Season 2 Episode 24

No Reason

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 23, 2006 on FOX

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  • Brilliant episode!

    This episode is simply brilliant. Just when you start getting into a part of the story, it changes! I honestly had no idea until it was revealed that the ending was what it was. I don't want to spoil it for anyone viewing this show for the very first time.

    It started out as a normal day for the team. House was telling them about a patient who had a very swollen tongue. Then a disgruntled former patient's husband walks in and shoots House! We have no idea why at first. He wakes up in a hospital room after 2 days of being in a medically induced coma. He seems to be fine and can even walk without any pain and doesn't have to use his cane. It soon becomes apparent that things aren't as they jump from House being in a hospital room to him, Cameron, Foreman and Chase walking down the hall to his bed again. It's confusing, but well done.

    It's the last 2 minutes of the episode that shock you. I'm sure a few people guessed what happened, but when I first saw it, I had no idea! Excellent writing and acting! Definitely one of the finest written shows on TV. "No Reason" and "Three Stories" are easily two of the greatest episodes of the series.
  • Oh dear, they got this episode SOOOO wrong...

    Awful awful eposide. As soon as they wheeled the gunman alongside House (as if that would EVER happen) I realised it was all in his head and that simply spoiled the whole episode as there was simply no surprise at the end. How could no-one else realise this? It was just so obvious. There were no extras in the background of any of the scenes, only the main characters. Also his leg has no muscle in it so how could anyone believe that tweaking his brain would make him walk normally????

    My rating of 1 was only acheived because of the button popping incident with Cameron. Otherwise it would have been a big fat zero.

    No more episodes like this please...
  • Unbelievable season finale...(spoilers)

    I thought this was an unbelieveable episode, and, despite the brilliance of Season 1's finale, this eclipsed it by some distance. After all the amazing episodes this Season, this one beats them all, even the fantastic Euphoria episodes.

    House starts the day with a patient with a swollen tongue, but ends up being shot by a former patient. The story then takes a series of bizarre events, which involves House's leg being okay, and halluncinations, leaving us wondering what in the episode is real and what is not. At the end of the episode, in a bizarre twist, we realise the whole episode is an halluncination.

    All series seem to have a dream episode, but what sets this one apart is that it IS set as an hallucination- even House begins to realise this. What we basically have is House battling is own self consciousness, about why he is the way he is, and what is meaning. Through this, we get to learn what matters to House, and begin to see him wondering if there is more than just is startling intellect. I think this is shown at the end of the episode when he asks for the Ketamine treatment to possibly help his leg.

    The writing of the episode was fantastic, if confusing (I had to watch several times to get everything), whilst the perfomances were fantastic, both from Hugh Laurie (as normal) and the guest star who shot him. The perfomances from the rest of the cast were brilliantly subtle; acting as halluncinations.

    Overall, this was a brilliant way to end an incredible second Season, giving many possibilities towards the Third. The season itself I rated at 9.85 (according to my scores), and I think this is a fair relfection on the excellent episodes that this Season has had, often back to back.
  • Wow, Just Wow. What an AMAZING Episode, Let Alone Finale! This Show Is Amazing, It Better Be Around For A Long While.

    This was one of the most suspencefull and Brilliant Epidodes of House Ive seen. It is deffinatly one of my favorites. I was on the edge of my seat the whole show, never expected any of it. Unfourtunatly not many can say that about any other show. Ive got to give it up to the writers and producers and the whole shi-bang, Very creative and know how to make a great seris. It just blows me away with every episode. I cant wait for the up comming seasons, they have better continue the amzing work! what else can I say, Wow.
  • Unbelievably gripping Finale

    My summary says it all. It's exactly what I felt from episode 24 "No Reason." I knew something big was gonna go down but House getting shot..? That just blew me away! In terms of finales, this one is right up there for the cream of the crop. It had everything, this episode slowed down for nothing, tugged on your strings, hard, and left you wanting more. I didn't move once the entire episode, sat literally mesmerized. Hugh Laurie, take a bow comrade, his finest episode yet! A true gem for the Series and undoubtedly, Season Two's BEST episode

    10/10 baby!
  • he gets shot hallucinates for the rest of the ep.

    i rate it 8.5 instead of 10 because it was so hard to keep up and i didnt really get the ending so yeah unless some one can explain it to me ill keep it at this score. also the stuff he imagines like does he make it up or does it acutally happen to him or what? i also find it strange he can reconize that he is hallucinatiing it just donesnt make sense so yeah... some one plz tell me whats going on. But still i can wait till fall to see the next season like how will end this?
  • A deep insight into House's brilliant mind.

