Season 6 Episode 15

Private Lives

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on FOX
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The team tries to diagnose a famous blogger who insists on publishing her life on the Internet, much to the regret of her partner. Meanwhile, House and Wilson each discover secrets about each other, and Chase goes speed dating and discovers something about himself.

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  • House is the Wizard...

    But then again we all knew that. Well the most avid fans do. With today's society more and more people are blogging their personal lives. House is the first drama I have seen with that in the plot. Kudos. House amazes me every time I watch it though. Wilson was in a porno in college? Question: When House was playing it on his laptop did anyone have a flashback of Porkey's besides me? Just wondering. Chase, god love him. He's book smart and cute as can be but sometimes isn't quite as smart in the common sense area is he. When the guys go for the speed dating I thought House had found someone with a little bit of intelligence there for a moment. He really needs someone that can challenge his brain as well has lift his spirits.moreless
  • Private Lives

    Ugh, Laura Prepon, yuck. Ignoring that (though her annoying presence was hard to ignore as she was the main medical mystery tonight) this was actually a solid episode of House. We had a nice comedic plotline with House, Wilson and Chase going through speed dating. Not an original idea, but seeing the interactions with these three characters was unique. I'd like to see more of things like this on House, but certainly not every week.

    I also liked the conversations between Chase and Thirteen. This show is able to have a female and a male talk without sleeping together; Grey's Anatomy should take note.

    And very little Taub this week. Can't go wrong there.moreless
  • Speed dating and a porno... oh and the patient

    Interesting that Wilson brought Chase along for speed dating. It never seemed like they were that close and it showed when Chase was surprised when Wilson sat at his table later in the episode. Cameron and Wilson seemed close but yet he never wanted to help her. The speed dating was pretty funny, Chase getting all the names even though he acted like an idiot, Wilson having to talk about cancer with all the people, and House 'diagnosing' the fake cop. And Chase never used his looks to get a girl before? Why is he so shocked? The first two and a half seasons they made him out to be a player until he started moping after Cameron.

    About time someone called Foreman out about being condescending/arrogant. He has been acting worse and worse lately.

    So Wilson didn't think House would get suspicious by losing House's one porno? He would have been better off pretending to have lost all three rather than just one. That just is a flashing sign that Wilson didn't want House to see that one. And it makes for an amusing storyline but it makes no sense. First of all, how would Wilson even know about the video? Secondly, I'm pretty sure Wilson's friend would have to get Wilson's permission in order to use him in that film and from the way Wilson reacted, he wouldn't have given it.

    The patient posting everything on her blog just makes her look indecisive rather than unsecretive. And she hates that her boyfriend doesn't have a blog because she doesn't know what he is thinking? Whatever did we do before the internet? Try talking instead of hiding behind a computer screen. And maybe I just don't understand blogging, but she just writes about her everyday life (which can't be that exciting in the first place) and someone she has never met from Korea or Japan or wherever they said was willing to donate their kidney?

    I knew as soon as House didn't want Chase to have said anything to the author that he was reading the book because he knew the person. And then when I thought about it, I thought for sure it was his real dad. I'm just surprised they brought it back up. The writers are masters at dropping storylines.moreless
  • Our lives out there

    That episode had some great stuff.. and some not so great. I totally loved the idea and thought behind all that blogging.. How much we give out of our lives to total strangers and why we do that. The way we have lost sense of privacy and there cannot be much what we keep only to ourselves.

    So.. that was great theme from the start to finish. For some weird reason I even liked the whole Chase storyline.. specially the speed dating part.. House betting against Chase.

    But the Wilson storyline thing.. oh.. It maybe served a point to lead to House reading that book storyline but..moreless
  • Laura Prepon guest stars.

    Yes I am a fan of Laura Prepon(don't shoot!), which made this episode way more likable. The patient's issue is good too, she is a constant blogger, that 'causes problems in her relationship. It was scary, how much times she blogged. She even asked the blog readers to make a decision for her at the hospital. I could never see anyone doing that, but I guess it works here. My favorite scene was when everyone was speed dating, Chase's plot was funny. Wilson's plot went a little too far, sure it was entertaining, but porn... really?. House trying to get to know his birth father... through a book that his birth father wrote. That's House material. Very entertaining episode.moreless
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    • Dr. Wilson: What are you doing tonight?
      House: Masturbating. I'd invite you, but people are already talking.

    • Dr. Wilson: Come out with me tonight. I'm going speed dating.
      House: You mean you're dating on meth? Count me in.

    • Dr. Wilson: I don't get it. I mean, okay, he was a friend of the family. You'd only known him when you were a kid. But if you wanted to meet him now, get an idea of what he's like, why not just go talk to him?
      House: "Hi, it's Greg. You slept with my mother."
      Dr. Wilson: You're capable of it.

    • Dr. Wilson: Because you're not ordinary, House. You're way out there on the fringe somewhere. I'm your best friend, and half the time I don't understand you. You're alone. Been alone your whole life.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music: Chasing Pirates (Norah Jones), What's It Gonna Be (The Dynamites), The Sun is Shining Down (JJ Grey and Mofro), Lochloosa (JJ Grey and Mofro)

    • Jennifer Morrison is credited but doesn't appear.

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: March 8, 2010 on Global
      UK: April 4, 2010 on Sky One
      Australia: May 23, 2010 on Channel Ten
      Israel: September 15, 2010 on HOT3
      Czech Republic: November 3, 2010 on TV Nova
      Germany: November 9, 2010 on RTL
      Poland: December 16, 2010 on TVP2
      Slovakia: January 4, 2011 on STV1
      Sweden: April 19, 2011 on TV4


    • House: Big red As for your tunics.
      Referencing Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter (1850), which tells the story of Hester Prynne. Set in the 17th century, Hester is branded an adulteress by the Puritan townspeople and forced to wear a red "A" to indicate her outcast status.

    • Dr. Wilson: Giving him a computer is like giving plutonium to Dr. No.
      Referencing the 1958 novel of the same name by Ian Fleming, subsequently adopted as the first James Bond/United Artist movie in 1962. Dr. Julius No schemes to sabotage U.S. missiles in the Caribbean, and eventually meets his death at the hands of 007.

    • House: She couldn't have gone with Keyser Söze.
      Referencing the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects directed by Bryan Singer. Keyser Söze is an enigmatic crime boss famed for his ruthlessness but rarely seen and his face is unknown to the authorities.