Season 5 Episode 2

Not Cancer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • Ugh, felt like hardcore CSI, but the solution wasn't that clever

    Looks like writers doesn't think House can be interesting enough with his clever solutions and sarcasm. The sarcasm was there but somehow forced, and the solution was kind of 'what kind of explanation is this?' to me.
    But hey, people like CSI and shocking scenes, right?
    The whole lame bowel diagnosis was there fore one reason: to do a colonoscopy on a dead person with the exploding bowels. It was disgusting. Only Adam Sandler can think it's funny.
    And the PI, come on, have you ever seen an episode, where House thought they couldn't found the solution by breaking into the patient's house? They always found it. And this first time he wanted someone else to investigate? What kind of explanation is this to bring in a new character? This new character is out of House's caharacter.
  • 502

    This episode was a great introduction to one of my favorite characters on House. I like how Lucas interrupts the team as they're trying to solve the case. And the socks that he wears was important toward the end of the episode. I like the Lucas/House friendship. While the Wilson/House friendship is on hold. The 5 cases based on the donor, was interesting, and surprised me considering the writers still keep writing brilliant medical mysteries as they're already in season 5, and haven't jumped the shark, just yet. Then the case was solved in the end, thanks to Lucas with his little dress up (doctor). Great episode.
  • House and the P.I

    I understand how people miss the old cast as I do myself, but when an episode this good comes along you really have to appreciate it!

    The beginning part was unlike the beginning of any House episode we have seen- the camera and the music were brilliant, and it was completely unexpected! The case itself was unique- its very hard to do that with a show that has been running this long. Meanwhile, we get insights into the cast members as House hires a P.I to keep track on Wilson. I understand that people have a negative feeling towards the character, but I found him fresh and funny- he had some great dialogue with House!

    The scene between House and Wilson was also very revealing- I am unable to work out Wilsons emotions towards House, but House very clearly misses his friend. It was such a touching moment when the patient can see for the first time and tells him he looks sad.

    Meanwhile, I loved Foreman and Chases dialogue when House tells Foreman he hasn't done anything interesting in years- I think it was perhaps the writers having a dig at those who have complained that the Series has lost its way- I think we should take it on an episode by episode basis.

    Give this a chance- it was a unique and very good episode.
  • House is still a witty and clever show...even in its 5th season.

    House never fails to satisfy me and 'Not Cancer' was no different. I have to say how brilliant it is to see House hire a private detective (a funny one at that) to follow Wilson. It is just a hilarious storyline which is so in character for House. I do feel for him because Wilson is completely cutting him out...very harsh but I do like Wilson and he's grieving.

    The patients(s) were interesting...I liked the start of the episode with each person collapsing. It was also entertaining to see them go back to cancer again and again...but that wasn't the answer. The cases are always enjoyable which sometimes isn't the situation in other medical shows. I loved how she had surgery on her eyes but still didn't like things...then they found out she could see things differently.
  • The beggining caught my eye...

    So I was flipping through channels on the TV two or three days ago, and suddenly I see the introduction to an episode of House. Normally, I don't watch medical dramas because I think they're boring, but the beggining was intense so I decided to keep watching. Turns out that all of these people were dying because of a previous organ donor's organs were failing. So House's group of people (I forget what you call them) take in the last two surviving organ recievers in an attempt to save them. One of them, an old man, dies. However, the other one, a middle-aged female, gets saved because House figures out that what she has isn't Cancer, but another disease that is causing her vision to be disrupted. This was the firt episode of House I've ever seen, so the parts where Wilson was concerned I didn't really understand. The private detective was humorous, though.
  • An organ donors organs may be killing people

    In this episode of House, the following happens. In this episode of House we open with a woman teaching a lesson, when 13 goes into the classroom tells her that she has to go with her. We soon learn that 4 other people have died and another one dying, all received organs/body parts from the same patient. Soon the dying patient dies, and the only surviving person left is the teacher, who the team battle against time to save. After a lot of false diagnoses it is discovered that all of the patients died from a strange bacteria. It made parts of the body weaker, which eventually killed the patients. House goes to see Wilson to try and convince him to go back to work, but he can't.
  • House has got me stuck

    A really good episode but I am a little biased since I really love house and think it is the best show on television. This episode you surely don't want to miss

    House and the team investigate a string of deaths centering around a single organ donor, and rush to save the only two surviving recipients; House auditions new best friends, and uses a private investigator to spy on Wilson.

