Season 6 Episode 13

Moving the Chains

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on FOX

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  • Foreman's brother gets out of jail.

    They finally touched on House's leg, albeit only a little. It is hard to believe that with no pills, his leg is no longer hurting. He came back to work because it took his mind off the pain because he was going to use Vicodin, except he isn't working all the time.

    And Foreman shows again that he is an arrogant jerk. He went from nothing to being a doctor and doesn't mind showing that off to other people. That is how he killed the patient back in season 3. I didn't mind him the first 2 seasons but ever since his two weeks notice at the end of season 3 lasted about a month, I have been liking him less and less. I don't understand why out of the old team, he is the one who gets all the storylines.

    And how did House get Foreman's brother on the payroll without Cuddy caring? Why does he need an assistant? She wouldn't pay for Lucas when House was using him as a PI and he at least had a need for one.

    I thought Nora was no longer talking to House and Wilson.

    I hate how the team tried to treat the football player according to his schedule. First Foreman wanted to take out his spleen before confirming the diagnosis just so he could play in his football game. Then they were going to allow him to play. In the past, House at least talked to the patient to try and get them to see that they are being stupid.

    House's reasoning behind the whole pranking thing was faulty. He figured out that Wilson didn't make the grab rail loose. So his reasoning to Wilson was that since Wilson didn't prank him, he didn't prank Wilson in the first place. I'm not sure why Wilson went along with him.

    So I see Lucas has been hanging around Cuddy too long and her insanity pranks have rubbed off on him. When she was pranking House, it wasn't innocent pranks. She made him trip, made him use the stairs, and stole his cane, all of which obviously hurt his leg even more. Now Lucas makes House fall in the tub, ruins everything in the loft, and trips him. Two hurt his leg and the other probably cost House and Wilson their TV along with anything else electrical and maybe furniture as well. And they haven't shown if House moved his piano to the loft or if it is still in his apartment but that would have been damaged as well if it is in the loft.

    Why is Chase still doing surgeries? He works for House now, not in surgery. I'm pretty sure there is a whole department of surgeries.

    I'm curious as to what the point behind the clinic patient storyline was. I thought for sure he was going to get his epiphany from him since the storyline served no other purpose. The only thing I can think of is the guy amputating his foot is going to make House think about amputating his leg, especially since they made sure to show twice that his leg was hurting.

    Haha. "I saw you limping out there. Vietnam?" Haha. "Your boss is secretly a very nice man."
  • Retaliation.

    Foreman's brother gets out of prison, and House hires him as his assistant so Foreman & Marcus (his brother0 can bond, which shows that House is turning in to a nice guy. Meanwhile, someone is pulling pranks on House & Wilson, the unexpected twist: It was Lucas. Who knew that he knew that they bought the condo right from under Lucas & Cuddy. It was a great comeback, on Lucas's part. That plot was on retaliation. Looks like House isn't going to retaliate in the end. The patient, a football player who ends up having skin cancer. Pretty average case. Everything else was awesome, eventful wise. Foreman's family isn't broken thanks to House.
  • House is turning into a nice person

    I loved this episode, is very nice to see Wilson treating house like he deserves, reacting and getting angry (despite house's innocence).
    I don't hate Foreman as the other members, i like him, is a good doctor and tries to do the best on his job. Was too bad House used Foreman's brother to attack him, but in the end everything went well.
    House is getting nice, don't wannt revenge anymore, don't want to play with people's sentiments. I think they should tell Cuddy about Lucas behaviour, he is an idiot! He is jealous about House and knows Cuddy still have feelings hidden inside. He should leave as soon as possible.
  • Foreman's brother..

    So.. This episode was quite purely concentrating on one char - Foreman and his family. I do not know. I usually love char centered episode but that one did not caught me as much as I wished. It had nice story and the whole agenda House had and Wilson trying to figure it out and "accusing" House of being nice. I most say.. it might have been funny.. but.. It somehow felt little numb and not as entertaining as usual.

    More I liked the whole Wilson vs House and they trying to figure out what is going on in their home.
  • Eric's brother gets out of prison; A football player starts banging his helmet against his head

    Orlando Jones has been getting a lot of guest spots recently, but mostly on comedy series, so it was a bit surprising to see him on House, a dramedy, at its lightest. His appearance as Eric Foreman's brother was not horrible, but not something I would like to see on a recurring basis. Stick to 7 Up commercials Orlando!

    But the medical mystery was relevant tonight, given that we are six days away from the Super Bowl, as a large athlete went all Norman Bates on the field. The story was enjoyable, and while the idea of House and his team having no clue what is going on, until the very end where they suddenly crack it was particularly noticeable tonight, that doesn't mean it wasn't a good payoff. I also liked the return of the old school showing what was going on inside the body when House finally revealed to the patient the real problem.

    The side storyline with Cuddy's boyfriend tormenting House and Wilson was good for some comic relief as well.

    Overall 8.3/10 for a strong Season 6 installment of House.
  • I loved it!


    Of course, that may be because Foreman's my favorite character, but still. It was great seeing Marcus for [me] the first time, but I wasn't really surprised when House used him to manipulate and put down Foreman. I had also known about Foreman's mother having Alzheimer's, but I hadn't known she died. It is true that Foreman refuses to show what he feels, but hiding that must have been hard--especially when I heard Marcus tell House about the Grand Theft Auto. In regards to the actual patient, his life seemed very similar to Foreman's--not the profession, but family life. Actually, the only patient I was interested in was the clinic patient--a soldier who had his wife pregnant six months before, thinking that he wouldn't be deployed again. The [young] soldier shot himself in the foot just so he could be with his wife and future baby--he was afraid of his child growing up without a father in his/her life. House said they could just amputate the toe, and the soldier would be able to go back, or they could let the infection spread--the patient was to choose, and House did not know what his decision was until the end of the chapter--when he saw the soldier being wheeled out on a wheelchair, his lower right leg cut off at the knee. That was what got to me.

    But I definitely recommend, especially if you like pranks involving an opossum in Wilson's bathtub.
  • Strong example. Foreman finally gains another dimension.

    Finally something about Foreman that doesn't involve him being in a miserable relationship. It was actually refreshing to see a story-line that has been around since season 1 finally be explored a little more. House vs. Foreman was pretty good. Instead of the usual depressing banter with Foreman, we have the introduction of his brother which adds a sort of new dimension to Foreman in the process. We finally learn a little more about who Foreman is and some silly anecdotal information as well. (That's saying a lot considering I really hate Foreman as a character b/c of the one dimensionality). But Foreman's brother quits in the process (not surprisingly) but it allows Foreman and his brother to get closer. Sad that his mother died, yes, but again Foreman shows he is emotionally incapable of telling a single soul how he even feels about it. House vs. Wilson was verging on classic. The war over the bathtub turns into the investigation of who's pranking who. Turns out it's Lucas ( *heart* ), see it's really only Lucas who can play House like no one else. That's what I like about him. Glad he's still around. I liked Wilson's argument that House is becoming good. House IS becoming GOOD. It was pretty clear in the last two episodes and continued here. The writing was above par in this episode. There were some really funny jokes (subtle and not) in there and the episode was in general, very well written. The medical case was actually pretty interesting, and the clinic patient also supplemented the main story. It was a good balance of medicine and drama. On the con's side, my god, how can one of TV's highest rated shows of all-time not change their opening credits? They are STILL crediting Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde and Jacobson deserve to be in the opening credits. They've only had the "Also Starring" for 2 full years now.

    But in general, I can't find much of negative. It really was a good, strong example, and I'm pleased with watching it.