Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2005 on FOX
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When a high school student falls victim to a mysterious but lethal poisoning, House and his team jump in to find out what is killing the teen. Given a low heart rate and a clean tox screen, House sends Cameron and Foreman to the teen's home to find the hot new drug House is sure he's taking. They don't find any drugs, but think they've come up with the answers, until a second unrelated student is admitted with identical symptoms. With the boys' lives hanging in the balance, House and the team have to connect the dots – fast. Meanwhile, an 82-year-old patient has become enamored with House while he helps her figure out the basis of her renewed fascination with her sexual feelings.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a kid that is admitted for a serious posining and they start to go over there things and learn that it could be a drug he is taken but find out that he is not taken any drugs at all then all of a sudden a another kid gets sent in for the same sythomes and they must connect the dots fast before one of them dies and there is a women have sexual feelings alot and house tells her she has something that is casuing it this was a good epmoreless
  • House has trouble diagnosing 2 boys who have same symptoms but no good connection. The mother of one boy gives him a hard time with his decisions. They finally figure out that both boys bought stolen jeans from the back of a truck where they absorbed pestmoreless

    I thought this episode was great. The mystery of the 2 boys was very intriguing- What made them both sick but with no real connection. The Mother's attitude towards the pompousness of House was understandable. The release form he wrote was outrageous. The plot thickened as the team realized that the first diagnoses were wrong and had they given the antodote, could have done more damage. The team did some good sleuthing at the boys' homes to find a connection. They finally narrowed it down to stolen jeans. The seller also put down pesticides and allowed the jeans to be spilled on. The boys wore them and absorbed the toxin. House had to humble himself a bit to get the mom to allow the treatment. A ruse to have her think the CDC called was very sneaky. I liked the show and plan to watch more of House!moreless
  • Another great episoide with same results, House saves the day again

    Well another good episode, it like there's nothing else to say, think about it in last couple of episoide it's always same formula,there's s main patient who has strange symtoms and 1 house clinic patient( i'm getting a bit bored) , but i might add this one has to be the best so far 83 years old women who's horny. i really like how she hitted on him during the episode. It's strange to see elderly women happy, espically if u live in uk where most elderly people are grumpy. Still i hope she comes again in clinic in the future episoide, she was great fun and bold.

    Ok main case student who got poisioned, now it seem like all houses team can do trial and error which isn't good thing if u think possiablities what happends when the team runs out of time?, there almost did in this episoide. fake jeans was only link, question how many fake jeans were sold.

    The Mother, great acting wasn't it, i really liked how she keep on attacking all houses team and i liked how they were all scared of her leading to camron to do it at the end, i really fake CDA call, loved the line at the end

    BOY: Who were those people

    MOTHER: those were the arrogant doctor who cured you

    something along those lines. It was great to see for once the patient mother question the doctor in all past episoide the patient family sat around letting House and his team make decision through trial and error, it's clear she might of been a control freak but she definatly cared for her son. yes at the end day House found a cure that's what counts.moreless
  • More of a slow reveal about the 'chemistry' between House and Foreman.

    Maybe following Fidelity I didn't feel this episode was as good, or perhaps it's just that the extra characters are out of whack. A bit. Not that I live in the US but I'd hate to imagine teachers would be like this, that mothers run secret drug screenings on their kids or that an amoured 82 year old chooses to live the way she does, in the end. Though that's a sweet enough ending, I guess. Somewhat anti-climatic I felt, without giving too much away.

    The comparisons drawn on House and Foreman were timely, though. We were possibly beginning to see Foreman as too much by the book, and without much character development in the past 8 eps.moreless
  • How many times can a doctor misdiagnose a poisoning, and how many incorrect treaments can he give till it kills him? Let\'s ask Doctor House....

    How many times can a doctor misdiagnose a poisoning, before the patient eventually dies of neglect? And how many courses of dangerous treatments can you give till it kills the patient from your cure? Let\'s ask Doctor House....

    In this episode, a mother fights Doctor House and the hospital for the right to withdraw a dangerous treatment that may kill her son, until such time as Doctor House eventally works out what the son ACTUALLY has. After experimenting on another teen with similar symptoms, House comes up with the correct diagnosis and convices the mother to allow him to adminster the correct course of treatment to cure the son. Had the mother relented earlier, House would have killed him with the incorrect treatment.

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Hugh Laurie shows British phrasing, despite a nearly flawless American accent. House says, "Tomato sauce," with the emphasis on "sauce," as a Brit would, opposed to American with an emphasis on "tomato."

    • The students are seen taking the AP Calculus exam. Later, when Cameron is looking for poison in the garage, she is wearing a long coat and gloves. The AP Calculus exam is only given (nationwide) in May - too warm to be wearing a coat and gloves in New Jersey.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Dr. Cameron: Are there any stronger treatments for the organophosphate poisoning?
      House: Oh, damn it, you caught me. We went with the weak stuff. Just trying to save a little money.

