Season 3 Episode 12

One Day, One Room

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2007 on FOX

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  • In this episode House has to deal with Cuddy because she wants him to be in the clinic. He will have to take care of a girl who has been raped and he faces several philosophical problems.

    I really loved this episode. Right now is one of my favorite ones. We get to know House a little bit more, seeing him doing what he doesn't like to do : face his own problems and his own life and past. The conversations with the raped girl are very interesting and House finally opens himself to someone. Cameron's problem with the guy who thinks that should die alone and in pain are difficult. And to watch him die like that is not for everyone.
    I hope other episodes are like this one, also because I love when House is in the clinic, some parts are funny because he hates to be there. And some of the people who appear there sometimes have problems that are nice to see him solve.
  • Really liked it

    This is my first House episode review, and I chose this since it's a quite different episode from the series standards.
    In fact, there's no "extreme" medicine, we see only two main characters in action (House and Cameron) and, most important of all, we see House talking to a patient, a girl who's been raped and asks him to have a chat with her.
    It's discovered something about House's relationship with his father, who beat and tortured him, and this is made by showing House dealing with a critical situation (the rape) with his usual sarcasm, and I think it's brilliant and original, since House didn't talk about himself during the "rehab" like I expected.
    I think that this season is doing a great job in developing characters, and this was a huge step forward concerning House's personality.
  • a recap more than a review, mostly chaaracter development in this episode, trying to get a better picture of houses' human side...enjoy

    Cuddy orders House to two days of nothing but clinic duty. He starts by assembling the many who think they might have an STD. Then he ambles out to the waiting room to see how many patients are left. Suddenly, a man clutches his ear and runs around, screaming in agony. House trips the man with his cane, holds him down and administers a paralytic agent. The man becomes frozen, but at least he's no longer making noise. Unfortunately, they need to intubate because the paralytic has stopped the man's breathing.

    House gathers his team to discuss the man's case. House asks what right ear pain, psychotic behavior and dizziness might indicate. Foreman throws out an acoustic neuroma that started to hemorrhage, so House asks for an MRI. Chase mentions that the man could have been psychotic first and mutilated himself. House likes that idea too, and he asks for a full psych work up. He then tells the doctors to pour some alcohol into the man's ear and pull out the cockroach. House knew this was the cause all along. He only wanted a big case to get him out of clinic duty.

    Cameron, making the rounds on clinic duty, sees an old, disheveled man who's most likely homeless. He hands her a note and says that the other hospital gave it to him but he cannot read. The note says that the man has a six centimeter cancerous mass in his right lung which is inoperable. The man asks if he can sleep in the hospital because it's cold outside. Cameron finds Cuddy and spills the truth about House and the cockroach patient. Cuddy angrily tracks House down and makes it clear, once again, that either he does clinic duty or she will confess about the evidence against him. He owes her.

    House returns to clinic duty and announces to the waiting room that he'll give $50 to anybody who leaves without being seen. Cuddy pulls him back into her office, desperate for a solution. She offers House $10 for every patient he can diagnose without touching. However, he will have to pay her $10 for every patient he does have to touch. So House starts plowing through patients without touching any of them. The test results come back from the earlier STD patients, and the first two are clean. The third is a 20-something blonde female named Eve who tests positive. Eve breaks down in tears at the news even though House reassures her that Chlamydia isn't all that bad. House tries to hand her some pills, but Eve yells at him to not touch her. House goes to tell Cuddy to get a new doctor for this patient. Eve has been raped.

    Cuddy explains to Eve that the hospital will assign another doctor, but Eve insists on House. House says that he isn't interested in treating her because there is nothing to treat. She is perfectly healthy. Eve doesn't care, and only wants to talk to him. House comments that she just wants to reclaim power after being raped. Eve screams at him to leave.

    Eve crashes in the clinic. Cuddy and another doctor attend to her, but she is unconscious and foaming at the mouth because of a pill overdose. The doctor tells House that she had talked to Eve for over an hour but the girl said nothing. When the doctor turned her back, Eve grabbed the pill bottle.

