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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2004 on FOX

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  • This episode written by Lawrence Kaplow is even more intriguing than the pilot.

    This episode written by Lawrence Kaplow is even more intriguing than the pilot. It started showing us Dan, a 16 year-old boy that, during a lacrosse game, had double vision and ended up hit by a friend. Dr. House didn't want to see the patient of course, until Dr. Allison told him that the boy had been suffering from night-terrors too. Why House thought it was so interesting that he had been having night-terrors, we find out soon, when House diagnosed that it may be caused by sexual abuse. When Dr. House learned that the patient had had a trauma, during the lacrosse game, he gave up on him thinking it wasn't an interesting case after all but just a concussion case. But he changed his mind as soon as he saw the boy making unintentional movements with his leg. Then House's crew went to the famous white-board to discuss the possible diagnoses for Dan's disease. They went through a lot of different diagnoses but nothing seemed to fit completely on all the symptoms, none of their treatments worked. The answer for the case came from a bet and another patient Dr. House treated on the clinic. When he discovered that Dan was adopted he thought that maybe his biological mother hadn't been vaccinated just like his other patient hadn't, so they found that what Dan had was a mutant virus of measles on his brain. They succeed on the treatment and the episode finished with something unexpected: House watching a lacrosse game like if he was remembering something he lived himself. The sarcastic indifferent doctor is not that humanitarian after all.
  • Not as interesting as the Pilot, but still good.

    This episode seemed as if it was trying to routinise the show. I guess that was pretty effective, because I couldn't tell that this was the second episode, it felt like any other House 40-minuter. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, just an observation.

    I don't know if this is shared, but I found the best scene in this to be its ending. We kind of got a glimpse that House may in fact care about his patients. Seeing him secretly cheer on his 16-year old lacrosse player was a nice touch and certainly elevated the previous scenes.

    I should point out that Hugh Laurie is an absolutely wondrous actor and his accent is flawless. I've been a fan of his since A Bit of Fry and Laurie (I'm English, over here, we know who he really is, heh) and have followed his comedic career, so it's good to see him in fleshier roles.

    Despite being a good one, I feel as if, come the end, I haven't really learned anything about any of the characters. This was more of a filler episode, but a fab one at that, so I'll let it off the metaphorical hook.
  • "It's dangerous, it could kill him. You should do it."

    That quote is from Eric Foreman from that episode, my favorite one. He's telling a couple how dangerous the treatment could be, but that it's worth the risk.

    Things I really like about this episode: The characters have more 'real' chemistry together, although they only have done the pilot together, you can really get a sense of the camradery between the actors.

    What is really great about the earlier episodes of House is how much time is spent in the clinic. You can really see the sarcasm come through, and Dr. House's humor is really awesome in this episode. The scenes with Dr. Cuddy and House are so-so, but overall, I would still give this particular episode a 9/10.
  • this wasa good ep

    in this ep of the show house a boy is coming in to the hospital and house takes his case becasue there is somthing wrong with him house findso out that he was hit in the head and he needs a really risky brain sergery or he will die and his parents dont belive in that sorta thing so house must risk it and deal with the fact he gets a lawsuit or try to persway the parents on this oen to save the boys life this was a good one thought for a second ep of the show house
  • Well for second case a boy who has night-terrors.


    Let look at this episoide from a diffrent perspective, let assume that boy didn't have house as his doctor he would of died and according to house 1 in 20 people have this situation so for rest of people who didn't have house or specialist they would died. my point is that do all clinic have specalist team like house?, if not there be more unneccsary death.

    I know sake of it being a tv show they find a cure it made me think about other teenage boys who might have this condition that doctor couldn't figure out why. i personally didn't find this case intresting, last week one was much better case. Still next week case doesn't look any better but i will still be watching it.

    The DNA test, now was house wrong?, it was justified by finding out what's wrong with him but i didn't think it was illegal, it not like he had draw blood, there willing left it but he did say to leave it. Still i got admit he's growing on me, i like fact he has no ethics and i loved way he handle the mother 'yummy' and man who sued. Is this guy scared of anything?

    until next week that's it from me.
  • Everybody lies. House's favorite mantra is proven true once again as the parents of a sixteen-year-old boy turn out to be his adoptive parents instead.

    First of the regular series episodes airing after the Pilot. Sixteen-year-old boy stricken with night terrors following an injury during a lacrosse game. House is reluctant at first to even see the boy, let alone consent to diagnose and treat him. Reinforces House's theory that "everybody lies" and that trial and error are the only ways to successfully diagnose illnesses and symptoms. One small note of contention, as far as I'm concerned. I've heard a lot of people speculate about the ending where House is seen watching a lacrosse game and cheering on the player who scores a point. They believe that it is Dan, the now-cured teenager, who scores the goal but he's not. At the beginning of the episode, he is shown to be playing for a team called the Tartans but the boy who scored the goal whom House cheered for played for the Comets. Minor point but it's been bugging me.
  • Of course, another great episode!

