Season 5 Episode 2

Not Cancer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • To make a "product placement" of the new character from the upcoming show into the "old" and very successful one is a very clever (but also pathetic) idea....

    The main feeling I've got from the ep - I was bored...Bored watching "House" - unbelievable... The case was boring (which btw judging by posts on this board nobody got ,so incoherent int was written) -constant repiting of the same lines made me feel the case actually wasn't important for the ep flow, even though technically so much of the ep span around the medical case and they shown us all kind of gross medical stuff - slices of brain, human corps in every stage of decomposing and even Foreman covered in dead men's intestine's content...Apparently it's not what makes the case interesting and worthy to watch. Btw, did the patient was a blind ARCHITECT before she got a cornea transplant and the world turned ugly for her? Either I missed something (and judging by other people's reviews and forum post most people did, so I'm guessing it wasn't written well )or it's the most amazing story - is it even possible to build without ever seen any buildings ? Oh, well... I wasn't entertained much by House's "new best friend" shopping - it looked more like a circus act to me, because it's hard to imagine such actions would really lead to anything, so what for it was done for? To show how eccentric House can be when desperate?...It's interesting btw that it seems his need to have Wilson around isn't bases on his emotional need to have at least one close person in life, but (how not to remember the Asperger's syndrome he and Wilson used to pressure Cuddy in "Lines in the Sand"...)the need to have familiar , or at least resembling familiar "bouncing wall" to be able to work which is to think and solve his medical mysteries...Wilson on the other hand was acting totally irrational -mingling with anyone (Cameron, Foreman, Cuddy..) but not House after he left his job. He said it's not because he blamed House for Amber's death ,so why then?...I don't know, I don't even want to look for an answer - because it's obvious they'll bring Wilson back in an ep or two like nothing happened and that's ridiculous IMO... The new team looked quite pathetic ,but unfortunately the rest of the characters we knew wasn't better - Chase ,who became the main surgeon in PPTH it seems, smirked at House through the OR's observation window. Totally useless scene unless one enjoys seeing Chase's gorgeous hair stubbornly (and oh,so pretty )crawling from under his surgeon's cap onto patient's bare brains....And the same feeling of "useless and forced" goes to the only Cuddy scene - now she put the guards to protect the patient from House? Well he has a sneaky PI to deal with such obstacles from now on... Now the main reason the ep was written -new character, which rumor (official) has it is going to be DS's next project. The character is fun and the actor in not bad at all - and has great screen chemistry with HL (not that it is so rare),but he doesn't belong to "House" ,brought there just to recruit "House's audience to watch so-called spin off with Lucas,"the PI who can't lie and is bad in disguise". ..Cleaver of DS and I think it'll work...but it's feels like another product placement we have so much on TV and movies these days and it's annoying.I wish DS all the luck with a new show though - everything is conditional..Actually the scenes House/PI and House /patient was the only somehow interesting in the ep, but not the way it used to be on "House" when every scene and in many eps every line felt important and true and enjoyable.
    Maybe it'll be back to that feeling later in season -I still tune in every week anyway. Hope is for sissies, huh
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