all that great.
  • Review

    I really liked the mob aspect of this episode. Between Joeys "brother" slapping Chase in the face and getting House a new car, I thought this episode had a couple of cool twists that none of the episodes before this have had. I thought that the interactions between Cuddy and the new Cheif of Staff were interesting, as he questioned her motivations for helping House out. I was hoping not to see much more of him, though it looks like we may. I thought the big bomb at the end of the episode was good. It would seem that Chase would be the guy to go, but Cameron may ask to leave. I cannot wait for the next episode to see what happens with this.
  • House vs Vogler- Round 2

    House treats a mob patient whilst Cuddy desperately tries to protect his job from a determined Vogler.

    I thought this episode was absolutely fantastic, and was exactly why I watch the series. The drama surrounding House's job between Cuddy and Vogler was fascinating, as we some insight into Cuddy's character and respect for House. The twist at the end also follows the trend from last episode of having the episodes run into each other. The patient storyline was alo gripping, with many twists and turns over the gay mobster and his brother. The part with the "pig" also made me laugh a lot. On top of that, House guesses it was Chase who betrayed him, and it seems likely from this episode that it would be he that will be fired. The clinic seen was hilarious, and also very well written, with the youngster "sending in teams to rescue the cat". We also see Camerons deepened feelings for House, which is a nice sub-subplot building steadily in the background.

    Overall, clevery written, funny, dramatic- a near perfect episode.