    What situation would be better to re-evaluate your entire life than almost being killed?
    This proposition is put forth to Gregory House when he is shot by an unknown man for apparently no reason right in the opening minutes of this episode, the second season finale.

    Fortunately he survives the assassination attempt, only to find himself bedridden beside the would-be murderer and baffled by a particularly strange case. While dealing with the absurdities of a completely nonsense medical issue, he also has to cope with three other strange factors: 1) the abnormal behavior of his team members; 2) the possibility of becoming mentally instable after experiencing quite real-looking hallucinations; and, to make matters worse, 3) the annoying, but disturbingly cunning, remarks of his roomate concerning House's modus operandi, moral code and life itself. All these preoccupations divert House from noticing his increasing health, to the point of walking without the help of his cane. But as the awkwardness of the patient's condition increases, the hallucinations become more often and incisive, and the unbearable comments of the shooter/philosopher bring House to the brink of a breakdown. While facing a reality that simply makes absolutely no sense, House is taunted by a number of unquieting questions: What is the patient's diagnosis? Why is his team acting so weird, never questioning him and even anticipating his own orders?
    Is he getting crazy?
    And who is this freaking guy who knows so much about his life and delivers such sharp remarks about House himself?

    The oddity of reality makes House question reality itself. He figures out that these strange events cannot be happening, only for the fact that there are no rational reasons to back them up. If something doesn't make sense, something doesn't exist. And based solely on his reasoning method, House is willing to go as far as necessary to prove that he is right once again. And the journey towards that is leads him to re-evaluate his own beliefs and acts, his career and his life.

    What, altogether, makes up for a genius episode!
  • Wow, what a season finale....

    "No Reason" is the season two finale - and it ends the season on its highest note.

    All is normal for House and his medical team one sunny morning, with a new patient being admitted with an unexplainable enlarging of his tongue. But before House can begin his day a former patient walks into the office and shoots him twice. House wakes up from the incident in a hospital bed under the care of his own team and finds his would-be-killer in the bed next to him. To make things worse, House believes he is losing his mind: forgetting basic anatomy, being outsmarted by his team, and experiencing very vivid hallucinations - but his leg suddenly does not hurt anymore, which is an odd plus. It seems as if a recovering House is just as sarcastic as a healthy House and just as devoted to his cases - but the words of his killer and the nature of his hallucinations also has House forced into some big-time personal reflection. There is plenty of reason to watch "No Reason" - the end of the episode is very surprising, the entire episode is interesting and entertaining, and Hugh Laurie is at his best as Dr. House since "Three Stories" at the end of season one.
  • I love this Show. One of the best shows i've ever seen.

    This is one of the best episodes ever. This is ecatly why I watch this show. I may be alone on this but I LOVE episodes that are about the main character. In House, I love all episodes that are about him and just him. Thats just how I am though. But this episode, when the main character is shot (or stabed or almost dead) you should obvilously tune in because the entire episode is centered around him/her. More shows need to make episodes like this. I hope that House continues to make new episodes like this. Well hopefully there will be a sixth season. If you haven't seen this episode, you should see it.
  • Best season finale yet!

    This was the best season finale by far! This was so nerve wracking, I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. First of all, House gets shot, then he wakes up next to his assassin, then he starts seeing things, leg is getting better, but he is getting dumber. He yells at Cuddy, hits Wilson, all a hallucination, meanwhile he is trying to solve a very gross case, swollen tongue, popped out eye & ball sack. Very gross. Then when he cuts him open, woah! I was like is he going to jail? But then he wakes up, all of it was a dream, that was crazy no doubt, I like how they ended it, tell Cuddy to give me Ketamine & his leg would get better! Wow nerve wracking season finale.
  • This episode proves again, that this is an amazing and clever show where anything can happen.

    One moment House mocks a patient with a swollen tongue - the next moment somebody walks him and shoots him. Now House lies in a hospital bed next to the man that almost killed him and tries to solve tha case of the man with the swollen tongue that gets more and more serious. Meanwhile he struggles with reality and finds it hard to tell whether he's awake or fantasizing. When his leg pain gets better he gets even more suspicious...