    An organ donor's organs are responsible for the deaths of several patients, and the team work to save the last two recipients. Meanwhile, House hires a private detective to keep tabs on Wilson.
  • Wilson I miss you.

    So we're back to old cast verses new cast; I think I saw a glimpse of Chase in this episode, one scene of Cuddy towards the very end of the episode, absolutely no Cameron and some dialogue with Wilson. As short as Wilson's scene was, to me it was the most important part of the episode. I don't know about you but I was expecting Wilson to leave, swear off House and come crawling back to work in the next episode but what I saw in this episode it looks as if Wilson may be swearing off House for the last time (and not in the good way).
  • This episode proves you can never ever miss a episode.

    In this episode we have several people who had transplant, but every goes wrong after 8 months of the surgery. A young women is left standing, House's team struggles to find what is wrong and try to save the soul survivor. House has hired a PI to spy on Wilson. The show ends with House finding what was wrong and saving her vision, as the bandages were removed from her head, she had told house he had looked sad. Side notes. Wilson has changed jobs to help people with the lost of love ones. Final saying. This is really not a special episode, it does not do anything fancy or move along far into the story building progress, but what it does do is dig deep into House's feelings and shows the viewers that he his human. House is truly hurt with the lost of his friend. I can not see many reason not to watch and enjoy this episode.
  • House diagnoses a patient who seems to have cancer but doesnt really have cance.

    It's a better episode than others might think. You cant say that the illness was done before or unoriginal. You cant say that the characters were bad in this episode because Hugh was great as usual and Michael Weston(Garden State) was very good. The reason why others might rate it so low is because it doesnt really follow the usual formula of House. Just like the whole of season 4 didnt follow the formula. I liked this episode because House finally realized that he is sad. Sad to be without a friend. This is capped off by House telling the patient that she will see the world as was it really is. Then he asked how he looked, and was told that he looked sad. Sad is what he really is.
  • Not a bad episode but not that great either

    So I'm getting tired of the whole Wilson thing. It's like Dr. House is to Wilson as Tom Hanks is to Soccer ball. Great, the new guy is very witty and he knows way too much about what is going on in House's life. The distracted Dr. House is not fun to watch. I prefer the old Dr. House the one that picked on his medical staff and tried to solve a medical mystery. I hope the next show is not about Wilson. Boo Hoo Wilson is gone. New guy will be back in the next episode to find out more about nothing.
  • House is lonely. He hires a PI to observe Wilson. This weeks case is a little confusing. Cancer or not cancer that is the question...

    After a great start of season 5. House returns with a different beginning. Instead of one person five people are affected by different symptoms. It turns out that they all might have a connection. Still they're dead and House and his team try to save the sixth patient.
    The season premiere was trend-setting for the rest of the season. House, his crippled feelings and his struggle for Wilson.
    The idea with the PI was a great one. I hope the PI stays for a while, but I don't think that the chances are to big.
    The reason why I think this season is going to be a lot better than the last four is, because the private life of House is as important as his cases. I don't believe anyone who says that he/she watches the show just because of the cases. More personal House, more insultings and more crippled feelings.
  • A teacher is brought in not sick but she got an eye from a donor whose organs killed other people. House hires a PI first to get info on the patient, then to investigate Wilson. House figures out the disease is something like cancer but not cancer.

    The PI was better than I expected. He was witty and had some good lines. However, the writers don't know how to incorporate 9 cast members with House being the major one. How are they going to use 10 with House and the PI getting a lot of screen time? What I don't understand is why House went 4 years (plus however long he worked before the show started) without a PI and now thinks he needs one. Where did that decision come from? It just seems like Shore is using us to try and get us to watch his new spin-off with the PI. Wilson was barely in, Cuddy had one scene that didn't really mean anything (in fact it just made her look bad since House presented his facts clearly and she didn't even let him prove it), Chase had a quick 20 or so second surgery, and Cameron was only mentioned twice. Hopefully the writers can get Chase and Cameron some more scenes because I am really missing them. At least 13 wasn't in the forefront this episode. The medicine kind of got shoved to the side. I don't understand how it was cancer but not cancer and how it affected this girl's brain. Why wasn't that spotted in the other deaths? A decent episode but hopefully it gets better.
  • An almost Wilson-free ep, and an entirely Cameron-free ep, and all is well.

