Season 8 Episode 8

Perils of Paranoia

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

In court, prosecutor Tommy examines a witness who is testifying on behalf of a friend under trial for robbery. The witness describes the hockey games he was watching. Tommy uses a newspaper to catch him out after revealing that the initial photo caption misidentified the goalie that the witness claimed to have seen. As Tommy goes for the kill, he suddenly interrupts himself and asks for a continuance. When the judge asks what he's doing, Tommy says that he's having a heart attack and sits down.

Foreman brings the case to House, who is initially unimpressed and figures it was an anxiety attack. However, Foreman explains that he lied to Tommy to keep him from becoming more anxious, and that he tested and confirmed that the chest pains were not brought on by anxiety or a heart attack. House takes the case to the team and Adams suggests poison delivered by someone Tommy put away. He tells them to test, suggesting that Tommy's wife may have done it, and tells Adams to do an environmental test of the house while Chase deals with Tommy and his wife Olivia. They both choose Taub to go with them, much to Park's disgust. Adams insists it was 50/50 and ends up with Park.

Taub and Chase catch up to Foreman in the elevator and suggest that he's sparring with House because he doesn't have enough excitement in his personal life. Taub suggests that he get a girlfriend but Foreman defends his decision.

Adams and Park they drive to Tommy's house. As they drive, Adams warns Park not to let House drive a wedge between them. Park doesn't believe it and figures House is onto something.

Taub talks to Olivia and explains that no one hates her husband and that even the criminals that he prosecutes like him. She says that she makes everything at home, much to Taub's surprise, and explains that Tommy was afraid of insects and rats. Chase tests Tommy, who explains that he used to be a health inspector and saw how vermin got into processing plants. Tommy insists that he couldn't have been poisoned by accident and Chase asks if he thinks Olivia is trying to kill him. The prosecutor insists that she couldn't have and that he knows that she loves him. Olivia says the same thing to Taub.

Park and Adams test the house and find nothing, and Park is nervous about breaking in. As they leave, Park notices a hidden compartment in the wall. She gets it open and finds dozens of guns. They call House at his office and tell him that they've found a hidden bunker.

Adams and Park tell Olivia and Tommy what they've found, and Olivia has no idea that the bunker was there. She turns to Tommy, who explains that he put the bunker in a year ago when they remodeled and hid the knowledge from her on the plans. The doctors report to House what they've discovered, that Tommy thinks that the banks will collapse and society will fall apart. Chase figures that the paranoia is a symptom, while Park says that Tommy's concern may not be paranoia. Adams dismisses Park's ideas and then accuses House of trying to divide them. Park points out that Adams was a little harsh, but Adams insists that she's paranoid. They disagree on the diagnosis and House tells them to check for cocaine and run a sleep sample, and assigns Taub and Park to work together. He then starts his clinic duty, picking the most attractive woman first.

As Taub and Park prepare the sleep test, Park wonders if Taub thinks she's paranoid and tells him that she's worried that none of them respect her. Foreman comes in and talks to Taub, and complains that he's telling the nurses that he needs a girlfriend. Taub denies it and Foreman believes him, but once he leaves Park figures that Taub is lying and he admits that he is for Foreman's own good.

In the cafeteria, Wilson and House discuss Tommy's paranoia and Wilson notes that House is paranoid because he owns a gun. House denies it but Wilson points out that he likes anything dangerous. House still denies it and Wilson says he believes him, but House doesn't believe him and Wilson admits that the issue isn't resolved.

The tests for cocaine prove negative and Adams and Chase disagree about what it means. Adams insists that disagreeing is normal and it doesn't mean that she and Park are at each other's throats. Chase admits that Park is weird, and most doctors are weird. They then discuss guns and Chase figures that Adams owns a gun for fun. He admits that he owns one as well back in Australia.

As Park prepares the sleep study, Olivia insists on staying with Tommy overnight. She asks her husband why he wanted their kids if he thought the world was coming to an end. Tommy explains that he wanted the guns as a backup in case the banking system collapses. Park notices that he has a small bleeding lesion on his leg and Tommy says that he doesn't feel it.

The team meets the next day and note that Tommy's temperature spiked overnight. Chase reports that the chest x-rays are clean. Park continues to insist that Tommy is normal, not paranoid. House suggests that Adams disagree with Park but she refuses. As the others leave, Park asks House why he feels the need to manipulate her. He claims that he's helping himself and amusing himself, and asks why she cares. Park insists that she's a good doctor and House tells her that people respect her, they just don't like her.

As Chase and Taub test Tommy, he admits that he shouldn't have lied to Olivia about the guns. He insists that he's not insane and that he only wants to protect his family.

House meets with a teenage patient, Ethan, who thinks he has frostbite. The doctor tells him that it's not frostbite and says he needs to take a vacation for 30 days, because Ethan's boss put silver nitrate on the petty cash to figure out who was stealing from the register. To get rid of it will take 30 days as the skin regrows. House then goes to drop off his chart, while Foreman argues with Nurse Regina. When he wonders why House is leaving early, House says that he has an emergency page. He goes home to release Wilson from the net that he set to trap him. Wilson finally admits that he tried to search the place for a gun, and reluctantly admits that House is more clever and devious than him.

