Season 7 Episode 1

Now What?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on FOX

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  • THE Event.

    Long time non lovers House & Cuddy finally act on their sexual tension and, what on any other show would put to rest the one ongoing issue of the entire series, on House MD it just adds yet another layer to a very complex relationship.

    House being the more insecure about the next move as he's obviously the more secure about his own flaws as human being, Cuddy being oddly calm about it. The thing is life does go on, as normal as it has always been, next puzzle in check, next phone call to Wilson, even the next verbal sparring occurs as if nothing ever happened, except House and Cuddy now take baths together.

    Between patients they have "the talk", between Wilson's check ins on House they decide whether or not they are ready to go public and, after a game of Boggle he says that he loves her, they both know what they can't change, they both know what has already changed and, oddly enough, they find the wisdom to accept it, taking it one day at the time, like House does it with most of his addictions. It doesn't make it any less difficult, or the case any more simple than it already is, it just makes things, well, different. Deal with it.
  • Season 1 - 3 FTW.. House is slipping in my book.

    I don't care about naysayers and die hard house fans (especially since *I* am a die-hard fan of house), I am simply starting to not like the show. Though some might say they HAD to change the flow as it would have been "worse" to keep the old formula from the first three seasons (and even the fourth...kind of), and they're probably right. Still, there were infinite paths to take and I simply feel like they took a few wrong ones.

    I'll save the rest of my ranting for the show review instead of this episode. Speaking of which, there were elements that I liked about the premiere; however, overall it was an OK episode. I would rate season 6 a 7/10 at best. So I am expecting a lot out of this season otherwise I'd just rather they end it.

    Thirteen is kind of annoying with her predictable non-responses. haha

  • This was almost painful to watch.

    So, I just saw the season premiere and let me tell you that I almost regret it.

    House and Cuddy are finally together and they (writers/director) find the most boring way to show the beginning of their relationship. The chemistry was so off, the dialog was lame and the two of them seemed so out of character that was almost painful to watch.

    In the other hand a loved the whole neurosurgeon fiasco, and the SO unexpected "(Thirteen) She´s just gone"

    So, to sum-up, the episode was totally not what I was expecting, but it had some really funny moments.

    I hope the next episodes repair this disappointment.
  • Even worse than "Lockdown"!

    I thought "Lockdown" was bad!? Most of the House episodes that were not favorites had more to do with bad direction than with bad scripts or story lines. That's not the case with "What Now". This was THE worst of any of the episodes so far! More like a badly-done soap opera than House's usually higher quality/standard. I was painfully bored and only watched to the end so that I'm not in the dark when I watch "Selfish". I can only hope that this season's opener isn't indicitive of the rest of Season 7. Please bring back the quality of the first couple of seasons.
  • Not a great season opener

    I felt a little let down by this episode. It had 2 things going for it: it was a season opener and it was going to start the story of House and Cuddy's relationship. Sadly it felt like any other episode. More and more it feels like the writers don't really know what to do with house any more. They have written him into a corner. Instead of letting him (and therefore the audience) enjoy his happiness for just one episode, they decided to plant the seeds of doubt on the relationship from the off. And the unceremonious exit for thirteen was a real kick in the teeth. This episode and the series as a whole has become too bogged down in its own gloom and cynical outlook. I hope the rest of the season doesn't follow this path. House is one thing left on the timetable that I still look forward to.
  • It's not that bad.

    Ya I agree it's quite a boring episode because all the conversation are boring. But it really isn't that bad. House and Cuddy confess their loves to each other and they need some time to bond. They have been fighting for 6 years, and they had just seen a terrible accident (season 6 finale). And I agree this episode is not a good season opener, but if we are talking about the beginning of Huddy, this episode isn't abysmal. The medical mystery is clearly secondary this week, therefore I didn't expect much. As for me the mystery is quite interesting, and Thirteen's departure creates a suspense because nobody knows where she is going. Overall, this is an AVERAGE episode, not TERRIBLE. This episode just contains too much conversation and lack of medicine.
  • Let's maybe put things in perspective, eh?

    Look, you can see I don't have a problem with this storyline from the score. I see where the haters are coming from as well. This started as a procedural that often took shots at hospital dramas and it has slowly but steadily turned into a hospital drama itself. You get to feel betrayed for that.

    But man, it's a *good* hospital drama. Don't diminish what Laurie and Edelstein pull off here, for instance. They feel intimate effortlessly and discuss their budding relationship earnestly. Gut-wrenching drama is hard, but somewhat formulaic. This one-room slice-of-life stuff? That's boring by default. It takes a lot of talent and intelligence to convey without devolving into... well, a TV series.