    This was great. I think they definitely need to break things up in the series with more simple diseases like this. They are commonly known diseases, but present in a very peculiar manner. These types of things I find very interesting. The symptoms in this episode were not all that shocking or amazing, but Night terrors actually sound terrifying. I just know, from what this episode has shown me, that i would not want any sort of Night terrors.

    This one was still early in the series so it needed to kind of keep on introducing the characters a little bit and it did just that!

    Medical Problem: Measles
    Rating: 9.4/10
  • this was cool

    this was a very cool epiosde but i really dont watch the epiosdes much well heres the review:

    the review:

    Watch Video A 16-year old high school student, Dan, starts suffering from nightmares and frequent hallucinations, and he reveals he was hit in the head while playing lacrosse at school. Dan is apparently suffering from MS, and risky brain surgery is needed. Meanwhile House must deal with a patient looking to set up a lawsuit and a mother who doesn't believe in good good o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o
  • Like all episodes, brilliant.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that the main medical mystery in this episode was SSPE. An extremely rare infection of the brain caused by a dormant form of the Measles virus, Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis is almost universally fatal. All the symptoms Dan displayed in this episode were extremely accurate, the only thing I'm confused about is the ending. I didn't think there was much chance for recovery from this disease. Perhaps it happens, but complete recovery seems to be all but impossible. Aside from that, I continue to be very impressed by the accuracy of the medical information presented. I am not a doctor, but have long enjoyed studying the field. That being said, this remains, in my opinion, one of the very best shows on television. Cheers!
  • A paternity bet between House Foreman Cameron Chase Cuddy and Wilson turns out to be a good thing and not just a funny thing.

    How can anyone not love this one? The Paternity bet was so so funny.

    Cameron writing a letter and signing it for House made it extra interesting in the beginning. House was hilarious when saying stuff like what's the diganosis for writing G's like a junior high school girl and when Cameron was writing on the white board I reconize that curly G.

    The case was pretty interesting itself. Night Terrors in a sixteen year old now that doesn't happen everyday. It was cool finding out that the kid was really adopted and had known for like 5 years.

    It was a pretty cool episode.
  • Another good episode.

    This episode highlights House's distain for his patients, starting with his refusal to see young Dan until he suspects that the boy may be a victim of sexual abuse. The episode continues with House's antics when he picks up on a rare genetic trait in Dan and begins a paternity bet with Foreman, who has yet to learn that House has an uncanny knack for being right and observing what would usually appear to be trivial details.

    House gives viewers plenty of chance in this episode to question his ethics, then at the last minute finds a solution to the case that may justify his irreverant actions.
  • I loved it.

    It was great, I mean the kid was so pitful! I seriously thought that his parents abused him the way he was hearing voices and all. I thought he was going to walk of the roof to I didnt think any of them were to a point were they could tackle him without falling off with him.Im glad chase did though! I really got ticked when the parents got mad at house for eating, I mean come on, he cant sarve himself because their kids sick! Anyway it was a really good episode, I watch it over and over again.
  • Review

    I thought this was a good episode, with a couple of interesting points. I thought that the case itself, the boy having double vision and night dreams, was a interesting case to watch. Im not always so sure whats going on when house and Company are trying to find a cure, but its always comical which is a turn on as far as the show goes. I thought the on screen connection between Houser and Cuddy in this episode was really good, as it was in the pilot. I think there should be way more scenes with those two in them, but its still early in the series so we may have to wait a bit. Scenes without House make the show more boring, but more nessecerry I guess. I dont think Chase or any of his other characters have been devoloped really well for us to connect with them. Luckily, House gets most of the air time.
  • Myoclonic behavior, night terrors and sleepwalking in a boy arouse the suspicions of Dr. House.

    This episode in retrospect is far more pivotal to the development of House's character with respect to pieceing together his past than it was initially rec ieived watching through the season the first time. It's very subtle but he seems to identify with the character Dan as if he is connecting with his own adolescence. Of course House doesn't connect in that fuzzy "let's swap touching stories" kind of way in fact he barely talks to the boy however you can tell that the boy's pasttimes are reminiscent of those of House's own childhood. I would venture to guess that House was a lacrosse player as a young man and feels both pity and loathing toward his current crippled condition. This at first seems unimportant but having viewed every episode to date multiple times while you receive insights into the actual personality and emotions of the other characters House's character elements are very carefully and sparingly revealed. When you connect this episode with later ones especially the beginning of season 3 as it unveils you can start to develop an idea of what makes house tick beyond the "puzzle," pain and control. I compel those out there with recordings of this episode to go backand watch this episode again and see if you can also observe how carefully the writers have been with House's character development and indirect allusions to this older episode.
  • A great follow up to the pilot!

