Season 3 Episode 6

Que Será Será

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on FOX

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  • unexplained obesity

    They never answered the most obvious question: How on earth did this guy get to be 600 pounds??? I felt that some sort of explanation was necessary. Is this based on a true story or is this total fiction?
  • About this episode

    It had great prosthetic makeup.
  • House vs Tritter- Round 2.

    This episode fell a little flatter than normal for me. The case itself was okay, but not brilliant. Chase once again reveals he hates fat people- that is one the writers have never explained! Cameron was good in this episode, determined to help the guy, but the response to why she was so determined was quite frustratingly not answered in this episode. Tritter made his presense heard again, and I think this is quite an interesting twist in the storyline, making sure House has an enemy. Wilson lying to defend his friend was also dramatic, given the cliff hanger at the end of the episode.

    Overall, a good, solid episode, but nothing spectacular like the last couple. Still, well-written and brilliantly acted- an average episode thats still better than the best ones of lesser shows.
  • A 600 pound patient causes mysteries.

    As kids our parents teach us to behave nicely and treat others with respect. You hear the Parents Television Council complain about shows such as Gossip Girl and Family Guy but rarely House. I'm not saying any of the three deserves blame, but this was an absolute brutal one-liner after another parade of fat jokes. And it was great.

    A good story, and although it followed the generic plot of them not being able to diagnose the patient until the very end, it was a good ride along the way with some humorous moments and some really dramatic moments. I really miss Allison Cameron not being present on the newer episodes of House as she was great as usual here.
  • Where did Chase go?

    This episode was pretty good, among other things, my favorite part is when Cameron & the fat guy fall together & break the mirror, that guy was so gross to look at, no one could be that fat. I am curious about how Chase was only in the beginning of this episode & then he totally disappeared, they didn't even conclude anything in the end. and that guy who arrests House continues with his arc. I cannot believe Wilson lies for him & busts him out of jail for a large amount of money. Wilson is such a good friend, I didn't like how they totally discriminated fast people though, kind of messed up, overall a great episode!
  • Review

    The team encounters logistical problems while trying to run tests on a 600-pound man due to his extremely large size. Meanwhile, House spends the night in jail after being arrested by Detective Tritter for various charges, including resisting arrest. Well, any questions anyone had in the last episode about this Tritter guy going away can no longer be asked. This seems like a nice little mini-season storyarch that the writershave gotten themselves into and Im very interested to see where it plays out. Great to see the writers taking away from the formula they have used over the past couple of seasons to really give season three a whole new meaning. Wilson seems like he is getting himself into some trouble as he lies to protect House by saying that he signed everything that House has even though that is clearly not the truth in the case at the end of the episode. The episode itself was okay as a whole, but the case was kind of boring. The fat guy gives the team trouble with testing. Yea, we kind of figured that that was going to be coming in this episode. The continuing investigation on House was where the episode really stood out from itself.
  • 600 pound man goes into a coma for two days and refuses to be treated by House and his team unless they can come up with something that is not related to his weight.

    Very good episode, I thought it interesting to learn why someone who weighs that much would keep on eating, basically killing themselves slowly. I guess over-eating, like alcoholism and drug abuse, is an addiction and cannot be cured very easily, if at all.

    Wonder where Chase went, maybe we'll find out next week? Or did he go back to Australia when House told him to stay sitting on his ass? ;) Also wonder why Wilson keeps putting up with House, he's hardly very nice to him is he, while Wilson does everything for him. Maybe he should have left him in jail a while longer ;). Hope this cop thing plays out soon...
  • Discrimination, selfsteem among other topics.

    George, a 650-pound comatose man thought to be dead and who, while in the process of being cut out of his apartment by a crew of wisecracking firemen, involuntarily alerts them to his true status with a built-in alarm.

    Quick to champion the cause of the underdog, Cameron immediately empathized with the now-conscious George; however, Chase could not see past George's excess flesh in order to treat him. Chase attitude toward George was effective in spotlighting the issue of standard of care as well as highlighting discrimination against the obese. In its usual way, the show used humor to emphasize the point — with fat jokes from House, broken MRIs, flatulence and more. The twist in this story was that George's problem had nothing to do with his weight. Instead, he was suffering from undiagnosed and terminal lung cancer. The other case in this episode concerned House's legal woes. Honestly, if I were a part of this fictional world, nothing would annoy me more than House's attitude toward his situation. I wanted to shake him when he threw away the lawyer's information that Cuddy supplied and when he blew off Wilson's advice to get a good lawyer. It took losing his stash of Vicodin to get House to take action.