    House waits for Eve to awake and he asks her what she wants. She only wants to talk to him - about anything. House goes to his team for advice, and they suggest he give the girl his conversation. Cameron angrily says that there is no way that Eve can pretend the rape did not occur. She needs to process it. House returns to Eve and explains to her that she can't blame herself for this. Eve says that she knows that already, but she still wants to talk about nothing.

    Cameron's homeless patient is hooked up to a battery of machines and IVs. He pleads with her to stop the treatment because he doesn't want it and doesn't think he deserves it. Although she disagrees, Cameron unhooks the equipment. She visits him later and questions why he wants to suffer. The man asks her why her husband had to suffer. Cameron demands he tell her how he knows about her husband. The man admits that the nurse told him. House and Eve discuss where they went to college. House still gets no answer on why Eve trusts him. She inquires whether anything terrible has ever happened to him. He hesitates, so Eve flips his own logic back on him. Not knowing what to do, House leaves to go seek counsel. Wilson thinks he should just tell Eve the truth. Cameron advises House to say his life has been wonderful so that the girl has some hope. Foreman suggests he just admit that his life has sucked so that she will see that she too can rebound. Chase notes that there is no wrong answer.

    House returns to Eve's bedside and starts into his life story. He says that he was abused by his grandmother. His parents traveled and often left him with her. She was a strict disciplinarian. House never misbehaved when she was around because he was too afraid of being forced to sleep in the yard or of being made to take a bath in ice. He never told his parents. Eve asks if any of his story is true, and House assures her that it all is. She again asks if it is true. House replies that it is the truth for somebody.

    Cuddy lets House know that Eve is pregnant. He breaks the news to the girl, then offers her the chance to terminate it. Eve isn't interested because she considers abortion to be murder. House asks her if she wants to take a walk outside to get some air. Meanwhile, Cameron's homeless patient is still suffering. She tries to force pain medication on him, but he resists. The man says that if he dies suffering, then Cameron will always remember him. Nobody else will remember him. Cameron leaves the syringe next to his bed and sits down across the room. The man later struggles for breath and dies.

    House and Eve sit in a park watching people jog by. They continue their philosophical discussion. Eve argues that eternity is what we live for, and House believes that our time on Earth is all we have. Eve refuses to believe that because then there are no ultimate consequences. She needs the comfort of knowing that this all means something. Eve wonders if her attacker feels remorse for his actions. House asks why that matters. He then inquires why she trusts him. Eve explains that there's something about him, as if he is hurt too. House confesses that his story was true. Yet it wasn't his grandmother but his father who abused him. Eve begins to acknowledge what happened to her to House.

    Back at the hospital, House informs Cuddy that Eve terminated her pregnancy and has been discharged from the hospital.
  • ummmm. can you say most boring episode EVER.

    ummmm. can you say most boring episode EVER. I decided to clean my room while watching because i was so bored. why would they make a show like this? did they just run out of ideas? and house is not exactly the best place for a political platform! Thank god i tivo'd it because i just kept fast forwarding it HOPING/ PRAYING that there would be some plot twist/ medical mystery...... thats what the show IS about right? producers... PLEASE dont ever make a show like this! i love it otherwise, and i get excited, but comon..... this was painful!
  • the worst episode ever

    i dont think u can get worst than that & its soooooooooooooooooooooo boring really if u didnt c it dont even waste ur time watching this boring episode its not worth it
    they just talk sh#@ the hall episode ..........................
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    now its 100 words ;)
  • Worst episode. nothing exciting happpened. it was all talk

    Worst episode. nothing exciting happened. It was all talk. They should just stick to the regular " HOUSE" and everything would be just fine. I think that's the reason everyone watched the program in the first place isnt it? If it ain't broke... Don't Fix it. It was just way too out of character for him even if "Cuddy" did want him to become "more compassionate" or whatever. House is house and that's all there uis too it. No more of this bs. i've been an avid watcher since the 1st episode. why ruin it like that? Peace out yo
  • I used to think perhaps House fans were more intelligent than your average TV viewer, but based on the ignorant reaction to this episode I realize now I was completely wrong.