Foreman is working a heavy bag at the gym when a woman, Anita, comes over and tells him that he seems to be taking out his frustrations. He tells her to tell Taub to stay out of his business, but Anita says that she has no idea who Taub is and says that it's her first time at the gym. Amused, she walks away from Foreman after telling him that she'll be around. He calls Taub, who is wrestling with Tommy as the prosecutor goes berserk and the interns try to restrain him.

The team gathers again and Park and Adams continue to disagree about Tommy's new symptom of hallucinations. Chase suggests that it's all psychiatric and is suffering from schizophrenia, but Park disagrees and suggests broad-spectrum antibiotics to treat for a brain infection. Adams notes that will kill him if he's suffering from GAD auto-immunity as she believes, and House goes with her diagnosis. Park goes after him and insists that her teammates like her. House continues to prey on her paranoia and Park accuses him of going with Adams' diagnosis to keep the two of them fighting.

When House arrives home, he discovers a tripwire. Looking around, he spots an open door, steps back, and triggers the wire. A net shoots across the room and Wilson leaps out of the closet with some duct tape. House ushers him out and closes the door. However, as House goes to the bathroom, the doorknob comes off in his hand. He discovers that the other door is locked and peers through the hole, and sees Wilson on the other side, smiling.

Foreman goes home with Anita to her apartment and they start to kiss. A man calls to her and Anita ushers Foreman out, saying that it's her husband.

Tommy's temperature spikes, meaning it's not GAD, and Park calls House, who is trapped in his bathroom. He tells them to increase the steroid dose, but Park warns that it could kill Tommy if he has an infection. House warns that Tommy is dead either way but at least they can slow it down. Park insists that it's not too late and that Tommy can fight off the infection if they give him a chance. House agrees and tells the team to start running DNA assays, and Adams complains that he just switched treatments. He tells her that he changed his mind and tells her to do what Park said. Wilson then opens the bathroom door and admits that he couldn't find a gun in the house.

At the hospital, Adams says that they're wasting time looking for an infection. Park disagrees with her and Chase is annoyed at the entire thing. Foreman calls Taub out into the hallway and calls him an ass. Taub insists that he had nothing to do with Anita, but Foreman insists that he is happy with his life. When Taub points out that Foreman came back into work at midnight just to yell at him, Foreman tells him to stay out of his business and walks away. As Taub goes back in, he tells Chase that a married woman is a start.

Tommy has an allergic reaction and Chase trachs him. They realize that his trachea is blocked below the incision point and give him racemic ephinephrine. They manage to get him breathing and Adams points out that it couldn't be their fault because they didn't do anything. Taub points out that anaphylaxis wouldn't occur under either her diagnosis or Park's. Park notes that an allergic reaction wouldn't get worse three days after Tommy was admitted, and House wonders if Olivia still poisoning her husband. That leaves Park to suggest squamous cell carcinoma, which wouldn't have shown up in the chest x-rays. Combined with paraneoplastic syndrome, it would cause the hallucinations.

House tells them to run a biopsy and goes to his office. Wilson is there and says he found a gun in House's apartment when he went back a second time to search, after House figured that he was satisfied the first time. House points out that it isn't a real gun. When Wilson says that he found the bullets in it, House tells him that it's a prop from a magic act and shows Wilson that it's plugged by sticking a pencil partway into the barrel until it stops. When Wilson doesn't believe him, House puts what he claims is a blank in the chamber and invites Wilson to shoot him. When Wilson refuses, House offers to shoot him. Wilson realizes that he's telling the truth and finally admits that House has won. Once Wilson leaves, House drops the pencil the rest of the way into the barrel, proving it's not a prop. As he looks at the gun, House gets an idea.

As the team work on Tommy, House goes in and tells them that they were all wrong and that Tommy's throat was blocked by a pseudomembrane growing across it. He explains that Tommy was poisoned, runs a scope down Tommy's throat, and informs the patient that the cause of his symptoms is a diphtheria bacterium. He tells Park to call the CDC for antitoxin and points out that Tommy didn't get routine vaccines.

Later, Foreman comes in and talks briefly with Taub. He admits that he's impressed with House's diagnosis, and says that he was dealing with the parking validation system. Meanwhile, Olivia comes to see Tommy and Park tells her that the antitoxin is working. She tells Tommy that she is moving out with the kids because she can't live in the house. When Tommy begs her to stay, Olivia tells him that he won't live there either. She just doesn't want to live in fear with a house of guns.

Foreman is working at his laptop when Nurse Regina drops off some papers. She says that they're going out for food after work but Foreman says that he's too busy. Regina says that he's welcome if he gets free.

Park gets in the elevator with Adams and Chase. She invites Chase to get a drink with her after work. Chase wonders if Taub has put her up to it, and Park says that she figure what the heck. He says that it's not a good idea for co-workers to go out, but she points out that he married a co-worker and Chase agrees.

Foreman finally makes a call and says that he changed his mind.

House puts the gun back in his closet, contemplates his father's Marine sword, and then puts it back next to the gun.

Foreman meets Anita at a bar.