    Detective Tritter is very creepy he isn't embarrassed that he's taken things this far. He's crossed over into harassment in my book, and now he just looks like an ass. He pops up at the hospital; he searches House's home and interrogates Wilson. It's clear that he's not willing to let this go, and I'm torn on how this situation will affect Wilson. I'm sad that he will be drawn into this mess by covering up the forged signatures on his prescriptions, but then I can't wait for the ensuing drama. Let me take a moment to appreciate Wilson or, better yet, his portrayer, Robert Sean Leonard. His subtle and varied performance of the beleaguered best friend is spectacular, and he manages to consistently steal the scene from the show's front man.

    Some odds and ends: House spilled the beans on Cuddy's sperm hunt and then covered it up oh so smoothly. How long before Foreman throws his hat in the babydaddy ring?
  • So... do you enjoy food more than your life?

    Do you know any obese people... Everyone does. but not like this. In this episode... Doctor House is arrested by the cop that he was rude to because the cop tripped him. Now, Dr. Cameron thinks taht all the symptoms that this guy, their new patient that was in a coma and had a fever, is getting is becasue of his weight problem. But Doctor House does not know what to think yet because the guy has been in a coma for two days he is trying very hard to figure out what was going on. Doctor House is also is introuble with his friend, Dr. Wilson because he took his prescription pad.
  • Ive been waiting to see this episode all season

    First let me say that this is the episode that i most wanted to see of the whole season. I mean think about it, whats more funny to watch than a 600 pound man denying that he has a weight problem. It was great, just as i expected. House made some nice fat jokes, and it was definitly worth the weight (lol get it?). We also got so see Tritter again. And this time he caught House in the act of driving his motorcycle. And claimed that House was breaking some laws. Of course he would have let them go if they were from anyone else. Then he added that House falsely resisted arrest. So House spent the night in Prison.
  • Cameron\'s character comes to the for.

    We have seen a different Cameron this season. She is no longer content in taking the back seat. She has started to resort to \"House like\" tactics such as lying and drugging patients to get her way.

    In this episode we saw her stand up to Cuddy, House, her workmates, the patient and anybody else that got in the way.

    She also now seems to be able to stand up to House in the verbal jousting department.

    She also seems to have taken up House\'s slewthing habit by deducing the meaning behind House\'s \"butt plug\" remark.

    She even showed a little backbone by telling the patient he was going to die ... something she couldn\'t manage in a previous episode.

    No doubt she will be happy to help the fat guy off himself when the time comes ... as she did with Joel Grey\'s character in a previous episode.
  • Where was Chase? Otherwise, great episode.

    I loved this episode! Especially one of the last scenes (hint: I’m a Ham (House/Cam) shipper)
    This. Was. Excellent. There are only a few parts I must point out that I didn’t like:
    1) I forgot to tape it :cry:
    2) Where did Chase go? I’m not a big Chase fan, but I do like looking at him :wink: , and we never got an explanation as to where on earth he was after the first fifteen minutes or so. It seemed that the only one who noticed was House, and that was probably only because he had some great insult in his mind that he was just dying to use
    3) The spoilers I read were wrong :cry: I read one that said Cameron hugged House. I knew it was unlikely, but I was still looking forward to it. L

    That’s it for the bad stuff. Now, the good stuff:
    1) Chase wasn’t there to make fun of the obese guy. I don’t like him around overweight people. He’s a complete a$$.
    2) I got the ‘squigglies’ in the second to last scene (I think it was second to last…) When Cameron comes in and starts spinning the ball and they’re talking, I was all ‘oh my god! Shipperness!’. 3) I liked how the patient’s disease wasn’t actually related to his obesity. I really liked that. I don’t think it’s right to assume something just because of the way they look. Um… I know there was something I forgot to mention, but I can’t remember it L. Hmm… oh well. I’m sure it wasn’t that important if I forgot it. That’s it for now. I don’t think the next one will be able to top Que Sera Sera.
  • I was more interested in the subplot

    This has to be the first time in a while that the medical mystery didn't hold the same level of interest for me that the subplot did. Chalk a lot of the credit up to David Morse's superlative performance here. After a long list of attempts to find a thorn in House's side, we may finally have an adversay worthy of House. Let's just hope they don't find some way to defang him and make him go easily away.

