Season 6 Episode 15

Private Lives

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Speed dating and a porno... oh and the patient

    Interesting that Wilson brought Chase along for speed dating. It never seemed like they were that close and it showed when Chase was surprised when Wilson sat at his table later in the episode. Cameron and Wilson seemed close but yet he never wanted to help her. The speed dating was pretty funny, Chase getting all the names even though he acted like an idiot, Wilson having to talk about cancer with all the people, and House 'diagnosing' the fake cop. And Chase never used his looks to get a girl before? Why is he so shocked? The first two and a half seasons they made him out to be a player until he started moping after Cameron.

    About time someone called Foreman out about being condescending/arrogant. He has been acting worse and worse lately.

    So Wilson didn't think House would get suspicious by losing House's one porno? He would have been better off pretending to have lost all three rather than just one. That just is a flashing sign that Wilson didn't want House to see that one. And it makes for an amusing storyline but it makes no sense. First of all, how would Wilson even know about the video? Secondly, I'm pretty sure Wilson's friend would have to get Wilson's permission in order to use him in that film and from the way Wilson reacted, he wouldn't have given it.

    The patient posting everything on her blog just makes her look indecisive rather than unsecretive. And she hates that her boyfriend doesn't have a blog because she doesn't know what he is thinking? Whatever did we do before the internet? Try talking instead of hiding behind a computer screen. And maybe I just don't understand blogging, but she just writes about her everyday life (which can't be that exciting in the first place) and someone she has never met from Korea or Japan or wherever they said was willing to donate their kidney?

    I knew as soon as House didn't want Chase to have said anything to the author that he was reading the book because he knew the person. And then when I thought about it, I thought for sure it was his real dad. I'm just surprised they brought it back up. The writers are masters at dropping storylines.