    As for the rest of the cast, I've been impressed for the last season or so with the way they've morphed into almost comic relief. Again, I can see that taking a toll in the diehards, who take these characters very seriously, but you can tell these guys are having fun themselves. Olivia Wilde's range, in particular, continues to impress. If there was anybody left in Hollywood who knew how to write romanitc comedies I'd go watch that. And I'm a heterosexual male 25-35. Thing of the money in that, execs. All the sweet, sweet money.

    Anyway, back to House. Yeah, it was slow. It was not a procedural. Then again, the heavily formulaic episodes we got just before last season's finale were deemed "boring" by the user reviews back then, so damned if they do, damned if they don't. That probably just means House is coming to the end of a cycle, and that's fine. This is a clever team that writes, acts and directs to state of the art levels consistently. If they need to wrap it up, let it be on their own terms, do it right and move on to more cool stuff.

    Plus, Sherlock is pretty much a remake of House at this point more than House is an adaptation of Holmes, so we always have that to pick up the slack, right?
  • It was terrible! with House so out of character and totally boring! GY is ruining the show with all the soap opera! if he wants to direct a soap, please go to the daytime dramas and don't ruin House!

    It was horrific! With House so out of character and totally boring! There was no witty remarks, just disgustingly lovey dovey stupid dialogue! Who wrote this stupid episode? This has completely destroyed the very essense that makes House a show different from ER and Grey's anatomy! And what kind of horrible mother is Cuddy? Is this supposed to show her in a good light as a loving Mom with a young child? In other cases, social services would have been notified when a young child is neglected and the mother turned off her phone! or have the writers completely forgotten about the baby? maybe they can write her off the show by killing her so that she won't get in the way of all the "Huddy romance"

    GY is ruining the show with all the soap opera! if he wants to direct a soap, please go to the daytime dramas and don't ruin House!
  • Mediocre.

    It felt like they tried to stretch a 30 minute material to an hour. As some others have mentioned, "nothing happened." The "comic" scenes, like Wilson getting stuck and opening champagne, seemed extremely contrived, and even the actors seemed unnatural forcing it out. I know this will get a lot of thumbs-down feedback, but I have watched every single episode of House, so I do have a frame of reference. I truly hope that the rest of the season will be as exciting and "House-like" as the preview made it out to be. This last sentence is to get over the 100 word count requirement.
  • House has finally Jumped the Shark...

    Well, I suppose it was inevitable, but at last House has Jumped the Shark. Like Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting, and Mulder and Scully's kiss in X-Files, the principle characters of this show should never have gotten together. They should have kept the tension going, or resolved it without falling into this trap. And what happened? We saw them hanging about the apartment doing sweet nothing, and leaving the other characters at the hospital to play out a sitcom-level amount of tomfoolery. I kept expecting Mr Furley or Mrs Kravitz to pop up. A pathetic drop in quality, it doesn't bode well for the rest of the season.
  • Remember when this show used to be about solving the problem with the patient?

    This episode was even worse than I was expecting and that is saying a lot because I hated pretty much all of the spoilers that were/are being released. I heard the team at least had a patient so I was at least looking forward to that but there was barely any time spent on him. They didn't even have a patient for the first like 30 minutes of the episode. And then the team was more worried about 13 than about the patient. Plus, what was the point anyway? What would be so wrong with having to close the ICU and ER down for one day?

    Where can I even start with the House/Cuddy stuff? First of all, doesn't Cuddy run the hospital? She just takes a whole day off without telling anyone? And then she isn't even the one that told her secretary, House was. Plus the hospital just got a huge influx of patients the previous night from the crane accident but yet there is no way she even went in to check to make sure everything was running smoothly. From the time House left the crash site to getting home would have only been an hour or two at most depending how far away the crash site was. So in that time, Cuddy had to find Lucas and break up with him. That barely leaves any time for her to get to the hospital.

    And apparently Rachel is all grown up and able to do everything herself because Cuddy wasn't even worried about her. She immediately thought of the hospital when her phone rang, she didn't even think of Rachel. Apparently she has a babysitter who has no life and nothing better to do than to stay with Rachel 24/7 because even the previous day in the finale there is no way she could have spent much time with Rachel. It seems like the writers brought in this story and now that they want Huddy to hook up, they have no idea what to do with her.