    I loved the sense of the web slowly closing on House as the episode progressed. I wonder how long it will be before the noose tightening around his neck begins to affect his ability to concentrate and his work.
  • funny, and interesting!

    i thought this episode was really funny. i think i found the whole thing about chase not doing anything the most funny, aside from all the fat jokes. this episode again had the pain in the ass detective. i think it's cool that someones there to finally put house in his place, but i really dont like the way the character is written. I mean I love David Morse as an actor, but the way they have written the charcater just bothers me. this episode really showed the darker and more house like side of cameron. i'm still on the fence about how i like her change in character, but im happy that she is stronger than she was in seasons one and two. this episode was a classic and i hope there are more produced like it.
  • This is a default episode of House: well written, well played and coherent characters. Why ask for more?

    Well... I think that House is probably the best TV show for all the reasons I have said before. You can always expect a very good to excelent episode. No alarms,no surprises, just the good old Greg and his crew.

    The addiction of an antagonist just makes things better. David Morse always do the role of a cop, or a traitor. He is running for 1st place in Villain\\\'s category, but unfortunatelly Gary Oldman is already there - but I expect a great chemistry between (or against? *lol*) him and Hgh Laurie. Que sera, que sera...

    By the way... Anyone knows what is the song that he plays at the end of the ep? Thanks a lot!
  • a nice addition to the enemy of dr. house

    Great episode. Didn't care for the patient plot but on the personal side of house dealing with his arch enemy tritter and the thousand pills confiscated- well that was too funny!

    Great episode. Didn't care for the patient plot but on the personal side of house dealing with his arch enemy tritter and the thousand pills confiscated- well that was too funny!

    Great episode. Didn't care for the patient plot but on the personal side of house dealing with his arch enemy tritter and the thousand pills confiscated- well that was too funny!

    Great episode. Didn't care for the patient plot but on the personal side of house dealing with his arch enemy tritter and the thousand pills confiscated- well that was too funny!
  • It was great

    I really liked it, I mean not as much as I liked other episodes but it was defiantly good! I didnt like the fact I had to watch it with that election crap around it! and I felt so sorry for that man, he was so big and so helpless, I kept hoping it would end up his weight was a symptom like the episode in the first season "Heavy" and they could fix it and he could be happy! But instead Lung Cancer and he said he never smoked! how sad is that?!? I didnt like that Chase was wrote out of alot of it, I like the ones hes in.
  • House always needs someone in the enemy role, doesn't he? Vogler, Stacey (motivation to act out if not actually fighting Stacey), and now Tritter. There seems to be one big character for House to torture every season and to convince to leave him alone.

    Once again, this was a fine episode of House with lots of funny moments and a decent case. The case was a bit simple (and thus very quickly finished with one patient-doctor interaction leading directly to diagnosis) but it was still interesting enough to not spoil the medical mystery side of the epsiode. The personal developments were fun. But, where was Chase? I hope he was up to something that would make a good plot twist (or at least something dirty). The whole House-Tritter thing will go bad after two weeks (like milk). It seems too reminiscent of the House against the evil guy thing with Vogler. I thought Tritter was a good character but his continual persecution of House will end up being dull instead of adding good drama.

    This season is definitely not as good as the last one but the epsiodes still show the potential for further great times. House is still better than almost all the other shows out there so no reason to quit yet. Not sure if it can survive more than one more season though while maintaining the original zing.
  • 600 lb man with nystagmus (the nystagmus was cooler) and House share a common personality. Woop dee doo.

    I thought this episode was one of the worst I had seen. We all know that Tritter is pissed at House. Was is such a surprise to see that he'd be going after his Vicadin addiction at his home or that he'd be asking Wilson about it? And the 600 lb guy was still blind, heavy, and a jerk by the end of the episode. What did any of them do for him? Chase wasn't even in this episode all that much and we've seen Camron mouth off to Cuddy before. Come on, for sweeps week, they should have come up with something new and exciting! Although they effects they used to give the guy nystagmus were very impressive.
  • House is starting to lose it in a disturbing episode.

