Season 4 Episode 13

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on FOX

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    It was a pretty good episode I thought. They tried to bring back a little Cameron and Jesse Spencers character, whose name I cannot remember at the moment, and I really liked that. Having the scene with House and Spencers character at the bowling alley was really cool I thought. The case was kind of whatever for me. Nothing for me to really get involved in. The drama on the outside with Amber and House was funny, but I dont think its going to hold up being funny that much longer so they need a good gameplan with that I think. Couple of scenes with Cuddy were (CHASE, his name is Chase) pretty good and I liked watching them. Overall, pretty average run-of-the-mill kind of episode except House was not the one to figure out the case at the end of the episode.
  • House fakes an illness again.

    After the last couple of amazing episodes, this one wasn't to the same high standard. Nevertheless, it wasn't a poor episode.

    It looked like it was going to be fascinating as House tries to diagnose a man due to his niceness and theres also a nurses strike (allusion to the writers strike of the time perhaps?), but it seems he loses interest pretty quickly in the case as he tries to screw with Wilson and Amber. I think thats what let the episode down- the writing, normally brilliant, left a few holes in this episode for me. Nevertheless, it was interesting seeing how far the new team has come, especially Kutner who provided the diagnosis, and is really coming into his own.

    It was also nice to see some of the old team (on an aside, was that their first time in the outside cafe since Season 1???). I loved Chase's scene bowling with House, and Chase asking if Cameron had slept with House- I miss those guys!

    It was also amusing to see House fake an illness, and become "nicer"- it provided some good laughs. However, the case took a backburned half way through, and I really can't see where the writers are going- they seem to have hit a little stalemate after choosing the new team- for example, how can they accomodate such a huge cast now?

    Overall, a far from perfect episode, yet still probably a lot better forty mins than most other dramas out there- a sign that House, whilst not consistantly brilliant, is still great entertainment.
  • Classic Episode

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the season. First, the syphilis storyline was very clever. There was an episode in season 2 or 3 that the team thought House had syphilis. I luckily remembered and new that they were going to come up on the short end of the stick.

    The case itself was very interesting. The patient had some pretty weird symptoms, the most bizarre being that he was too nice. After a stroke and a heart attack and a ton of testing, Kutner gets the final diagnosis. They prescribe the patient the right medication to kill the parasite in his brain and the healing begins.

    The Amber/Wilson storyline is pretty funny. She seems to be the only one that can get under House's skin, and he knows it.
  • Hasn't the team learned by now...

    This episode was totally unoriginal I would think. Anyways House fakes Syphilis again, which i strange for House, usually they are not repetive. Cameron, Chase and Foreman should of known this time again it wasn't Syphilis. Anyways about the patient, pretty sad, turned out his niceness was a sypmtom which broke their relationship apart. Also I really liked howthey have to write reviews about the team. I like how House is still annoyed by Amber & Wilson, that is hilarious, how House got Wilson drunk. Another funny plot is that Chase was questioning about Cameron having sex with House, hilarious! "I don't sleep with everyone thats better than Hitler Amazing!
  • The patient is too nice and House must find out why!

    Niceness is not a disease unless you are Gregory House. This would have been silly enough if you had not thrown in Amber and House fighting for time with Wilson like two spoiled children pulling on a wishbone.

    Several quotes in this episode were hysterical.

    House called 13 thirty one. She questioned him. He answered that either way was good for her.

    Wilson would not decide between his best friend and his honey. Describing them as dogs baring their teeth before a fight was great.

    Cuddy is put in as referee while she is dealing with a nurse's strike. Like she did not have enough to do! In the end, she sends the two bad children off to do an unpleasant chore together.

    Oh, and the patient was cured of his very obscure disease.
  • Kutner: "If we believe in the existence of extreme jerkiness, which I suspect that we do..."

