Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • Another great episoide with same results, House saves the day again

    Well another good episode, it like there's nothing else to say, think about it in last couple of episoide it's always same formula,there's s main patient who has strange symtoms and 1 house clinic patient( i'm getting a bit bored) , but i might add this one has to be the best so far 83 years old women who's horny. i really like how she hitted on him during the episode. It's strange to see elderly women happy, espically if u live in uk where most elderly people are grumpy. Still i hope she comes again in clinic in the future episoide, she was great fun and bold.

    Ok main case student who got poisioned, now it seem like all houses team can do trial and error which isn't good thing if u think possiablities what happends when the team runs out of time?, there almost did in this episoide. fake jeans was only link, question how many fake jeans were sold.

    The Mother, great acting wasn't it, i really liked how she keep on attacking all houses team and i liked how they were all scared of her leading to camron to do it at the end, i really fake CDA call, loved the line at the end

    BOY: Who were those people
    MOTHER: those were the arrogant doctor who cured you

    something along those lines. It was great to see for once the patient mother question the doctor in all past episoide the patient family sat around letting House and his team make decision through trial and error, it's clear she might of been a control freak but she definatly cared for her son. yes at the end day House found a cure that's what counts.
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