Season 7 Episode 23

Moving On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 23, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Cuddy watches as the ambulance workers tend to the injured, including Wilson, and Officer Soltes questions her. She says that there wasn't a fight and House didn't threaten her, but says that he was always waiting for something to happen. She has no idea where House is, and Soltes asks if she's going to file charges. Cuddy says that she'll an officer questions her. She admits tricky she has no idea where House is, and the officer warns her that in domestic situations, things can get trickery. Cuddy finally says that she'll fill out the paperwork and get a restraining order against House.

Three Days Earlier

The team watches a recording of Afsoun Hamidi, a performance artist who invites her audience to injure her. House is in bed after the surgical removal of a drain from his earlier operation, and tells the team that Dr. Hamidi approved his bed-stay. They're surprised that he's following doctor's orders, and House says that he's making some changes. They return to watching the video, where an audience member douses Afsoun with gasoline and sets her on fire. His assistant Luca watches and House explains that he's been ordered not to intervene. However, the assistant does and Afsoun collapses on her own. Thirteen defends Afsoun's artistic style, but the others think that she's nuts. When Taub points out a space heater in the gallery, House suggests carbon monoxide poisoning and tells the team to put Afsoun in a hyperbaric chamber. Once they leave, House texts Cuddy, who is getting coffee. Jerry Barrett, a friend of Cuddy's sister, says that he recognizes her and tries to chat, but Cuddy hastily gets away.

At the ICU, Cuddy arrives and House tells her that he has a box of her things from his apartment. He explains that he wants things to go back to the way it was before they were dating, and thanks her for coming. When she notes that she hasn't talked to him since he cut open his own leg, House says that he's making changes and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Cuddy persists, insisting that he owes her, and House agrees to talk with her if she brings in lunch the next day. Once Cuddy goes, House takes some Vicodin.

As Foreman and Thirteen monitor Afsoun in the hyperbolic chamber, her assistant Luca isn't as committed. Foreman asks if Afsoun was using a plant, she refuses to explain her work. As they talk, she starts vomiting and Luca freezes.

Taub does an ultrasound on Ruby and confirms that the baby is fine. He admits that he's having doubts and they talk about what to name the baby. He's interrupted when he gets a page from his wife.

Cuddy tells Julia to stop trying to set her up, and Julia figures that she's still hung up on House and wants to get her sister out of a rut.

Foreman and Thirteen report to House, who wonders if Luca brought anything into the treatment room. When he hears that Luca brought in a stuffed animal for Afsoun, House sends Thirteen to Afsoun's room to examine the elephant. She confirms that there's a nanny cam inside, and House explains that Luca hesitated earlier because he was still under orders not to intervene.

The team discusses the case and Taub figures that Afsoun is faking it. Foreman figures that the artist would do anything, including concealing symptoms, while Thirteen believes that Afsoun would be suicidal if she invoked pancreatis and a heart attack, but she hasn't tried in the past. Heart tells them to treat and test for Coxsackie B, and then gets out of bed to supervise the tests since he figures Foreman plans to test to confirm his own diagnosis of toxic exposure from the paint thinner from the gallery show.

Foreman runs the MRI and House can't resist gloating and collecting on their bet when Foreman's theory is wrong. Afsoun complains that she's dizzy and Foreman checks on her, and House tells Foreman to scope her.

Cuddy arrives at House's ICU room with lunch and discovers that he's gone.

The team runs the colonoscopy and Afsoun tells Luca to document everything. Foreman yanks the camera out of his hand and throws it away and then goes back to work. As he picks up the nanny cam, they discover that the blood in her body has apparently disappeared. Foreman checks her feet as he gets an idea.

Cuddy tracks House down when he returns to the ICU and insists on talking things out. She figures he's still angry at her breaking up, and House finally agrees to meet her for lunch in the cafeteria. As Cuddy goes, Foreman reports that Afsoun has been injecting herself in the foot with her own blood to raise her red cell count and cause her arrhythmia. He's checked her laptop browser history and discovered that she was researching blood symptoms... and House.

Wilson tells the police that House has probably holed up in a bar, somewhere dark and depressing to match his mood.

House confronts Afsoun and Luca, and she explains that she's really ill, and she just did the blood doping to intrigue her. However, she refuses to tell House because there won't be any game for House, and thus no art for her. Afsoun refuses to tell House why she's doing what she'd doing, but figures that the game intrigues him so he'll play anyway.

House meets with the team and tells them that he likes the game. Afsoun has provided them with a list of symptoms, and House tells them to check it out and test her blood. As they go, Taub gets another call from Rachel and ducks it. Foreman wonders why Taub is avoiding his wife, and Taub admits that he hasn't told Rachel yet. He worries that Rachel won't talk to him again, but Foreman warns that she'll find out and Taub can't cheat his way out of his current situation.

