Season 8 Episode 20

Post Mortem

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 07, 2012 on FOX

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  • Post Mortem

    Fans of the Wilson and House dynamic got one last great episode involving those characters. We saw the duo travel the country with Wilson being the more reckless of the two for a change, en route to answers, and finding a lack of them. A well-written episode that highlighted the one relationship that withstood the test of time on this show.

    And a great ending seamlessly transitioning from an Abraham Lincoln joke to a stern realization by House that his friend's cancer had not died down.
  • Another Great Episode

    As always, House never disappoints!

    The ending was chilling and the stillness of the characters and scene left a cold feeling in the audience. It is setting up beautifully for an ending.

    The only downside I can find of these last few episodes is the quickness and rapidness of how the show is ending. The characters are rushing through their completion and House is not being utilized as a doctor enough to get him in a state where we will love him and close with him in the ending. Hopefully they start to pull it together with him fully back in the hospital next episode!
  • They must have read my last review!

    Yes--it was another excellent episode. I had posted last week..they have ignored the rest of the cast (Chase, Taub etc) but this episode FINALLY (and finally is final this time) gets around to CHASE examing himself. I have said for years--WHY is Chase letting House solve every case?..His LIFE was put to the test--and he made a Choice. Excellent ending to Chase. . The CASE was GREAT--one of the best cases--a very interesting differential diagnostic and a VERY good patient who measures the credibilty of doctors. This was a rare INFORMED patient who knows they screw up.. Totally enjoyed his interplay and scenes with Chase. The WILSON drama--moves on----the alter ego Wilson creates--He wasn;t fooling anyone---Wilson is wilson--House is always right (AGAIN!) He knew it wouldn't last. Wilson creates it and of course it FAILS. House knows best.....Does he have irreversible cancer? We will have to wait till next week...DAMN lol ...Almo t as good as last week--and an important END to CHASE's mystery.

    P.S. Just because the last couple of episodes (last three) have been excellent does not escuse so many emotional MISSES this season. Sure, for any other show, it would be passable drama....biut HOUSE was THAT GREAT A show in its first six seasons that so many of this seasons episodes would never have been filmed. A shame they didn't make better use of the middle of this last season. (except for that one episode where House chooses TRUTH over procedure) ...two more and an 8 year emotional ride is over. They had a long time to prepare for these last two they better deliver the goods.