    • House: You're brain damaged. Doomed to feeling good for the rest of your life.

    • House: I want you to go to his house and find his stash. I'll bet you know all the good hiding spots.
      Dr. Foreman: Actually, I never did drugs.
      House: (speaking to Cameron) Better go with him. In case he gets high.

    • Dr. Wilson: (quoting a poem from a patient of House's) "The healer with his magic powers! / I could rub his gentle brow for hours. / His manly chest, his stubbled jaw, / Everything about him leave me raw..."
      House: Psych ward's upstairs
      Dr. Wilson: "...with joy. Oh, House, your very name / Will never leave this girl the same." It's not bad for an 82-year-old. She asked me to give that to her true love.
      House: What can I say? Chicks with no teeth turn me on.
      Dr. Wilson: That's fairly disgusting.
      House: And that's ageism.
      Dr. Wilson: You better watch yourself around this babe.

    • House: Well, you're getting good at this God-like doctor racket. Why don't you talk her out of this lunacy?
      Dr. Foreman: She's not really a big fan of mine.
      Dr. Chase: Or mine.
      House: Well, only one male left in the bullpen, and he throws like a girl.
      Dr. Cameron: I hate sports metaphors.

    • Dr. Cameron: You really never did any drugs?
      Dr. Foreman: Now this is gonna be a racial thing.
      Dr. Cameron: Deflecting a personal question with a joke. Gee, who do I know that does that?
      Dr. Foreman: Yeah, I'm just like him. Except for the angry, bitter, pompous, cripple part.
      Dr. Cameron: Maybe we should all pitch in and get you a nice cane. You already have the matching gym shoes.

    • Dr. Cameron: I'll check into it.
      Dr. Foreman: I'll make the call.
      Dr. Chase: I'll keep the kid alive. For a while at least.
      House: I'll have lunch.

    • Georgia: I notice colors more. And music. I...I'm really hearing music. I'm eighty-two, and I'm supposed to be playing canasta with the other old ladies, but…now when I see a guy with a cute butt...I just can't stop looking at him. (looks at House) Or a sexy beard.
      House: And you figure that enjoying cute butts is a sign of disease?

    • House: I am extremely disappointed. I send you out for exciting new designer drugs and you come back with tomato sauce.

    • Dr. Foreman: The kid was just taking his AP calculus exam when all of a sudden he got nauseous and disoriented.
      House: That's the way calculus presents.

    • House: I assume "minimal at best" is your stiff upper lip British way of saying "no chance in hell"?
      Dr. Chase: I'm Australian.
      House: You put the Queen on your money. You're British.

    • Matt: Who are those guys?
      Margo: Oh, they're the arrogant jerks that saved your life.

    • House: Although there's a real good chance...
      Margo: What? Matt might kick off?
      House: It's a little blunt. I was going to say "run out of time." Just kinda let my voice trail off...

    • Margo: What makes you think you're right this time?
      House: The same thing as last time.

    • Dr. Wilson: Hey, I'm a man - I don't have time for laundry. I'm saving lives here!

    • House: I'm sorry - the fact that the sexual pleasure center of your cerebral cortex has been overstimulated by spirochetes is a poor basis for a relationship. I learned that one the hard way.

    • House: Would you step outside for a minute, Mr. Adams?
      Mark: Why?
      House: Because you irritate me.

    • Margo: Who are you?
      House: I'm the doctor who's trying to save your son. You're the mom who's letting him die. Clarification-–it's a beautiful thing.

    • Dr. Cuddy: (to House) Her only sign of mental illness is that she disagrees with you. Some would consider that a sign of sanity.

    • House: But I am going to admit (Georgia) to the hospital for tests.
      Mark: What tests? She's just old.
      House: And you're just insufferable.

    • Georgia: And now...I think about Ashton (Kutcher) all the time. (whispers) All the time.
      House: Ah.
      Georgia: You remind me of him. Same bedroom eyes.
      House: People are always mixing us up.

    • Dr. Foreman: You know why House thinks I'm a druggie?
      Dr. Cameron: This is going to be a racial thing, isn't it?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Mrs. Miller mentions that she can't stop thinking about Ashton Kutcher. John Patrick Amedori, who plays Matt Davis in this episode, also played a young Ashton Kutcher in the 2004 movie The Butterfly Effect.

    • Hugh Laurie and the crew seem to be having fun going on about Chase's purportedly English accent. Jesse Spencer is actually Australian, while Hugh Laurie has an English accent that he covers up to play House.

    • In 2005, when this episode first aired, FOX made American Idol the lead-in to House in hopes of getting higher ratings. Former lead-in The Rebel Billionaire had lower ratings than House. The promos played up the similarities between House and Simon Cowell.


    • Dr. Wilson: Godot would be faster.
      Godot is an allusion to the title of Beckett's most famous work, Waiting for Godot. Beckett uses the characters' interaction to symbolize the tedium and meaninglessness of modern life, both major themes of the existentialists.