    And what was up with Cuddy saying she doesn't need House to change? Have the writers forgotten the first couple of seasons? Cuddy and Wilson have always been conspiring behind House's back to try and change him. Way back in season 1 in Detox, she went along with Wilson and made the bet with House. Then in season 5 (I think) when House was taking the methadone, she came into his office and wanted him to continue to take the methadone because she liked the happy House that came from it. She didn't even care that House lost some of his diagnostician skills. And the big time she tried to get House to change was the beginning of season 3 with the wheelchair patient. She used House's treatment to cure the patient but her and Wilson conspired to keep it from House. When Cameron found out about it, they both admitted they were trying to change House and Cameron was the one who fought for House and wanted them to tell him because he didn't need to change (and whenever House/Cameron used to be brought up, Huddy shippers always jumped on what House said that Cameron was trying to change House). And what about this episode? Cuddy knows how House is but yet spent most of the episode trying to get House to say 'I love you' to her.

    And now the biggest problem I had with the episode and I knew the writers were going to pull this. I honestly laughed out loud when House carried Cuddy to the bed. The writers weren't even trying to make it believable. House just spent the previous day crawling around debris, kneeling next to the patient, had a secondary collapse on top of him, and almost took vicoden but yet it didn't even look like his leg was in pain. He carried Cuddy to the bed and they had sex however many times and not once did it appear that his leg was in pain.

    Also in the promo for the new season, it shows how little House respects Cuddy. He announces to the team and Wilson that he is seeing Cuddy. He saw how she reacted at the end of season 5 when he announced from the balcony that he had slept with Cuddy and then he goes and does it again. He might not have done it to as many people but does he really expect his team to keep it a secret?

    I also can't stand critics, the House writers, and Huddy shippers who say it was only a matter of time until this happened because they had been dancing around each other forever. Did they watch the first 3 seasons? They was barely any hint of Huddy getting together. It was mostly just sexual comments by House. There was a book written after the first 3 seasons about the show (don't ask me about the title because I don't know) and in one of the chapters it discussed House's love life and the only people brought up were Stacy and Cameron. Cuddy was never mentioned.

    I really hope the writers put Huddy on the backburner in the future and just used this episode of softcore porn to please Huddy shippers although I am not optimistic. This show used to be about the medicine and I was obsessed with it the first 3 to 4 seasons. With the direction it is going now, I don't even know if I will continue to watch and from the ratings, it looks like a lot of people feel the same way.
  • this was a good ep

    in the season 7 premare of house . house and kuddie are having a relationship and they both dont go into work they spend there time at houses apartment and they talk about things togeather meanwhile at the hospital they are dealing with big issues they are in need of surgen and if they dont get one they have to transfer all there er patients and they have to close down part of there hospital so they find one and he is has a problem he is acting crazy talking off his close and walking around in his underware and they figured out that he got high somehow and they get to keep it open meanwhile at houses place wilson shows up and he thinks that house is having illusions about kuddie and is on drugs but turns out he is fine . this was a good ep i thought a good way to start the season
  • House is back with the new seventh season which partly expresses about House's and Cuddy's Relationship, the series does not have particular cases just like the regular episodes of House but have shown just the right story to begin the season

    From my perspective, the episode wasn't that outstanding compared to the episodes from the previous seasons but I can't criticize directly just by taking a look from the beginning, as of you heard, the series concentrates about the relationship between Cuddy and House but I also at the same time want more interesting and thrilling cases. I'm a long time HOUSE fan, I never missed a single episode, from my episode this is the best TV show for me until now. I just hope this seventh season of House will be just as good as the previous seasons or better. All House Fans, Let's wish a good luck to the HOUSE TV Series and expect world class episodes from them!!
  • Finally, House and Cuddy together...for real!

    As we expected and waited for a loooooong time, House and Cuddy are together. And they are looking great together, and in love...actually everything was so great that, when Wilson entered an empty room where Cuddy was supposed to be, I was for a second really shocked and disappointed that this was all hallucination...again!! Then I remembered that House was talking over the phone with that guy from the hospital and House's team heard about that :-)

    As much as I enjoed this premiere, I had a lot of questiones without answer. What is happening with 13, they brought her back just to send her away again? It is really annoying that almost whole her life is a secret? Hope they will explain her abrupt leaving without saying goodbye to anyone or explaining why was she lying about that clinc in Rome? What was that when Chase asked 13 to sleep with him? Anyways, looking forward to next episode!
  • The deadlines have moved up and Chase was playing the long game

