Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • Cuddy deals with her new baby, House deals with a patient in constant pain that keeps trying to kill himself, and Foreman works a little too hard to get Thirteen to pay attention to him.

    Overall, I would consider this episode to be a good filler episode to connect this episode to the rest of the season. It wasn't terribly exciting or original. In fact, I found it quite forgettable. Cuddy's struggles with changing her life to fit the new baby were expected. Hopefully, she'll find some balance in the next couple of episodes and the baby will take a backseat. I like the fact that the character has achieved a goal she has been desperate for for some time, but the story drags on a little and gets in the way of other subplots.

    I enjoy the little drama between Thirteen and Foreman. Its fun and lighthearted and despite both characters being standoffish and a little unpleasant in their relationships overall, it could prove to be a very fun storyline. I'm still wondering how anything can work out for this character while she has Huntington's disease. There is no cure and without the writers creating a cure for the purposes of the show, she's pretty much doomed. As is any romance between her and Foreman, despite the fact that it takes away from how depressing her character has become.

    The plot involving the man in constant pain was the highlight of the show. Although, the family gave up a little too quickly. I suppose this was for drama's sake, but when they all of a sudden started promoting the guy's cause to off himself in the name of ending the pain, they quickly became annoying. Although, props to the writers for getting the guy's son to help him out in one such attempt. It had a great "slap in the face" effect. Very cool. The answer was, as usual, simple in its complexity and just plain brilliant. And House, as usual, was a pain to anyone who gave him the time of day. Overall, decent, but not my favorite and hopefully not a foreshadowing for the rest of the season.