    The only real flaw in One Day One Room is that it didn't cater to idiots. Actually, no episodes of House have but they do contain the proverbial jingling shiny keys (i.e., blood, seizures, action) to keep the kiddies happy. I haven't found one criticism that was well thought out or even contained a reasonably accurate interpretation. There is nothing more interesting than listening to a intelligent discussion; problem is you have to be smart enough to understand what is being said. For example, others hear "I don't know" annoyingly repeated a few times, I hear a fascinating discussion on reason and logic. It sadly seems that Cuddy boob jokes are about as philosophical as the general audience is willing to let House get. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but the percentage of people complaining about One Day One Room seems to roughly compare to those who astoundingly didn't get what happened in No Reason. My low opinion of humanity is well and truly intact.

    This episode actually reminded me a bit of Waiting For Godot at times, which is one of the most intriguing plays ever written and nothing happens during it.
  • What the !?!?!

    This is the worst episode ever from House... I can not believe that they could even do it... it's one of those episodes that makes you question if they lost it... Where is the "case" of this episode... sorrelly is not the girl and it's not the cancer man...

    Why do this, lat of ideas? Why should Cameron change her thoughts about pain?
    I can not . . . . . understand . . . . . . . . . . . why ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • I wonder if it was really David Shore who wrote it. Perhaps he was forced to write like that?

    I was really sad. If I wanted soap opera, or Brothers and Sisters, I would check them. Like House sometimes does.

    But if I choose House, I would rather like to watch House.

    I have acquaintance some people like House. My boyfriend for start. Though his boss is pretty much House himself (like Stacy stated: knows lots of funny jokes, is sexy and available). And as a matter of fact, like House said in this episode: if you don´t do anything, nothing change. Using the woman´s words against her, yes people right now here with us affect us, right. But only if the people right now with me are worth of it.

    Everyday, I take the bus. Should the bus-driver connect with every single person who says Good-morning? Should physicians connect with every single patient he attends?

    My psychianalyst has tools to "connect" with me, but only as much as it DOES NOT harms her. But then, she and her colleagues psychiastrists have trained for it.

    So House can connect with other people, can be more "human". But trust me, people like House are not easily affect by morons. And if there was any chance to connect, House had a whole gallery of interesting characters in the series to connect before. The autist boy for start (House plays that Portable Playstation the boy gave him until now, right?)

    A raped woman is not somebody whom House would connect so easily. Even Tritter could connect better with House, even as an antagonist (most of good antagonists are people who understands the hero. That´s what make a pain in the ass to win over them)


    If there is any good thing about this episode is the great timming for Hugh Laurie and that hilarious answer Jesse Spencer/Chase gave about what should House do : "keep her sedated".

    I´m kidding. Although I would feel awkward to play House Out of Character, I would - if I were an actor in his shoes - do my best. So did Hugh Laurie: he shows some awkwardness being House, but not being House - I mean not being 'himself'. That gives another star for the actor in my scale.

    There is a reason why she chose House. Although everybody complains about House never caring yaddayadda, the problem is: normal doctors, normal "diagnosing" doctors, or even "patch addams" doctors would not dare to diagnose rape. Well, normal people would not to.

    Everybody complains about House not-caring, but the truth is: we are pissed off about normal "diagnosing" doctors who are very far away from being genius like House. You can not be a son of a dubious reputation woman, like House if you are not at least competent. If you are, it is not arrogance, it is self-confidence.

    The reason why House was able to diagnose "rape" is because he uses his brain and do not discard "impossible" things. Or cruel truths.

    Also, House represents things out of control, like the rape she was forced to endure. Fun... he represents also the chance to control: Latin radical of science leads to "awareness", con-science, science of self.

    The truth is... things happening when you are asleep we can deal in A form. But if the same happens when you are awake, then everything turns upside down.

