Season 6 Episode 15

Private Lives

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

Blogger Frankie is at her computer typing for the world and discussing an argument with her boyfriend Taylor. As she types, she eats food on her new vegetarian diet. Taylor comes out to ask if she's coming to bed, and discovers that she blogged their argument. He isn't happy that she is sharing his life with strangers. Someone pounds on the door and Taylor goes to talk to a neighbor, Stuart, who is complaining about them fighting. As Frankie comes up, Taylor realizes that she has bruises on her face. Stuart thinks they had a fight and starts to call the police, and Frankie's gums begin to bleed. Come the morning, Wilson wonders what House has been doing with himself. House admits he's been watching porn and Wilson invites him to come with him when he speed-dates that night. House isn't interested, until Wilson notes that he has a chance to meet women. At work, the team brings Frankie's case to House and discuss privacy as well as the bruising, indicative of coagulopathy. They suspect toxins and House sends Taub and Thirteen to check out Frankie's apartment. As they search the place, Thirteen is surprised that Taub is anti-privacy. The neighbor, Stuart, comes over after he hears them. Taub would rather try and get out, but Thirteen says that they are Frankie's doctors. Stuart notes that he put out rat poison and Frankie keeps picking it up so the rats don't suffer. House arrives at the bar for speed-dating and discovers that Wilson has invited Chase. Chase insists it's not about looks, so House bets that he'll still end up with a woman even if he pretends to be slow and unemployed. The speed-dating begins and Wilson ends up discussing cancer. House is his usual self, and Chase can't keep the women away. House actually finds a woman who seems interesting: a police detective. She likes puzzles and despises idiots, but he realizes that she's lying and moves on to the next woman. Afterward, Chase gets the most women interested in him and House collects on his bet. At the hospital, Taub and Foreman go to see Frankie and discover that she's blogging, and that she has a fan in the room reading Frankie's blog on her own laptop. Frankie insists she washed her hands but the doctors discover a new symptom when she goes to the bathroom: her urine has turned a dull brown, meaning it isn't rat poison. The team goes into differential to consider the fact Frankie's kidneys are acting up. House notices Wilson walking by and asks where his porn DVDs are. Wilson insists that he returned them to the store, and House wonders why. His friend says he wanted the apartment to be porn-free in case he brought a woman home. House then returns to the team and orders saline and Mannitol treatment for Haff Disease. That night, Wilson comes to see House, who is watching his laptop, and suggests that he read Frankie's blog. House isn't interested, and Wilson notes that Frankie blogged about House. House brings up the porn DVDs and notes that he checked at the store and Wilson only returned two of the. Wilson tries to explain but House isn't interested and points out that he's watching the DVD on the laptop. Wilson has no choice but to explain that he was in the video because his roommate convinced him to participate. His friend added new porn scenes to get it released and the man who takes over later isn't Wilson. Wilson insists that no one can know about it and House promises not to say anything. As he leaves, Thirteen admits she heard about it. Chase is going over Frankie's blog when Thirteen comes in. She notes that one of Frankie's readers offered to donate a kidney. Chase asks Thirteen for an objective answer about whether he's a good-looking man. He realizes that everything is physical, and then realizes that Frankie's condition may have to do with her lack of arousal that she mentions in her blog. He takes Frankie to test for Sjogren's and they discuss relationships, and Frankie wonders how honest he was with Cameron. He asks her to lie on her back but she says that she can't due to the pain. Later, Chase goes to tell the team that Frankie has heart valve issues brought on by Sjogren's and he's ordered surgery. The x-rays confirm his diagnosis and even House is impressed. They explain the treatment to Frankie and note she has to choose between a pig valve or a plastic valve. The plastic valve could cause birth defects because of the anticoagulants required, while the pig valve will wear out in ten years and she'll need surgery again. They leave Frankie and Taylor to discuss it, and she wants to ask her blog readers. Taylor warns against it, saying they'll influence her against the pig valve because they're pro-animal rights. She insists on doing it in the interests of total honesty. Wilson enters his office and discovers posters from the porn video in his office. He quickly discovers that everyone in the hospital knows about his role. Wilson goes to Chase and asks for his help finding some dark secret from House's