Season 3 Episode 6

Que Será Será

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Firemen are cutting a hole in a wall… to lower the corpse of a 600-pound man out of his bed and down to the street. When they try to lift him there's gas and they realize that the man is still alive.

Cuddy has the staff do a differential diagnosis on the man, George, while waiting for House to show up. The initial tests show negative, leaving them puzzled. Meanwhile, House is in jail with an annoying cell mate. Tritter finally lets him loose and Wilson pays for his bail. House gets in to the meeting and orders a round of testing. Cameron goes to George's house to check things out and notices he has similar furnishings and habits as House. House meets with a clinic patient while Tritter lurks outside and is unimpressed by House's gibes. House then orders a MRI for George and they eventually get his head in. While Cuddy advises House to get a criminal lawyer, George wakes up from his coma and panics.

Cuddy is mad at House for putting George into the MRI, but Cameron comes to the rescue saying they couldn't have denied treatment to George since he qualifies as having a disability, and claiming she ordered the treatment. The staff are divided on the diagnosis so House goes with all of them except Chase's, who basically says to do nothing so House tells him to do sit around and do nothing. George relates the fact his previous doctors haven't found anything wrong with him in the past and he doesn't think there's anything wrong with him now. He insists on being released but Cameron and Foreman think otherwise.

House talks to Wilson about Cameron and her newfound lying skills but Wilson would rather advise House to call the lawyer. Cameron and Foreman report in and House goes to confront George and points out that no one in their right mind would insist on going home after a coma, so he must know of some condition he has. House tosses out a variety of symptoms but George denies having anything and he's not miserable, just overweight. Before they can continue, House gets a call from his landlord and returns to his apartment to find Tritter executing a search warrant. Tritter has found House's stash of vicodin and wonders if any of them were stolen or taken under a forged prescription.

House orders George's release then wants to know if Wilson told Tritter anything, but Wilson says he just told Tritter he had prescribed vicodin. Cameron escorts George out as he's discharged. George still insists there's nothing wrong him and whatever will happen will happen. He walks out, but he collapses and falls through a window. As House wonders where Chase is, Cameron admits she gave him a drug to knock him out because she didn't think he should leave. House suspects a parasite from contaminated food and suggests they drill a hole to test. George agrees but during the procedure he starts to panic when he goes blind.

They don't find any parasites but House now suspects diabetes. He leaves Cameron to try and administer the diabetes test, but George insists that he will only help them with the testing if they check for something that isn't weight-related.

House meets with a criminal lawyer who suggests he plea bargain. House refuses and goes back to meet with Cameron and Foreman, and finds out George won't let them test for diabetes. House tries to force him to drink the sugar water for the diabetes test but notices yellowing of the fingernails. House orders x-rays of his hands and says he believes George has lung cancer as his hands are clubbed. The x-rays confirm that he has a small-cell lung carcinoma that has metastized in his lymph nodes and it's inoperable. George takes it in stride.

House ends up plea bargaining and Cameron thinks that will let him keep on doing what he's doing. House wonders why she lied and suspects she had someone overweight in her family, but she denies it.

Tritter talks to Wilson who claims he prescribed all of House's vicodin, but Tritter notes the signatures are inconsistent. Wilson wasn't aware that House was forging his signature but still claims he wrote them out for House. Tritter accepts his explanation… for now.
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