Season 3 Episode 13

Needle in a Haystack

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • They weren't kidding about that needle.

    I love the patient's girlfriend it seems like she is the mother, seems pretty nuts about his religion or whatever. Every time you think they got a diagnosis, they turn out wrong. Ad the there is a lot of diagnoses for this kid. It turns out it just turned out to be an undigested toothpick, that's why this episode was cleverly plotted. There are two other plots that go along with this one. House has to stay in a wheelchair for a week, he doesn't and still gets the parking space. While Foreman starts feeling lonely, maybe you should be a bit nicer don't you think? Anyways interesting episode with a great twist.
  • Good filler episode.

    This was one of the first clear filler episodes of the Season, and it was much more entertaining then I remembered. The patient was quite interesting, especially with his curiosity, and the dilemnas he faces with his ethical background.

    The parents really annoyed me this episode- they were cruel and unfair- especially to his girlfriend. When I first saw the girlfriend and her involvement it struck me as a very Season One-esque episode, but it developed from that. There were a lot of interesting issues raised from it.

    House's subplot of using a wheelchair was also quite entertaining and light hearted, although I felt I needed a little more explanation into why he was so intent of getting the space back.

    It was also striking how lonely the doctors are- no wedding rings, as the patient said. I wonder if this is a turning point for them all.

    The clinic scene was also funny, albeit not as funny as previous ones, whilst the House and Wilson dialogue was classic.

    Overall, the first light hearted episode of the Season, and a very entertaining one. This seemed to be the first "filler" episode, as the episode has nothing to build on for the first time (i.e no ketamine treatment, no stalker girl, no tritter etc).
  • A well written episode that was run during Sweeps Week.

    There are two themes running in this episode. One is about a 16 year old Gypsy boy with some strange bleeding problem. House ends up almost killing the lad before a miraculous discovery near the end of the show. The subtext was that the teen, while not in school, was very smart. Foreman was urging the patient to continue with school.

    Secondly, Cuddy gave House's handicapped spot to a researcher in a wheelchair. House spends a week in a wheelchair win a bet with his boss to get his spot back. It is stupid, childish and just something Gregory House would do.

    SPOILER ALERT: Do not read beyond this point if you have not watched the show and want to be surprised

    The teen wants to remain with his family rather than pursue a career in medicine. The young man noticed that none of the doctors were married and he preferred life with his family.
  • Not my favorite episode of the season.

    I wasn't too thrilled with this week's episode.

    The patient storyline wasn't very entertaining. The solution in the end was clever, I liked that part, but I didn't like how everyone was painted out to be a "bad guy". The patient was a bad guy because he was weak and wouldn't stand up for himself. The girlfriend because she kept "ratting him out" and the parents disapproved of her. The parents because they were downright obnoxious. If they wanted to make a point about prejudism (is that a word?) against the Romani then this was not the way to go. I thought all four of them were idiots, with the possible exception of the girlfriend (who wasn't Romani anyway).

    House's wheelchair adventure was a great storyline up until the end. It was very much in character for him and it provided some great comedy. I love the little things, like how he wheeled into Foreman by "accident". But the way the whole thing ended was a let down. It's irritating that House ALWAYS ends up winning; I would like to see him lose every now and then. This was a storyline where it just felt stupid that he won and got his parking space back.

    An fun moment though was when Chase and Cameron went to the wrong house. I just loved how Chase spotted that the couple was having an affair in a very House-esque manor. Chase is my favorite duckling, and it's been nice to see him get to do more lately.

    One thing that has become evident in this season is that they choose one duckling at a time to give a larger storyline. That duckling is 95% of the time either Foreman or Cameron. Chase has really drifted into the background. It also seems as if they do "periods". A couple of episodes had Foreman in the foreground and then a number of episodes had Cameron, and then back to Foreman and so on. I'm not sure I'm too fond of this. I like that they get episodes where they're more in focus, but not every episode should be like that. I want to see the ducklings as more of a team.