    What happens then? Yes I am hurt, and as nobody cares, I want to mess up some other peoples brain. Because I am afraid to deal alone, I will scare others about their own believes, so I would feel less miserable.

    I guess that´s why I prefer House. He is miserable, and do not put this burden up to his patients. His patients are not there to give meaning to his existence, and vice-versa. Other people need so much from others: acceptance for most part, that even kindness turns out false.
  • Not bad.Just different.

    Everyone says this is a bad episode.Some even believe it is the worst episode of the whole series.I totally disagree.It's not bad.It's different.It is not about medical staff ,it's more about people and their feelings.This makes it interesting.Some of you also think that House was out of character.I think he was not out of character but we saw another side of his character.We also learn some things about his childhood.The young woman made him open up and act nice.In my opinion it was a great episode.However I didn;t really like the Cameron story.And last but not least the episode name was smart and very special.One Day,One Room.
  • Definetly not the worst.

    So many people think that this was the worst episode of House ever made, but I strongly disagree. Just because there is no medical mystery and no pivotal scenes, dosen's mean that it isn't worth watching. It is one of my all time favorite episodes because it gave the audience a lot of insight into House's life. At first, he is distant from the patient, but then he starts to actually care about her and how she is dealing with things. There is a lot of House's philosophy (which i like listening to) and a lot a emotion. I actually liked the side story about Cameron and her patient that has cancer. It brings up feelings about how she lost her husband and how it really hurt her. We also learn that House was abused by his father when he was younger and that's why he doesn't like him very much. The title of the episode was clever, One day, One room.
  • The rape victim.

    This episode was so unusual, no dying patients, just a lot of clinic duty. The rape victim or should I say actor was great, her acting was flawless, she was very dramatic, and you could actually tell she was raped, on how she was acting, the end was so heartwarming, "Let me tell you about it" She finally opened up to House just as she opened up to him, a very dramatic episode, I didn't mind that it was all about talking, Cameron & her terminal cancer guy, great B plot to a dramatic episode, Cameron let someone suffer, she's becoming House, I can tell, the end was chilling, looks like the Old House is back now that Tritter is gone. Flawless!
  • Not as bad as people think...

    I thought this episode was a pretty decent episode, if a little slow at times. Certainly it wasn't any worse then the more average episodes of this season so far.

    House helping a rape victim is out of his character, but you can see him fighting with his own demons, about how to answer questions of little meaning to him.

    I thought the beginning was very funny, with House avoiding clinic duty by diagnosing a cockcroach is the curve ball of the patient of the week, and also how Cuddy bets with him over not touching any patients.

    I thought the main storyline, although a little slow in getting there, was very well written and acted- certainly there was a lot of talking, but we did find out a lot about House's beliefs in philosphy, and the rape victim was brilliantly portrayed. Their end conversation heart warmed me, especially finding out about House's dad abusing him- I thought there was more reason to House hating him. It was also a very powerful scene at the end when he is playing fuzz ball with Wilson, and he is still torturing himself over whether he helped her or "just made a girl cry".

    The downer point of the episode was Camerons side plot- it just didn't interest me at all, there seemed to be no relevance to it- I would have rather the time been filled with more time with the team advising House what to do.

    Overall, I thought the episode was very different, but nevertheless a clever and touching episode- not the easiest of sittings, but a rememberable episode, and there has been worse episodes than this one.
  • possibly the worst house episode ever ..

    especially after the previous episode .. huge disappointment ..

    absolutely nothing happend .. it was like they aired it just because they had to
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    theres nothing to review .. waste of time IMO
    theres nothing to review .. waste of time IMO
    theres nothing to review .. waste of time IMO
    theres nothing to review .. waste of time IMO
    theres nothing to review .. waste of time IMO
    theres nothing to review .. waste of time IMO
  • Back to working the clinic, House is presented with an emotionally-disturbed rape victim who attaches herself to him, forcing him to reveal more about his personal history than ever before. And Cameron befriends a hobo.