    I absolutely love this episode, especially because of the ending. It's as surprising as in "Three Stories" and you get really confused if what you're seeing is reality or imagination. Hugh Laurie's performance was again amazing and I kinda liked the man who almost shot him, too because he was just desperate that his wife killed herself. I really liked the emotional part where House started to think about himself and maybe a little bit about others. And of course the end was just amazing and left you wondering if House's leg pain would be still there at the beginning of season 3.

    This episode just proves again, that this is an amazing and clever show where anything can happen. Wonderful, one of my favourite episodes yet.
  • Would have been a 10 if...

    ...the episode ended with House realising he ripped apart a patient instead of the 'It was all a dream' story. Still a highly acclaimed episode that was nail-biting to watch. A look into House's ingenious mind - only House can hallucinate in such detail. This eppy was the first hospital drama, including CSI, to make me squirm. I mean the swelling tongue, eye-poppin' and of course the exploding groin which went all over Chase. I mean he didnt deserve that! Did he? The ending as mentioned above was thrilling and shocking as we think - well I know I did - that House killed the patient having gone too far but alas woke up after being shot and requests a very familiar drug for pain...ketamine. It seems our favourite grouchy doc wants the leg pain gone - at least for now!
  • One of my favourite House episodes ever.

    I had a hard time deciding how to classify this episode. It was so many things. It was revealing, deep, a classic, exciting, nerve wracking, and EXACTLY why i watch this show.
    This episode revealed a lot about houses' character, and we, literally, get to peer inside his head and see whats going on. It says a lot about House, it really helped flesh out his character.
    I was sooooo upset when House got shot! He is one of my favourite (if not my most favourite) character on television. I'm a sucker for complicated characters. This is one of their best episodes ever, and the series just keeps getting better and better.
  • An amazing episode that I'll probably watch again tonight.

    Where do I begin? The beginning was different from other episode openings. It began with a guy and a swollen tongue, then went to the office area. Cameron, Chase, Foreman, and House were talking about the swollen tongue case, when a guy walked in and asked who House was. House jokingly replied, "the skinny brunette." The guy knew that was Cameron, and House told him who he was. Then the guy said House treated him, then pulled out a gun and shot House in the rib/stomach area. He told the ducklings not to move, then he shot House again, except this time it was in the neck.
    The rest of the episode has hallucinations, House sharing a room with his *almost* killer, and a surgery in a hallucination gone wrong on the swollen tongue guy. The end is surprising, and will probably shock you. But it's worth it. This episode is absolutely AMAZING.
  • Just that little bit different.

    Spoiler alert. Don't read any further if you haven't seen the episode. Many shows try to be a bit special for a season finale, but "House" does it by breaking its own rules. You might fault the show for having a very strict formula: a patient comes in, the doctors get it wrong at first and then House finds the solution. (Doctor House even mentions this traditional set of events during the course of the episode.) This time House becomes a patient himself and undergoes a transformation that makes it difficult for him to solve another patient's riddle. The viewer is made to believe that he's watching a Faustian drama: can House give up some of his mental abilities in return for a painless existence?

    In reality we are getting one long dream, nothing is what it seems. Although I didn't realise it immediately, there were signs that pointed out that we were watching the "House" version of The Sixth Sense. House seemed to recover very quickly from his two bullet wounds. Would a patient, even one as quirky as House, be allowed to visit a fast food place outside the hospital in his hospital gown? At some points the assistants reacted rather strangely.

    It's not a perfect show. Some of its references are a bit too clever (Moriarty!), at times it resorts to psychobabble. But you have to hand it to Hugh Laurie for making the doctor even more fascinating than usual. In some scenes his comedy background shines through, though never clashing with the realism of the show.

    As a season finale the episode did what it should do: it makes you wonder what will happen next.
  • A dream episode that doesn't betray itself too soon. House is shot by the husband of a former patient. Bizarre events follow, but not so bizarre that they tip us off to the "real" situation. Or is it a "real" situation?

