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  • Foreshadowing

    I love Kutner's character and to see him leave later in the season was heart breaking. But this was the first time that he asked Taub about suicide. Outside of work we never see much of Kutner, we knew he had a close friendship with 'Big Love' but we never see him in any relationship with women, men or his co-workers. Its true that he was very childlike and did crazy things but he was lonely and isolated. I am guessing this was the first foreshadowing of his interest in ending his life. but I will continue to watch more episodes. Oh and for everyone saying Kal Penn was leaving the show to do political work in the upcoming season (Yes I know that to be true) but as far as the writers trying to explain why he commited suicide I am doing my research and trying to explain it through the acting and writing of the show. Remember this show is all about the mystery.
  • I agree with some of the other reviewers.. why is this score so much lower than the rest?

    I know this isn't the best episode of House ever, but why does it deserve such a low score compared to the others? From a 8.8 to a 7.4? Doesn't make sense to me..

    That being said, this episode sort of reinforced my idea of this season, which is that a lot of the cases are less interesting than the personal stuff going on in the characters' lives. Not to say that the personal stuff is good material, but the cases feel ripped off from previous seasons.. with the Joy to the World episode, Foreman being described as House, the case involving the chubbier girl being teased all the time.. it just felt rehashed. And this episode was basically the opposite of the episode of the girl who could feel no pain, except much less interesting.

    However, House was on point once again. He seems to save the show when it starts to lose focus. Kutner also is an interesting character, although Taub and Thirteen leave something to be desired. If they could've just started getting Chase and Cameron involved in the show much earlier on than this, I would've been happier. It's too bad. Either way, the episode wasn't nearly as bad as the score indicates. It was a pleasant enough episode that was just a little average.
  • Not as bad as the scores suggests...

    I am a little at loss to see why the score is so low in this episode. The case was quite sad and disturbing, but also quite emotional- a family trying to deal with their family in pain. Taub's questioning of them was interesting. I didn't like the son trying to help him die- that was slightly overdone. The wifes emotions, however, were good.

    Meanwhile, Cuddy tries to deal with being a single mum- she does so quite well but fails to live up to her own high standard- fitting perfectly with her character. Allowing Cameron to be boss at the end was interesting character development, and gives a good chance for an interesting story arch.

    I wish they included Cameron more this episode- what a **** comment to Thirteen! Meoooow! She brought him the case, and it would have been more interesting to see why, and to see her try to teach him life lessons.

    The episode also makes it clear that House's leg has gotten worse, and that he is worried about the day his pills stop working- he took far too many in this episode. The sideplot with plumber was quite amusing- it was funny seeing House outwitted at his own game, but it didn't really seem relevant to the plotline, apart from it gave the interesting diagnosis at the end.

    Meanwhile, Foreman tries to get with Thirteen. I think Thirteen's suited for the relationship, whereas Foreman seems a little flat. Nevertheless, it was a great twist to find out shes on the placebo.

    Overall, this episode was brilliant in parts and flat in others- not as bad as the score on suggests, however.
  • Cuddy takes some time to bond with her new daughter

    In this episode of House, the following happens. When a wife and her son return home to pick up hockey stick, they find their husband/father in the garage trying to kill himself. His name is Jeff. The case of Jeff is soon brought to House by Cameron. He is suffering with pain all over his body. Cuddy has named her foster daughter, who she later hopes to adopt, Rachel. Soon Jeff's son starts experiencing symptoms like his father. But House soon realises that the son is faking it, so that his father can try to kill himself. Cuddy has a home inspection, which she passes and so she can continue to look after Rachel as her foster mother.
    After a few miss-diagnoses Jeff is finally diagnosed with Epilepsy. We learn that on the drug trail, 13 is on the placebo and not the real drug. At the end of the episode, Cuddy goes to see Cameron. She asks her to take over her job for a while, whilst she stays at home with the baby for a little while longer.
  • Cuddy deals with her new baby, House deals with a patient in constant pain that keeps trying to kill himself, and Foreman works a little too hard to get Thirteen to pay attention to him.