    Completely unbelievable. The writers of the show can't be totally criticized for attempting to try something new -- a departure from the Patient of the Day format is welcome, once in awhile. But this episode just didn't work. House's sudden sympathy for his rape-victim patient (Who conveniently enough has big blue eyes and pouty lips), after three seasons of being surly to people with worse conditions and better personalities, makes little sense. I'm not opposed to character development, but there is little justification for House suddenly revealing a bombshell like this, merely because the Pretty Patient claims that she can tell he's "hurting too." If all the patients are going to start making completely unsupported blanket statements about House, with miraculous results, I'm giving up on this show. The massive revelation given by House would have worked best with Wilson, or, heaven forbid, the always under-utilized Chase; a display of how House's relationships with his co-workers and quasi-friends is gradually growing. Instead, the writers chose to trot out some piece of eye-candy, and made a complete mockery of both the show and its titular character.

    Oh, and apparently Cameron made friends with a hobo or something. Lame.
  • House meets a rape victim who gets him to reveal a "secret" from his past.

    This was the worst episode of House, MD I have ever seen in my life. House is usually a brilliant, fascinating show, but this episode was completely different from any House episode I have ever seen. There was no medical mystery, the rape victim was completely unbelievable, and House was acting completely out of character. This woman talked to him like she had known him for years, and a complete stranger somehow got the enigmatic Dr. House to open up and reveal a not-so secret secret?

    I think most of my feelings about this episode could be a result of the fact that House hyped up this episode with the tagline "a dark secret from House's past revealed!" for weeks, and in the end it was extremely anticlimatic. I hope the writers never do something like this again.
  • Didn't quite cut it.

    I liked the idea of this episode, and the writers have shown they have the ability to write out-of-formula stories and do a wonderful job (Three Stories, The Mistake) but here I felt the execution fell short. It is a rare thing that an episode of House bores me, but this one sure did.
    The whole Cameron/dying homeless guy was completely pointless. They should have given some of that wasted time to Foreman and Chase. As for the House/rape victim story, the dialogue went around in circles (if they made this episode into a drinking game using how many times she says "I don't know!" or "I just want to talk!" everyone would be plastered by the half hour mark) and the actress really wasn't up to the role, IMO. Trite, melodramatic, forced are all words I would use to describe this one.
  • They really tried hard, but it was executed poorly. Overly contrived main plot, filler sub-plot. Couldn't wait for it to end.

    Yeah, this episode is just like "Waiting for Godot," except that was a wonderfully absurd and insightful play, and this episode (in my opinion) was sappy and boring. @DorianDW, sorry, but just because you think you "get" the episode doesn't make those of us who disagree with you a bunch of sub-intelligent philistines. I'm glad you found so much meaning in it- I didn't. I found it painful to watch, and I don't appreciate having my intelligence insulted by someone who comes off as a sophomore (at the least, sophomoric) English major who enjoys showing off their education, conveniently forgetting that their opinion is just that, an opinion, and not an ultimate truth. Want to compare degrees? IQ scores? GRE stats? No? Then kindly refrain from making judgments about the intellectual status of someone who doesn't agree with you based on a few lines written in a episode review.
  • Downfall of a great storyline.

    I found this episode to be the downfall of a great story line. Nothing happened in this episode and I found myself looking for other forms of entertainment, I always love House but this episode did nothing for me. Other than the revealing secret from House, nothing spiked my interest. Cameron didn't attact my attention with her patient and the rare appearance of Chase and Foreman made this episode a disappointment for a great season.
  • I found One Day, One Room soap opera-ish, but yet learned more about House's past, and why he hates his father.

    I thought One Day, One Room, was a fairly good episode. I disliked the whole Tritter plot, so I'm glad he's gone. The episode was rather "soap opera-ish" though with all the emotions. It was orginal by the fact that there was no medical problem to be solved and I kind of liked that, but yet that often would be such a drag. I loved how Dr. Cuddy made a game out of diagnosing paitents to lighten up the whole mood there. Also when House hid from Dr. Cuddy in the running park but yet she still managed to find him was very funny. The episode was different, very different, I'm not really sure if its a good or bad different though.
  • Back on track.