    I really liked this episode! It was an excellent follow up to the pilot.

    1) In the pilot, the music, themesong, and how it was filmed was different. I liked the themesong, music and how it filmed better in this episode.
    2) It was a good case! A teenager who has night terrors.
    3) I also like the whole 'kid has gone missing' thing for part of the episode and he was on the roof. It was really neat and kept you on the edge of your seat!

    1) Well, is it just me, but it didn't look right the way in the night terror how house was cutting off the kids toe. It was kinda gross, they could have had some other thing for a night terror.

    Overall, very well done! =)
  • First episode I've seen...

    The ending of the epidode is my favourit part...House-memories!
    Something about the patient:
    Dan a 16 year old got hit in the head during a lacrosse game. He also has night terrors (which initially interests House) and then House sees his leg twitch. Because his biological mother had not been vaccinated, the kid was not sufficiently protected measles and "once every million or so times, the virus mutates.... of Dan having a fever and a rash the virus travels to his brain and hides like a time bomb. In this case for 16 years." Very funny part:
    Guy with a really nasty abscess on his knee who has sued other doctors. House treats the knee and when patient serves him with papers, House tells him he has diagnosed gonorrhea.
  • This is one of the most underrated episodes of the first season…is deep, complicated, and cruel and why not… devilishly funny.

    “Perseverance does not equal worthiness. Next time you want to get my attention, wear something fun. Low-riding jeans are hot” With that line Dr. House comes to work on a very important case while riding a crazy and irresponsible mom for the vaccination the baby needed; he rides the parents and his staff and everyone around him but in the end of the episode we see him projecting on the memory of being able to walk normal while contemplating the fake lacrosse match, is a very touching point of his mind, he knows he’ll never walk without pain again, is important because it gives us a hint of his inner demons….very revealing

    It's impossible not to feel a little sad for the Dr, even when he is constantly flirting with Cameron.
  • House has to figure out why a boy is having night terrors.

    The story line in this episode was really good. The mystery was well-created and there were some interesting sub-plots. It was funny, though, how they did the dialogue, because they were obviously repeating things this episode that they said last episode just in case some people hadn't watched the pilot. I really like the way the story was told. The scenes where the boy was hallucinating (like where House was going to cut off his toe or where he was on the field) were really well done, because for a while it was very difficult to tell if they were real or not. The subplot with the paternity test was pretty funny. The only part I didn't like was that the resolution seemed really random. House just out of nowhere asked if the boy's mother had had vaccinations. Where the heck did he come up with that?
  • one of the funniest and most interestin ep!

    the ep shows house first eating his fav red lolly yet again. it also defines cameron, chase and foreman roles on the team, "cameron's answering my mail" while, the other two were doing research!
    ".. next time wear something fun, low-riding jeans are hot", one of House's first sexual innuendoes.
    "i recognise that loopy G"
    the scene where dan was having a night terror was terrfic, initially i couldnt tell whether it was real or not. in clinic, i love the part where House said the comment about the tiny coffins to get the mum's attention. and when he said " the cold"! his delivery was..! you could see the pity and the duh in that two words he said. there were fleeting seconds where House flirted with cameron. he even winked. one of the only times i have seen him winked
    the subplot of house betting on the paternatiy test was hlarious. and in this ep, there was a connection between house's clinic patient and his case. the mystery in the show kept me captivated and the sarcastic comments house made the ep worth watching even after the 20th time (kidding! maybe twice or thrice)
    the ending was almost touching too. great follow-up to the pilot. funny and yet with meaningful ep
  • Funny it was

    While the episode in question appears to be about a young man who is suffering from a perplexing symptoms after blacking out on the lacrosse field, it is really about the lies people tell. By the conclusion, House has determined the nature of the kid's illness but with no thanks to his deceitful parents, who harbor what they consider a terrible secret. House makes them understand their prevaricating could have killed their son. In this way, the episode is not dissimilar to the one about a sickly kid whose father harbors a terrible secret that could cost the boy his life. Meanwhile, in the clinic, House treats a sickly baby whose mother has decided not to vaccinate it. She does not get off easily, and we some real passion on the part of House.
  • It's better than the pilot!

