Season 2 Episode 11

Need to Know

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • The House and Stacy drama comes to a conclusion

    So House loses the love of his life again.

    I thought this episode was fantastic. The patient storyline was good, and a very clever idea of a woman seemingly trying to get pregnant but also trying to prevent it, resulting in her being sick just to stop her telling her husband the truth.

    Cameron's storyline was minute, but gave a fairly interesting sub-subplot, but House and Stacy stole the show. It was interesting to see House analyse himself, and Wilson criticising him at the end, leaving us wondering if House left Stacy just because he didn't want to change or if he actually felt that she would be better off without him.

    I think it was the latter, simply because of his reaction when Mark tried to climb the stairs. It proved to him that Mark was more deserving of Stacy. I don't believe House wants to be miserable, I just think he struggles not to be.

    Overall, I thought this was a great conclusion to an interesting story arc, full of great one liners, tension and drama.
  • Cameron gets her HIV results.

    This episode was funny & sad in the same way. Well one memorable moment is in which, House says I love you to Cameron just so she can open her mouth so he can get the test results for the HIV. I love how Wilson gets all mad at the end & gives him this whole speech. That must of hurt. Stacy sleeps with House, Mark comes to avenge House, mostly out of relationship problems. But the patient also had something to do with infidelity, I like the spasms in the beginning, that as pretty funny. House was such a jerk when he rejects Stacy, after all of that crap. That was really shallow, an end of an episode arc when Stacy leaves. And Cameron is HIV free! A painful to watch episode.
  • House finally gains some closure in his relationship with Stacy, the love of his life.

    As the team treats a woman who has uncontrolled flailing, it becomes quickly clear that House and Stacy's near-encounter in Baltimore meant something different to each of them. House has opened himself up again to a woman he has loved for ten years; Stacy is seeking respite from her difficult marriage. Wilson fears that House will be disappointed and crash; Stacy, not believing that House is that emotionally fragile, asks Cuddy (who would not know, and laughs it off as ridiculous). But when Stacy ambivalently decide to be with House, after months of pursuit, House hesitates and tells her that it can't work. It is after he tells her that "he can't go there" again, can't put himself through the hurt a second time, that Stacy understands what House must've gone through after she left him.

    Hugh Laurie does a magnificent job of conveying House's fear, and his regret about his ultimate decision. Sitting on the roof at the end of the episode, House's brooding is interrupted by Wilson, who derides him for his selfishness and unwillingness to be happy. "You want to be miserable," he tells House, before stalking off. I think Wilson is wrong.

    There is a wonderful scene with the patient's daughter, who interrupts House's ruminations about Stacy. "Is that why you're so sad?" she asks House regarding his leg. "I'm not sad; I'm complicated. Chicks dig that." And yes. We do. Favorite moment: Again, I have two: House's first scene with Stacy, telling her, "I don't want you to go." Never has House been more emotionally raw and vulnerable. Second is the devastating moment of recognition when House realizes that he and Stacy are not on the same page: he's hearing a life commitment; she's looking for a fling. It's another terribly raw moment for House in an episode filled with them.
  • So many times the single mother remarries and the husband wants another child, to have one of his own.

    However, sometimes this causes the first child, the stepdaughter or stepson, to be forgotten or singled out.

    I was happy when House asked Stacy to stay with him, to be with him. Then it turned into, OH MY GODDESS! I can not believe that House and Stacy were sleeping together. This completely blew my mind, I could not believe it.

    I could understand that Stacy was hesitant to tell Mark about the affair. Then Mark comes in wanting advise from House about how to keep Stacy. That was tough on House, I know. I also grew sad when he told Stacy to go home to Mark after she told House she wanted to be with him.

    Men need to let women do what makes women happy. To many times, I hear men complain or tell women to or not to do this or that.
  • Review

    I hope that this is finnaly the end between the drama of House and Stacy. There were way to many random shifts in high and lows and this episode confirmed that. Just when we think House is going to change and be happy for once, he tells Stacy not to do exactly what she was going to do. She picked House and then he turned her down. It was like the whole thing was just some kind of sick game that House needed to win before he told her off. I thought the actress that played Stacy was fantastic, but I did not like the writing that the writers came up with for there interactions. There was too much randomness and she always took away the funny scenes that I miss from the clinic in season 1. Season 1 was comical, Season 2 is more dramatical. Hopefully with her out of the equation there will be one less storyline to follow and we can add more humor to the series. The episode was okay, the case involved was okay, House+Stacys interaction was okay.
  • Wilson is the only reason this episode wasn't total crap

    Okay the case was beyond boring. The psychosis part was sort of interesting but other than that really boring.