    On the morning that House and Cuddy decided to spend the day laying in bed and missing work you can see the look on house's face, the after sex relaxed look, but it's not just any after sex look it's one where when you have sex with someone you know, love, and trust relaxed looked; plus the fact that he was laying in his own bed. This may have been a fantasy for him or at least a break from reality. The whole day he and Cuddy were together you could see small changes in their actions and behavior. It was like a subtle happy House and even Cuddy's actions were changed to. Neither of them where defensive and they wanted to see this work. So they have finally had sex and are going to be together, I'm interested in seeing this and like what I have seen so far. This episode still had the case solving and craziness that house episode has. We got to see House and Cuddy sneaking behind everyone's back and enjoying their time along. I enjoyed seeing this and how their relationship has devolved so far. Even when house said it wasn't going to work. I loved this episode.
  • A New Beginning: A Greg House Story

    As House last season could've turned to the worst, not writing wise but I refer to his character sinking ever deeper into depression, he was saved in the form of Cuddy as we all know. This episode and however skeptical I was about seeing those first moments of them just holding each other and her mending his cut he knows that's something's different. This isn't a happy ending, it just the beginning. Of course it'll be difficult this is House we're talking about and it will be weird to see him this way as we have always see him in his misanthropic jerk like godliness. But I have faith that maybe this season or at least this story arc will serve to be satisfying as House has never led me astray thus far.
  • Shore is moving into dangerous territory as House and Cuddy finally (?) embrace their feelings...

    The problem with the 7th season premiere of House isn't so much the fact that Huddy has finally come to existance, it's the great amount of time they've decided to spend on it that made 'Now What?' lackluster.

    In all fairness, I enjoyed the Huddy-scenes more than expected to, and there were some really nice moments between them (the one with the knee, for example), but was it necessary to spend half the episode in House's bedroom with both of them (half-)naked, talking about... well, now what? I understand there are some aspects of the relationship that had to be talked about before being able to move on (read: return to full form in episode 2), but the way they isolated House and Cuddy from the rest of the cast made it much less interesting than it could've been and along with the lack of any event or even background music, it all just felt a little... dull. Cuddy dropping all her responsibilities on a critical day for the hospital's reputation wasn't very believable either.

    The lack of a real, well-developed medical case didn't help either. Sure, the neurosurgeon and his search for freedom provided for the much needed comedy in contrast with the heavy Huddy conversations, but it all could have been better. Thirteen's sudden departure couldn't have come at a worse time and she'll be missed, but at least we'll have some House-team confrontations about the new romantic item to look forward to.

    'Now What?' wasn't horrible though, we finally have a new opening sequence and Chase and the rest of the team saved this episode from turning into a snoozefest. And I guess we were a little spoiled after last year's terrific opening. The necessary (boring) babysteps of the Huddy-storyline have been taken, now let the games begin!
  • What we've been waiting for has finally happened.

    House and Cuddy are together, I'm so happy. Although the troublesome looks they produced at the very end were not so comforting.

    Overall, I got a good laugh from this episode. From Wilson getting stuck in House's window and the stoned neurosurgeon. Poor Thirteen, I know her name's at the start of the show now, but I'm worried she's leaving. They did that with Amber Benson in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It'll be interesting to know what's going on with her.

    I was so shocked with Chase asking Thirteen to have sex with him, I was waiting for the punchline. Another funny moment. I guess Jennifer Morrison is not coming back. Inevitable, seeing as she and Jesse Spencer broke up, which is a bit childish considering plenty of soap actors still work side by side even after a break-up. But I suppose the team is big enough as it is.

    I think it'll make for a good series to see how House and Cuddy adjust to being a couple, because it's certainly going to be bumpy ride!
  • An alright season premier. Not the best, oh no, not even close to the season 6 opener, but an interesting opener.