    I was so disappointed with the previous episodes, I am happy the show got right back to where it is supposed to be.

    There was very little input from the supporting cast, almost no diagnoses, yet it was just about the most riveting show they have done so far,

    A layer was peeled back on Gregory House's life, a layer that explains so much. I thought he would talk about his leg, but it was way deeper than that.

    Yes, I do know how this season is going to end and even how the next season will begin. It will not keep me from watching the rest of the episodes in Season 3. The shows are too good to miss.
  • Since when does House act nice?!

    Now that House is out of trouble with Tridder, he finds that getting out of clinic duty may be harder than he thought. In the beginning, he attempts to make a man with a bug in his ear a case, but true to morals, Cameron dissmisses any chances of that. Before long, a young rape victim befriends House. She won't speak with any doctor besides House. He soon learns that he will have to actually tell the truth to someone for her to react. He also realizes that there are some things that life throws at you, that one just can not explain.
  • In this episode, there is very little diagnostic work, and no underlying plot. Instead, it focuses on the characters, and provided you care about them, it's very enjoyable. If you don't care about the characters, you shouldn't be watching this show.

    In the first episode that doesn't rely strictly on diagnosing a patient with an episode-spanning plot in the background, House instead has to work clinic hours to "repay" Cuddy. He is obviously bored, and makes his team do pointless tests on a patient to make it look like he is working, when in fact he is out by the jogging path by the lake. Eventually, he is forced to come back, and Cuddy makes a deal that for every patient he diagnoses without touching, he gets 10 dollars, and every one he touches he loses 10. This keeps him interested for a while.

    He then meets a female patient who, when he tries to touch her to give her pills, overreacts and will do nothing until she can talk to House again. Without giving the meat of the episode away, the patient refuses to talk to him about how she was hurt until House tells how he has been hurt first. It ends up revealing a lot of things about both House in the patient, such as their views on God, Humanity, and the meaning of life.

    Meanwhile, Cameron comes into contact with a homeless man who "just needs a place to sleep for the night." She develops an emotional bond with him, mainly because he reminds her of her ex-husband. She tries to treat him, but instead he chooses to die in pain, for reasons I will not spoil in this review.

    As I have classified, it is a very revealing episode, offering insight into the souls of the the female patient, the homeless man, Cameron, Cuddy, and most importantly House- who little has been revealed so far in the series about his inner feelings and views on the world. It at no point feels "cheesy" or "forced," and provided you have seen enough of this show to care about the characters, you will get great enjoyment out of this episode.
  • House is in the clinic

    I really liked this one mostly because Tritter was finally out of the picture and Cuddy was just completely amazing. I loved that it started off with Cuddy asking House if he had any cases and of course he lied to her I mean he is House he wasn't going to tell her the truth. I really enjoyed that Cuddy gave him more clinic duty because he lied. I found it to be incredibly funny that all House got in the clinic were people that thought they had an STD. The look House had on his face was completely priceless. Cockroach in ear guy was quite interesting as well I loved that House had the team do all kinds of tests on him just so he could get out of clinic duty. Of course Cuddy had to run into Cameron in the clinic to spoil it though.

    The chick that got rapped telling House that she had been rapped was slightly unexpected and as such cool. House and Cuddy putting ten bucks on the line for every one of House's clinic patients was an added bonus to the story. The chick was a little odd it was interesting to see that for some reason she trusted House and only wanted to be treated by him.

    House asking his the team and Wilson for advice on what to say to her was interesting as well. I loved that they all told House to say something different. Sadly I agreed with Chase that there was no right thing to say to her. It was weird that she was pregnant in the end. I did enjoy House trying to tell her to get an abortion though.

    This was really good episode of House and it was even better because Tritter was gone!!!
  • Taking a different turn on things, we learn quite alot about House. All in all, however, I prefer the normal Dr. House who doesn't like people to confide in him.