    Oh, and something I didn't get... Towards the end of the episode it seemed like they were putting focus on how Foreman (and also Cameron and Chase) is alone and has no time for love. But isn't he dating one of the nurses at the hospital? Just because you're not MARRIED it doesn't mean that you're single.

    Best dialogue of the episode:
    WILSON: Ah yes, if it isn’t Dr. Ironside.
    HOUSE: Ah, if it isn’t Dr. “I had no friends when I was growing up, so all I did was watch TV by myself which is why I can now make constant pop cultural references which no one understands but me.”
    WILSON: That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

    Wilson is getting more and more clever by the week. I think this is the fourth week in a row where he's had the best lines. Awesome!
  • pretty exciting...

    There is a new doctor on the block. The catch, she is stuck in a wheelchair. House gets furious when Cutty gives the new doctor his usual parking space in front of the buliding. To prove a point, Cutty and House make a bet saying that House couldn't last one whole week in a wheechair. To complicate things, House is faced with a gypsy boy that isn't all that willing to open up with the facts of his personal life. Soon, the boy's parents come into the picture. After the Holocaust, the boy's parents are very judgemental of all treatment which makes it nearly impossible to give the son the new, still experimental treatment. This is one of the most controversial and exciting House episodes of the third season!
  • I loved House in that wheelchair

    This was such a great episode of House me and my friend were talking about it in homeroom and lunch and people were talking about it in my English class too. It was all the talk around school.

    Okay House being in the wheelchair was so awesome. He was so pathetic and it was very amusing. And him getting in that little wheelchair fight with the woman who took his parking space was beautiful and just classical House. House and Cuddy betting was great; I love when they make bets because House always manages to get what he wants from her.

    The case was pretty interesting too that was something that no one would have thought of. A toothpick caused all the symptoms very odd and very different.

    Awesome episode didn't disappoint this week.
  • Once for a while - Foreman's Episode

    For me, so far, feels like Cameron is getting most of the attention given to the team in season 3 and so it was really variety to see Foreman in the centre, also getting emotionally involved.

    Story in this episodes isn't as striking as some others and it doesn't catch my attention so much - despite looking to screen all the time, I did quite many other things on the same time.

    Anyway, my thoughts: House proves once again how "jerk" he can be. He and the wheelchair - it may be game for him but people who really need it. That was somehow... I just thought about those people point of view and feel that it might be quite insulting as quite many people in real life do not understand their needs. Ok.. got little lost

    I liked the gypsies - they really were colorful addition to usually "white" overview of the show. Noyhing special but "just" House
  • House proves that his personal priorities are more important than his medical cases at the same time Foreman goes soft on a gypsy kid.

    “This is about who can most easily cross the parking lot. You’re the winner.” No matter how absurd this sounds, Gregory House manipulates Cuddy in order to get the parking space based on guilt… That’s who he is; we have seen the character of Eric Foreman being more developed and with a deep and profound connection to “outsiders” but Chase and Cameron struggle to get through the episode, not a lot of Dr. Wilson but even then the episode hold his own, the Gypsy kid goes to show that work isn’t everything pointing the fact that all three doctors under Dr. House are single and have little life of their own.
  • A series' classic. House's determination and Foreman's care for a kid characterise this episode.

    What will I remember from this episode. Well, two things. First is, don't bet with House. The guy is crazy - he is willing to spend a week in a wheel chair in order to get his parking space back. Other than that, typical House. The second thing is that we see Foreman care more than usual about a patient. The kid reminds him of him when he was at his age. That is what makes Foreman offer an internship to the kid. Then we become witnesses of a conflict between having a career and having a family. Foreman may be a successful doctor, but the kid decides that this is not enough for him. He wants a family and he is willing to sacrifice his smartness and abilities for that. In the end Foreman understands it, and then its business as usual.
  • Resenha (com spoiler) em portugues.

