Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a kid that is admitted for a serious posining and they start to go over there things and learn that it could be a drug he is taken but find out that he is not taken any drugs at all then all of a sudden a another kid gets sent in for the same sythomes and they must connect the dots fast before one of them dies and there is a women have sexual feelings alot and house tells her she has something that is casuing it this was a good ep
  • House has trouble diagnosing 2 boys who have same symptoms but no good connection. The mother of one boy gives him a hard time with his decisions. They finally figure out that both boys bought stolen jeans from the back of a truck where they absorbed pest

    I thought this episode was great. The mystery of the 2 boys was very intriguing- What made them both sick but with no real connection. The Mother's attitude towards the pompousness of House was understandable. The release form he wrote was outrageous. The plot thickened as the team realized that the first diagnoses were wrong and had they given the antodote, could have done more damage. The team did some good sleuthing at the boys' homes to find a connection. They finally narrowed it down to stolen jeans. The seller also put down pesticides and allowed the jeans to be spilled on. The boys wore them and absorbed the toxin. House had to humble himself a bit to get the mom to allow the treatment. A ruse to have her think the CDC called was very sneaky. I liked the show and plan to watch more of House!
  • Another great episoide with same results, House saves the day again

    Well another good episode, it like there's nothing else to say, think about it in last couple of episoide it's always same formula,there's s main patient who has strange symtoms and 1 house clinic patient( i'm getting a bit bored) , but i might add this one has to be the best so far 83 years old women who's horny. i really like how she hitted on him during the episode. It's strange to see elderly women happy, espically if u live in uk where most elderly people are grumpy. Still i hope she comes again in clinic in the future episoide, she was great fun and bold.

    Ok main case student who got poisioned, now it seem like all houses team can do trial and error which isn't good thing if u think possiablities what happends when the team runs out of time?, there almost did in this episoide. fake jeans was only link, question how many fake jeans were sold.

    The Mother, great acting wasn't it, i really liked how she keep on attacking all houses team and i liked how they were all scared of her leading to camron to do it at the end, i really fake CDA call, loved the line at the end

    BOY: Who were those people
    MOTHER: those were the arrogant doctor who cured you

    something along those lines. It was great to see for once the patient mother question the doctor in all past episoide the patient family sat around letting House and his team make decision through trial and error, it's clear she might of been a control freak but she definatly cared for her son. yes at the end day House found a cure that's what counts.
  • More of a slow reveal about the 'chemistry' between House and Foreman.

    Maybe following Fidelity I didn't feel this episode was as good, or perhaps it's just that the extra characters are out of whack. A bit. Not that I live in the US but I'd hate to imagine teachers would be like this, that mothers run secret drug screenings on their kids or that an amoured 82 year old chooses to live the way she does, in the end. Though that's a sweet enough ending, I guess. Somewhat anti-climatic I felt, without giving too much away.

    The comparisons drawn on House and Foreman were timely, though. We were possibly beginning to see Foreman as too much by the book, and without much character development in the past 8 eps.
  • How many times can a doctor misdiagnose a poisoning, and how many incorrect treaments can he give till it kills him? Let\'s ask Doctor House....

    How many times can a doctor misdiagnose a poisoning, before the patient eventually dies of neglect? And how many courses of dangerous treatments can you give till it kills the patient from your cure? Let\'s ask Doctor House....

    In this episode, a mother fights Doctor House and the hospital for the right to withdraw a dangerous treatment that may kill her son, until such time as Doctor House eventally works out what the son ACTUALLY has. After experimenting on another teen with similar symptoms, House comes up with the correct diagnosis and convices the mother to allow him to adminster the correct course of treatment to cure the son. Had the mother relented earlier, House would have killed him with the incorrect treatment.

  • Cool episode. Like the previous episode the background story was pretty important and it was well done.

    Firstly, calculus is hard. I was almost thinking his brain was getting sore from all the equation, sort of as House said in one of his quotes on the episode page. Then that initial symptom grew into other ones so i changed what i thought. I found it pretty cool how they knew it was some sort of poisoning soon after he was admitted to the hospital, but then they had to find out the cause of it and which poison it was exactly.

