Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2010 on FOX

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  • An interesting patient if they would have spent more time on her.

    So Wilson thinks House only hurt himself and Cuddy? I'm pretty sure there are other people he has hurt. And I could do without Wilson acting as a Huddy cheerleader. Just the other week he was saying Cuddy was a bad person for hurting House and he stole the loft and now he is trying to get House to go after her again?

    When the Wibberly guy was talking about being a credit short of graduating and being a bagger, I figured Wilson put him up to it. And then Cuddy was trying to guilt House about the picture and I thought Wilson was definitely trying to play House. Interesting the guy was just playing House and House still gave him the check at the end.

    Wow, Foreman. 13 makes you look bad and you can't take it. House has never minded people making their own decisions to try and prove a diagnosis or help the patient. I can remember 3 episodes off the top of my head. Cameron left behind a bottle of pills to prove Munchausen's (sp?) with the horse betting patient and House didn't punish her. Also, Cameron dosed the 600 pound guy to cause him to pass out because she didn't want him to leave the hospital. Then the episode with the 2 brothers where one was donating a part of his liver to his other brother who had cancer, Foreman went behind House's back and told the parents about another match in the registry.

    I'm confused as to why Foreman and 13 started fighting all of a sudden. It has been weeks since they broke up and they haven't been fighting. Taub staying behind when House asked everyone to leave who hadn't slept together was one of the few funny things he has done in the 3 years on the show.

    And why was 13 so bent on getting the husband to realize the wife was cheating on him. She made sure he checked out her soil class or whatever even though it wasn't medically relevant. The team has always kept secrets of their patients.

    And the fact that I didn't even talk about the patient shows that she wasn't very important.

    All the attention spent on 13 this episode made me remember how much I don't like her. I don't mind her when she doesn't have any side stories and just makes a few one line quips (the one about dangerous men never calling back last episode was pretty funny). But when there is a lot of time spent on her, it is just annoying.
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