    Este episódio é bem interessante pela construção do personagem cigano. Como todos podem ver, ele se apresenta como um menino inteligente, até muito além do que se espera de um jovem de apenas 16 anos, com variedades de intelecto notavel (da física a medicina, ele sempre tem algo a dizer). ISto tudo justifica a força do capitulo, quanto ao seu final.
    O tema deste capitulo so se revela pelos desenrolares. Quando é oferecido ao jovem a chance de trabalhar no hospital, ele, com sua sagacidade, interpreta que os que trabalham lá tem dificuldade em construir uma falimia e, além, ja escolheu seu caminho - ter uma.
    Ao contrario da maioria das séries, House e este capítulo, preferem o espectador mais sagaz. este capítulo é, também, com poucos enrolamentos de roteiro e comum final sem drama hollywoodiano. Enfim, direto, interessante e questionador, sem ser chato.
    Alias, sendo interessantissimo.
  • House works on a gypsy who is caught between his own beliefs and the right medical procedures. House is much more concerned about his parking spot, which is typical Gregory House.

    A great episode. The medical part of the show was well-done and intersting, and House battiling with a handicapped woman for a parking space is very believable and funny. I really liked this episode, definitley a high point on the season (but House has been full of them). This episode is just more proof of how good House m.d. is. Some of the more intersting episodes have always been when House (Science) battles patients who are more concerned with religion (like in the episode House vs. God), they are really intersting episode, that makes you wonder if religious belief is worth risking your life
  • House Episode 3.13 "Needle in a Haystack" Airdate: Tuesday, February 6th 9:00PM-10:00PM

    There are plenty of things this episode could have been named after. One could be that it's pretty much been the only episode (needle) this season (haystack) that Foreman's had more than a few minutes of screen time and more of a purpose than just being there to have a couple ideas shot down by House. Two could be the chance that House wasn't going to say something to Cuddy about losing his close handicapped parking spot... or the chance that House and Cuddy wouldn't make a bet out of it involving House being in a wheelchair for a week... or the chance that Cuddy wouldn't find any loophole to make sure House wouldn't win... or the chance that House wouldn't guilt her into giving him back his spot anyway.

    But there's a slight chance the episode was named after a toothpick that the patient accidentally swallowed while doing naughty things with his girlfriend in his car on the side of the road. The fact that this toothpick of doom was damaging organs left and right leaving House and crew without a clue what was causing all his pain wasn't the only problem presented in this case. Unfortunately for the show's sake, the additional problem House's team faced also impacted a problem that the show itself faced.

    After first operating without parental consent due to not knowing where Patient Stevie's parents even were at the time that he was first admitted to the hospital, Foreman then risked his career when the kid's parents showed up by listening to House and testing an experimental drug despite the parents' outright refusal. Now yes, this does lead to House wheelchairing his way down the stairs to stick his hand in his stomach to unsuccessfully search for the granuloma which in turn leads to the colonoscopy where Foreman spots the toothpick, but it also leads to start perishing the levels of restriction the show has and SHOULD continue to keep.

    Obviously House is the 'rule breaker' of the show and will do whatever illegal things necessary to fulfill his convinced beliefs to saving the patient, but is it really Foreman's character to risk his medical license? That's a tiny bit absurd. His lack of presence on the show this season doesn't mean we've forgotten the morals of his character and typical doctors everywhere that would never do what he did.

    The one thing I did think was good with Foreman was when he was talking with Stevie about becoming an intern at the hospital after all the input he put into his own case, and he commented on Foreman and everyone else on their staff being alone-- illustrating the commitments needed to be made which make relationship commitments a problem. Coincidentally perhaps, this cut to the final House/Cuddy scene where House arguably caused her a guilt trip to give him his spot back with his "Don't make commitments you can't keep" comment regarding her going back on the bet they made. I think it's just a matter of time before our favorite hospital is run by Mrs. House.

    But breaking it down, acting was great as usual, the story was interesting, but the matter with which it was resolved did not sit too well with me and makes the already lackluster season make me miss Seasons One and Two even more.