    Even though we learn about Cameron's vulnerability to termanilly ill patients, we are given an in-depth of Dr. House's past and his so-called "daddy issues" while dealing with a rape victim. When I think of the show, I think of a cynical doctor with an interesting case and a brilliant way of finding the answer. But with this episode there is no case and very little humour in my opinion. All in all this is the only episode so far that I have not liked.
  • House helps a rape victim deal with what's happened to her. Cameron deals with a dying patient that doesn't want any pain meds to ease his death.

    This has got to be one of the top 3 episodes in the series IMHO. I think it's not just because we get to see a deeper insight as to how House thinks but because of the AWSOME acting job Katheryn Winnick did playing the role of Eve. I am a strong man who will hardly ever shead a tear over watching some show, but caused me to shead tear or two.
  • Many things to learn and in this episode, deeper look into House is done

    Why House is as he is? I think this episodes somehow gives us more idea. There have been defenetly many things that made him so far from other people - his leg is one of them and we know that stroy, but now we learn the story about his grandmother who defenetly had effect on him.

    Also the substory with Cameron catches my eyes. She has always been wounerable as she takes things personaly but in this case - when patience knows what he does and wants to affect her, this seems little cruel. But to look back, it seems like Cameron has changed the most - she is not the same person she used to be. I have never thought that this person could be able to kill a patience (like at the beginning og this season). She has changed and this episodes proves even more and changes her - the inner strugle she has - I cannot imagine.
  • And so we find out what made House, House.

    In payback for Cuddy House finds himself forced to do clinic duty for two days. While there, he sees a bunch of separate people with STD's or not, who he deals with harshly - and a rape victim.
    Of course being House, nothing it straightforward, but this time he's found himself up against someone who is quite similar to him - demands answers to questions, is stubborn - but she seems to have a better reason for it than him. Or does she?
    In this episode we find out why House is how he is, and see a more sensitive and open side to his nature. Despite this he still manages to keep it House and believable, slipping out of clinic duty and hiding from Cuddy.
    I liked Chase in this episode as he provided a parallel to House. While the others were giving him advice about what to tell the girl, he said 'Tell her.. Just keep her asleep.' A nice bit of parallelistic humour.
  • In a very different episode, the fine House, M.D brings home the goods….

    Time. Time changes everything…. A rape victim comes in and House is force to treat her because he has clinic duty; well usually everyone would call for any other doctor than House but he gets stuck with her out of the apparent suicide attempt, she wants to talk to only to him and en that dynamic we see some of the best writing David Shore (the show executive producer), some of the lines are pure gold when they try to make sense with the world around us, how to cope with grief and shame and despair and last but not least…faith in a higher power, which obviously has House very upset because he can’ t connect with the girl, he denies he tries and yet he stays in the room… and afterwards he takes her outside to the jogging park… when House says: We are selfish-based animals crawling across the earth, but 'cause we've got brains, if we try really hard, we can usually aspire to something that is less than pure evil. He is putting fact versus hope, the rape victim which is major in theology has a different approach… everything happens for a reason, she needs to believe that… only when he admits about the abuses he took from his father he finally connects with her and we can see a glimpse of hope in the miserable doctor…at the end while Cuddy and Wilson talked about the incident House has a very rough yet sincere answer: Everyone will tell you: That's what we gotta make her do. We gotta help her, right? Except we can't. Stead we drag out her story, and tell each other that'll help her heal. We feel real good about our selves. Maybe all we've done is make a girl cry. At the end he failed to explain to Cuddy why did he help the girl, and his last words were: One day, one room….and that is all we can hope.

    David Shore wrote a great script, some people might feel that this episodes destroyed the previous storyline regarding Tritter and it was just a filler episode, but look closely and is one of the most single performances of Hugh Laurie to date.
  • Best House ever in my book - for once he doesn't have all the answers, and it's not his brain that comes up with the solution

    Best House ever in my book - for once he doesn't have all the answers, and it's not his brain that comes up with the solution. I also liked how Eve constantly challenges him - she can actually keep up with him whereas he usually runs rings around everyone else. Maybe a very special friendship could develop there.
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