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Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 08, 2007 on FOX

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  • A turning point...

    I actually found myself enjoying this episode. A lot of the usual stuff happened (by usual I mean House and Wilson pranking each other), but to me the essential part of this episode was the presence of Piper Perabo. I felt a cool chemestry between her and House. I hope to see some more of her, it would be good for the show to get House a love interest outside of the Cuddy/Cameron duo. Not that I wouldn't eventually like to see House with Cuddy, but that silly Wilson/Cuddy/House love triangle is getting old. I love House, but I really hope to see some development, which i believe Piper Perabo's character could bring to the show.
  • Cracking episode as we deal with Foreman's bombshell.

    This was a much better all-round episode than the previous couple, as a teenage starts coughing blood whilst doing karate.

    The patient was quite interesting, especially with "its an infection" joke that was repeated throughout, and I can't remember House annoying parents that much since Paternity early in Season 1! The ending of the case was a good twist to, and it was one of the most plain yet interesting cases they had this Season.

    Meanwhile the team tries to deal with Foreman's departure. I think this was one of the little downpoints of this episode, as Foreman seems to be a little annoying in this episode as people offer their opinions to him. Nevertheless, it gave Chase good screen time as he reads the situation, whilst giving the others a chance to voice their opinions about House. I thought it was touching the way Cuddy said there were worse things to turn into than House.

    I thought the humour in this episode was back on track- the clinic made a welcome return, and Honey made a great impression. I loved how House described himself to her at the end! The funniest part, however, was House and Wilson doping each other! Wilson's reaction was hilarious, especially his talk with Foreman and "I'm on sppppeeeeed"- it really got me laughing!

    Overall, a near perfect episode, and a welcome return to form! Hopefully the final two episodes will be as good!
  • Season 3 Episode 22

    I liked this episode! House and Wilson are still pranking each other and that's kind of reassuring. As long as they act witty, their friendship is fine, I guess. Previously I thought only Wilson cared about House, but now it's clear that House cares as well.

    Foreman wants to leave and House's campaign RFF - "Ridicule Foreman Forever" can get started. Meanwhile Cameron and Cuddy want to convince Foreman to stay but they're not that successful. What a pity.

    House and Honey have a great chemistry. Will she make it to grin and bear House?! Anyway, I hope we get to see more about her character. I laughed so much when House said to her "You do realize you just skipped over several deep character flaws that most women would run screaming from?". That was so "House-ish"!

    The best line, though, was definitely Cuddy's. When House informs her that his patient was about to have a heart attack. And Cuddy was all like... Well, that's too bad, because I've got tickets to a stroke on the third floor! LOL
  • It is oh, so depressing

    SPOILER ALERT: Do Not Read Beyond This Point If You Have Not Watched The Show!

    Foreman's resignation becomes official. No one wants to see him go, but he seems determined to leave. As usual, there are many missteps with the college student before the correct diagnosis is reached. House pisses off the parents. And the patient lives! This would be a boring formula if it were not House. Did I mention that everybody lies?

    Did I mention there was a clinic patient? Clinic duty is my favorite part of the show. It never fails to have a hysterical case that breaks up the seriousness of the show. Oh, Honey, did you eat meat today?

    The infantile relationship between House and Wilson is barreling along. Those two are like siblings that need to be put in time out.
  • Speed!

    All I have to say is SPEED! What made this episode worth watching is Wilson freaking out after House drugged him. He starts talking really fast and thinks that he might stroke. It was hilarious! The actual case was okay, basically everyone lies and House ends up solving the case. Foreman resigning was inevitable, the writers have been foreshadowing it since season one. People have been resigning all over the place in this show! First Cameron in seaosn one, Wilson shutting down his practice in season three, Cameron trying to resign again in season three, (and Wilson might have tried resigning sometime int there again). So Foreman leaving wasn't that much of a surprise for me. I wonder what Cameron will do at the end of this season for the third time.....
  • The aftermath of Foreman's announcement on resignation.

