Season 8 Episode 8

Perils of Paranoia

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2011 on FOX

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  • Good episode

    In my opinion when the old team came back "House M.D." works really well. All of you claiming that it should end, seem to be expecting too much from the show lasting so long. Also your judgement is clouded by the fact that you know (because it was announced) that this is the last season and you are looking for excuses or any other form of justification why it is canceled. So far, in my opinion, it is going to end with honour. Not because it has to but because it is the right time to do it before jumping the shark. Some of you are also blaming the fact of this season being weak but does not notice that "House M.D." is in fact "House M.D.". Since the beginning this show was not about medicine. It was about people, their reactions, responses and behaviour. Those of you who have noticed that now, when the show has ended, seems to me like you have been watching a show for 8 years without understanding it. And now when you did, suddenly you don't like it because you understood that this is not your cup of tea. It is quite sad...

    This episode was not one of the best of the season so far but it wasn't as bad as some of you think.
  • House needs to end.

    If there is no where else to go with this show, then stop doing episodes. Parker is an interesting character but to counter balance her supposed ugliness they put on the token "hot chick," that is just horrible at acting. Its interesting how this show has played the line between being like an HBO series and then like every other formulaic piece of shit on basic cable. When you can fast forward through a show and understand the plot you know you are watching mindless crap of which you need to ask yourself, "why am I still watching this again?" But don't get me wrong, House is the best of the shit pile. When I look at the related shows here to my right I feel the need to vomit on my shirt and force myself to wear it out in order to get my mind of how mindless some shows are. If any of you actually like using your brain cells when you watch a series try these ones: Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empires, Game of Thrones. For the best of the past: The Wire, Deadwood, The Shield (actually not that bad which is surprising from FX), Dexter seasons 1,2 and 4...(The rest of Dexter is much like House now), Sopranos, OZ, and more but I just realized I should be doing something more productive with my like then writing about the series HOUSE.
  • Car commercials

    I don't know about anyone else but I'm getting very annoyed with in program car commercials. I've noticed it on Fox the most. Scheduled breaks are not enough? Now they have to promote Fords during the program. When Adams and Park drove to the patients home they show an extreme rear, then front closeup of the vehicle and then we're told that it slows down automatically on curves. On a recent episode of Bones Brennan was bragging on the GPS. Recently on Being Erica they talked about the new Ford Focus and how it parks itself and then gave us a demonstration. Another time they showcased the Sync. Soon a one hour program will be down to 30 minutes If we don't let our voices be heard and cry foul now.
  • A decent episode; now that Cuddy is gone, the writer's are getting back to the basics that made House great in the first place.


    It is rare to watch a television series morph through as many changes as "House" has. Sure, other series mature and build greater and greater character development, but the entire structure of "House" has been tampered with since the third season or so. I really really loved the first 3 seasons, and I have continued to watch till present, simply because it intrigues me to see where the writer's are going to go next. I enjoyed the seasonal arcs, for the most part; House finding a whole new team was entertaining, and of course his breakdown and stay at the psychiatric hospital early last season (and prison early this season). Every season has had at least one GREAT episode. Sadly, they are often the first or last of the season and the rest are just so-so. I am elated that Cuddy is gone!! The writer's started heading into soap-opera territory with her and House, and I believe, alienated a lot of viewers in the process. The basic formula of the show is a good one, but a tiresome one as well- someone gets sick (the intros have changed a little this season, it was almost always the same before, showing some people, and usually faking us out by one looking or acting sick, and then we find out someone else is the sick one...) next, House and the team try 4-8 wrong treatments until they figure it out... and that is about it, formula wise. This drove me crazy the first couple seasons, wondering if they could shake the damn thing up a bit... Which they have, and again, it seems every season has had a "different" type of episode (house getting shot, the bus accident, etc etc.), but overall, the stories are pretty inter-changeable. I LIKE the show, I'm not bashing it, but I think most people would agree with my observations. The writer's have made a clear and obvious choice to try and bring back the
    "House" from seasons 1-3, focusing more on the medical mystery than on interpersonal drama; I don't care about Taub's love life, but I'd rather get a few minutes of that or Foreman than House and Cuddy! I would bet strongly that this is the last season, as not only the director has alluded to it, but obviously viewership is down, and the show is kinda rudderless. I will keep watching as long as it is on, and I HOPE that now matter when it ends, that we get at least a few more classic episodes, the kind that you don't expect and end up being great before they shut it down.

