Season 8 Episode 8

Perils of Paranoia

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2011 on FOX

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  • Paranoia orOver-prepared?


    House continues its strong streak this week with lightening the tone a little bit after last week's heavy hitting dead child genetic disease thingy. The team takes the case of a prosecutor who seems to suffer an anxiety attack while in court. The person himself seemed uninteresting until Park and Adams search his house and find an arsenal of guns that he says are for preparing for when society falls (mind you that should be an IF society falls). House continues to put Park and Adams against each other which just makes Adams that much more paranoid and making her look unstable in the eyes of the other doctors. Taub plays tricks on Foreman after learning he lied to a patient by trying to get him a girlfriend to give him that kind of excitement. When Foreman meets a woman who he takes back to her place and it turns out she's married he blames Taub but I think it was just happenstance. Wilson tries to prove that House has a gun in his apartment and their pranks escalate to a new level, making even the chicken security stunt last season look outlandish. The bit with the doorknobs was priceless and Wilson learned that the only way to outsmart House is make he think he won. While his search proves fruitless the first time he finds a gun that turns out to be a prop gun house won off a magician's prop master in a card game. Wilson admits he's wrong and House wins, again. The patient has something and the crying audience members care but I really watch this show this far in for the characters' interactions not the patients and the case anymore. Park asking Chase out was well handled for someone as awkward as her, even though Adams' body language was totally reading that she saw him first. Foreman's trick works and Foreman calls and meets the married woman. House puts away the prop gun and pulls out his father's war sword with his name "John House" on it. Guess he didn't hate his father as much as he leads everyone to believe, or at least had something good to remember about him, even though we now know that he wasn't really his father. Good episode, worth a watch for fans, but the cases after 8 seasons shouldn't be your point for tuning in at this point.