Afsoun complains about back pain and describes the level of agony, but Thirteen and Chase realize that they can't trust anything she says. They discover that her pancreas is liking corrosive poison into her body. Luca begs Afsoun to tell them what she knows, but she says that he's never gone wrong trusting her.

Thirteen reports to House that the pancreatic cyst is back, and he wonders if Afsoun is suicidal. However, Thirteen points out that there's no way that Afsoun could have inflicted more cysts. House realizes that Afsoun doesn't care because she knows that what she has is fatal. House tests her again in the MRI chamber and notes that Afsoun shaved her head four months ago as one of her performance parties. He explains to Luca that she has cancer and shaved her head because the hair would have fallen out anyway. He confirms that she has lymphoma, and Afsoun admits that is actually what she has. It is too close to the brain stem for surgery, and radiation had no effect. House figures that she wanted to see him to recreate the sensation of depersonalization she felt from the first team that examined her, but she notes that House took it personally and she doesn't think that way anymore. House insists he doesn't care, and says that she just wanted to act out once she realized she was mortal, and possibly prayed for a different answer. House addresses her camera and says it doesn't mean anything.

When House returns to his room, he finds Wilson waiting for him. He knows that House is forging his signature to get Vicodin, and has put out a notice that all future prescriptions require his verbal authorization. Wilson points out that House is taking increasingly large doses, and House insists he's trying not to self-destruct. His friend doesn't believe it, and tells House to actually deal with it instead of medicate the issue away. House says that he doesn't feel anything at the moment, and it feels great. He then leaves, telling Wilson he has more pills there. House signs himself out and starts to go, but goes to see Afsoun first. She says that she's going as soon as the nurse brings her something for the eczema, and she figures it was irritated by the paint thinner. House realizes that it's not eczema, and it's not cancer.

The team checks and confirms that has Wegener's Granulomatosis, which accounts for all of the symptoms and is treatable with steroids and radiation on her brain. Afsoun complains that the last time she received radiation treatment, it interfered with her brain processes, and refuses the treatment. Luca points out that it could save her life, but Afsoun says that her life is worth nothing if she loses her art. He insists that she has more and that it's gone beyond a performance piece, but Afsoun stands by her decision. Luca says he can't watch her throw away her life and leaves, and House congratulates her.

House and Cuddy meet for lunch and he asks if she's dating anyone. When she refuses to answer, House starts to leave and Cuddy admits that she isn't. She redirects the conversation to his leg and his unhappiness, and House admits that no matter why he did it, it was a bad reason and a bad idea. As he walks away, Cuddy goes after her and insists that he talk to her. He pushes her against the wall and tells her that he feels hurt. Cuddy apologizes and House says that isn't her fault and walks away.

Afsoun asks Thirteen if she made the wrong choice, and explains that Luca was there until she broke up with him after she was diagnosed. Thirteen suggests that she might be doing the piece so she can have Luca with him, and says that Afsoun still can.

Cuddy goes back to the coffee shop and apologizes to Jerry for overreacting the other day.

Taub finds Rachel at the hospital. When he starts to apologize to her, Rachel says that she's pregnant.

Thirteen comes into House's offices and finds him checking his leg. She tells him that Afsoun has changed her mind about the radiation theory. House goes to see her and discovers that Luca is with her. He tells Luca to get out and then asks Afsoun why she changed her mind. House points out that she needs her brain to have any happiness, and that Luca will eventually leave her. Afsoun asks why House is berating her, and he turns and leaves without answering. As he looks back, he sees Luca hugging Afsoun.

At home, House is taking Vicodin and ignoring Wilson as he knocks on the door. Wilson knows he is in there and persists, and House finally lets him in. House refuses to discuss his lunch with Cuddy, and Wilson suggests that they get a drink. In response, House goes to the bathroom and gets Cuddy's hairbrush, and says that they can drop it off on the way to the bar. They pull up in front and Wilson asks if he should come, but House says that he's just delivering a hairbrush. He walks up to the front door and sees Cuddy inside with Jerry, Julia, and her husband. They are all having dinner. After a moment, House turns and goes back to the car. He tells Wilson to get out and ignores his questions. When Wilson gets out, House starts up the car and drives it down the street. He then turns it around and smashes through the wall of Cuddy's house and into the dining room. Wilson ducks away and lands badly on his hand. House gets out, gives Cuddy her hairbrush, and walks away, smiling. He tells Wilson that he feels much better and walks down the street.

House is drinking at a bar and asks the bartender what he should do today. When the bartender suggests that he go home, House says he isn't tonight and then walks away and goes down to the Caribbean beach.
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