    I cannot believe that Stacy slept with House. I mean yes they were working up to that point but I can't believe that they actually did it. That part should not have happened at all.

    Wilson talking to House when he got in about what happened in Baltimore and House saying it was just a kiss (that's what it should have been) was an interesting part of the story line. I loved Wilson going to talk to Stacy about what happened. I like how Stacy was really confused about it and how Wilson was really angry and afraid of what she was going to do to House. I love how House questioned Wilson as to what Stacy had to say about him too.

    Stacy asking Cuddy for advise was very comical. And Cuddy's impersonation of Stacy later in the episode was just way too funny.

    I did like the cheesyness of House giving Stacy a prescription for her heart condition, it was kind of cute. I hated the way House had Stacy leave though and Mark chasing House up the stairs.

    The whole thing with Stacy and House should not have happened/ended that way and the case was not interesting enough.
  • Half very good; half... not very good.

    Definitely a pivotal episode in terms of relationships, especially House/Stacy. The relationship side of the episode is the "very good" half -- the interaction between all of the six main characters, plus Stacy and Mark, is classic. This episode includes some of House's biggest moments as a real jerk -- his baiting of Cameron and Chase in particular, and also shows him at the most vulnerable we've seen yet. Cuddy's imitation of Stacy made me laugh out loud, and this episode has an abundance of quotable lines, even more than most episodes of a show that is so well-written that every episode has several. I hope Sela Ward never gets botox injections, because her facial expressions as Stacy as masterful, especially when realization slowly dawns and she is left crushingly disappointed. Ahem. I must admit that probably part of why I like this episode is because of that outcome. I liked the story arc between the two, but I'm ready for her to go home now, thanks. Foreman's face when he tells Cameron "I'll cut you in" is the perfect picture of friendly innocence. And poor Wilson! He really is the one who follows in House's wake, picking up the pieces, trying to do some damage control. It's a strange symbiosis they have: Wilson tries to take care of House in the only ways House will allow anyone to do -- and most of those ways no one else is allowed to do but Wilson, like tell House in no uncertain terms exactly what he thinks. Cuddy comes close once in a while, but never with the insight that Wilson has. House gives Wilson someone who Wilson views as needing him, whether he thinks of it like that consciously or not. This episode illustrates the dynamic between the two men so well.

    On the "not very good" half is the whole medical story. Patient and family are boring, the symptoms are boring, and really, would the daughter actually be running loose in the hospital? I'm all for creative license and willing suspension of disbelief, but this pushes the envelope into the territory of being contrived. Although I suppose it could be that the writers purposely put in a weak medical story to balance the relationship aspect -- it would be difficult to have all the so-called "soap opera" parts of the show in high gear with an intense medical story like we see in "Euphoria", for instance.

    I suppose all this just means that this is one of the episodes that I watch with my finger on the fast forward button.
  • What do you do when you don't want any more children than the one you already have, but your new husband wants to have a child of his own?

    What do you do when you don't want any more children than the one you already have, but your new husband wants to have a child of his own? You undergo fertility treatments while secretly taking birth-control pills until hubby finally gives up hope, of course. The downside: flailing limbs, a stroke and a liver tumor. That sums up the medical portion of tonight's House, except to note that the little girl (Elle Fanning) is the spitting image of her older sister Dakota.
    The real meat and potatoes of tonight's episode was the end of the Stacy-House affair. It was definitely an affair to remember, complete with a full-fledged, if brief, sex scene, several moments of ardent, soulful stares and a final self-sacrificing moment in which House walks away from the love of his life. I'm disappointed that Wilson did not recognize the maturity behind House's actions and instead chose to berate and belittle his "miserable" friend. Actually, Wilson was very annoying this week, lecturing House for potentially breaking up Stacy's marriage and then for not following through on that course.
    With all this drama, a few clinic scenes would have been most welcome. Instead, we were left to grab some humor from a few precious moments: House tricking Cameron into taking her HIV test through a jaw-droppingly insincere declaration of love followed by a quick cheek swab. Cuddy's confusing impression of Stacy, complete with a Southern accent that even the Mississippi-born Sela Ward doesn't brandish. The ugly neckties that every man but House wore this week were also good for a laugh. By episode's end, the patient was healed, physically if not emotionally, Cameron was not HIV positive, Foreman's reign of terror was over, and so were Stacy and House.
  • Hoo-rah, they've ended the Stacy drama!