    Story wise it wasn't bad – I thought the obese man's problem was dealt with an overall dignity and despite the fact it showed the ugly side of obesity, it also showed the obese patient as a person – he's not a messy slob but rather a gourmet who enjoys the good things in life and doesn't care too much about what others think of him. I found that very refreshing as it seems that nowadays every minority is protected by the PC police, but the fat people. The fact that his sickness had nothing to do with his obesity was surprisingly refreshing, as it had reminded everyone that it's medically wrong to judge patients by their looks and assume too much without listening to them and treating them as human beings. I thought that was wonderful. But when it comes to character development this episode turned out to quite problematic. It seems that in this season all the characters are becoming cartoonist and exaggerated and I'm not sure I like that.

    House is losing it to a point where it's scary. The night in jail didn't do him a lot of good and his (justified) frustration from Tritter's actions against him are effecting his actions in a way we've never seen before: he is usually very discreet but now he almost tells Cuddy out with the "joke" about the sperm donor, he was always rude but never aggressive like when he literally tried to force a blind patient to drink! That was a very disturbing scene. Getting all those pills is an irrational act which is very untypical of him. It's very unlike him to act so carelessly. I think that ever since he was shot he feels much more vulnerable and much less confident, and the fact that the Ketamine didn't work out after all had a devastating effect on him, as much as he tries to hide it. Unfortunately, he lost most of his sense of humor on the way, which is a shame. He used to be funny, not just cynical and bitter. It would be nice to have that quality back. I think that the shooting issues must come back and dealt with. It's crucial for his character development and also for the on-going plot, as it makes no sense at all that such an important issue wasn't dealt with on any level until now. Tritter is portrayed in a very disturbing way – he is really scary and I just don't buy it that he's only doing what he's doing just because House pissed him off at the clinic. There must be more then this or he is really much more insane then it looks right now. Maybe it'll turn out he's on psychiatric pills… I see the point in brining his character to the show, but I still hate him and want him gone asap! A shame he's there for 4 more episodes. It's just too much. I really don't like the new Cameron – I can see the point in trying to make her a bit more complex and but something fundamentally good about her character was lost in the way. I don’t think she's becoming the new House, but rather – that she's becoming the new Wilson: a basically good and caring person that sees the world from a very narrow perspective, self righteous and preaches all day long, thinking s/he has a monopole over what's moral, ethical and truth yet acts like and a** on more then one occasion(telling House the patient is much like him re the prostitutes??? that was way out of line even for her). I also didn't buy her drugging the patient to stay for treatment – I don't think her character is really up to it and she acted pretty bad on this scene. Chase's disappearing completely from treatment was very strange. We know he has issues with fat people but it still doesn't explain it He had no problem helping House to kill a patient (informed consent) but can't deal with fat people? How bizarre is that? And House's accepting it with no comment is even stranger. Is he off to rat on House again? I wouldn't be too surprised. Wilson's willing to lie for House is admirable, yet I also believe it has a lot to do with him feeling guilty for lying to House and for not believing his pain when he came to him and said the Ketamine is wearing off. He protects House because he's his friend, but also because in a way he feels that he pushed House to forge the prescriptions.
  • Great show with great dialouge tonight!

    A very funny show as I laughed my head off
    Despite being a jerk, House is a lovable one IMHO
    He spends a night in jail as the detective that arrested
    Him exchanges great dialogue with him. Love the Peyton Manning quote of the show as well as House trying to handle a really huge 600 pound guy. Great show and funny episode!
  • Another amazing show!!

    I was worried for a while there...obesity can be a touchy subject..along the lines of race. But House played it extremelly well.

    Yes, the fat jokes were there, if you are going to be true to life, you can\'t exclude them...unfortunately. However it was done with some dignity. House made every comment under the sun, but because of his character, you could almost let them slide as House being House. Chase was the ass, as has been evidenced in the past, like in the first season episode "Heavy". The pretty boy, has a fat issue. At least this time House told him to shove it, and made him sit it out, because he was going to be useless to the team, when all he was going to do was b*tch and moan. Cameron was sympathetic to the POTW, but as has been evident this season, she has grown a back bone and was able to stand up for her decisions. If it weren\'t for some of the antics she pulled(i.e. tranqualizers and MRI), the patient George probably would have went on his merry way, none the wiser to his condition and would have become a DUN (that being Dead Upstairs Neighbour for you non-CSI fans).

