Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • Not as bad as the scores suggests...

    I am a little at loss to see why the score is so low in this episode. The case was quite sad and disturbing, but also quite emotional- a family trying to deal with their family in pain. Taub's questioning of them was interesting. I didn't like the son trying to help him die- that was slightly overdone. The wifes emotions, however, were good.

    Meanwhile, Cuddy tries to deal with being a single mum- she does so quite well but fails to live up to her own high standard- fitting perfectly with her character. Allowing Cameron to be boss at the end was interesting character development, and gives a good chance for an interesting story arch.

    I wish they included Cameron more this episode- what a **** comment to Thirteen! Meoooow! She brought him the case, and it would have been more interesting to see why, and to see her try to teach him life lessons.

    The episode also makes it clear that House's leg has gotten worse, and that he is worried about the day his pills stop working- he took far too many in this episode. The sideplot with plumber was quite amusing- it was funny seeing House outwitted at his own game, but it didn't really seem relevant to the plotline, apart from it gave the interesting diagnosis at the end.

    Meanwhile, Foreman tries to get with Thirteen. I think Thirteen's suited for the relationship, whereas Foreman seems a little flat. Nevertheless, it was a great twist to find out shes on the placebo.

    Overall, this episode was brilliant in parts and flat in others- not as bad as the score on suggests, however.