    Yep. Me no likey that Stacy(a.k.a: She-of-the-insanely-arched-and-plucked-eyebrows). Just thought she should have made up her freaking mind properly before dealing with House.

    Side-plot of Cameron not wanting to know her HIV test results: I thought she got them years ago...(?). But it's one of those tension thingies.

    Chase needs to know wether Cameron's positive or not for obvious reasons (Refer to Hunting if you've got no idea), House is just plain curious.

    Wilson confronting House on the roof was a good part, showed how much of a consience he really is to House.

    Can't wait to see Distractions, I know they'll be stringing it out until Emmy time this year.

  • House and Stacey ... just be happy together already!

    Well this was a dream episode for me. House and Stacey together at last!
    She was prepared to leave Mark for him but House gets cold feet and feels guilty so it doesn't happen.
    I think Stacey should still leave Mark.
    I can't wait to see what is going to happen next with them, this was a great storyline because they are not going to be happy ever after (yet!!!)

    I love the tension and complicated nature of the situation but I hope they do get together eventually. In my opinion they were meant to be.

    Cameron is such a pain in the ass! What a drama queen.
  • Very, very good arc conclusion.

    Need to Know is the conclusion of Stacy’s arc and it’s awesome.

    After being dragged out for so long, this is the episode where all the possibilities are up in the air and you wonder if any of the three will come out with their heart intact. It really does make good television.

    All the characters were wonderful: Cuddy’s hilarious impersonation of Stacy, Cameron’s reaction to House taking the cheek swab. All that torch-holding. Perfect moments.

    My real interest though goes to Wilson, who when finds out what’s going on flips out spectacularly. For a man who fidelity is a major issue (just look at his three marriages), Wilson’s reaction is amazing. Is he just being a friend trying to stop House from getting into a messy situation? Is he projecting? Is he being a big smelly hypocrite? Varying degrees of ‘yes’ to all of them, I think.

    It don’t know if it would have been less of an eyebrow raiser if he had stuck to either ‘don’t do it!’ or ‘go for it, it’s your chance for happiness!’, but the way he exploded? They’ll be picking Jimmy out of the carpet for weeks.
  • Stacey loves House, Stacey doesn't love House. House loves Stacey, House sees third rate actor climb upstairs, House really only loves himself.

    Not the greatest House. Actually to be fair, it was definitely one of the lesser exciting shows this series ever had. What upset me most was actual lack of thought put into the medical portion of the show. I often found myself concentrating on House and Stacey\'s story, but more in an annoying way because it was so in my face. You would\'ve expected something funny happening with Foreman and House upon the end of Foremen\'s control. But no, merely a quip that was neither interesting nor funny. Now, this would be a perfectly fine episode to watch if it hadn\'t been almost a month since the show had been rerunning. I think in the next episode we\'ll look for a medical drama rather than some cheesy 90210 plot.
  • A fine return from the long christmas break

    Surprising to some, i really enjoyed this episode. It was full of all the things that make the show loveable, whilst surprisngly moving the story arc along a little bit more than most House eps tend to.

    Of particular note for me were some beautifully framed shots, one of the things i find most rivetting in the series. The camera work in this show is second to none, and is consistantly high, unlike some other shows that simply wander into great shooting like it's an accident. Of particular note would have to be the shot of House in front of the empty white board.

    Hugh Laurie excells in this episode in my mind, but credit should also be given to Sela Ward and Robert Sean Leonard. The way Leonard acts the final scene with House on the balcony makes you realise how strong he can be as an actor in this show. We all knew that the relationship between House and Stacy wouldn't last, yet his reaction to it seems genuine and touching. His character honestly loves House, and wants to see him gain the happiness that he doesn't feel able to find.

    As is so often the case in this show, the actual medical story is simply a means to an end, and simply serves as the tool to develop character exposition.
  • Certainly entertaining. The medical case was a bit weak, but the plot of the series was greatly advanced.

    The House/Stacey dynamic appears to be finally resolved. This removes a major plot element from the story (like when Vogler got kicked out last season, though Stacey was on longer). Wilson plays an important role in this episode for the first time in a while, serving as a go-between and advisor for Stacey and House to determine what they want to do.