    House in jail was amusing, even behind bars, the snark keeps on coming. Loved his celly singing "Having my Baby!", just to drive House nuts. And the verbal sparing with Tritter....Gomer Pyle and Barney Fife, was a riot!

    600 Vicodin, what the hell kinda rainy day was he expecting, that seems a tad excessive even for him!! At least we know what he does on his weekends now...gets stoned and waits for Monday.

    I felt bad for Wilson at the end. When Tritter showed him the forged prescriptions he looked truly hurt, and even though he covered..badly, with the cop, this is far from the end of that issue. Next week when Wilson confronts House, heads will roll. It was one thing to be the prescribing doctor for the "normal" amount of Vicodin that House had, but the forged ones have now dragged Wilson into this as an accessory, and he isn't likely to forgive and forget anytime soon. This is bound to create a lot of tension in their friendship.

    Oh how could I forget, House(Hugh Laurie) playing guitar at the end...that was cut off way too soon for my taste, because he is a multi talented man and I could have listened to that all night.

    Line of the night goes to Cameron again:

    "I like damaged people, remember? Explains everything I do." Way to put House in his place with that one!!
  • There isn't much character development in House, but as a matter of fact, that is why I like about him! I love how he never changes his way and acts like a jerk all the time, but at the end, he is still a genius doctor.

    I don't really understand what is going on in this episode.... Well, I sort of have a clue, but I wish they could go in more detail about why the 600 pound patient got that disease without ever smoking in his whole life. The writers leave me very confused at the end of the episode. However, the lesson I learn is that we should never smoke! Lots of weird things can happen when you don't smoke, not to mention if you do smoke. It's better to make an effort to avoid everything by not smoking. I feel really bad for House in this episode. He sure seems to be in a lot of pain. In my books, he's a total genius. Geniuses often stand alone. He is also a great hero in the sense that he has saved so many lives. Heros always stand alone, too. That makes him double lonely. Sighs! No wonder he is constantly in so much pain on top of the physical pain from his leg. I have begun to like House a lot. I think he is one of the coolest TV characters in history, hehe!
  • he never even smoked!

    this was another great episode. cameron is acting more & more like house, actually all of them are. & i think that's great. it's only natural for people to start taking on the traits of someone they admire. i'm glad that house did not betray cuddy's confidence. it's not something he should be joking about. the cop guy is very good & the lawyer's fees were outrageous!! no wonder we hate lawyers. u would think the cop would slow house down at least a little. but luckily he has the best friend ever, wilson who lied 2 a cop 4 him. i just hope wilson doesn't pay the price. the scene where house & the cop r both popping pills was great & although falling through a window would have killed the fat guy it was quite a scene & great 2 watch as he pulls cameron with him. i was expecting more fat jokes but it was still a good episode.
  • Ok, this one was a little different. I'm a little disappointed that House wasn't in jail longer, just for the heck of it, but I do like how he had to higher a lawyer in order to sav his hide.....

    Ok, this one was a little different. I'm a little disappointed that House wasn't in jail longer, just for the heck of it, but I do like how he had to higher a lawyer in order to save his hide. I also like the situation at the end, with Wilson saying it was really was his signature, when both of them knew it wasn't. House foraged it. As far as the patient, he was ok. It was pretty cool the way Cameron saved his butt there before he left. I take it back, he was 600 pounds. There is NO way on this EARTH Cameron could have caught him. She just cut herself up. The charater development was good, especially with House. Humor was good, yada yada yada. Anywayz, enough with the rant. I know you're bored:P I rate it 8/10. Straight up.
  • "He wants us to let him go home"..."Oh sure, Places to go...people to eat." - This show is hilarious & House is the coolest character on TV.

    This show keeps getting better. The addition of a nemesis for House this season was a great idea, since his time is now split b/w dealing with the cop, and dealing with patients, he no longer has time to give his team a hard time(while that is always funny.) Still, I wonder how this cop has so much time to trump up charges on House, shouldn't he be doing cop stuff, like solving actual crimes, murders, robberies, that sort of thing. I wonder, when he goes back to the station everyday, what he is telling his boss.
  • "You're right, he's me. Well, three of me." House treats a 600lb man who loves to eat.