    This episode is better than the pilot! I've just watched it and it's great! House is developing like a character and his unintentional humor just makes me laugh so hard! I love how the illness of the main sick person gets hidden and discovered at the end of the episode. It's very intriguing. It was great when House mentioned coffins to a worried mother who doesn't want her baby to get needled. And the part where the female doctor (I forgot her name) asked House about sex of the patient and he interpreted it like she was asking him for sex. Lol! He's funny!
  • The best episode of House ever!

    This has got to be the greatest episode of House yet, so much so I've given it a score of 10.0: something I very rarely do!

    The main plot of this episode was amazing, it had complex twists and an ingenious case! I certainly didin;t see the twist near the end coming.

    As always, the show has a nice dose of comedy to go along with it. The clinic brought some great characters this episode including the concerned mother who won't vaccinate her child: House's speach with the frog is a clasic!

    The musical montage at the end of this episode, which featuers House looking out over a lacrose field to "Saturday Afternoons In 1963" is some of the best directed television I've seen. Laurie was great here (as always) and, despite there being no speech, you could clearly see a lot just from his expressions.

    This episode was amazing and it sums the series up perfectly.
  • Pretty Good.

    Since I have absolutely no clues when it comes to medical terminology the cast better be good actors for me to stay interested. It just so happens this cast can do that for me. In this episode House must find out why a 16 year old boy is having night terrors, double vision and is hearing voices. In the meantime House bets other doctors that child the boy's father is not his biological father. After running a DNA test House wins but they also learn that the boy's mother is not his biological mother either which leads House to the diagnosis to save the boy. If I could not think of any other reason to watch this show House would be plenty. He makes funny and rude comments throughout the entire show that just makes it plain fun to watch.
  • The patient is a 16 year old boy.

    This episode was a great second episode, by now you really now House's format. Which is an amazing format. Suspenseful moments are in which the patient almost jumps off the roof, cuts straight to commercial, that really gets you at the edge of your seat. A cleverly plotted moment is in which House takes the DNA, I was like wow! Then you realize his parents aren't even his parents! The ball really dropped there! A funny comical moment is in which the patient was staring at Cameron's chest & he totally had a seizure, also the night terror with House, I thought that was actually happening!? Anyways a series classic that will stay with you for weeks!
  • First episode. First time watching it, four years after the fact.

    So many have said so much about this episode. I merely wanted to add that any show that uses Rickie Lee Jones' "On Saturday Afternoon in 1963" to close the show makes it all the MORE special. This is actually the first time I have seen this episode (2008). Wow! FOX: this is about the only thing worth watching on your network.

    Hugh Laurie, a lacross fan. Who woulda' thunk it! It makes sense. Who could not watch this series after seeing this episode. It doesn't take long for the cast to become a meaningful part of one's psyche!
  • A 16 years old boy who suffered from head trauma and night terrors seeks help from House.

    A wonderful day, sitting in the clinic, eating candy. That's House. Cameron gives a case to House, which House doesn't accept it in the first place. But later on, when the kid shows a new symptom--myoclonic spasm. Eventually, House accepted the case.Later on, Dan suffered from sleep walking and hallucination. And House thinks his parents aren't his parents and run DNA tests.

    In my opinion, this is a very, very good episode. Much better than pilot. This episode focus both of the patient and the doctors. More drama too! Great episode, nothing to lose to watch this episode.

    Final Diagnosis: Subacute sclerosing penancephalitis (SSPE)
  • I paint the sky of red

    pero no termina de convencerme... Esta historia es interesante, la del chico que va perdiendo los sentidos de a poco, pero me gustaría que empiezen a focalizarse en las vidas personales de Dr. House y sus súbditos, quiero saber de ellos y lo que les pasa fuera del hospital. Ya el segundo capítulo me parece repetitivo. Igual, repito, no está nada mal. Lo que pasa es que no logro ver hacia donde va, y no entiendo por qué está considerada como una de esas grandes series de culto. Le falta acción, vida, una trama que seguir e imaginar.
    Paternity es una cag***, para que coño sirve tener hijos?
  • A series classic, hooking the viewer...

    This episode follows on from the extremely successful pilot, and we saw a more sophisticated story this time around.

    House's diagnosis of a 16 year old patient has many twists and turns, seen especially when the team learn that Dan is adopted. The bet was very comical and yet crucial to the storyline.

    I liked, once again, the interaction between Cuddy and House in this episode, whilst Hugh and James begin develoing on their famous banter more in this episode than they did in the pilot.

    The clinic scenes were once again classics. I hadn't watching this episode in quite a long time, but re-watching reminded me just how witty they are in these early episodes.

    We also see the softer side of House at the end of the episode, with him watching the lacrosse end to the beautiful "Summer Afternoons of 1963" by Ricky Lee Jones playing in the background. A definate classic episode, and one of my favourites.
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