    The medical case of the woman who drugged herself into spasms, psychosis, and cancer was rather weak by comparison to the season so far, but an intriguing patient would detract from the major character development by using time and viewer's attention.

    Greatest moment: House stops Cameron as she walks by, says "Cameron, I love you" and when she turns around open-mouthed he swabs her cheek to collect a sample for her AIDS test. As an added bonus she looks really hot in that white T-shirt.
  • Good, but not least the Stacy thing seems to be over...

    This was a good one, but not a great one. House and Stacy sleep together and Stacy first decides to leave Mark and stay with House. House then tells Stacy no, Wilson gets mad at House for letting Stacy go. Cameron finds out she is HIV negative, Foreman is no longer in charge and the patient lies to the medical team. Nothing special or spectacular.

    So Stacy looks to be gone, and the drama continues at the hospital. House interacting with the kid was cute.

    Looking forward to the rest of the season....
  • It's the end of Stacy!!! THANK GOD!!!!

    Well, it started as an okay episode. Funny House being early for work, ironed shirt and tucked in. Unfortunately it went downhill quickly. The hated S person became predominate. I cannot say how much I hate this character. I hate you, I love you. I sleep with you, but I won't leave my husband. Wait now I will leave my husband, cause I do love you. ARGGHHH, enough already. It gave cheesy soaps a bad name last night. I stopped watching soaps about two years ago when General Hospital went downhill. Please don't turn my favorite show into one.

    House is a jerk and I love him anyways. But last night he was an a**hole. First he sleeps with a married woman, and then after getting a phone call about his current POTW he rolls over and bangs her again!!! Where are his priorities!!! It's always been about the medicine. Then he goes a little lower and uses Cameron's feelings for him to get her to do the HIV test, and open the results....which BTW it's illegal. But oh yeah, he's been doing a lot of illegal and stupid things since S came back. Oh and let's not forget leaving Mark, who has come to him begging for his help to save his marriage (ironically being he's the one attempting to destroy it) and he leaves him sitting in the stairwell, knowing he won't be able to get back in the chair easily. However, was that when his conscience kicked in, I don't know. At least he kicked S to the curb in the end!!!

    The best part about this week: the POTW's kid. Her scene with House was cute and showed he does have a soft spot for kids. Making the balloon animal (sort of) was cute too.

    The POTW was okay, if you like lying manipulative wives. I am perfect, but lie to my husband about the most important thing happening in both our lives right now....sorry you deserve everything that happens to you!!

    On to next week, with more out of character scenes. Hopefully by 2 x 13 things will get back to normal.
  • Welcome back to the staff of the Plainsboro Teaching hospital!

    ...Personally I wish it was a little more even. It was a good episode, just not as solid as I would like to see.

    The episode contains a great deal of character movement wrapped around a case that seems familiar.

    But of course, the show really is about the characters. The Scooby gang grows very little, with the exception of Cameron who finally gets her news.

    It was nice to Wilson as the go between, always the moral compass. Wilson...always the stalwart friend with truth to tell.

    But as to Stacy and House...I was disappointed in it's conclusion. We knew it had to come (at least for now) and we knew it would be her leaving and House staying...but really, why did it have to be and feel so convoluted? Wilson's true-ism as to why aside, what a crappy and almost unbeleivable way to go.

    Everybody lies, and everyone's reasons for lying are their own, they may know them...or not, they may just know they have to lie. Sometimes they even lie to themself. Maybe that's the point of House's little fiasco. I mean, it still leaves him the broken individual we've come to know and love. I just wish it made more sense. Not...not that it was hard to understand...but it made no common sense. This is not how people act. For the first time in this show, I really felt that his actions were unreal.

  • House gets a patient with unconrollable twitching. Also Cameron is reluctant to take her HIV test. Finally, Stacy and House settle things between them.

    Well, we finally see the results of what happened in the previous epsidoe with Stacy. I figured there would be s discussion about their relationship but I never expected them to actually have sex! Also Mark seems to REALLY care about Stacy if he was willing to go that far to try and preserve their relationship. Where this storyline goes after this is anyone's guess.

    Also Cameron does not have HIV. I though they would have made her HIV positive as a plot twist and for shock value but then again I'm not a hollywood scriptwriter. And if you think about it, it's no surprise she would be so reluctant to get the final test. I would be as well.