    Stories that turn out to be dreams are not new to television. The entire series "St. Elsewhere" was a dream sequence with sequels. This episode of House ("No Reason") uses the St. Elsewhere device to achieve moments of sublime dark comedy. And this is a series fraught with great moments of dark comedy. The story is liberally salted with hints of hallucination, but the very openness of these hints makes them ambiguous - like the classical conundrum, "All Cretans are liars" ... The patient with the hugely swollen tongue presents ever more outrageous symptoms. The man who shot House is hospitalized in a bed adjoining House's (immensely unlikely in a "real" hospital). Not only is the would-be killer unrepentant; he persists in arguing (with Bishop Berkley) that House is creating his own reality from instant to instant and can in fact know no other. He may be right! The ending of this episode doesn't resolve any of these questions. Stay tuned.
  • The Swollen tongue guy and House gets shot

    This had to of been one of the most confusing episodes of House the first time I saw it! I totally didn't realize that he was hallucinating and I was so thrown by everything changing!

    I loved the guy with the swollen tongue that wouldn't fit in his mouth! That had to of been one of the coolest cases ever! I liked that in House's hallucinations Vince had a wife that was way too good for him because it was amusing. The fact that Vince's eye popped out after the LP made the case even more interesting.

    So after House gets shot he wakes up next to the guy that shot him. That was so weird to see. All the stupid arguments House had with this guy were funny though even if all were hallucinations.

    This episode of House was a really good one but it was kind of confusing and moved around too much making it harder to keep track of what was going on.
  • Wow! Thats all I can say. WOW!

    Omg! I watched this episode last night. (June 15)
    It was one of the best episodes I have ever seen! At the beginning when House gets shot I screamed. That was so horrible. but its one of those episodes that you have to watch the rest!
    I was amazed! The entire thing built up suspense! I was kinda grossed out at some parts. Especially the dude with the swollen tongue. But still amazing! I give it a 10/10!
  • Just fabulous. If you think House got to it's best, you ain't seen nothing yet.

    Before all, this review has a lot of spoilers. So, if you hadn't watched the episode, avoid it.

    Let's see. House gets shot. Wakes up in the ICU. All he cares about is the patience his team is working on. Suddenly, his staff seem to know the thoughts that are in his head, before he says anything. Chase seems smarter. Don't get me wrong, I like him, but even House was surprised with the knowledge he showed. And Foreman and Cameron as well. He knew all the results of the exams before they were made. But the most interesting part of the episode is Muriarty. The guy had no reason to know House that deeply. Not even Cuddy or Wilson knew House as Muriarty did. And that's what sent the sign to House, that all of that just couldn't be real. In other words, this episode had as purpose to show how his mind works. It was like watching his brain functioning. I don't think they'll ever be able to make an episode that surpasses this one.
  • If you thought that the series has been great so far, then this episode will just blow you away...

    First of all... !!! Warning, reader discretion is advised, this review contains spoilers, the big bad and experience spoiling kind, so watch out !!!

    Now that we have cleared that out, it is safe to say that this is and will remain one of the best episodes in the whole series. It is not only well written, but it also shocks you with things you didn't think possible. Like when in the beginning, a man walks up to House and asks him who he is and then without warning just shoots him. It is truly an unforgettable moment... The whole episode consists of a strange set of events that House is experiencing after being shot. He is losing his grip with reality, at first believing that he is in the real world, yet later taking the creation of his own mind apart, piece by piece. He also has to cope with the fact, that while he was under, Cuddy allowed him to be treated with a new medical technique, that removes the pain in his thigh, allowing him to walk again. At the end of the episode, House pulls through and finds out that it was all a dream. During the whole affair, House realised who the shooter was and why he shot him, however in the end he remains uncaught. But after everything that happened, House will have bigger fish to fry, as his life is about to go through a dramatic change...

    That was my first review and i hope that i didn't mess up (too much). Though i am experienced at writing reviews, this is my first review for a TV show so pardon my techniques.
  • Confused:)

    What a great episode!
    I loved everything about it!
    It's so nuver know what is gonna happen next and what just really happened before!
    I was just so relieved when it showed that the whole episode was just house's dream!
    There are some great scenes in this episode!I love the guy with the swollen tung...he's groas, though!When he's eye pops out and everything!
    The scene with house handeling the roboter is my favourite! When he's testing the roboter on's so funny...and she just stands there...scared...but she also likes it:P
    And i really like the quotes from this episode!
    And the fact that house can walk...just great:D
  • Review

    This was one of those episodes where you would have to go back and rewatch again before you really understood what was going on throughout the entire episode. The first two minutes of this show had my blood pumping from the intense scene of House getting shot. While everyone knew he was going to live it was still intense simply by the shock factor that no one could have seen that coming. I thought the episode was pretty bad when I watched it the first time simply because I had no idea what I should be following. However, after watching it a second time it really was one of the better House episodes of all time. I thought it was a great way to end season 2 and I cannot wait for season 3. Well written from beginning to end.
  • House got shot, TWICE!

