Season 3 Episode 6

Que Será Será

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2006 on FOX

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    The team encounters logistical problems while trying to run tests on a 600-pound man due to his extremely large size. Meanwhile, House spends the night in jail after being arrested by Detective Tritter for various charges, including resisting arrest. Well, any questions anyone had in the last episode about this Tritter guy going away can no longer be asked. This seems like a nice little mini-season storyarch that the writershave gotten themselves into and Im very interested to see where it plays out. Great to see the writers taking away from the formula they have used over the past couple of seasons to really give season three a whole new meaning. Wilson seems like he is getting himself into some trouble as he lies to protect House by saying that he signed everything that House has even though that is clearly not the truth in the case at the end of the episode. The episode itself was okay as a whole, but the case was kind of boring. The fat guy gives the team trouble with testing. Yea, we kind of figured that that was going to be coming in this episode. The continuing investigation on House was where the episode really stood out from itself.