past. Chase points out how unlikely that is, but then notes that House is supposedly reading The Golden Bowl, but it's too small and he's not using his reading glasses. They figure it's something House is ashamed of to have. After hearing from her readers, Frankie says she's going with the plastic valve. Taylor points out that she once told him that she didn't want to be alone, but now she's too worried about getting hits and providing entertainment for her readers. He warns her that if she continues, he won't be there for her. Chase and Wilson search House's office and soon discover a book containing sermons. Wilson wonders why he would hide it, and tells Chase not to mention it to anyone. As Frankie goes into surgery, she asks Taylor if he'll be there when she wakes up. She hates that she doesn't know what he's thinking without a blog, and Taylor says that they need to get her through surgery. She suddenly has chest pains and vomits. Afterward, they tell her that her appendix burst, and it contained cells consistent with lymphoma. They've postponed the heart surgery, but the lymphoma will soon kill her. Cuddy has approved an experimental procedure to create a targeted lymphoma vaccine, and the team warns that without it, Frankie has a year at most. Taylor offers to stand behind her and Frankie immediately gives her approval. As they leave, Chase wonders if Frankie is in denial and suggests it might be a symptom. He then approaches a nurse, Sandy, and asks if he can borrow her car. Later, as they prepare the vaccine, Chase tells Thirteen that Sandy just loaned him her car without questions, and that he's been getting by on his looks. Thirteen tries to reassure him and suggests that it's better to take people as they come. House comes home and Wilson confronts him with the book. When House tries to lie about it, Wilson doesn't believe him and wonders if he's looking for irrational answers. House insists that he's all right but Wilson wonders if he's back on Vicodin. His friend denies it and simply takes the book back, while Wilson wonders what it means. When House comes to work the next day, he discovers that Wilson has given everyone copies of the book and told them that House is reading it. Chase tells them that Thirteen is giving Frankie her third treatment, and that he got copies of the book by contacting the author. House seems worried that the author might have mentioned him. Frankie has a reaction to the vaccine while she was sleeping, and the team report to Cuddy. House finds it curious that Frankie was sleeping during the day, and checks the time stamps on her blogs. Until recently, she was only posting during the day. Now she's suffering from day-night reversal, which indicates liver disease, and he tells them to biopsy her liver. After tests, the team explains to Frankie that she doesn't have lymphoma, which is why the vaccine hurt her. They don't know the nature of the cells that were in her appendix. However, she's dying more quickly than they thought, and only has three or four days. Frankie snaps at them and they realize she's moved past denial. Back in differential, the team concludes that Frankie has an infection but there's nothing to account for it. House figures there's something Frankie isn't saying, but Chase points out that she's told everyone everything. The best House can do is order treatment for broad-spectrum antibiotics. He then reads over Frankie's blogs and thinks about the case. Wilson comes in and explains that he finally realized that the author is House's biological father. House claims he was only mildly curious but Wilson doesn't believe it. When he talks about crap, House gets an idea and goes to see Frankie for the first time. He asks if she's had a hard or soft bowel movement. She's reluctant to discuss it and House realizes that she never said anything about her bowel movements on her blogs. She has Whipple's Disease, which caused malabsorption, and the cells built up in her appendix. Now they can cure her, although she'll still need a heart valve and medication for a few years. Once they leave, Frankie decides to go with the pig valve so they can have children. In response, Taylor gives her the laptop and invites her to blog. As they prepare to leave, Chase wonders if it's better to make contact with people in person or over the Internet. Thirteen wonders why he's so hung up on looks, and finally figures that he's worried that he didn't feel anything real for Cameron. She tells him that he's paranoid… and refuses to loan him his car. Wilson confronts House and wonders why he chose to read his biological father's book instead of going to see him. He figures that House has been alone his whole life, and hoped that he could recognize a kindred spirit. When House doesn't respond, Wilson asks if he found anything. House says that underneath the God stuff, all he found was more God stuff. They walk out beneath a giant poster of Wilson's porn movie that House has hung up in the lobby.
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