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Season 8 Episode 11

Nobody's Fault

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on FOX
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When one of House's team is injured during an encounter with a violent patient, Foreman's mentor Dr. Walter Cofield reviews the incident and must sort out the truth from the embellishments.

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  • The more I think about it....

    The more I think about this, the more convinced I get that this is a bad episode.

    Firstly the tone, episodes where House goes all "naturalistic" are generally poor episodes. They don't suit the format of the show. In this episode especially where you have Jeffrey Wright (who is good) talks in this low gruff voice which is best suited for some kind of conspiracy thriller.

    My biggest problem with this episode is why now? why put House's method effectively on trial now? What purpose does it serve? This episode should have turned up at the end of season 3, when Foreman killed that patient. Not now. And then to exaggerate the problem, the episode chickens out with its end. Hell even the writers knew that by making House tell Wright's character he was a coward. The ending of the investigation rendered the whole episode pointless.

    The other bug bear I had was the very end. Even though House wasn't at fault, I can sort of understand why he apologised. Chase not accepting is just dumb, and it revisits the start of season 5 (which I might add was an exceptionally bad season, not only just in relation to House, but compared to other TV shows in general) I do think Greg Yaitanes has a lot to answer for, not just in relation to this episode but for the decline of House. The show took a nose dive when he became Exec. Producer.moreless
  • keep in mind ...

    Among the people who have watched every single episode of House, and some of them several times, I think I was one of the few who didn't know anything about this episode before watching it. The opening shots made it clear that some violent scene would happen, but I had no idea that one of the ducklings would get hurt.

    The whole sequence starting with the struggle down to the OR was excellent. It was intense and credible - in one word - amazing.

    I got lucky - I am certain that I would have been much less impressed if I had read the "one of the ducklings will get injured" info before watching it.

    Of course the episode has the usual "been-there-done-that" problems, but it deserves a '10' for the atmoshere alone.moreless
  • Another solid episode

    Another solid episode, which is more than welcome with the news that this season will be Houses last. (Thankfully in my opinion, its going out before its forced out)

    I enjoyed the premise of the case review, and everyones perspective of the situation.

    I thought the lack of Wilson was a real step in the right direction. I love him in House, but all they use him for now is the tedious moral exchanges with House, which really do not add anything to the show.

    Chase came into his own this week, which just shows what Jesse Spencer can do if you give him some material to work with. (interested to see this weeks episodes, which seems to be Chase-centric)

    Thought the ending was really strong, you always knew House was going to get off scot free, but for him to reject it on the grounds that he was right wether the patient had survived or not was interesting. And for once, Just for once- they let House show some regret/emotion/humanity. So my fear that House will never progress as a character before the show ends may be unfounded. Fingers crossed!

    All in all, a good week for House. Hope the season goes out with more like this.moreless
  • Boring Episode? Seriously?

    The reason I enjoy House is not because of the "Fun" aspect. If I was looking for a comedic concept for a show, I would watch Comedy Central. I watch House for the emotion filled episodes, not to smile every time I watch an episode. I enjoy watching House to hear music that brightens my soul and makes my hair stand, not to mention the intelligent information spewed out that the show provides. The intellect the show provides alone should be the reason House is one of best shows ever made. House inspires the personality in each of us, unless we fall to only focusing on a show for one concern only.moreless
  • boring epidose... sorry! episode.

    House is getting old.... the kind of trial on this episode just shows little imagination and less and less fun every week. Nothing fun happens!
Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Peter Jacobson

Peter Jacobson

Dr. Chris Taub

Odette Annable

Odette Annable

Dr. Jessica Adams

Charlyne Yi

Charlyne Yi

Dr. Chi Park

Audrey Marie Anderson

Audrey Marie Anderson

Emily Koppelman

Guest Star

David Anders

David Anders

Bill Koppelman

Guest Star

Deborah Lacey

Deborah Lacey


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Liz Benoit

Liz Benoit

Nurse Anne

Recurring Role

Bobbin Bergstrom

Bobbin Bergstrom


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The patient is a science teacher and yet in both the viral video clip and the flashback, he is seen performing an experiment without eye protection. That would be a violation of classroom protocol at any high school.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Dr. Cofield: Do you have any questions before we get started?
      House: Yeah. Who the hell are you?
      Dr. Cofield: I'm Walter Cofield, Chief of Neurology, Mercy Hospital. I'll be deciding your fate today.

    • Dr. Cofield: What are you doing?
      House: Taking my Vico-mins.
      Dr. Cofield: Those are Vicodin. Did you have surgery recently?
      House: About a decade ago. My leg is no good at judging time.

    • House: My process is proven. Good things usually happen: bad things sometimes happen.
      Dr. Cofield: And when bad things happen, we should figure out what went wrong so we can learn from it. Correct?
      House: So we can assign blame. Instead of recognizing that sometimes bad things happen. It's nobody's fault.

    • House: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym. Those who can't move their arms or legs, teach us to laugh at others.

    • Dr. Adams: House prefers chaos over cohesion. he believes that disagreement and mistrust lead to better ideas. He's not wrong.
      Dr. Cofield: As opposed to being right?

    • Dr. Cofield: Your patient was doubled over in pain and coughing up blood, and you found that interesting?
      Dr. House: Why, is that bad?
      Dr. Cofield: It's... interesting.

    • House: If you want an accurate patient history, don't ever talk to the patient. Everybody lies. Except me. To you. Would never do that.

    • House: Are you going to have me fired for bad manners?
      Dr. Cofield: Just trying to understand you. Why a man in your position, with your abilities, is incapable of shaking the impulse to act like an ass.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The episode starts "cold" without the normal opening credits.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: February 6, 2012 on Global
      UK: March 8, 2012 on Sky1
      Israel: March 14, 2012 on HOT3
      Germany: September 18, 2012 on RTL
      Sweden: November 13, 2012 on TV4
      The Netherlands: February 7, 2013 on SBS6
      Czech Republic: February 18, 2013 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: March 19, 2013 on STV1
      Finland: September 12, 2013 on MTV3


    • House: If Park is right, he goes all cuckoo's nest on us.

      Referencing One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962) was a novel written by Ken Kensey that was later adapted to cinema (1975). The novel features a sane criminal who is sentenced to a mental institution and feigns insanity to avoid being sentenced to hard labor at a regular prison.