Season 7 Episode 23

Moving On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 23, 2011 on FOX

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  • HOUSE has checked himself out...

    Okay, Season 7 of HOUSE was a slight improvement over Season 6...until this episode came along. The finale, "Moving On," was by far, the worst HOUSE finale of all time. I know a lot of people will come out and say that HOUSE jumped yet another shark (perhaps the biggest one yet), and I support those who do. "Moving On," while offering an interesting case, did not deliver like past finales like "Both Sides Now," "House's Head/Wilson's Heart," & "No Reason." Instead, it offered more Huddy and two Taub babies. The writers didn't do much to resolve the whole Huddy arc this season, and House's anger in the final moments of the episode didn't do much for me. House was once this genius, or medical maverick, but now he's just an old grump. He's been dumbed down over the years, and while Hugh Laurie still delivers solid performances week-in & week-out, HOUSE writers no longer have that same mojo that made the series a hit. The writers seem to have lost all sense of direction. I'm not sure what to expect next season, which is most likely the final season of the series. Without Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Cuddy next season, where does House go from here? Where do the writers take him next? Does he still practice medicine? It's hard to answer those questions. The writers probably don't the answers to them either. Season 7 had its moments ("Selfish," "A Pox On Our House," "Family Practice," & "After Hours"), but the series has completely gone off the rails. It's definitely official: HOUSE has checked himself out...
  • Wait what?

    Episode was ok, dramatic and funny as always, we got the procedural stuff with an interesting case, the wit and whatnot, a cliffhanger for a season finale as expected and so on.

    **Edit: I actually got the case and it's resolution: He encouraged his pacient to stay true to her believes and tried lecturing her one final time to make her not change her mind, but it all changes when she aks him why he's doing it. He realises of course everything he says to her he's really saying to himself (cheesy! cheap psychoanalysis!) and suddendly decides to grow up and whatnot. This brings him to an all time "maturity high" which finally comes crushing down when he sees Cuddy on a date. Of course the result was an all time "maturity low". End Edit.**

    Now the reason I'm here is to ask: That's Cuddy's exit? She quit and we won't get another shot of Cuddy and THAT was her last scene? She said she's pressing charges and House can't go back to HER hospital. But how will it still be her hospital if we have no actress to run the thing? Is she getting replaced? Is she still going to run the hospital but only be named, not shown? It's a cliffhanger alright, but one that's going to be really hard to resolve satisfactorily by the time S08E01 is upon us.
  • Was this script finished?

    There were a lot of ups and downs this season but ALWAYS the scripts kept true to character and were never completely unbelievable...Well..tonight's series finale was an insult to logic and it's fans of seven long years.

    The CASE was actually of interest at first. Then it ended up nowhere...House's team advises radiation therapy and the "Genius" turns it down for fear of it hampering her mental ability. House says "good for you". Then, without much ado she changes her mind and House tells her she is violating her principles...and no ANSWER is given of what she will do ?? Did I miss the conclusion of the patient's problem?

    Some people thought there was 'humor" again. I disagree. I was almos tlaughing AT the characters not with them/.
    Cuddy confronts House in what appeared to be one good scene..leading to the most preposterous act of All by House. Look..House is not a violent sort..(OK he got into a fight or two when drunk). But--this was a ridiculous and more CHEAP way to end HUDDY.
    House drives his car into her house when he sees her having dinner with another man. Ok...WHY? She LIED to him? I thought House knows..EVERYBODY why would he be this surprized or angry? It was a VERY cheap way to end the season.

    After this mess of a season finale, I think House needs to find a new job at a new hopsital because I don';t see how he can keep his job after commiting this senseless act. He was nto drunk or high..he was angry...and normally he would drown his sorrows in his music, medicine or whining to Wilson..But they went for the cheap thrill end. Sorry it did not work.
    Only men of WEAKER will and mind would do what House did no matter how angry he was at Cuddy for lying and forcing an emotional reaction out of House that he really wasn't interested in giving her.He could have picked up a brick and tossed it throough her window..maybe Two bricks. I would buy that...but endangering 4 people's lives, and Cuddy's daughter was beyond what a "Genius" doctor, which House WAS, would do. YES, the average man might do this, or not. But NOT House...his mind already went through a breakdown...doing this was just too over the top to be a realistic House moment. Remember, House has NEVER behaved like a THUG and although in his mind, 9and maybe so) Cuddy deserved it, it was so beyond reason.

