Season 6 Episode 19

Open and Shut

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2010 on FOX

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  • open and shut

    Open and shut....this episode should have been called "Open and Sh..." Just kidding, it was not all bad, but this episode certainly did not sit well with me. Last week I may have been a little harsh when I equated the Wilson storyline to a bad Grey's Anatomy relationship, but things did not exactly get any better tonight.

    If there is one thing I never wanted to see with this show it would be Taub having an extra marital affair. Taub is an albatross, he's the weak link of a great cast, and is one of the creepiest looking individuals on television. He is not the kind of guy who is going to hook in that coveted 18-49 demographic with a juicy affair.
  • Been a while

    This is the first House episode in what seems like months that has been meaningfully entertaining. I can't remember when we last got character development out of the show. The emotions were believable, the interactions were more natural than we have seen in some time. Perhaps the weakest part of the episode was the medical case, which was almost irrelevant and only used as a vehicle to expose Taub's flaws. It was a rare moment for Jacobson, whose character has been mostly irrelevant for the last three years. The show would do well to continue this direction. This season has been the worst by far for lack of believable or likable anything.
  • Same thing..

    I do not know. Even if this episode felt ok, I do not know.. it did not left me with that great emotion the show used to.

    I loved the case. I mean, it was medical mystery. They tried to solve it. How all those symptoms happened and how they thought it was something else, and then something else. The great twist was that they crossed the right thing out. Other than that, the same old thing. That's not bad but..

    If I liked the case, I was not very happy with everything else. I have never liked Taub and his whole marriage problem. We have had that. So.. Maybe something new.. and the ending.
  • Worst Episode So Far

    After spending most of the episode showing that a so called "open marriage" actually doesn't work, in an attempt at a clever shock twist, the writers have Taub bonking a 20 something blonde. This is totally out of character for him. Up until now Taub has been portrayed as a man with morals even if he does have to compromise on them sometimes. After the conversation with his wife in the parking lot where she makes it clear that it would crush her if she slept with someone else, he goes right ahead and does just that. It left me feeling quite sick.

    I wish they'd stop the soap drama sex driven stories and go back to Sherlock Holmes style House genius and his brilliantly cutting humour.
  • More Taub marriage problems...zzzzz

    Didn't we already go through House being jealous of Wilson's girlfriend during the Amber arc? House/Wilson stuff is always interesting but we have already been through this. This whole Wilson/Sam stuff just screams of the McNabb/TO situation (football reference for those that don't follow sports). A few years down the line after everything blew up; you are desperate and remember the good times but forget the bad ones.

    Great, more Taub/wife/affair drama (sarcasm). Seems like the writers fall in love with a character's storyline and constantly have to rehash it. The two previous seasons, 13's bisexuality or Huntington's was mentioned almost every episode. I have just now started to not hate 13 simply because she is no longer getting entire episodes dedicated to those two storylines. I have been indifferent to Taub up to this point but if they keep bringing up his marriage, I have a feeling I am going to start disliking him as well. Just three episodes ago (Black hole), marriage problems were a big part of the episode and nothing changed because Taub was still flirting at the end of that episode and this episode. I found that episode boring because of that storyline and this storyline was even more boring. I could care less if Taub is in an open marriage or not and who he is sleeping with. However, how exactly does Taub find people to have an affair with? We don't know what his other affair looked like but this nurse was pretty attractive and he just isn't at all.

    I thought it was interesting that Chase mentioned he was jealous of Cameron and House and House never even touched her but yet House was never even mentioned in Lockdown. I got to think House had to be somewhat involved in the fact the marriage failed considering Cameron admitted that she was in love with him in the episode she left.

    Of course House figured out the husband was hiding something when he didn't have anyone on the side and the marriage wasn't as good as it seemed. All this episode needed was someone to bet on whether the marriage was good or not and it would have been Clueless all over again.

    So in Lockdown, 13 convinces Wilson to give Sam a try. Then last episode she tells House that Wilson is making a mistake. Now this episode she got all concerned when Wilson walked in and said Sam ended it.

    I'm glad they are talking about Taub's extramarital activities during a surgery. Apparently Taub doesn't care who knows about it.

    I'm glad Chase was at least interested in the case the entire time rather than Taub's marriage, unlike Foreman and 13.

    And I especially can't stand this storyline with Taub when the whole episode is about Taub changing and then doesn't.

    And the medicine was on the backburner with the open marriage debate and Taub's marriage. I mean, a bee sting? Really? How interesting (sarcasm).
  • A bit blah blah blah........

    In this episode of House, the following happens. When a woman is brought to the hospital, it seems like a normal case. But when House learns that the woman and her husband have an open marriage House is intrigued and so takes on the case.
    We also see Wilson and his new girlfriend/ex-wife having a fight. They break up but quickly get back together. This episode was not up to the standard of most House episodes. It was lacking something; I'm just not sure what. Hopefully next week's episode will be an improvement, and will bring back some much needed House-ness.
  • Impressed.

    I gotta say I am definitely impressed by this episode, a huge step up from the last episode. House continues to try to break Sam & Wilson up, which by the end, unexpectedly brought them closer. The team deals with a patient that has an open marriage that starts affecting Taub's marriage once he considers it to his wife. At first she wants to do it, and lets Taub sleep with other girls, but by the end she couldn't do it. Taub lies to her and says he isn't going to do anything but by the end he does. It's back to the old Taub. I always like the Thirteen interaction, and I enjoyed her in this episode. Wilson's argument with Sam was unintentionally funny. The result of the case was surprising. And the end was sad, with House looking at the "back together" Sam/Wilson couple. House continues to be alone. A great episode, got me excited for the next.