    An almost Wilson-free ep, and an entirely Cameron-free ep, and all is well.

    This episode was well written, structured and well directed - much better then most of the episodes we've had on season 5 and definitely better then the season's premier. Finally there's a glimpse of hope that the good old House can be brought back, but still, there were some quite disturbing issues, and others that didn't make much sense.

    The good points: House looked very good, was well dressed, quite energetic and was really interested in the case. He had the right diagnosis right from the start, and went ahead with insisting on finding the solution even when everyone seemed to give up. He had very nice dialogues with the patient (which had some similarities to the very meaningful ones he had on One Day One Room) and had a bit of his famous sense of humor back.

    The medical story was quite interesting - though quite gory at the same time, but if that's the price to pay so be it. The diagnosis process was good - the new team is getting there. Kutenr seems to be the new wonder boy though he still ends up exploding things. At least the one who suffered from it was Foreman, who always seems so happy to tell House he's wrong, even if that means the patient is still in danger.

    The PI was great, despite the fact the last thing the show needs is more characters. But it worked. Though he's not the brightest, he's quite funny and energetic and has an observing eye. He had great chemistry with House and the most important thing - he helped House get his epiphany, and in such an easy going way instead of the oh so familiar Wilson's annoying preaching. That's very good news.

    More good points - no Cameron - always a good thing. Chase as a brain surgeon's assistance rather then him doing the operation all by himself and it's so often the case lately, and hardly any Wilson, though even that small amount was just too much, but still.

    And back to the ongoing problem - the Wilson. First we had the whole Amber romance, than we had the whole amber death, now we have to deal with months and months of grief and there's no end in sight. Wilson says he's moving on, but he sticks around to no end - just like the kid who cried wolf...

    While House seems to have passed all the 5 stages of grief and is now accepting Wilson is gone and finds other solutions, Wilson, with all the months he spends in grief counseling groups and talking to Cameron about death - is still deep in stage one - denial.

    So let Wilson keep on stewing and think he's really going forward. He's become such a dull character lately it makes no difference to me if he stays or goes.

    I never saw it as a problem that House had only one person he considers a friend. Who said everyone should have lots of friends? From the Stacy ark we know House is capable of having a long, loving relationship, and that now he chooses not to, because he's basically a very monogamous person. At the same time, as much as House can be so very open minded and a free thinker, he needs a familiar background to stand on when his mind is off to his epiphanies. Wilson provided just that but now it's clearer then ever that House mainly needed him on the practical level.

    House was fine with leaving Wilson alone, until he felt he needed to hear Wilson's constant blah in order to get his epiphany - (Maybe it has something to do with Wilson's voice frequency or something, because he doesn't care about what Wilson is actually saying as long as he can get his epiphany) because as he said to the patient - he hasn't given up. He doesn't mind humiliating himself in front of Wilson - and doesn't mind trying everything to get him give him the background voice he needs: shocks him with cash, with asking him how he's doing, with telling him he hired the PI to spy on him - all so that he can save the patient. And Wilson, who keeps telling House that he is not the center of the world, is so totally self absorbed and doesn't care one bit about the patient. How very Wilsonian of him.

    And the things that made no sense: House sitting in Wilson's empty room thinking? Seriously, how stupid is that? What, the hospital goes on without a Head of Oncology department and doesn't have anyone to replace him?

    And Cuddy's refusal to let House, who came to ask for the operation with such a good attitude, explained his reasons for wanting to do the surgery and she's again with the usual response - ignoring the oh so many times he proved her wrong. Her actions make no sense at all but what new about that.