    Overall, I would consider this episode to be a good filler episode to connect this episode to the rest of the season. It wasn't terribly exciting or original. In fact, I found it quite forgettable. Cuddy's struggles with changing her life to fit the new baby were expected. Hopefully, she'll find some balance in the next couple of episodes and the baby will take a backseat. I like the fact that the character has achieved a goal she has been desperate for for some time, but the story drags on a little and gets in the way of other subplots.

    I enjoy the little drama between Thirteen and Foreman. Its fun and lighthearted and despite both characters being standoffish and a little unpleasant in their relationships overall, it could prove to be a very fun storyline. I'm still wondering how anything can work out for this character while she has Huntington's disease. There is no cure and without the writers creating a cure for the purposes of the show, she's pretty much doomed. As is any romance between her and Foreman, despite the fact that it takes away from how depressing her character has become.

    The plot involving the man in constant pain was the highlight of the show. Although, the family gave up a little too quickly. I suppose this was for drama's sake, but when they all of a sudden started promoting the guy's cause to off himself in the name of ending the pain, they quickly became annoying. Although, props to the writers for getting the guy's son to help him out in one such attempt. It had a great "slap in the face" effect. Very cool. The answer was, as usual, simple in its complexity and just plain brilliant. And House, as usual, was a pain to anyone who gave him the time of day. Overall, decent, but not my favorite and hopefully not a foreshadowing for the rest of the season.

    It was nice episode,I liked it,but what the hell is going on betwen Caddy and House?....they should be togeteher but I think it's producer's new trick,they want us to worrie and whatch with excitment :-s....yeah it's good for their wallets but bad for our brains....and also I want to say that it would be great if Cameron and Chase were in more episodes....I like House's obssesion...who knows what kind of obsession is that but I like it....he is like a detective...drug abuser he uses too much Vicodinus....but damn his leg looks awful but I would like too see it close ;)
  • well, re watch the episode then.

    It is not about what happened in the episode. There was no chemistry. The show is losing its magic. Is it because Hugh is getting 400k an episode and they cant pay chase and cameron, and they were written out? Replaced with 2 bland doctors on the team. There is no chemistry between Forman and 13, no chenmistry between Cuddy and Wilson. The chemistry came from House's interaction with Wilson, Cuddy, Cameron, Chase, and Forman. With the state of TV these days, i'm not suprised the show is starting to fail. Again, is it money issues, the executive producers, the writters, Hugh's salary, and not enough sponsor revenue? Something caused the producers to cast off Cameron and Chase, and replace them with 2 characters that contribute nothing to the show. I hope they try to save the show, At 100 episodes, in the past, a good show would go on to 200. But many shows also go into the tank. This show deserve to be saved, as long as Hugh Laurie wants to do it, ..... but it is going to take some committment from the executive producer.
  • I appear to be one of the few on here who watched the episode.

    The reviews here are ridiculous! The idea that there are people who think nothing happened in this episode is astounding. So what did happen? We found out that House's pain IS getting worse (more bad days than good ones), Taub likely tried to commit suicide in the past, House agreed to let a patient go without solving the mystery (a very big deal) to allow the guy to get rid of his pain through suicide (could be hinting that House has considered the same solution and sympathizes with the guy), and 13 doesn't want to make anyone suffer for her and is on a placebo. Yea, you're right except for all that, nothing happened. Also, what is wrong with Cuddy using Cameron to look after House? Remember when Wilson came by he pointed out that Cuddy was tackling more on her own than a normal dean of medicine would. She's NOT taking Cuddy's job, she's more like an assistant! And, I thought the plumbing thing was brilliant, that he went through all that expense just so his landlord would have to pay too and then to find out he did break the pipe. Very House.
  • House and his team diagnose a patient who is living with constant pain, while Cuddy tries to juggle her new baby and her job.