    I thought the last episode of season 2 (No Reason) was great! It put me on the edge and i was upset that they ended it like that because i really wanted to know what happens to House next and i'm looking forward to season 3 when it comes out.
  • The whole hallucination thing bothers me.

    House is shot, interesting. Then the whole thing goes downhill from there. At least in the beginning there is a suspicion this is a dream sequence but it might not be. No elephants in ballet slippers to give it away. Then it just spirals down to poor medicine and even worse physiology (not an uncommon event in the episodes I've seen). I did like the effect of the eye popping out of the socket but it just don't happen. In the end where are we back to the trip to the trauma bay just seconds after the shooting and all is for nothing. Oh yeah, House asks for ketamine but I'm not even going to get into the "resetting the brain" effects. I definitely could have done without this episode.
  • Hallucinations ...

    People seems to have liked this ep a lot. Well, it was not bad, but i found it just average, for a lot of reasons. First, a lot of things that happened are not credible at all. We are also quickly lost with the hallucinations, trying to find out what's happening for true and what's not. Oh well, i don't say that is a bad ep, a lot of humor as usual and some funny scenes, like the fight with Wilson in Cuddy's office and the scene with Cameron and the robot. We also learn a lot about House and how he's percepting himself. But, whatever, i think that's lower quality than usual.
  • House get shot and we get a tour into his mind.

    This episode was the most excited episode yet. When a former patient shot House for causing the death of his wife, everythingis ofthe charts.
    House starts seeing things and must at the same time diagnose a patient whose symptoms becomes worse by the minute.
    Is House losing his mind or is it something else all together?

    Well, I had a fun time watching this episode, and it is one of my favourite episode, after 3 stories. House is a complex persom and his mind also. You are on the edge of your seat the entire episode, to figure out what is what
  • House is shot by a former patient and has a dream while being rushed to the ER. Within this dream he has a sequence of hallucinations including two conservations and another patient’s dead wife

    This episode showed the audience what was inside of House’s head. It shows what he really thinks about his colleagues and the shock that he lusts for Cameron is shown in the robot scene. It also shows that he likes being crippled and doesn’t want to people to help him with his pain without his permission and he thinks that they have no right. Moriarty shows House that people would care and be sad if he died because he wouldn’t be around to cure the people that the other doctors couldn’t cure and the hospital would suffer as a result
  • OMG! For someone who doesn't usually watch House!!!

    In Australia, House came out in 2005 and I watched the first 3 or 4 episodes and liked it but wasn't all too interested. I then started my obsession with Prison Break which was on another channel at the same time and day. Prison Break finished months ago and House just finished today and since Prison break ended I have been watching House and it is brilliant! This episode rocked my mind and I thought the lay out of it was brilliant! I loved the fact that he was in an allusion in another allusion and so on. I was kind of creeped out by all the blood and guts which we don't usually see so much of but it was great! I loved the bits when he wasn't in the whole dream thing!
  • Great

    This was the episode from House that kept me locked to the TV from the first second to the last. It's a rare event to see House apologize to someone (even if it's an allucination, it counts!!), and we learn from here that House has feelings for Cameron (Sexual, but that doesn't stop them from being feelings). The scene with the punch on Wilson was really good, and the final of the episode was dramatical: for some minutes, I really thought that that man was dead. And it's revealed the greatest wish of House: the full recuperation of his injured leg
  • Making the whole \"everything-that-just-happened-was-a-dream\" an exciting experience, I think this might be one of House\'s best episodes!

    We\'ve all seen the typical \"dream\" episodes a few times in a number of series. I think this was, however, an example of how such episodes should be made. For me, it was almost perfect. First, because it wasn\'t perfectly coherent. When I dream, at least, things seem to make sense at the time, but look rather silly or weird when you think back. Then, I liked the fact that the whole experience was rather unsettling; I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode! Besides, now I can\'t wait for the 3rd season to begin (which here in Argentina, might happen 3 to 6 months from now :( )
    But what I really enjoyed most of all was watching House wonder about his abillities and losing some of that confidence I love and hate at the same time. It seems, after all, that he\'s an actual human!
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