  • Episode made no sense.


    This episode made no sense whatsoever. Still can't understand half of what Park is saying. Adams still bland. House has nothing to work against so just floats along. In the past, had much sharper and more entertaining House/Wilson engagement.Primarily, the show is greatly missing the conflict Cuddy brought to the mix.

  • Paranoia orOver-prepared?


    House continues its strong streak this week with lightening the tone a little bit after last week's heavy hitting dead child genetic disease thingy. The team takes the case of a prosecutor who seems to suffer an anxiety attack while in court. The person himself seemed uninteresting until Park and Adams search his house and find an arsenal of guns that he says are for preparing for when society falls (mind you that should be an IF society falls). House continues to put Park and Adams against each other which just makes Adams that much more paranoid and making her look unstable in the eyes of the other doctors. Taub plays tricks on Foreman after learning he lied to a patient by trying to get him a girlfriend to give him that kind of excitement. When Foreman meets a woman who he takes back to her place and it turns out she's married he blames Taub but I think it was just happenstance. Wilson tries to prove that House has a gun in his apartment and their pranks escalate to a new level, making even the chicken security stunt last season look outlandish. The bit with the doorknobs was priceless and Wilson learned that the only way to outsmart House is make he think he won. While his search proves fruitless the first time he finds a gun that turns out to be a prop gun house won off a magician's prop master in a card game. Wilson admits he's wrong and House wins, again. The patient has something and the crying audience members care but I really watch this show this far in for the characters' interactions not the patients and the case anymore. Park asking Chase out was well handled for someone as awkward as her, even though Adams' body language was totally reading that she saw him first. Foreman's trick works and Foreman calls and meets the married woman. House puts away the prop gun and pulls out his father's war sword with his name "John House" on it. Guess he didn't hate his father as much as he leads everyone to believe, or at least had something good to remember about him, even though we now know that he wasn't really his father. Good episode, worth a watch for fans, but the cases after 8 seasons shouldn't be your point for tuning in at this point.

  • they stopped trying I think.


    Nothing new this season, just going for the finish line slowly but surely without spending time on scripts or charter development.

    Creators going to milk this cow for all its worth, reaching anew low in the art of whoring yourself through products placement. There is a full Ford commercial within this episode with an actor nearly reaching for the vehicle's manual to list the safety features of her vehicle. She even mentions that the car slows down on its own when it senses a curve, with an extra long glamourous shot of the car, zooming in on make and model.... really? You write a trust fund baby character and she drives a Ford?

  • struggling


    I am struggling to be postitive about house right now, with enjoyable episodes being harder to come by.

    This weeks was just more of the same.
    House and Wilson competing over something trivial and pointless.
    Yet more endless questioning of character flaws and motives.
    "you do this because. . . *insert pop-psychology here*"
    "I don't do that, you do this because ..." etc etc

    And as for the 2 new team members, am I the only one who finds them both annoying and uninteresting in equal measure?
    I am not sure of the woman playing park is a terrible actor or has just created a voice and persona so bland that it defies belief.
    I sometimes wonder if her dialogue is being re-recorded with her talking directly into a pillow.

    And Adams, well who cares. She went from an interesting idea in prison to a one dimensional brat the next week.

    Enjoyed the banta between Taub and Foreman to a level. Became a little obvious at points, but it broke up what was a pretty boring medical mystery.

    Overall, didn't enjoy it.