    Good episode. However, very unoriginal. I thought Hugh's acting was very bad in this episode. The whole pipe and shower thing was weird and inconclusive. I like how Thirteen finally opens up. I DON'T like the fact that Wilson only appeared once. The other members of the team aren't getting any screen time. I only saw Chase about once throughout the entire episode. I thought House's character was less witty than he usually is. Another unoriginal season 5 episode. Mostly because they've ran out of material, I guess. Still pretty good and riveting, to say the least. I don't see Thirteen and Foreman's relationship going anywhere, though. They need to do something about that. Other than that, good episode.
  • I guess I am in the minority here but I really like this episode.

    Over all I thought this was an great episode. I have always liked the episodes of House that deal with his pain and give me a closer look into his world and I felt that this episode did just that. What is it like to live in chronic pain so bad that you no longer want to live. Thankfully I don't know, but this is the problem that faced the Patient of the week. This is also the possible fate that House awaits himself. Although I would have liked to have seen more interaction between House and the patient I think the episode drove it's message home well. Does any of us know what we would do if we where put in this position?

    The side stories were good as well. I thought Cuddy's need to supermom was realistically portrayed. Becoming a mom is never easy no mater how prepared you think you are. Then add in the stress of trying to keep up with a high powered job and dealing with House, and Cuddy really has a full plate right now. Sorry I just don't find Foreman and Thirteen interesting. But I thought their part of the story worked well with the rest of episode. I also liked Taub's side story as well.
  • Some questions are ansered in this episode, and some answers are questioned too.

    After this episode, I must review and adjust my opinions of certain characters. I never thought a woman as smart as Cuddy would be so unprepared for the changes that are unavoidable when one becomes a parent. In this way she is quite ordinary, I suppose. Lots of parents never consider life beyond the joy of having a precious baby of their own. She thought she could work the same hospital hours AND be a mommy too? A single mommy? I didn't expect that from her, but I think I should have. Cuddy is, afterall, one of the few grounded and "normal" characters on the show, so why wouldn't she behave like so many other ordinary women? Cameron as House's new Boss? I love it! The possibilities for future arguements and battles of will and witty banter just increased exponentially. Two bosses for House??? This is going to get very interesting for viewers. I was surprised that Taub was ever suicidal. I wonder-- is this the cause for all his cheating? Is he still self-destructive? If not, why? What changed in his life and when? He seemed so average before this episode, so predictable. A stereotypical philanderer.Now I wonder why he would cheat on a wife he seems to adore. Is the love unreal? More thanb anything else, this episode made me wonder about House. From the time the plumber questioned how the pipes could have gotten in such bad shape until the end when House was lowering himself into his bathtub, I was afraid that House had tried to hang himself from his pipes. Another failed suicide for him. I'm really glad this proved to be the wrong assumption. Lately, this season, people have been calling House smelly. I wondered why, because this isn't one of his famous faults. It's a new thing. Is he neglecting his hygiene because of worsening depression? Obviously, this episode puts that fear to rest. So why is he stinky now? Liver disease? Kidney disease? Cancer? Diabetes? Massive infection? If he isn't too depressed to bathe himself, as I now realize, why does he smell bad? Also, I kept suspecting that he tested his own use of painkillers just prior to the start of this episode or during it. Are his pills causing pain instead of easing it? Did House quit cold turkey for a day or a few hours to see if his pain were coming from his head and no longer his leg? This would explain why he was in so much agony throughout this poor pain patient's diagnosis, and why he knew what to look out for only so well as regards the guy's prognosis and motivations. I hope he isn't very ill. It would make a great plot twist, an exciting few episodes for Season 5, but too cliched perhaps, not as refreshing aplot as this show deserves. Maybe his depression has grown since Cuddy's new baby arrived AND he is suffering from a condition that makes a person stink too? The issue about who's being selfish when one partner/friend is suffering and wants to kill himself and the other partner/friend or relative or colleague wants the sufferer to live no matter what he might be going through. IS House only holding onto his painful existence because he doesn't want to hurt Chase or Cameron or Wilson, each of whom he has seen in grief over the loss of a loved one? Why go on when the pills must eventually stop working enough and the nerves in his leg have apparently never regenerated and likely never will after all this time? What is House hoping for? The pills probabably never did help to ease his heart pain due to personal losses. It's too much pain to expect him to endure with so little pay off for him. Foreman is following in Cameron's footsteps by letting himself love a person who must die young. Will this bring him and Cameron closer somehow? I feel like things are coming to a head in the show and the result could be too costly for viewers who love House and his friends.
  • Good. As usual. Not sure why this episodes rating is so low. It was as well written as usual, the humor was right on target as was the drama. Although in parts it was more subtle then usual, House is still as perceptive and sharp as ever.