    Overall Episode Rating: 7.7
  • a much better episode.

    this episode is definitely a relief after the previous, incredibly boring episode. when i saw this episode, i had never really heard about gypsies, except for history class and watching movies. i had no idea their culture was so strict and different from the typical american's. it was so sad to see how the boy's parents blamed every little thing on his non-gypsy girlfriend, including at the end when the true cause of his "illness" is revealed. another funny part of the show, is that house has a bet with cuddy about how long house can stay in a wheelchair. house's old handicap spot was given to another doctor, who really is in a wheelchair. the thing that pissed me off is that house actually gets his old spot. don't get me wrong, i like house, but i think it's very unfair how a woman who is confined to a wheelchair now has to wheel herself 20 additional more feet to the door of the hospital everyday. oh well.
  • Which is more important to House getting his parking spot back or saving a life?

    The idea for the patient to be a smart Gypsy was very creative. When Forman asked him if he wanted an internship interview, and he turned it down. He seemed to change Forman a bit. I think he will have a lasting effect on Foreman about his views of family. I just have a feeling that we might just see him again. We only seen one patient in more than one episode and the first time we see her, her dad was the patient.

    I loved that a toothpick that he swallowed was making him sick, that was so... just weird. I never knew a toothpick could cause all that damage. I have a friend who loves House and saw that episode and now is thinking twice about chewing on toothpicks.

    House making a bet with Cuddy to get his parking spot back was so House-like. He really clings to the fact that he is different, because of his leg. He wants to get special treatment and doesn’t like to be denied of it or anything for that matter. He goes down the stairs in his wheelchair then just to later get out of it to examine Stevie's intestines, because one of the surgeons grabbed his wheelchair. I never thought House would break the bet to save a patient. I think it shows he is not as selfish as everyone thinks. After doing that he knows he may not get his parking spot back, but he still did it anyway. But then again he knows Cuddy and probably knows that he could still get the spot. When Cuddy gives him his spot back, the smug look on his face was just unforgettable.
  • House fights battles on two fronts. One for a parking space and the other for a boy with mysterious symptoms.

    Cracking episode. House is back to his antagonistic best. Can you actually imagine anyone confronting a paraplegic colleague over a parking space? House gives it not a second thought. In a game of parking space poker he bets his cane against her wheelchair and finally wins. The confrontation between the two is so inanely childish it's pure theatre.

    Back on the ward a gypsy boy has swallowed a wooden toothpick which presents symptoms baffling to House and his team. I'm somewhat dubious that this would actually stump both the patient and the doctors to such an extent and lead to such a range of diagnoses and treatments. If I swallowed a toothpick I'm damn sure I'd know about it.

    Best bits were the sequences with House doing wheelies in the wheelchair and going down a flight of stairs in it rather than stand up and lose his bet over the parking space with Cuddy. The music at the end was excellent. After some Googling I found it was In The Waiting Line by Zero Seven.

    Regardless of the merits of this episode I'm just glad the Tritter nonsense is finally over. God that whole thing was such a downer. It came close to ruining the entire series.

    There's an infinite range of possibilities for weird medical ailments and diagnoses. House could run and run if the writers don't jump the shark and screw it up. Tritter nearly did that. Stick to the plot and just develop the characters in a logical fashion. Hugh Laurie is too good to waste on pathetic sub plots. I've been a huge fan of his since his early collaborations with Stephen Fry but in House he's spread his acting wings into a whole new territory. It's a performance of enormous accomplishment.

    I'd also like to mention the similar transformation of Ian McShane from light comedic actor in Lovejoy to deadly serious performer in Deadwood. Two Brits who have crossed the pond and blown audiences away with their talent.
  • nothing beats the comic releif with House's bet. I love his dry humor

    The bet that House makes puts a funny spin on a very serious setting. Things like this is why this show is better than all the other medical shows on today. The gypsy paitient highlights the personal issues that doctors face on a day to day basis. House clearly exibits his stubborness with the wheelchair throughout the episode. He doesn't feel any shame for his actions which gives inside to what House is all about. He gets the job done in his own stange way. I still cant get enough of the round table disscussions on what the episodes patient is suffering.
  • Everything you want in an episode.