    Ok, maybe it's because House is finally back after a long time, or maybe it's just me that I love this show, but I really liked this episode. I have to say that the patient case was poor, it's true, there was nothing exciting or interesting. The very great part of the episode on the other hand, was the development of the characters. We have finally seen again the old team! Chase and House at the bowling was a funny and unusual scene; Cameron and Chase arguing if she had or not had sex with House was hilarious. The fight between House and CTB about the time they have the right to spend with Wilson let see how much House cares about his friend, and we are slowly guessing that House has actually a heart. Also the new team improved a lot: the continuous jokes about 13 (or 31 either way) will lead to amazing scenes in the future, and Kutner is acting in a very funny way. And finally the totally true evaluation that House made about Cuddy, let see how strong and deep their relationship is, even if we don't know almost anything about it.
  • Not bad, but the case was a little dull. Character development was interesting though.

    The Case: It was nice seeing a parody of the WGA Strike, but in this case though, it was a nurses' strike. The whole case wasn't much focused on and the characters were a little dull. It really wasn't focused on it and I think it was better that they really didn't because if they had it would be a really boring episode.

    The People: House and Amber share Wilson and it gets really funny. House's new staff think they discover something about House that could explain everything we have been seeing the past four seasons. Meanwhile, the old staff gets more airtime.
  • good episode...

    A patient comes in that is, apparently, too nice and House thinks there has to be something wrong with him. House's team tests blood that they believe belongs to House and it's postive for sifilis (spelling?). Of course, House was just messing with them. The performance review story-line wasn't very interesting until the end. House got his jab at Cuddy; funny. The whole thing with Wilson's girlfriend is getting annoying...ya, so I didn't think this was a great episode, but it wasn't that bad. The case was... interesting at best. The humor was great, as usual, but that was about it.
  • Yes, it was cleverly plotted.DS knew the strike brake would lower "House"s ratings and they also lost the spot after "American Idol", so they tried hard...

    They tried hard to write an ep where all 10 "main characters" would have decent place, to continue Wamber they started before the strike ,to satisfy (so they won't lose any) ALL possible shippers and specific character's fans...and to write another "medical mystery" (sorry,but for House ,who's main specialty is infectious disease to figure out that one shouldn't have been such a problem..but, oh,well...Others suggested "decent parenting" caused it,so...).They did good with characters placing - many "mass" scenes and up to the point ("There's something wrong with House":x -oh, now we know what - he has syphilis ) they even made sense.Wamber...IMO it was a mistake to begin with.First (in the last ep) they almost "pulled" H/W out of the closet...Now they downplayed that and went for a comedy routine with "custody over love child Wilson"...It was written quite good, I have to admit..It just was from another COMEDY show - I don't know, "Scrubs" maybe, but not "House" as we knew it.And one more ,the biggest IMO,problem with Wamber - I can't accept that nice,but common (as he was written to begin with) Wilson is something House (and even Amber) would fight for...Can you imagine Holmes in need to "get custody" of Watson? It's just not right.
    So, what do we have now? First of all it's still too many characters - nothing to do about it,but to fire somebody -otherwise we will never see clinic patients again and to have an "Autopsy" or "DNR" quality medical case is out of the question - it's still 40 minutes for everything and everyone.I hope DS will do "the responsible thing" and go with the new team (I'd personally exchange 13 to Amber "freed" her from Wilson first).
    Second - I'm very ,very sorry ,but I believe Wilson is falling of the wagon and it's a matter of 2-3 eps to see him as a complete wrack.They gave a lot of hints he has a drinking problem since the beginning of the season (if not earlier)and in this ep they continued - he was sipping wine right in his first scene and was clearly "under the influence" in Cuddy's office...It could also explain him smiling dumbly in the last frame - otherwise he's just a wimp.
    And third is House's syphilis...again. Why recycle the story they used in "Half-Wit" already? And the fact that non of the old Ducklings remembered they've "been there ,done that" is strange to say at least.
    On the positive note - the ball and the piano playing are back.Also there were quite a few good written pieces (mostly House's and two for Taub) - made me feel I 'm really watching "House".It was a good start to get the best of "House" back.And the best of "House" was, is and always will be House himself and great written medical mystery, because as it is now it's "ha-ha-ha" funny,it keeps all the fans and gives some relieve from just seeing any new ep for addicts,but that's not enough.Not for "House".
  • Wilson is important but the medical mystery is out.