    The final scene..House alone walking on a beach was meant to show house was at peace and moving on. I got that..but what it really showed (and this is where I was laughing AT the script and producers) is HHouse has NOT changed ..he has returned to his former self-centered little boy ego SELFISH nature. All his talk of Changing and maturing...was a LIE. Hosue lied to Himself and that is just not responsible House writing...Sorry this episode did not work.
  • Horrible. This is not the House I used to love. There used to be a defining lesson in his madness, now all we get is a homicidal maniac. This was off the wall.

    The anticipation was built. The entire episode I kept wondering what House did to Cuddy and Wilson. The patient started off great, but slowly lost momentum. I think they could have devoted better material to her message for House. It kind of flopped.

    13, Chase and Forman were ..there. Taub is running into a marginally interesting dilemma. I would have preferred to see his ex come to terms with his love child, minus the extra baby. Seeing as she denied him children it would have been more devastating to see him get them elsewhere. Now she has a card over the nurse.Overall, a little to soap operaish for my taste. As for Huddy, I was happy to see them trying to get past their relationship. I was glad to hear House wanted to get back to the original status quo. His standing her up was in character. I actually thought he was going to a 2nd time, but no. The argument was nicely done. House's "Im hurt" was short but potent. I felt it. House always wraps himself around his sarcasm and wit. Simple undressed lines like that always come of brilliantly for him . There naked and honest. Adios, beloved Huddy.

    I didn't care for Cuddy's romantic interest.Before her development with House she got less screen time. I dont care to see it spent with some glorified extra. Same for Wilson (FYI). Hm, the interest was cute (:i
    I actually crave the very little time she spends with Wilson, and vice versa. The ending. Not only anti climatic, but out of character. House is wild and eccentric. He's not homicidal. One of the themes plaid around with is that Cuddy is the last person House would hurt. This episode could have potentially killed her and the daughter we saw House develop fondness for. It just felt wrong. It wasn't snarky and sarcastic. It was CRUEL. From the looks of it, he almost hit Wilson. Maybe he was hoping Cuddy was in the dining room, that way he could kill the two people he loves the most. Then off himself. I dunno. Since Lisa is leaving there is no chance for redemption.Unless she signs on for an episode or two. Even then, I wont forgive the character. That is ware it all comes together, or in this case falls apart. House has always been forgivable. It may not have been easy, but it was inevitable. There was always some redeeming quality found in each case, he may have been a jerk, but someone learned something. That happened very little this season. What happens when the title character is no longer in character?

    Ill turn in next season. I have to see how this wraps up. I owe it to all the years Ive been following this show. The verdict, much like the old house is harsh but concise. Heartbreaking but true. Oh well, you cant always get what you want. JUMPED THE SHARK.
  • A strong episode that contained strong character development and emotions.

    I like the show the best when it's not trying to be a case of the week medical drama. This episode was very good because it touched upon so many of the problems I have with the show. The character of House is nothing but a big tease. He's like an annoying little boy who purposely plays games compromising the health of patients and relationships in his life. It was simply refreshing to find that a patient, played by the formidable Shohreh Aghdashloo, tricks House into doing exactly that. Putting her health at risk, she ups the game that House usually plays. Even better is that everyone around House acknowledges this and willfully plays along. Meanwhile there's a very big question mark as to how far House is going to go. The scenes with Cuddy are strong and beg for more. The final scene with Wilson is even better, putting an end to the series long abuse of drugs.
    I liked everything about the episode it was a very strong character play. The ending however was mildly weak and disappointing.
  • House cleaning

    Despite the shark jumping nay sayers, I rather enjoyed this. The medical mystery itself was rather dull: It was a device to get a similar character to first compare and then crucially contrast with House.

    I would say that the ending was typical House rather than those who say it was out of character. House has never been afraid to push boundaries and can be impulsive. I think it was a simple and deliberate act (if as I say, impulsive), designed to quickly sever the relationship. Almost an analogy to his cutting out of his tumours with little thought to the consequences. Except this operation was more successful and left him feeling much better at the end.

    I'm looking forward to series 8: Yes the program is waning and series 8 should be the last. That said, I for one can't wait. The simple fact that it will be the final season means all bets are off and anything can happen, anyone can live or die. Great!
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