    This episode had everything you could ever want in a house episode. It was funny and exciting at the same time really a great comeback from "words and deeds". Truly a great episode House and Cuddy had a bet which made the episode extra special. House obviously won the bet proving that he never loses. The clinic patients weren’t that amazing but were funny. I think house is coming back really nice after the rehab and episode "Words and deeds" and we are now seeing that house has not changed one bit. Lets tune in next time and see if that is really true.
  • this was in my opinion so far the best episode of this season.

    Well doctor house has done it again he has saved another life. in this episode a kid comes in and they dont know whats wrong with him they come up with so many things. and his parents are some religion what was it again? anyways you notice that his dad has a bad habbit of chewing a toothpick through the show when they finaly show up and your thinking well what if this trait happend to pass to the son could he have injured his internal orgins like that?
    well it turns out he did he was making out with the girl that was helping him live! surprise surprise he had a toothpick and swolowed it thinking it would pass through but instead it got cought in many places and ended up doing sever damage when he could have just had minimal damage done and been much safer those docs. and their colonoscapy's.
  • Refreshingly shallow but great fun.

    Nothing major has happened in this episode, which at this point was a very good thing. > I'm all for the deep/controversial/philos ophical episodes, but every season needs its fun episode to just get a fresh breath and this episode provided just that. > This was definitely a Forman episode and although I'm not a big fan of this character, Omar Epps did a good job. > It was great to see House being his old self again. The bet was quite silly (didn't House have a covered parking space in Mob Rules?) – but the result was pure fun, so it was worth the incontinuity. The wheelchair tango was hilarious, his smile when he got to the car was priceless and going down the stairs with the chair was pure House – he took a bet and he'll go through the walls if he had to. He knows Cuddy is trying to teach him a lesson (again, and again, and again...) and she is back to being an unpredictable and illogical woman, poor thing. But at least the chemistry between them is better ever. Not so with Cameron – the woman is quite frustrated lately and as no one was dying in this episode she is more frustrated then ever. Oh well, there's always a good chance someone will die next week. > The medical story was so-so: how on earth can anyone accidentally swallow a tooth pick yet ignore it completely and not even mention it to the doctors is beyond me. And this from a guy who is so into medicine and supposedly so smart?! It seems his parents are right – he would be much better off pursuing a career as a salesperson, not a doctor. Though it doesn't look like he's going to be so great in that either: his observations skills are not great (to assume people are not in a relationship because they don't wear rings…) his understanding of the world he live in is fairly weak (to date a girl who his parents/cast opposed to but at the same time praise the community's values….)- O.K. I guess I'm just saying he's not the smartest kid around, despite the fact he can memorize the names of all the bones and other medical terms. He should be grateful for having such a loving family and count himself lucky…. >On the whole, a decent well played episode. Sometimes that's all one needs
  • One of the best this season in my opinon!

    Wow! I loved this episode! Now, heres the pro's and cons:

    1) I just LOVED the whole House/wheelchair thing! It was incredibly entertaining!
    2) I loved the humor in this! It was just great! I can't remember any fav parts at this right moment though..
    3) The whole medical case was intreging. The kid kept having clots, and leaks forsay, and it really made you think, and it was all caused by a little toothpick!

    1) What was with the whole gypsy thing? I didn't enjoy that the most..
    2) Its a little unbelievable that everything had been caused by a toothpick, so it was like "woah, thats IT?!"
    3) Okay, it didn't seem right when House was literally taking the intestines out of the kids body and feeling them for something. Thats just strange.

  • Is there nothing that Hugh Laurie can't do!!!

    Okay, while not as good as One Day, One Room. This was still a very solid episode.

    Of course the immensely talented Hugh Laurie was as riveting as always...and this time he did it on wheels. All the tricks he was pulling with the wheelchair had me in stitches for almost the whole hour. Wheelies is one thing, but going down the stairs, and the whole closing of the car door was priceless. Medically that story was okay. POTW did nothing for me...OD,OR was off the charts in comparison, but I guess they can't all be great. This one reminded me a little of Spin from season two, cause bicycle dude had about as much personality as a frozen french fry in that one.

