Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2011 on FOX
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House and his team treat a teenage boy who requires a bone marrow transplant, and discover a disturbing family secret. Meanwhile, Taub tries to cope with the fact that his ex-wife wants to take their new daughter and move cross-country, and House schemes to get rid of his ankle monitor and go to a boxing match.


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  • House, still good!!

    I don't get some of the viewers. Like one of the reviewers said, House is the medical version of a police procedural.

    And maybe you guys answer to that with the question why? But how can you expect that you can come up with entirely new things every episode for several seasons.

    And then the one who expect to see a whole season in prison? What did you expect to see? Him not doing medical things? Thats just plain stupid. If you want that watch a show about prisons or so, like Break-out kings or Prison Break.

    If you expect him to do medical things with other prisoners, I ask you, what is the difference with the cases in the hospital except for the setting? And how believable is it that in one prison for at least 15 episodes, every episode one prisoner has a very rare disease that only House can cure?

    And then I want to ask you, which characters do you hate that much you don't want to see them. I actually like Chase and Wilson, even Adams. The others are not my favourites, but they are not that worse.

    Apperantly you are the type of watchers that cannot hang on to a show for more then a couple (3, maybe 4 seasons).moreless
  • Send In the Clowns

    A teenage party clown collapses at a birthday party. Turns out he wants to be just like his father who was a clown too but has been dead for many years. House and the team go into the weekly debate, this week on parenting, relevant given Taub's situation: his ex-wife and her boyfriend Phil want to move to Oregon with his daughter Sophia. Also he can't get enough time to babysit his other daughter by the CNA Ruby coincidentally named Sophie. House treats a humorous tale of a man who thinks he has type 2 diabetes but makes it worse by eating diabetic meals that mess with yourthyroid. House tries to figure out a way to get out of his ankle bracelet to go to a ringside boxing match with Wilson who just got tickets. His tactics as usual are hilarious and downright sleazy, and he tries for Adams to admit that her parents screwed her up in some way like all parents do. Another episode not caring too much about Taub at all. As the kid's condition worsens he may need his father's, who is actually still alive, bone marrow transplant but the motherrefuses. It's revealed that his mother molested him when he was a kid and gave himsyphilis that stayed in his body for twelve years and they decide not to tell the kid about it since he's better off not knowing. The case of the week gets a C for my tastes as I didn't care about the kid's condition at all and nor was it interesting until House cracked the cause of it all. The characterinteractionsget an A minus especially the ending with Wilson getting tricked out of his tickets by Foreman and House sitting ringside as an elaborate way of tricking him into giving them up. House seems to turn a perfectly relatable storyline and make it middle of the road. I was hoping that Taub would choose to let his daughter go but instead his grand romantic gesture of telling his ex-wife that he can't let them move because he wants to be in her life felt ever redundant and hadn't changed at all because of the events of the episode.moreless
  • More of the same, but at least it wasn't entirely boring

    So yes, more of the same. House messing with "cameo man/cuddy replacement" foreman, Wilsone being caught in the middle and House also finding time to mess with his team while solving a medical mystery!

    Had a few moments this week that meant it did not bore me to the point of distraction like the past couple of episodes.

    Liked the medical mystery, sure it felt like it was treading old ground in places- but the entire series does at this point so I am going to ignore that. I can not be entirely sure, but I do not rememnber hearing the sentance "everybody lies" this week, which makes for a nice change.

    The resolution to the case was mildly interesting and the predictable twist at the end was still entertaining enough to not render it entirely annoying.

    Still endless "questioning of motive" dialogue, and we finally reveal the new girls "thing". (She wanted to be more messed up as a kid? Yeah, it doesn't sound any less stupid typing it than it did hearing it)

    Not the worst this season has had to offer, but certainly still heading in the wrong direction.moreless
  • 806

    "Parents" was a little bit boring, but this is still better than a lot of Season 7 episodes. You had a funny storyline involving House, Foreman and Wilson even if you did not have a particularly engaging medical mystery this week. It seemed like they went for a more Grey's Anatomy feel with the shock value of the bulging eye than anything solid this week.

    One of the season's weakest, but it was still watchable.moreless
  • What happened to the prison?

    The start of this season had me filled with joy. Gone were all the extra characters and there was a complete new setting. The show focused on the main character again. However, my joy was short lived. Not only did they return to the same boring setting, they also reintroduced the same characters that we have already seen a million times. I really do not understand why the writers would do such a thing.Why spend so much effort into creating a new environment for the show, only to remove it the second episode.

    This show has lost me as a viewer. I tried to watch the latest episode, but after 10 minutes I was too bored to watch any more of it. You already know what is going to happen: boy gets sick, House makes a wrong diagnose, boy gets very sick, House doesn't know what it is and has a unrelated conversation with one of the other characters and suddenly realises what the boy actually has. Boring!moreless
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    • House: Chase is right. All parents screw up all children. He's also dreamy, but that's not relevant now.

    • Dr. Park: Syph test was negative. Plus, the kid's never been sexually active.
      House: Yeah, I got that from the line on his chart that says, "birthday clown."

    • Dr. Foreman: What do I need to do for you?
      House: Halve the clinic hours that you recently doubled and double the hooker budget that you recently halved. I think you refer to it as petty cash.

    • Dr. Foreman: You go to that fight, you go to prison.
      House: But that would be redundant. I have an angry man waiting for me to drop the soap right here.

    • Dr. Park: This is how you plan to get to the boxing game?
      Dr. Chase: Why are you looking at (Adams)?
      House: Because I'm stunned, and I have to look at something. Mach, bout, fight, contest, day, Helan. Almost anything works after "boxing," except the word "game."

    • Dr. Chase: Even the best-intentioned parents end up damaging their kids.
      Dr. Adams: You're a smart, successful doctor. How much damage could you have?
      Dr. Chase: Know how I got interested in medicine? When my mother drank, she couldn't handle me, so she locked me in my father's study. Only so many hours you can cry and bang on the door before you give up, find something to read. We all have family dysfunction. That's why we're successful. To fill that hole.

    • Dr. Park: Do you only like tests that involve the risk of death?
      House: There are some slower, less conclusive tests, but why take that risk?

    • House: Your parents screwed you up by not screwing you up.
      Dr. Adams: How does briefly wishing I was screwed up make me screwed up?
      House: It's normal to be screwed up. It's really screwed up to romanticize it. I guess that's why you wanted to work with prisoners.
      Dr. Adams: It's why I wanted to work with you.

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    • International Airdates:
      Canada: November 14, 2011 on Global
      UK: November 17, 2011 on Sky1
      Israel: February 8, 2012 on HOT3
      Germany: April 10, 2012 on RTL
      Sweden: October 9, 2012 on TV4
      Czech Republic: January 14, 2013 on TV Nova
      The Netherlands: January 17, 2013 on SBS6
      Slovakia: February 12, 2013 on STV1
      Finland: August 26, 2013 on MTV3


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