    Ok, so here's the lowdown. House and Cuddy are now together. This may make some people giddy, and others reel in terror. But no matter how hard you fight it or embrace it, it is happening. Don't expect the Huddy relationship to last very long. The opener of season 7 focused mostly on House and Cuddy trying to establish a normal relationship and test the waters, so to speak. I have to admit, there were some cheesy moments involving our two love birds, almost too cheesy, I dare say. The case this week wasn't even really a case at all, or it didn't feel one like at least. It seemed for a second like the writing was slipping a little, but I wouldn't worry too much. The season 7 opener was just trying to get into the whole Huddy relationship thing. House will be back solving cases before we can say "Oh, hey, it's next Monday already!". All in all, a pretty good episode, and a sigh of relief after going an entire summer without a single new episode of House. TGIF (Thank God It's Fall!)
  • Something new

    Finally something new and different. Of course there are some bones fans who are whining. If you don't like what u see, turn of the telly. In my opinion it's about time something happened. Something other than the normal bitter house who in every episode cures some incurable disease. Of course Cuddy and House won't last. There is no happy ending here, but at least on 7th season we'll get to see that part of the story. Hopefully this "Huddy" thing will last at least one season, there is so much funny things that can come out of it. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Yikes

    House had a pretty poor season last year, I have to be honest, but it looks like it could have an even worse season this year. The House and Cuddy scenes were just unbearable. I have been against this couple since day one, the show needs to be like Bones and just tease the romance, but never pull the trigger. They can still say House was on drugs and try to erase this mistake.

    The scenes at the hospital were not that bad though. House without Olivia Wilde for a little bit is going to be lame, but what can you do? I know that the actual case this week deserved more time, but House and Cuddy or Huddy, as I am sure people will start calling them, needs to end.
  • OHMIACTUALGEE. Fangirl heaven! :D

    Its what we've all (except Hamerons, Hilsons etc) have been waiting for... Huddy has finally happened. Personally, I think the writers have been reading a little too much FanFiction; elements of that episode contained ideas that I read at least 3 months ago, if not more. However, this is a good thing, because it's what we all (except as above) want. Although the directing and cutting was a little choppy and seemed rough, I think that worked. People have complained that House wasn't in character; excuse me, I beg to differ. Please re-watch the episode, you have clearly missed what myself and others have seen. Overall, a good season starter, in terms of acting, only Hugh Laurie rivalled the performances of the S6 opener, but that is to be expected. A nice appearance from Wilson and Cuddy playing her part well, although it felt a little recycled. Nicely tied up the loose ends from last season but still leaving plenty of scope for more, exciting things...
  • Finally!

    Finally, season 7 has started, and what a start it was!

    First off, we finally got a new opening sequence. Peter Jacobson and Olivia Wilde had been members of the main cast for three seasons and I'm glad they finally got their names in the opening. I felt a bit sad when Jennifer Morrison's name didn't appear, but I guess we all just have to say goodbye to Cameron.

    Huddy. What can I say, together at last! It seems that House and Cuddy will finally be happy, at least for some time. I'm sad their 'going public' scene wasn't in this episode, but I can't wait for it to actually happen. I was a bit mad when Wilson didn't believe House, but really, he had every right not to.

    Thirteen is about to mysteriously disappear. Where? Nobody knows. I just hope she comes back soon, as I am a proud Thirteen fan-girl. I'm sort of glad the show didn't start a Chase/Thirteen thing, although I'm pretty sure it's inevitable.

    This was an interesting episode medically as well, although we didn't have a real case, just a sick doctor that the team had to diagnose. All in all, a nice way to start the new season!
  • Good to see the writers were willing to see this 'Huddy' thing out. It is a refreshing change from the typical drama filled cryptic 'patient saved in the last minute' episodes i.e dont get me wrong I love chicken...but not every day!

    This is my first review for a TV show on one of my favorite web sites TV.COM…so go easy on me.
    What a refreshing start to the new season of House. I love how the writers chose to continue the story of 'Huddy' right where they left off in season six. Don't get me wrong , I am all for the staple diet of the typical episode i.e weird diagnosis, tried everything which makes it worse, until House lands the 'hail Mary' pass and patient lives…touchdown', this would be like enjoying fast-food e.g fried chicken as meal, but I still would not like to eat it every day. Occasional I would prefer a different slow-food, if you will e.g. homemade vegetable soup. But this time they slowed it right down as if House and Cuddy almost 'stopped' time. The writers made it clear to us that BOTH House and Cuddy have doubts about a long-lasting relationship when 1. House didn't say "I love you" straight away and didn't let Wilson in the apartment. And 2. Cuddy hid in the Closet to avoid Wilson and Questioned House about him not verbally communicating with her after she announced her true feelings for him. Their fear is confirmed by their 'puzzled look' of 'doomed' relationship before it starts when they part ways at the end of the episode.
    True the episode was lacking House's condescending and witty 'one liners' and Cuddy's stern defensive replies but this is because they BOTH let their guard down. I feel this episode was a 'cease fire' as to the battle between them. They will continue the 'fight' probably as early as episode 2. I thought Cuddy would have given up when House dared her to NOT agree that their relationship will ultimately fail. In fact she confirmed his being "screwed up" is what has made him "the most incredible man" she "has ever known". I was surprised to hear this from her as I feel this is 'out of character' for Cuddy. I think she is tired of the all the games and wants to earnestly 'try' even though she knows House will not change.
    I am guessing we will be back to fast-food for episode 2…but I'm not complaining. It is very tasty.
  • So, thhe day we all have been waiting - season 7 premiere. Almost the whole episode was about House and Cuddy and their new relationship. And, also, the mystery of Thirteen :D.