    Well the dialogue that the writers gave Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson) in this episode were great! Most of the time his character sits back eating chips with a grin on his face. But when he does throw in his two cents the lines are /classic/. The relationship between House, Wilson and Amber being treated as if Wilson is a child in a divorce settlement is hilarious. Especially at the end when House and CTB both violate the agreement and have to do old people rotation duty!

    The medical mystery, however, wasn't particularly thought out. If you missed it (and some people did) no on /actually/ had syphilis. Why House would keep a vial of infected blood or plant one is beyond me. The patient in this episode seemed like an afterthought. Although Kal Penn's Kutner is getting more and more likable and seems that despite some episodes of airheadedness to be the one who thinks most like House. Overall, funny but POTW was a weak character.
  • Although it's nice to have episodes of "House" back, this one wasn't overly impressive.

    This episode wasn't one of my favorites. I wish the old team would either have a bigger part in the show or be completely out. It seems like they are being kept in just to appease some viewers, and in my opinion, it takes away from the new team's potential. Hardly any interaction/chemistry is seen in the new team like in the old team, and I think if the new team got more screen time, their characters would have more opportunities to develop. The feud between House and Amber was a bit overdone. Yes, we understand that he isn't able to see his best friend as much, but for House and Amber to treat Wilson like a kid is somewhat ridiculous. The patient of the week was incredibly boring, (possibly because we didn't get to learn that much about him) and so was the case. Admist all the drama with House's fake syphillis and House and Amber figthing over Wilson, the POTW was almost looked over, and it took a miraculous epiphany of Kutner's to save the guy. *Sigh* What happened to the House who was actually concerned about the puzzles (and consequently about saving the person's life)? I'm hoping the next few episodes will be better.
  • House returns in an episode that is indactive of the show.

    This episode was good, but not great-kind of vanilla really. You enjoy it, but it just isn't totally satisfying. It met the high standard that the show sets, but didn't do anything incredible. The nurses are on strike-which makes life insanely hard around the hospital. To make matters harder for House, Cuddy is getting on him about his evaluations for his staff. Complicating things even more is that House feels that he isn't spending as much time with Wilson since Amber-aka CTB has been in the picture.

    The patient of the week is the husband of a striking nurse who is inordinately happy-this leads House to believe that is a symptom. He is initially diagnosed with Syphillis, as it explains his symptoms, he tested positive, and explains why he is so happy. As it happens, it isn't really syphillis, but a parasite.

    House is also diagnosed with Syphillis, though he swapped out blood samples to make the team think he had it-so he really doesn't.

    In the best part of the episode-House negotiates a "custody agreement" with Amber over Wilson-rather funny considering that they are all adults. When nobody can agree, they take it to Cuddy who acts as a mediator.

    The episode had it's high and low points-it was still pretty good though. Not the best episode that I have seen, but good none the less. "Huddies" will appreciate the passing reference that House made to fantasizing about Cuddy, and the custody arrangement with Amber was hysterical. Though it is a little sad to see Wilson so emasculated.
  • Is the old team back??

    Great episode! I missed House!
    A clear allusion to the writers strike in the nurses strike! Supernatural had an allusion too!
    I loved the Mr. Nice Guy...not by himself but because of House's reaction to his opposite! And Kutner's conclusion was good too, assumming House was sick too!
    But nobody can trick the good old Greg! Only the biatch to blow his mind games!
    Wilson is a little out of scene, he doesnt even gices his opinion! Where is his power of manipulation??
    Cameron and Chase! I miss them!! Are they or wont they ever be back? Did Cameron sleep with House?? I don't remember this, I remember a kiss when she was trying to take blood of him! I don't think she did!
    And hadn't House fired Chase? Now they go bowling together? Okay, Chase is an ass kisser but he doesn't need to please House now! And from all people in the worls, why would House pick him to be "friend" of??!?!
    I'm not complaining, the show is still great, there are just some critics! Til next episode!
  • House and Amber fight over Wilson.