    Cameron manipulates House into taking a case involving a guy in constant pain, in order to help House make some realizations about his own pain and abuse of pain meds. This makes Cuddy think that Cameron has what it takes to do her job, in that she can successfully manipulate house and knows how to push his buttons. The case itself, very dramatic, especially since it rings true for House. Suicide is always a touchy issue & they covered it well, including the impact on the family involved. Cuddy is being to hard on herself as usual and it seems like shes going to give herself some slack and not have to be everything at once. Wilson as usual imparts some wisdom. Not much screentime for him though this episode.

    I'm not a fan of Foreman, and in this episode he's clearly manipulating 13 to benefit himself. it's going to be interesting to see what he does now that he knows 13 is getting the Placebo and not the real drug. If he really does care about her or if hes just trying to get some. Especially after his whole song and dance using his influence to get her into the trial in the first place.
    The pipes storyline in his house was quite subtle I thought. Insurance won't cover the damage in his bedroom because the plumber said it was negligence. House can't figure out how it could be his fault, so he sets a fire in his kitchen so that the plumber has to replace his entire pipeline including the part in his bedroom. But the fire only destroys his neighbors pipes so the plumber won't fix his pipes. He then bribes the plumber to lie on his claim so that he makes the insurance company have to pay out. In the end he realizes that using the pipe as a crutch to get into the bath is what caused the problem in the first place and that it was his fault.
  • Is 13 dying? I can't remember.

    Cuddy gets more screen time than Chase and Cameron combined and she isn't even in the hospital. Actually you could probably add in Wilson's screen time and still not come up with Cuddy's. I realize they wanted to show Cuddy was having problems balancing work and the baby, but she didn't need to have so many scenes.

    I could care less about 14 or anything having to do with 13. We realize she has Huntington's and is dying. We don't need to be reminded of it every episode. Distribute screen time better.

    We now know at least a little about the new and old team's parents except for Cameron. Why?

    As much as I want to see more of Cameron, it makes absolutely no sense for her to take over for Cuddy. She has only been at the hospital for 4.5 years and has only been a department head for 1.5 years. I'm pretty sure Cuddy could find someone with more experience.

    First House causes a fire to try and get his pipes paid for. Then he has to pay a fine for using the lawyer's name probably writing a letter to the inspector. Then he bribes the inspector. Then it turns out he was responsible for his pipes and just didn't realize it.
  • Blah, Blah, Blah.

    I had higher expectations for this episode, especially since the patient was a young man who attepted suicide as a way of being free of his pain. The writer's did a good job of depicting how a person's physical pain can take it's tole on one's family. The scenen between House and the patients wife was somewhat moving and seemed to imply that House isn't ok with suicide as a means of pain relief. Aside from the scene where House and the patient share their experience dealing with pain, there was nothing left to explore that previous episodes haven't already dealt with when it comes House's issues with his chronic pain. House's plumming problems made for an interesting sub plot that doesn't let the viewers forget that House still has his obsessions and that being right is paramount above all else. The rest of the show was well-blah.

    I found it very hard to relate to Cuddy's plight in trying to balance motherhood and her career-considering the fact that she does have a housekeeper and will no doubt hire a nanny to look after her baby. Another area I found unbelievable was Cuddy asking Cameron to take over some of her duties-most notably babysitting House. I can only see a power struggle between them which isn't going to be in the best interest of patients.