    I really liked this episode. First off, the cop was driving me nuts. Sure, while House treats his patients like idiots, he doesn't go out of his way to purposely destroy their lives, nor does he have this need to get revenge on someone (to the point where the cop was following House, waiting for him to screw up). And he is willing to take down anyone who defends House. Boy has this guy got a gruge. So House was rude to him, it's not like House didn't treat him.
    And about House being an addict, in season one, he admitted to being an addict, however after his leg pain was gone he stopped taking the Vicoden. Once the pain returned so did the Vicoden. Are you really an addict if after the source of your pain is gone you stop using the drug? House only forged Wilson's signature because he didn't want to admit that his pain was back. Now on to the case. I thought it was pretty interesting. I liked the fact that in the end, what was wrong with him had nothing to do with the guy's weight. It was great, seeing Chase, Forman and (mostly) Cameron defying House, thinking and doing for themselves. They've grown a lot since the first season. I've also noticed how much Cameron has changed since Informed Consent. It seems like helping (killing) that dying doctor has made Cameron finally decide what kind of doctor she wants to be. In the last few episodes she has been decidedly House-like, not listening to House, taking responsibility for her actions with Cuddy, and talking back to House. The character is evolving and it's nice to see Cameron not be such a one-dimensional person anymore. While this wasn't the best episode of the season, it was fun to watch and kept me thoroughly entertained.
  • Oh.. wow.

    Does anyone else thinks that this episode was great?

    I find Cameron very very interesting these days. Other than the fact that she's getting better at giving snappy and surprising remarks to House and the rest, her character is getting a lot more complex these days.
    Somewhat equal to House.
    Even House can't figure her out now! -- which is very VERY amusing.

    The week's case is a bit poignant and bittersweet.
    A very heavy guy refuses to be tested to anything that relates to his weight and it turned out that he did not became sick because of it!
    It was sad.. the man really loved his life.

    Tritter is horribly annoying!
    And it's completely odd that Chase just.. disappeared after House told him to sit on his ass.
    Wilson was awesome, as usual. Such a loyal friend.
  • I\'ve run out of clever things to say.

    Good enough episode.Are they just feeding us a lot of info, preparing us for what is to come ? Building a case ?
    Too bad they didn’t continue where they left off last week. I would have liked to see how they solved the problem of House being handcuffed and thus not being able to walk, I would have liked to see him resisting the arrest, and it was slightly strange that in the at least 11 hours I think he was in the cell without pills he didn’t detox. The medical case was OK though. Very obese man who turned out to be right about his illness being unrelated to his weight. Terminal small cell lung cancer, he never even smoked. I was surprised that no one really coul dbe bothered with Cameron making the guy faint to keep him in hospital.
    I wonder how this whole Tritter case will go, where House will end up. Good thing he went to talk to the best criminal attorney in NJ, it looks like he is going to need him. Tritter will not let go that easily.
    I think someone will also keep a very close eye on how much pills House actually is popping. He seemed to be looking for them and not finding any.
    And what Wilson will say to House about the forged prescription next week – that is if he is still talking to House !
  • Crazy story line!! Yet I love it.

    Alright, I quite enjoyed the begining with House in prison, Great times, great times.... When Wilson bailed him out, I seriously thought he sold his car in order to bail House out, I mean how many bottles of Vicodin does he have in his apartment? Does he just lose them at random? But what the hell is with them tearing up his apartment. . .If I was House I would be pissed! and kicked some major trash.

    I almost started to panic when Cameron started caring. . . too much. It was like her falling for House again. **hint hint Chase and Cameron** And George grabbed her when he fell, pulling them both through the glass window. I\'m glad it did cut her up though to make it more real, should\'ve broken her elbow or fractured her Radius/Ulna or something. . .just angst on my part. She actually lied to Cuddy-thats my girl about the MRI table. . . majorly exciting. The MRI scene was a different one on its own, I love it a bunch. When Cameron starts pushing him onto the table. . .she weighs what 115 lbs trying to add Chase (160) and Foreman (170) isn\'t going to lift a 600lbs man . . . I love How Cuddy immediatly blames House. Pulling a House, Cameron is. What happened to Chase? House told him to just sit there. . You would think he wouldn\'t listen for once, maybe some shipper moments. .

    Wilson is my Hero!! I don\'t even know if he is lying or not-I\'m worried that he\'ll lose his license for it. I don\'t think he is.. D I E C O P! He is a friend that I would want to have. . I hope he finds a girl that is good for him. I was almost a Cameron/Wilson Shipper, but I turned that one down at Haunting.
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