    You can't please all of the people all of the time or you end up pleasing no one. The biggest flaw I found with this episode was cramming too many cast members into it. While the writer's seemed to finally find a way to bring Chase and Cameron back into the show, their scenes didn't quite pack the punch I anticipated. The tension between House and Cameron seems to have evaporated.

    The new team treat a patient who's only medical symtom is being too nice, while Wilson finds himself caught between spending time with both House and Amber. Foreman also finds himself battle to gain the respect of the new team after House assigns him to give each team member a performace review.

    The battle between House and Amber for Wilson's attention was very amusing. Wilson comparing them to two dogs sniffing each other in a park was an accurate assessmement of their battle of wills. While Amber is a great opponent for House, she seems to be more of a plot device to get House to show Wilson just how much he's willing to do for the sake of their friendship.

    One thing the writer's need to do is better define Foreman's role on the new team. Up to this point, he come's across as just another member of the team who has a fancy title and zero responsibilities. The new team members are starting to show their personalities and I'm looking forward to learning more about them.
  • Nice and long awaited episode. Good to see that face again and the rest with them. The episode was good with lots of good karakter-moments with i was waiting for.The ending was a little diferent. Nice one, definitly worth seeing !

    The fun start with the first second when you see that the nurces are on strike. Now that's a nice reference to the writers-strike.Later in the show House askes himself why he didn't notice that they where back to work becasue he didn't see mutch of a difference.
    Now that's funny in a House-style-way ;)

    Ofcourse there is the patiant who will get his tests and so forth, but what i wanted to say is that i realy liked the 2nd story. The "fight" between Amber and House is nice to watch because there both strong karacters. Wilson is the pupit in the game but he stays out of the rough waters and goes with the flow of things.

    Personaly i didn't liked the ending. It's good, don't get me wrong and it is a nice ending to the story-line-buildup ; but it's not the normal "good/funny punchline-ending i wanted to see.
    Maybee that is because we have waited so long for this one, i kinda had the feeling i "needed" that kind of ending.

    I know, its personal but he, it's my review ;)

    In the end that doesn't mather, the show is back, it's a good episode and there is more then enough karakter-building to keep me busy, exited and craving for more.

  • This was an alright eppisode, and I really enjoyed it. it was really funny at some parts

    this was a real good episode. i really enjoyed it. I thought it was funny. HOuse and his games. Thats rude that he switched blood. I dont like amber, im on house's side. I never liked her. im glad that house made that little "compromise".I think that Amber needs to go away, Wilson needs to be lonely again, (lol), house should be miserable, hosue should get his team back to the way it was. everyone leaving and getting fired, was sooo stupid!lol, well, i really enjoyed watching this episode..... i really really really reall really love this episode and nothing will ever change that, lol
  • As you would expect from House it would seem that you must now also be suspicious of any person with symptoms as glaringly obvious as 'niceness'

    Of course being eternally happy was never going to be that simple and it was the patients eternal jolliness that got up the nose of House, and into the seemingly one patient department! (just for once I would like to hear someone say 'you do know I have other patients to treat!')

    Reviews so far to this episode are so mixed i dont know where to start! It wasn't much of an action episode, very much based upon the premise of House screwing around with his team/friends/Amber

    Personally I enjoyed it a great deal, so much back and forth between the characters, especially House and Amber fighting over spending time with Wilson.

    Could it be the writers fault, not for lack of producing a watchable product, but lack of ability to drive the Team dynamic forward. It would appear that House is still unable to get his staff to act independantly and then argue their case when in session. I thought House had tried to empower his staff before into being better doctors, or in Forman's case better leaders, but the theme continues. Considering this is the team who deal with the 'impossible' cases i would have thought affirmative action would have been high on the list of job requirements.

    On a little side note - their was supposed to be a Nurses strike on, brave move by the writers to include such a feature in the plot - oh hold on there - not so brave as it didn't actually lead anywhere, not even Cuddy making a mention of it. Such a wasted opportunity! My rating - 8.5 /Nothing Happened

    why? simply because of the points noted above. Wasted opportunities to enliven the action and the rehashing of House having to push the team into action. 'Liked the show could have been 'loved' - so close but no cigar!
  • Great episode!!