    I also like it when they introduce another patient with the same or similar symptoms as the first patient who was put in the hospital. This makes the story more interesting and sometimes even a little more nerve wracking.

    Medical Problem: Phosdrin
    Rating: 9.4/10
  • exciting


    the reivew:

    When a high school student falls victim to a mysterious but lethal poisoning, House and his team jump in to find out what is killing the teen. Given a low heart rate and a clean tox screen, House sends Cameron and Chase to the teen's home to find the hot new drug House is sure he's taking. They don't find any drugs, but think they've come up with the answers, until a second unrelated student is admitted with identical symptoms. With the boys' lives hanging in the balance, House and the team have to connect the dots – fast. Meanwhile, an 82-year-old patient has become enamored with House while he helps her figure out the basis of her renewed fascination with her sexual feelings.

    this was very cool i loved watching this and the seires
  • One of my favorite episodes of the series. Definitely one worth watching over and over again.

    This episode was hilarious. I loved seeing how Foreman was starting to act like House. It just goes to show you how hanging around people with strong personalities will affect yours. It was great the way Foreman kept doing things that House would do, like acting arrogant, buying the same shoes as House, and thinking just like House.

    I hated the mother of the kid, she was a b*tch, and a control freak. Although House was wrong many times, she shouldn't have tried to fight him so much along the way and try to act like she knew more than he did. I was secretly hoping that the kid woudn't get better, just to spite her and her know-it-all attitude. And then there was turning Chase into Cuddy because of what he said to her. Although I thought it was great how Cameron got the mother to listen by turning around her words. All-in-all, a great episode any House fan should watch.
  • The posion pants

    Okay I loved this one it's definately a favorite. I loved how after learning about the case House said that's how Calculus presents. That was very good. Very interesting case though and Matt's crazy mom made it even better. It was cool that the one guys parents were all like calm and stuff and Matt's mom was freaking out everytime they wanted to treat her son.

    It was really weird that the two guys were sick because of a pair of pants.

    I loved how they tricked Matt's mother into believing that Chase was calling from the CDC with a bad southern accent. That made me laugh. And then Matt's mother at the end saying that those were the jerks who saved his life. I really enjoyed watching this one it was one of the best of the season.
  • A good watch, but far too similar to the previous episodes.

    I really liked this series when I saw the first episodes. But by now it's starting to feel a little repetitive.

    Has there been a single patient yet who hasn't had seizures? Are there any patients which they don't give medication which nearly kills them? And just how many times are they going to go down the "I think it's this disease, oops, wrong, okay it might be this disease..." road? It would be nice to see an episode where they didn't make more than one diagnosis (say if they can't figure out anything it could be until the end) because it's getting repetitive. There must be other ways to fill the air time.

    And it's really starting to bug me that the doctors go around doing tons of stuff they wouldn't be doing. Why are the doctors taking blood samples when that's the nurses' job? Why are the doctors doing lab work when that's the biomedical analytics' (or whatever you call them in the US) job? Why is Cameron doing a mammogram when she's not a radiologist? Why are the doctors pushing their patients around in wheelchairs when the patient's family members or a nurse could do that? Why do the doctors go out to investigate things in the field when that's not part of their job? And do they have ANY other patients at all? They sure have a lot of time on their hands. It's just plain ridiculous. They should introduce a nurse character and a lab character instead who could do the things that the doctors aren't supposed to do instead of having these docs be experts in all fields.

    The scenes I like the best are the ones with House at the clinic. They are always new and different while the diagnostic case always follows the same pattern. This episode was a let-down though, I didn't care much for the storyline with the lady with syfillis.

    House still cracks me up, he's so much fun to watch. He reminds me of Dr Romano from "ER", except Romano actually liked people even though he didn't want to show it. In this episode he was kind of meek however. The only really good scene he had was when he paraphrased the document the mother was supposed to sign. That scene was brilliant.