    And the patient, who by her words was almost totally blind prior to her operation, was an architect? Seriously! And how did those cells in her brain effect her vision so soon after the operation that she saw everything as so ugly? Wouldn't it take quite a while for the donors' cancer cells to affect her vision center? And why the hell she thinks House looks sad - when it's clear he's actually quite happy with himself for solving the case, saving her life and improving her sight? I'm so fed up with people telling House he's so sad and spreads misery and all that nonsense. No need to see things as more beautiful then what they are, but at least see them as they are.
  • To make a "product placement" of the new character from the upcoming show into the "old" and very successful one is a very clever (but also pathetic) idea....

    The main feeling I've got from the ep - I was bored...Bored watching "House" - unbelievable... The case was boring (which btw judging by posts on this board nobody got ,so incoherent int was written) -constant repiting of the same lines made me feel the case actually wasn't important for the ep flow, even though technically so much of the ep span around the medical case and they shown us all kind of gross medical stuff - slices of brain, human corps in every stage of decomposing and even Foreman covered in dead men's intestine's content...Apparently it's not what makes the case interesting and worthy to watch. Btw, did the patient was a blind ARCHITECT before she got a cornea transplant and the world turned ugly for her? Either I missed something (and judging by other people's reviews and forum post most people did, so I'm guessing it wasn't written well )or it's the most amazing story - is it even possible to build without ever seen any buildings ? Oh, well... I wasn't entertained much by House's "new best friend" shopping - it looked more like a circus act to me, because it's hard to imagine such actions would really lead to anything, so what for it was done for? To show how eccentric House can be when desperate?...It's interesting btw that it seems his need to have Wilson around isn't bases on his emotional need to have at least one close person in life, but (how not to remember the Asperger's syndrome he and Wilson used to pressure Cuddy in "Lines in the Sand"...)the need to have familiar , or at least resembling familiar "bouncing wall" to be able to work which is to think and solve his medical mysteries...Wilson on the other hand was acting totally irrational -mingling with anyone (Cameron, Foreman, Cuddy..) but not House after he left his job. He said it's not because he blamed House for Amber's death ,so why then?...I don't know, I don't even want to look for an answer - because it's obvious they'll bring Wilson back in an ep or two like nothing happened and that's ridiculous IMO... The new team looked quite pathetic ,but unfortunately the rest of the characters we knew wasn't better - Chase ,who became the main surgeon in PPTH it seems, smirked at House through the OR's observation window. Totally useless scene unless one enjoys seeing Chase's gorgeous hair stubbornly (and oh,so pretty )crawling from under his surgeon's cap onto patient's bare brains....And the same feeling of "useless and forced" goes to the only Cuddy scene - now she put the guards to protect the patient from House? Well he has a sneaky PI to deal with such obstacles from now on... Now the main reason the ep was written -new character, which rumor (official) has it is going to be DS's next project. The character is fun and the actor in not bad at all - and has great screen chemistry with HL (not that it is so rare),but he doesn't belong to "House" ,brought there just to recruit "House's audience to watch so-called spin off with Lucas,"the PI who can't lie and is bad in disguise". ..Cleaver of DS and I think it'll work...but it's feels like another product placement we have so much on TV and movies these days and it's annoying.I wish DS all the luck with a new show though - everything is conditional..Actually the scenes House/PI and House /patient was the only somehow interesting in the ep, but not the way it used to be on "House" when every scene and in many eps every line felt important and true and enjoyable.
    Maybe it'll be back to that feeling later in season -I still tune in every week anyway. Hope is for sissies, huh
  • Interesting medical case. I believe that this episode is the prologue of what we will see next.

    We will see lot of things with the PI and with wilson. The thing that annoys me is the slowly developed story between house and wilson. Come on guys behave like men of your age.. When will ti end ? At the end he will return so why the take it so slowly? It's House not Grey's Anatomy where we see a love story for four years. Make them friends again or lovers to end this :-) Finally , i believe that one of the stuff must leave. The stuff and House don't have a "kinky" relationship like he did with his former employees (and still he has).
  • Several people die after receiving organs from the same donor. House and his team have to figure out what's wrong to save the last patient.