    I really missed the good laughs with House. The medical case itself is far from being the most interesting, though there was a lot more of his games and it was really entertaining. He keeps playing with his friend and the CB, trying to push them to the limit to see who gives up first. The only thing I would like to see more is his relationship with Cuddy. It could be used a lot more, because there chemistry in the screen is really good. For me, that's the only angle not being properly explored. Keep them coming, we'll be here to see and laugh with House!!
  • House and his games...

    So great to see House again. First we have quite interesting case - there have been at least similar case where House thinks that patient is sick because ones personality does not fit his point of view. So, I cannot say the story was something super on this side, but the off case action going around - that made the episode good.

    First that kind of lightning over Wilson what looks really great but also silly - House and Amber are like... couple of kids wanting the same toy.. And all the switching the blood samples and the way team reacts. It was great too see.

    Plus the reviews... So.. In overall great episode.
  • "31?" "I thought either way was good for you."

    I had my hopes really up with the return of House.. and it actually didn't desappoint me at all. I can't say it was one of the best episodes ever, but it was really really good. The share custody of Wilson scenes were so freakin funny I thought I was going to pee... House vs. CB confrontation is so funny I can't get pass it... I really enjoyed how Wilson stood in the line taking no sides.. like a real child put between mommy and daddy.. really fun... plus the review that House gives Cuddy is so accurate, unbeliveable.. I loved it.. and Lisa loves it too, I know it. No much Taub, that was kinda bad.. but the 6 ducklins together were awesome.. and the whole Cameron slept with House scene with Chase was awesome.. Plus we get the ultimate great comment about 13 bisexuality... "31?" "I thought either way was good for you." I just couldn't stop laughing there.. To sum up: House is the perfect man.. and as far as I'm concerned he could give me the syph or whatever he wants and I wouldn't be even remotedly annoyed.. n_n
  • If you try to please everyone – you end up pleasing no one. It's not easy, but it is simple.

    If you try to please everyone - you end up pleasing no one. It's not easy, but it is simple.
    So I had to watch this ep twice before writing a review (unlike some of House's writers, I still take the show seriously, you know...;) ) because at first I was sort of o.k. with a few parts of it. But then it hit me that my niceness is also a symptom - of the fact we've been House deprived for so long.
    So just watched it for the second time and now I have a severe headache - and here's why: There are way too many characters on the show! And may I add - not enough House!

    With all these guys running around, and having Amber on top of it all, no wonder the POTW's story was not even noticeable. And who came up with that pair?! They were both idiots as characters and unfortunately also lousy actors. The puzzle was just so very boring, I could hardly care if either lived or died.
    Yes, I know, it was just a vehicle to get House to show how he manipulates everyone etc. etc. etc. etc..... "been there done that" - as I quote from Mr. Shore's last interview. I also would like to quote this: "Who Wilson's dating is fun, but to me, the fundamental heart of the show is the ethical decisions House makes, which can relate to interpersonal situations and it can relate to medical stuff," Shore said. "But that to me is what the heart of the show really is-House and his world exploring the nature of right and wrong." Great words, Mr. Shore - now when are you going to live up to them? It's been a while, you know...

    As for the rest of the story - it was very mediocre this time around. Foreman - what a pathetic character he has become. As much as I dislike him, I still find it sad. Put the man out his misery, please. It just hurts to see. Taub's assessment of him was brilliant but it was sad to see that only then he started to see what House was actually doing. How sad is that that a guy who only worked with House for so little time, explains the situation so casually to someone who's been there 3 years? Pathetic.

    And the same goes for the Chameron thing - enough is enough. It's just sad and serves no purpose at all. It's just not working anymore - nothing to do about that but to face the harsh reality, even if it means losing some hard core Hamerons or Chaserons or Whateverons...

    The new team is still not developing fully - well how can they when all the other ones pop around all the time? Kutner got a second epiphany? I guess he's the next golden boy. At least he saved the potw from Ketchup. Hallelujah. And what's with 13's name? Isn't it time to ditch that silly thing? And 31? Come on, how many more jokes on that do we need? We need to start seeing them in real action, one on one with House. They seem like they have some good potential, but it's still just that - potential.