    Kutner trying to figure out if Taub or anyone in his family had committed suicide was lame, but not as lame as Fourteen. I loved the ending regarding the type of drug treatment 13 is getting, which isn't going to sit well with Foreman. I do feel that the writer's could have omitted the final bathroom scene with House which totally defeated his battle with his insurance company.
  • I don't really feel like recapping an episode I didn't enjoy. Instead, I ramble about characters. Whee.

    Now, this could be because I'm a Kal Penn fan and therefore am probably just a bit biased towards the character (meaning that I love him like I love House), and I've started to like Taub lately, especially when I saw Peter Jacobsen in Scrubs and nearly cried when he died, but can someone PLEASE just KILL THIRTEEN?! I liked her in the beginning, I really did. I love Chase and Cameron, I do, and I miss them dearly. Foreman... well, actually, I cheered when I thought he was going to die, but that's just me. And Foreman + Thirteen? Stop it no. But anyways, ever since Thirteen--you know what? NO. Ever since HADLEY (because that's part of the show: being called by your LAST NAME) found out she had Huntington's, it's been Hadley this and Hadley that. Kutner needs more time to shine, Taub has had enough, and if Chase and Cameron do not get more then an obligatory two minutes of screentime per episode soon I will go on a murdering spree.

    Also, if Cuddy leaves that spree will reach beyond where I live.
  • A stepping stone

    This was an fine episode not a great episode. That is not to say it was bad, it just was missing a little zip. House was a little off his A game, which since he is a bit sad about the Cuddy thing does make sense. I feel that this episode is a stepping stone to the new story arc - Cameron in charge, which should be very entertaining. I like the new post team Cameron and look forward to seeing how she handles House. All in all this episode makes me excited for what is to come, but was a bit lacking as a stand alone episode.
  • Treading pain...

    Ok, I most say I think I did not get it all as it felt little too confusing in the end and I felt like I missed something.

    Anyway, the case - man is in deep pain and tries to commit suicides. I think I can get it but when they get the kid involved - that was little too cruel. I cannot imagine no kid who would help his father to kill himself.

    And even more than the case, this episode tried to concentrate on the things outside case - House and his pipe what turned some point into a big joke when he had fire in his kitchen.. Cuddy and her baby.. and ofcourse Foreman and Thirteen.. The whole game Foreman played.. I do not know - weird and I would think better of him.

    But it was good to have House back again..
  • The end ruined everything...

    What is with Cuddy asking Cameron to have the Dean's postion?!?!?!? NOT cool at all!!! I like Cuddy the way she is, and I hate Cameron!! Why is everything going downhill all of a sudden??? I think Cuddy will get her job back eventually, but I hope she'll be back as the Dean real soon. Also, is 13 getting worse? Or is Foreman getting sick? That end part confuzzled me. Actually the whole end part confuzzled me. Why is Cuddy changing postions? What's up with 13 of Foreman? What was House doing at the end? Is Cuddy leaving now that Cameron is the Dean? So many unanswered questions and I'm not even sure I want to watch the next episode...
  • A better, if still bland, Season Five episode

