Season 7 Episode 14

Recession Proof

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 28, 2011 on FOX

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  • Good solid episode. Good case, good development.

    Good solid episode. Good case, good development. The patient lying to his wife started out pretty repetitive but I grew to like it, because they really were in love, but it really became memorable because he died. Even if I didn't feel much before that, the slow motion, music with Chase and Masters was lovely and sad.
    I know some fans don't like Huddy but I think there has been incredible character growth for House more than ever before, in season six and seven. I don't think House is less funny, and I enjoy the relationship. This week didn't seem like it would be a big thing, maybe a little embarrassment, some anger or yelling, but after the patient died, a lot of baggage House was carrying was evident, though i was surprised in his drunk speech when he chose Cuddy. House hasn't lost the ability to surprise and I enjoy that.
    Foreman and Taub truly are an odd couple but I like that they speak their mind. They are my least favourite characters but together they aren't so bad. They're very honest with each other, even when they're asses and that's refreshing.
    Chase and Masters are...interesting. She is very Cameron-esque which makes it squicky but I love her character and Chase really could use her.
    Overall, I really enjoyed Recession Proof. I liked the character interaction and thought it moved forward and i was interested the whole way through.