    I did want to add that Foreman was really good in this one. Omar has gotten some really good scenes this season, and at the end of last as well. He had a good connection with the POTW, and with him wanting to see him excel and not waste his intelligence. He knew being home-schooled he was probably never going to get into medical school, but the lab would have given him a great opportunity.

    What the patient said about them being alone was true, but he never looked at it from the perspective that some people choose that way of life, as compared to being dependent on others for your happiness. Hell, even at the end his parents drove his girlfriend away, because she didn't fit I don't think he'll be having a ring on his finger anytime soon...unless he does decide to leave his family.

    One point of contention, Cuddy has got to get a backbone. For a hospital administrator, House walks or rolls in this case all over her. She may stand up to him briefly, but she always caves in the end.
  • Totally cool eppie! It rocked!

    There is a new doctor on the block. The catch, she is stuck in a wheelchair. mHouse gets angry when Cutty gives the new doctor his usual parking space in front of the buliding. To prove a point, Cutty and House make a bet saying that House couldn't last one whole week in a wheechair. To complicate things, House is faced with a gypsy boy that isn't all that willing to share things about his personal life. Soon, the boy's parents come into the picture. After the Holocaust, the boy's parents are very judgemental of all treatment which makes it nearly impossible to give the son the new, still experimental treatment. This is one of the most controversial and exciting House episodes this season. It is a must-see episode!
  • im stunned to my toes! wow what a comeback! i was getting worried for a while but now im shaken right back into loving this show again! i really hope to see more of the medical stuff and less personal life- and i think this episode is the resurection!

    wow! this episode really woke me up. i was getting worried for a while about if house was ever going to return to its medical aspects, which is the only reason i watch the show. boy did it come back! i think the ending was great, it made the whole episode. it was very funny and the wheel chair thing was a hoot. though i could do with out the stripping in car scenes in the beginning and the unnessasary remarks about cuddy between house and the new wheel chair lady. also id really like to see house blow up at somebody and go back to being right and real smart all the time (thats what made this show) and i dont want to burst anybody's bubble here, but id like to see less of house evolving (into a human) and more of the guy that doesnt care about anybody and is witty. thats what makes the whole show-he is a charecter-and theyre changing him! anyway i really hope that we can see more of these good episodes from now on. i think this episode (hopefully) will be the resurection of many more medically based house episodes-like from the first two seasons.
  • I wish I had known.

    Honestly, this is the first episode I've watch. Now I know what all the hype is about. I thought it was GREAT!. Very well scripted. I thought the scene with House in the free clinic, with the little boy "playing" sick was hysterical. The whole concept of him in the wheelchair for a week just for a prime parking spot shows me how stubborn this character can be when the need arises. The qypsies fighting modern day treatments and sticking to the old ways reminded me of my in-laws. I was blown aways when it turned out to be a simple tooth pick causing the boy so much pain and trouble. I'll definitely be returning for another round of HOUSE.
  • Quite a boring episode, with a wooden storyline.

    A filler after last weeks' deeper episodes, this one could barely hold my attention. Even House's jokes weren't edgy. The wheelchair encounter with the researcher was funny, but the whole gang bonding was nowhere to be seen. A patient and the wishes and demands of his family, it has been done to death in House and in numerous other series. Everyone had a little screen time, but instead they'd better chosen to focus on a few characters instead. The last scene about no rings on their fingers was the only touching bit, together with Foreman eating dinner all alone. Oh, and the snow looked so fake! Here's hoping next week will be better. Much better.
  • House has to figure out why a Gypsy boy is having abdomonal pains.