    House returns to some more of the same things and then some in this improved episode of Season Five even if it's not completely spectacular. It just felt a little bland in some places but the good news is that the case was interesting. House is in intense pain. Why that is is debateable. I believe it has something to do with Cuddy. Cuddy is absent from her usual position, taking time off to adjust to being a new mom. A man who is constant pain tries to kill himself and he is handed to Cameron who hands the case to House for her own personal reasons. The man's illness has taken a trauma to his personal life, for him and his family. He is in so much pain, he wants to die, to the pain of his family, because they just want him to feel better. Meanwhile, Foreman and Thirteen are the new Chase and Cameron and not in a good way. Just too much familiarity with the relationship angle. Foreman wants a relationship with Thirteen but Thirteen brushes him off. She doesn't want a relationship or at least a stable one. She doesn't want to get too close to someone because she's afraid she's going to wind up hurting them. The Foreman-Thirteen angle wasn't too interesting even though a lot of this episode was dedicated to them trying to start up a relationship. Some more Taub backstory was leaked in, apparently "someone" he knew from medical school tried to kill himself which was why Taub acts so cold to the man. Kutner dares to ask if Taub was the one who tried to kill himself. Taub's no could indicate anything. It could have been Taub or it could have been someone else. I don't think we're going to find out soon or at all. Which is too bad. I like Taub and Kutner and it's not fair they don't get as much storytime as Thirteen. Thirteen, from a writer's perspective, is a dramatic goldmine. She's a bisexual doctor who is dying from Huntington's. Why wouldn't they use that? I say, it's about time Kutner and Taub get better treatment. Especially poor Kutner, who is severally underutilized. Thirteen sees the other patient in the clinic trial who is slowly getting better. Thirteen gets pissed off that Foreman switched the woman's schedule before her so Foreman can manipulate her to get better. Same old. Wilson only appears for five minutes, to comfort Cuddy that she is a good mother and it will get easier. The family scenes together were heartbraking, especially involving the son and when the mother asked House to make her husband better enough so he can go home to die. When the episode focuses on House, it gets somewhere. With the man, House sees someone worst off than he is, this time though the man has given up on life and doesn't have anything to live for, including his family. Even with House's skewed ideals about the world, he has never been so pessimestic about life. House's home is not fairing well either and is slowly breaking down. He hatches a couple of plans to mess with the repair man and some other people House is mad at. I hope we will find out just what is ailing House and soon. Finally, House figures out what is ailing his patient and it turns out to be a bizzare case of epilepsy. The man is cured and is restored to his happy self and he walks out with his son. Sweet. Thirteen starts to feel better and is willing to give Foreman a try. Foreman however, finds out that Thirteen is not getting better, a nurse accidently gave her a placebo and it's a fake happiness. Oops. And finally, tired of juggling work and her baby, Cuddy asks Cameron to replace her. Which should be interesting while that lasts. Bottom line, this episode was a slight improvement over the other mediocre episodes of season five even it was still oddly bland. What can be done: more House, more Wilson, more Cameron and Chase, less Foreman, definitely less Thirteen so Taub and Kutner can have a chance to show themselves, and interesting cases. Hopefully, House can get better.
  • House and his team deal with a man living in constant pain. Meanwhile, Thirteen receives treatment by Foreman while taking part in his clinical trial on Huntington's Disease, and Cuddy tries to balance her hospital duties with her new baby...

    House and his team deal with a man living in constant pain. Meanwhile, Thirteen receives treatment by Foreman while taking part in his clinical trial on Huntington's Disease, and Cuddy tries to balance her hospital duties with her new baby.

    House has not lived up to my expectations at all since I started watching the show live with season four. The magic that made the show click in the first couple of seasons is gone. The cases have become pretty boring to watch and the cast has grown so much that the "new" team is taking up way too much space. They still try and get Cam and Chase involved - but with Thirteen, Foreman, the two other guys, House, Wilson, and Cuddy there is simply no room on the show to get everyone involved. The "new" team will forever be the down turn of this show years from now.

    The case in this episode was worth of a "7". The characters weren't that good and the little boy causing a distraction so he can try and assist his Dad with the suicide was a little over the top I thought. The personals in this episode was worth a "9". 13 and Foreman actually had some good scenes in this episode, much to my surprise. I didn't think I would like anything with them after the kiss in the last episode, but it actually was pretty good. House / Cuddy scenes were pretty good - for what we did see of her. Chase is virtually absent in this episode other then like 5-10 seconds in surgery. Overall - nothing special in this episode. Couple of interesting personal storylines that have the chance of becoming really good, but other then that not a whole lot to follow. Cameron taking over Cuddy's job should be interesting in the next episode.
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