Season 8 Episode 11

Nobody's Fault

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on FOX

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  • Another solid episode

    Another solid episode, which is more than welcome with the news that this season will be Houses last. (Thankfully in my opinion, its going out before its forced out)

    I enjoyed the premise of the case review, and everyones perspective of the situation.

    I thought the lack of Wilson was a real step in the right direction. I love him in House, but all they use him for now is the tedious moral exchanges with House, which really do not add anything to the show.

    Chase came into his own this week, which just shows what Jesse Spencer can do if you give him some material to work with. (interested to see this weeks episodes, which seems to be Chase-centric)

    Thought the ending was really strong, you always knew House was going to get off scot free, but for him to reject it on the grounds that he was right wether the patient had survived or not was interesting. And for once, Just for once- they let House show some regret/emotion/humanity. So my fear that House will never progress as a character before the show ends may be unfounded. Fingers crossed!

    All in all, a good week for House. Hope the season goes out with more like this.