    I liked this episode. It reminded me of all the classic House episodes. It showed a vulnerable side of House and the scene with Wilson was great. I also loved the PI character. For a guest appearance he did a great job. (And I hope it's only a guest appearance)

    I was happy that House was centre stage in this episode and his team took a secondary role. The medical condition was one that they have never covered on the show before and so it was quite a good watch. Made it quite a memorable episode.

    I was very amused as House tried to replace Wilson with the other doctor in the beginning of the episode. It was a very amusing scene. But the prize goes to the scene where Kutner and Foreman are doing the colonoscopy on the dead old man. I haven't laughed quite that hard in ages.

    I'm quite starting to like Kutner.
  • I loved the episode

    Oh.. when last weak episode was good but nothing too special then this weeks episode really rocked in my opinion. I am not the person much to humor but this time it was all about that. First the hallucination about taking off the head, then that private investigator who really proved himself a very exciting char and the end promises that we might see him again.

    And what most important. There was a case.. the way the episode started with all about the case and for the most of the episode it all was about the case.. (if not all) no people personal dramas and some pointless things.. just the case and House trying to figure it out.
  • Private eyes, and argyl socks, are watching you.

    Good, solid episode. Even though it's upsetting to see House and Wilson apart it's understandable, fitting and is making for some great episodes so far. When Wilson shut the door on House I was a little shocked, I knew that Wilson wasn't just going through a passing fancy when he said he was trying to move on from House but it's very clear this is serious. This is not something that will dissipate with time. What I find particularly interesting is his other associations. Not so much Foreman and Cuddy because he's always been friends with them, at least to a certain extent. My curiosity is with Cameron, I realize why it's happening. She went through a similar situation. She can help him, listen to him, and help him handle his thoughts and grief in a way no one else can unless they had been through it. But I have the distinct feeling that they are going to do something with that. Not sure what, might not be anything but as most of you have probably figured by now I tend to run thoughts and predictions of what I think will happen with my shows. It's not really a conscious effort, it's more like curiosity gets the better of me and mind just comes up with things.

    I love that they are actually showing House's feelings about all this, most of the time when House feels things he internalizes it all and let's his anger and misery leak out in place of it. But they are clearly showing he's sad, distrught and missing Wilson in an important way. After all he was looking for a replacement best friend but more importantly a replacement Wilson. Plus there's the fact that the patient, formerly blind by the way who is more used to relying on other things beside her sight to feel and sense things, can see with her own two eyes that he looks sad. I feel bad for him of course but I don't blame Wilson and I don't think House is taking what happened to Wilson, or his reactions to it as seriously as he should. I realize House has never lost someone in that way and isn't accustomed to feeling that kind of love for someone anyway but he should know his friend well enough to see that he is clearly in serious grief mode, I'm guessing to a deeper extent then we have yet to see. I can not forget argyl socks PI guy Mr....something, I somehow missed his name. Or did they even say it? Well anyway I loved him almost instantly. He was just sort of there, disguised as a coffee machine repair man spouting off some awesome witty, insightful just sarcastic enough banter. Just listen to him talk, love it. he slightly reminds me of House in the sense that he is totally honest though in a less angry way and he appears to really know people. What they want to hear, why they want to hear. I like him, a lot. Especially for one episode. And the socks! Just the right amount of quirk. And he is a good PI, I can see why they maybe want to spin him off. I thought before seeing this episode that it was strange they would announce or even plan something like before the character had even been introduced but I can see it now. He's a good character, I already like him better then Cuddy and Foreman.

    Foreman! Foreman got pooped. That was outstanding! Just outstanding. I so loved that moment more then I explain, I get annoyed with Foreman and I sort of dislike him so that was a fabulous moment to say the least.

    They're doing good with balancing the characters. Obviously they can't fit substantial stuff for everyone into every single episode but they are working it all well. Right now the focus is of course mostly on House and Wilson at the moment because of the events of the finale. But they are working in the new fellows, keeping Cameron and Chase on the screen (though she wasn't in this episode), forcing Foreman and Cuddy down our throats...I mean giving them stuff to do. It's all working but that begs the quesiton, why add this new PI into the mix. I don't see him becoming a super important, super relevant character. He's providing insight into everyone's character, situation and problems but add him to the mix that makes ten....that's...well that's ten.
  • It was okay, but when will it get better?