    I am so glad this episode went back to the real House. The previous one really had me scared, but this one was an exceptionally good comeback. Not only was there a medical mystery, which the previous so clearly lacked, there were great parts for the supporting actors (ie, House's team) and House was back to his old self. His main problem was the fact that his parking spot was given to somebody else, and in his usual fashion, he made a bet with Cuddy to get it back, actually followed through with the bet, and then guilted Cuddy into giving in. Pure House. There were also some of the funniest lines so far in Season 3, like where House says he is the one who tells Cuddy her C cups are half full. The House/Cuddy banter was close to its finest.
  • good epiosde, but not the most exciting

    even thought i beleive that having too much drama in a good show like House would be stupid, there just wasnt quite enough in this episode. normal case, semi normal kid, and there werent really that many house isms. oh well

    the gypsy thing was kinda weird. that kids parents were sooo not trusting. House is a good doctor, didnt anybody tell them that?they were so weird when they brought in all that stuff, and who were all of those people? other gypsies?

    i must say that i was funny the whole house-in-a-wheelchair thingy. cuddy is soo predictable. even though House clearly lost, he new he would get his parking spot back. I thought that cuddy looked more like a 9.5 on the guilty scale, but whatever flotas wilson's boat, i guess.

    next week looks good!
  • With House's recent drug saga behind us, the show is going back to examining the characters and the quirks and myseries that make their lives interesting. The previous episode centered on House. This time around, it's Foreman's turn.

    This is one of those episodes you either loved or you hated with no room in-between. If you're a fan of light drama, heavier comedy, and an all-around mystery, then this episode is for you. If you prefer deeper drama, out of the blue twists, and ongoing strife... well you got very little of that this episode, but what little there was happened to be interesting.

    This week we had Foreman connect with a Gypsy patient who happens to be curious and very bright, but unable to split from his family who scorn "outsiders". At the beginning, the episode seemed to show Foreman as being in the better position in life since having satisfied and utilized his own intellectual gifts, but the other side of the tracks was shown with the patient being loved and worried about by so many people while Foreman goes home to an empty house. An interesting character turn for Foreman if it goes anywhere.

    By contrast, House was back to business as usual with manipulating Cuddy, diagnosing a patient, and busting through any and every single social more in his way. The diagnosis was not the usual rare and insidious illness House usually treats, but it was a nice way of showing how the simplest things can do a lot of damage while going unnoticed. A good way for him to get back to his routine now that his issues with Tritter are behind him.

    A simple episode for simple needs of getting back to the show's premise. Sometimes, simplicity is all that is needed.
  • Not near deep as 'One day, one room' - House took a step backwards, and we're back to the old structure: a medical mystery with classic House jokes.

    This episode felt like a season 1 episode - some fun scenes, with a good medical mystery, but nothing more.

    Actually, I thought the way the writers portrayed the gypsy culture was lousy. It felt like in a comedy. House's decision to stay in a wheelchair in a whole week was fun, but overly disappointing: there was simply much more in that plot element. The ending was great though. I love the chemistry between Cuddy and House.

    The medical case was mildly interesting. I thought the operation was the high point: House checking out the boys's 'pipes' was... priceless.

    The solution was fair, it can't always be shocking. That silly little toothpick...

    Overally, the episode lacked depth, which the previous episode had. Many people found One day One room slow and boring, however, I think that episode showed what House should be like by season 3: this episode structure won't last long. It will get boring. But for now, it's entertaining and satisfying.
  • Wheelchair throw-down.

    That's the way to do it, writers.

    This episode took everything that made the previous episode frustrating and boring and did the opposite. Needle in a Haystack is classic House. House himself was great this episode; his bet with Cuddy is exactly the kind of material that makes House great, and as usual you can't help but think, "Wait, I am supposed to be rooting for this guy, right?" The wheelchair bits were amusing if not hilarious - particularly the showdown in the hallway.

    The patient in this episode wasn't annoying. He wasn't exactly likable, but I didn't want to take a crack at him every time he opened his mouth. The stereotypically ignorant "Old World" parents were annoying as intended, but not frustratingly so like last week's rape victim. Perhaps my favorite part of the episode - Foreman! The writers actually took the subplot of the doctor connecting with the smart patient kid - which could have easily gone to Cameron - and gave it to perhaps one of the most underutilized characters on the show.

    This episode may just be one of the best of Season 3 so far. It's interesting, funny, character-driven (but in a different way than last week) and most of all just fun to watch, which I can't say about last week.

    Here's hoping next week's episode looks more like this one.
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