    And Cameron is really annoying me. She's got that "I'm the bestest and most caring person here, but I'm humble enough not to flaunt it" thing going on. And she's got a crush on House. I love Cuddy though, too bad she's not featured more.

    I hope the next episode is better than this one. This one had nothing new or exciting to offer and I started to wonder if they are ever going to break their standard formula.
  • Review

    The Cuddy-House back and forth drama that was so explosive in the early parts of this season has taken a couple of episodes of it would seem. I really liked their on screen connection and I was hoping to see more of it, not less of it. I thought the case in this episode was decent, but not one of the best. Houses interaction with the boys mother was the most comical thing in this episode, which is another step below the normal for House. The scenes in the clinic were okay, but having an 82 year old woman flirt wiith House wasn't my idea of one of the best storylines they could have done. This is an average episode of House, with a rating of 9.1.....this show is that awesome
  • Great episode!

    This really was a great episode of House! I did have some problems with it, but overall, i really enjoyed this episode!

    1) The medical delimia was very good! First it starts of with one teenager who is believed to be poisoned, but when another student from his school who has nothing similiar except the same symptons as the first boy, the team has to find out where these two could have been exposed to a poison and what poison it is.
    2) I loved Hugh Laurie in this episode like always! Very funny and brilliant!
    3) The delemia with the mother of the first teenager was interesting how she wouldn't let them do anything to her son, even give medication because she believes their wrong, just like a wrong diagnosis they made earlier.
    4) The clinic thing going on this episode was priceless! Amazing!

    1) Well, i liked the delemia with the mother, but the actress and the way she acted out the mother was just annoying! I didn't like her at all!
  • One of the best of the series. Both story lines are very compelling.

    If I had to recommend House to someone who had never seen it, I would have them watch this episode. It is one of the best individual shows of the series.

    The twists and turns to find the cure for the two teenage boys who have nothing in common is done in the typically well written manner that has hooked House fans for four seasons.

    However, the funniest part is always the side story. Often, it is put in for comic relief. This one does not disappoint. An 82 year old woman with a crush on House. It was really well done and extremely funny. And, yes, it ends well for all.
  • A very interesting turn of events...

    This episode was very powerful, about two teenage boys that get sick, while the team are freaking out because it seems like they tried everything. But finally it was poison pants which I would like to call an interesting turn of events because it was bacterial to this. They always seem to give the patient wrong medication until they find the right one, it's like experimenting with animals. The bright side of the episode was that 82 year old woman with Syphilis, but she seems to have no problem with and an interest in House, I love the son's reaction, it was hysterical! A great powerful episode.
  • Right about my son

    Una de las cosas que hace a este mundo (a la humanidad) tan abominable es el hecho de que haya, por todos lados, madres sobreprotectoras. Esas madres recontrahinchapelotas que no hacen más que joder** la vida creyendo que todavía tenés 8 años cuando tenes 18, y justo estás en esa etapa tan complicada que llaman adolescencia (si alguien no sabe cuál es la etimología de la palabra por favor agarre un diccionario). Y eso hace que la odies y que entonces ella te empiece a odiar a vos y vos por eso la odies cada vez más y así hasta matarla.
  • House, the Mighty Mum, and The Old Lady.

    This is one of the most enjoyable episodes of House so far, particulary because of Hugh Lauries one liners and the interaction with the overprotective Miss Davis and the regular cast members.

    The case itself was pretty exciting, full of dramatic twists and turns as they try and find out what poison is killing the two boys. House's one liners were especially funny in this episode, and the writers again focus on a little character development, showing how Foreman is becoming like House- a recurring theme throughout all the series.

    The best part of the episode, however, was that of the old lady with siphilis- it was perhaps the funniest clinic scene so far.

    Again, plaudits must go to the writers and the actors, who, although this was more or less a "filler" episode and plainly more light-hearted than the previous episode, make this a very special, stand-alone episode.