    Then there's Amber... who need Cuddy's punishments when she's around? The woman has become the devil incarnated. From a career driven woman she has turned into this really vicious housewife who already calls her "soul mate" a woose and treats him like a 5 year old. The custody battle was one of the stupidest things in a while. I needed a vomit break. But I don't even need to go too deep there, as it's so obvious she'll be out pretty soon.
    Yet Wilson is staying and after the way she's treated him, and the way House manipulated him, there's really not much left of him as a character. Mr. Well Adjusted is dead. RIP. What is going to replace him? Who knows. It's quite obvious he's heading for his crash - now that it's established (pats on her shoulder! I always suspected!) he has a drinking problem - it looks like a safe bet to think the crash is going in that direction.
    It was so obvious House tricked Wilson to tell Amber "the secret" and that House knew she'll come right over - so why on earth is Wilson smiling at the end? I guess he has had another drink too many... Or maybe his "niceness" is also a symptom? I always suspected that too.

    Bottom line - just a filler ep, nothing more. I'm still waiting for House to return from the strike.
  • This episode had so many hilarious House/Wilson/Amber moments!

    When they started bickering about visiting rights for Wilson! How both House and Amber tried to screw up the schedule! How Wilson told them that they were like two dogs sniffing each other's butts in the park! How Wilson told Cuddy that both House and Amber scared him! How House got Wilson drunk because he knew that Wilson had problems "performing" when drunk! How House made Wilson play hooky and go bowling with him! How Wilson found House's syphilis thing, him being nicer as he got "better", hilarious! How both House and Amber had to dress hospital beds as punishment for screwing up their Wilson-agreement! That episode was too awesome for words!
  • It's House.

    It's House.His great!Wr didn't see him for a vety long time,but when he wheterned he was great.It's House...he lies!He changes his blood in the hospital.He lies to all of his doctor friends.He is in a little war wiith Wilson and his new girfild.The are playing with Wilson like a little will play with it first,and how will play second.
    Then House drinks Wilson,because he wants that the new Wilson girfriends is mad... The new House girfildins hates House and House hats here.
    p.s.House is worred,that too much nicns is a simton .. He hates when people are nica..
    It's just House!
    The next episods will be very interesting watch them...
  • House thinks a guy is sick because he is too nice and cheerful.

    It was great to finally see House back. And it came back with a bang. It revolves around a patient who has no anger or hint of malice towards anyone. He can wait for almost a day to be seen in the ER and never complain once. House picks up on this and thinks there is something wrong.

    Meanwhile CTB and House try to work out a joint custody sharing of Wilson. It plays off perfectly of every child stuck in the middle of a divorce cliche imaginable. CTB drops Wilson off late and House complains so she tells house to just keep him a bit longer to make up for it.

    House also fakes a blood sample with the underlings so they think him being a jerk is because House is sick. House starts to get better and become nicer. He takes more of an interest in his underling's opinions and even lets Kutner use the marker and white board. House is of course faking. He confides in Wilson. CTB finds out and lets the underlings know.

    That is the one disappointment I had with this episode. They should have played house getting "better" out longer. Would have been fun to see him do something like give Kutner or Taub a hug, or perhaps bring in donuts for the team and give them all praise. He'd still be faking it for his own amusement, but it would only have added to ours.

    Overall a fantastic episode, that with a tiny change would have been made even better.

    The ending with CTB and House being forced to change dirty bed sheets because they both broke rules of the Wilson joint custody agreement was great.
  • House returns in all his goodness to try to diagnose a person who is just to nice to be healthy.

    This episode of House really had some pretty good character development. Kutner solved the case in a very Housian fashion, gaining an epiphany from a relatively unrelated event. House even tells Kutner it should have been his epiphany. It was quite comically in-character when House tricks the team into thinking he has syphilis, and then into thinking that the treatments have ruined him. The jokes he plays on people are one of the high points of the show. The Wilson-Amber-House relationship is relatively entertaining, but the House-Wilson interactions of the previous three seasons have been some of the funniest parts. I wonder at the writers' ability to replace it with something equally entertaining.