    The whole House-Cuddy thing didn't get much of my attention.. It was interesting, but i don't now.. Staying in home all day ant trying to figure out something.. They are in love, house is a jerk, Cuddy loves him still. So, basically, nothing happened. Except from some funny parts, for e.g. Wilson trying to sneak out on House through a window, House showing his champagne opening skills :D It's obvious, that if House will act as this in the following episodes, the show will loose its charm. So i hope House will get back to being himself.
    Actually, the more interesting part of this episode was the disappearing of Thirteen. I am wondering where she went? Is it just a break from work, or is it going back to parties? Or maybe her symptoms have shown up and she don't want anybody to know? So i guess we will see everything in the upcoming episodes. We have a whole season ahead us.
  • I'm disappointed. Where's my old House?

    I really miss the old House. after an outstanding premiere episode last season and an intresting finale, I expected for a normal premiere episode. and It wasn't. I'm not a Huddy fan, and I can cleary see why - this storyline is just boring. It's just painful for me to see what happenes to my favorite TV Show. so if the rest of the season is going to look like this, I hope it will be the last season. It's just painful for me and the rest of the House fans who likes the cynical, funny, smart and well-written series, and not this rom-com. Best things about this episode:
    - New opening titles. - more screen-time for Chase
    - Wilson, as always
    - the fact it was 45 minutes instead of 90, like last season's premiere.

    I really hope it's going to get better.
  • 7th season, premiere episode

    Before saying this episode was bad, just think of it this way. The writers had to make a follow up from the last season. They could not just go with another story with many rebounds etc. they had to finish the story between House and Cuddy because they started it in the season 6 finale. Overall, this was a really great episode. Of course it wasn't the best of all time but the story was well written and it was really emotional. We could see the struggle for House and his «New life» and I thinl this is a great beggining for the upcoming episodes. Can't wait to see the next one!!
  • pretty good

    I have a feeling this episode is like a gift for the Huddy fans as this is going to be the most one will see them together...after all neither one of the characters believes their relationship can work out and they feel like they are heading towards desaster. i feel like the writers did exaggerate at some points but i liked the fact that neither House nor Cuddy knew what to do next so they decided "to stop time" and delay any decision half a day. I for one liked the case, it was pretty simple, i admit to that, and there was no huge drama to save someone's life in the last possible minute but it was nice, funny and light hearted, different. Every show needs something different from time to time. Also I'm happy that for once the team managed without House and at least we now all know that turtle eggs can make people sick. they did solve it a little fast for my liking but the focus today was on Huddy so that's it.

    13th's plot was also quite interesting but i can't really bring myself to care about her.
  • 701

    "Now What?" is a really suitable title for this episode, because it was as if the writers had no idea what to do next. I don't even feel like I'm watching "House" anymore, and this was honestly the weakest premiere I have seen yet. After the amazing premiere last season, you can't blame me for being disappointed.

    All Cuddy & House did was have sex and talk throughout the whole episode, it was not interesting and incredibly boring. I know all the "Huddy" fans probably thought this episode was amazing but did this really feel like House to you? I hardly heard any witty humor from House, and everything he did in this episode was out of character.

    The patient's storyline was just as uninteresting and it came to a point where the only plot I cared for was Thirteen's. As a House fan, liking Thirteen's plot the best isn't the best sign that this was a good episode. The only thing outstanding about this epsiode was the theme song change, and that's not saying much. Just a bad episode all around.
  • what's not to like?

    It's a different episode from the all the others episodes where House is a jerk and he solves cases.. Well I'm expected that from the next episode (you know giving the title...) but this was well an interesting different point of view, and interesting change! I think it won't be romance and candy for all the season.. so "not huddy shippers" calm down and relax. As all the cast have been saying for week House is gonna be the jerk he always has been!
    I liked this episode very much, it showed a face of House we never actually saw like this.. Ready for episode 2!
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