    "Not Cancer" is a small step up from the previous episode, but it still has room to improve. In this one, House and his for some reason barely existent team in this episode find out people are dying who have all had donors. When a woman with a cornea donor has not died yet, they try to figure it out. Also, House hires a private investigator to check on his life.

    The case for this one is good, but slightly boring. Even though everyone seems to like the private investigator, I think he is an unecessary addition to the show. There are some good scenes though when House talks with him about friends.

    Even though the first two episodes have been just okay, I'm still hoping for a good season. Get well soon, House, get well soon.
  • The most interesting medical case to date.

    It wasn't cancer...or was it? House and his new team try and answer that question as they work their most interesting case to date. While we never actually learned just what the organ donar recipients died from, watching the team try and figure out this puzzle, coupled with House's feeble attempt to find a new best friend forever, made for an enjoyable hour of television. The writer's did a good job of balancing House's latest obsession with medical aspects of the show.

    The most enjoyable moments happened between House and PI Luke, who's function is to dig up the dirt on the new team and spy on Wilson. The most pleasant surprise is that Luke is more likable version of House. The most bittersweet moment was the scene between House and Wilson, who wants to discover a world outside of his friendship with House. The writer's did a good job of showing us that that dispite the rift in their friendship, old feelings don't die hard. Here's hoping that Wilson comes to his senses and resumes his friendship with House. The show isn't the same without it.
  • House recruits a private detective to investigate Wilson and help with this case.

    I enjoyed the introduction of the new character, the Private Detective - he's a good foil for House. The case this week was more of a back story to House coping with Wilson leaving him. It was cleverly written but a little confusing at times which is why it only rates an 8.5 in my opinion. I really didn't like the involvement of the 4 year old girl in the case and what they put her through just for the sake of padding the story by 3 minutes. Not necessary in my opinion.

    No Cameron this week even though she was mentioned. It's been a good start the season over the last couple of weeks but the writers need to step it up a pace to reach it's usual great standard of previous series.
  • I like the P.I.

    I'm going to start off by saying that as good as this episode was, I liked the season premiere better. Season premieres are always good, I still really liked this episode. They introduced a new character, The private investigator that House hires to spy on Wilson. I have no problem with this character at all, and I hope that he sticks around for a while. On the other hand Wilson was in like a total of 1 minute of the episode. I just wish they would get rid of Chase and Cameron or give them more screen time because it is just getting annoying. Anyway, Next week's episode looks really awesome.
  • One of the most creative episodes on the show.

    Sometimes House can seem like the same thing again and again. This is why I appreciate episodes like these. An episode where the patient and the characters are both just as interesting. Wilson Arc is slowly moving. The private investigator is a great character. And the case is quite interesting. It just felt like a well balanced and fit episode. I also always love it when they play a song. It was alot better than the premiere. A classic House episode and a new hope for Season 5. Cuddy is acting alot more like The Dean of Medicine. Wilson is making better choices for himself. House is struggling with his personal life. And all the characters are slowly evolving and developing. This season is clearly off to a great start.

    Probably the only flaw was not enough Wilson. But besides that this episode is great.

  • Waiting for next week.

    Let me say how much I hate the reformulated I can barely use thing to score this episode. I left it where it was because I could not get it to go anywhere aside from 9.5 and 1.0

    Things were not as much of a shock for me because I read the spoilers over the summer. I also saw the commercials ad nauseum. The good news is that there was a deviation from the normal House routine. He did not do three things to the patient that nearly killed her before coming in with the cure at the end. The nurses in ICU look like they are ready to kill House. He only popped Vicodin once.

    Wilson is still mad. There is a new cast member that is a lot like House. Will he be the new BFF? Would he have liked Amber?
  • This show is so damn amazing

    This episodes main storyline is pretty confusing in which it is suppose to be but its still entertaining. The underlying storyline continues with wilson disliking house and being mad at him over the loss of his fiance but we are introduced to a new character who is Houses new P.I. and hes extremely good at what he does and hes good at attempting to fill the void that has been created by the lack of wilson. House is an amazing show that is rarely ever a letdown. Not Cancer is yet another great House episode that will keep you watching and make you giggle.