Season 7 Episode 14

Recession Proof

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on FOX

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  • Hosue teases himself with a Vicodin Lick...

    All seasons have a weak link. This was it. Nothing really NEW was ongoing. More of a continuation of relationship issues (Foreman and Taub) and new ones
    emerging (Masters and Chase) (she obviously is disgistued but curious about him). I don;t know the Time line--but figuring out just what disorder the patient exposed to just about every toxin around would have seemed way too simple. It would take WEEKS of testing to eliminate all the possibilies Hosue ruled out in 40 minutes. I have never been very enthusiastic about Cuddy-House (too syrupy for my caustic House nature) and this episode only added more thick maple goo. not very impressed with this offering. House Licks a Vicodin? He doesn;t take one/ WHY>? Again .the most overlooked and unanswered question of this series "WHY isn;t House in PAIN anymore? Oh he is..but he overcomes it? LOL COme on..he was seeing dead people a year ago. he needed injections of Morphine in his leg. Someone just doesn;t want to TALK about PAIN anymore on the show.
  • 714

    Another so so episode of House from me. I hate to rip on this show, as it still has some competent, succinct writing, but on that level, it certainly does feel like the show has run out of ideas. The House and Cuddy relationship has been an epic fail, as many predicted it to be (myself included) and the storylines are getting dumb and dumber as weeks go on. The Foreman and Taub relationship continues to waste everyone's time involved.

    The only one consistently good thing about this show is that the opening scenes where the incidents occur are still good.
  • Too poor to tell the truth

    House and the team take the case of a man who is leading a double life still posing as a real estate developer for his wife when he actually does industrial clean up work (crime scenes, septic tanks, etc.) But his deceit leads in the wrong direction diagnosing him. House is faced with a charity gala where Cuddy will receive and award for running the hospital for 15 years successfully and House pulls his usual juvenile pranks it seems to upset or make the party in his own way "better." The case of the week was stale but it was surprising to see some of the characters like Chase defend the privacy of the married man and to his secrecy and he knows what it's like to be a husband with a secret that he'd rather not share. Good episode and the Taub and Foreman roommate scenes are enjoying to say the least. Could've been better though, I feel like I've seen this before.
  • In which House has a shocking epiphany.

    Though I liked the banter between House, Wilson, and Cuddy, and feel he has not lost all of his cynicism, this episode left a lot to be desired. I felt a lot of the "medical drama" take a backseat to relationships, and I find the ending to this episode strikingly out of character. (Considering there was very little consistancy before this, its hard to believe House would have this kind of an epiphany with not a lot to lead him there) Though he has been very effected by losing patients in the past, he has not allowed it to control him emotionally. Granted, he's only human, but I think there was an oversight in the plot to make this kind of development at random. (By the sounds of coming episodes, it doesn't seem like they'll play it off as drunkenness either) Nevertheless I hope this show is signed for an eighth season because the characters really are something profound and inventive. I hope they find a way to maintain the characterization that made this show everything its become, while working in whatever relationship drama they feel will keep the ratings up. (Side Note: Still not thrilled with Masters character, but keeping an open mind)
  • Good solid episode. Good case, good development.

    Good solid episode. Good case, good development. The patient lying to his wife started out pretty repetitive but I grew to like it, because they really were in love, but it really became memorable because he died. Even if I didn't feel much before that, the slow motion, music with Chase and Masters was lovely and sad.
    I know some fans don't like Huddy but I think there has been incredible character growth for House more than ever before, in season six and seven. I don't think House is less funny, and I enjoy the relationship. This week didn't seem like it would be a big thing, maybe a little embarrassment, some anger or yelling, but after the patient died, a lot of baggage House was carrying was evident, though i was surprised in his drunk speech when he chose Cuddy. House hasn't lost the ability to surprise and I enjoy that.
    Foreman and Taub truly are an odd couple but I like that they speak their mind. They are my least favourite characters but together they aren't so bad. They're very honest with each other, even when they're asses and that's refreshing.
    Chase and Masters are...interesting. She is very Cameron-esque which makes it squicky but I love her character and Chase really could use her.
    Overall, I really enjoyed Recession Proof. I liked the character interaction and thought it moved forward and i was interested the whole way through.
  • Beginning to like Amber Tamblyn (as Masters) - she is so refreshingly naive - in direct contrast to the other "jaded" characters around her.

    Here's hoping Olivia Wilde (who will always be "13" to me) - never comes back. Even Taub was less annoying than usual - Foreman and him could form a comedy team, with Foreman as the straight man. The case wasn't so much interesting, as sad - the things this recession can do was aptly illustrated in this episode. Was I the only one who thought that "wormy" thing the guy ate at dinner was what was causing his illness?

    The true cause, discovered a bit too late, was way over my head, as usual. But House wallowing in guilt is totally unlike him, and therefore the least believable component in the program. I'm also wondering if Cuddy is finally tiring of his antics.
  • 714

    Good episode of House tonight but I fear that this show is alienating the fans of this show who aren't in favor of the House and Cuddy relationship. I am indifferent toward this relationship, but even I found myself annoyed at how Huddy-centric this season has been.

    As for the patient, it was rather good, I really did not expect him to die, and I'm really enjoying Amber Tamblyn on this show yet I don't know what I think about the possible Chase/Masters pairing. I don't know, I've always seen Masters a lot like Cameron, so if these two got together, it would seem kind of repetitive (sleeping with co-worker).

    The Foreman/Taub friendship is quite idiotic at times but it's funny and entertaining as this episode was in general. Good episode overall.
  • House MD, err, Cuddy MD: Recession Proof

    This season of House has been much better compared to season six, yet the series has seriously fallen in terms of quality dating back to the end of season three. I've remained a very, very loyal fan of the show (have not missed a live episode since season 1), but I feel House is nearing a definite end. Ratings for this season have been down, and the show has yet to be renewed for a season 8. This season has focused a lot on the House-Cuddy relationship, which to me, isn't anything terrible, but the show is not called "Cuddy MD." 'Recession Proof,' in my own honest opinion, was among the best episodes of the season, if you minus the ending of the episode where (*spoiler) House stumbles into Cuddy's house confessing his love for her. He notes that's he's been a bad doctor since the two of them hooked-up, but he chooses to be with her anyway. You would never have seen this from House in the earlier seasons, which could be looked at as character development. Or, it could be viewed upon as the show 'jumping shark,' as most will probably say about this season. I'm glad this episode focused some attention to the medicine, something that was definitely absent in last week's episode, and I was very shocked to see the POTW (*spoiler) die. Regardless, I found the case somewhat intriguing, and I enjoyed most of this episode. Like I said, I've no real problem with House's relationship with Cuddy, but when it begins to take over the whole premise of the show, it becomes not only a major problem, but just down right annoying. Anyway, 'Recession Proof' was a solid episode.