    The karate girl comes to House when she spits out blood, this episode is full of surprises. First of all Wilson gets a dose of speed. Which is pretty scary,but funny for us, that was the bright side of this episode. Meanwhile Foreman continues to be a jerk on leaving while Cuddy is trying to make him stay. And finally House is looking for open spits and he finds a nutritionist, but he doesn't want her for the job, he wants to date her. I love the end "I hate tea" Then it turns out Karate Girl is trying to kill her self, that's what I meant by surprises. An amazing episode!
  • In the end, House concluded "everyone has secrets." I'm waiting for the celebrity auction T-shirt version. I think they should go for a blue background.

    POTW is an active young woman who is admitted to PPTH after spewing blood. She's an only child with loving parents. Of course, she's not as interesting or as funny as House and Wilson dosing each other or Wilson on speed or Wilson and the breast exam patient. Every House/Wilson scene was made of gold as well as the Wilson scene. The epsiode scored a 10 just on the basis of the House/Wilson and Wilson scenes.

    What I didn't like and didn't care about was Foreman's constant moan and groan about becoming House. I don't like Foreman - pure and simple. I don't care if he stays or goes. Technically he's a good actor but he has neither the looks or the presence to make me want to watch him. I liked the closing scene with Honey not because I think House should be dating a woman half his age (makes my pervometer ding loudly) but I liked the idea of seeing House interacting with a woman he pursued. I like Cuddy but what I didn't like was the way she exited her scene with House. She was intentionally shaking her narrow booty in her way too tight skirt. I think LE got the memo that there's gonna be lots of S4 Huddy. All I can say is thank God for TiVo.
  • Foreman resigns

    I think that mostly this episode is to get the dention up - Foreman decided to leave as he cannot cope with his quilt, House and fears. Patience is dying (like always) and almost it seems like they are tkaing killing patiences seriously, but no - in the end House has to save her so that everyone can be happy.

    Anyway, this episode defenitily made me worry about the coming season. Even if I do not "fan" some characthers like Foreman or.. I still think they are part of the team and I couldn't imagine them replaced. There have been many great series where they just replace cast too many times (If you have heard about "La Crim'" then that would be the top of it - superb serie but almost every season someone will be replaced). So far "House" has managed to avoid it and I wish it would stay that way
  • This was just great!

    The humor in this episode was so funny. I nearly died after watching Wilson be on speed, then realize he's acting funny, then realizes what House had drugged him, and then quietly say, "Excuse me, I've got to go kill someone!"

    Funniest lines that I can remember...

    Dr. Wilson: How did you walk with the cane and two coffees?
    House: Why are you suspicious?
    Dr. Wilson: Cause it's either that or accept the fact that you've done something nice. Then I have to deal with the Horsemen, the Rain of Fire, and the End of Days.

    (Cuddy passes Foreman the resignation papers)
    Dr. Cuddy: Are you sure? Why?
    House: Because he's afraid of turning into me.
    Dr. Cuddy: That's a good enough reason.

    House: I'm on anti-depressants 'cause a doctor friend of mine thinks I'm miserable. I don't like them. They make me feel hazy. I eat meat. I like drugs. And I'm not always faithful to the women I date.
    Honey: You don't seem depressed.
    House: You do realize you just skipped over several deep character flaws that most women would run screaming from.

    Dr. Wilson: You’re pissed at House. I get it. You’re symbolicating killing him. “Symbolicating”? What? Symbolic-a-ating. Gosh, that’s a hard word.

    House: My patient’s about to have a heart attack. It’s going to be massive.
    Dr. Cuddy: That’s too bad, because I’ve got tickets to a stroke on the third floor.

    Dr. Wilson: (being questioned by House about taking anti-depressants) It's personal.
    House: How long's it been personal?
    Dr. Wilson: It's personal.
    House: The yawning's recent so either you just started or you changed prescription.
    Dr. Wilson: This is why I take them.
    House: They're anti-depressants, not "anti-annoyance-ants."
  • Review

    I thought the episode was good, though Houses interaction with the rest of his team wasnt its usual comedy. The "its an infection" joke was repeated about forty times, which I thought was a little much to still be funny in the long run. I liked how Foreman didnt take back his resignation and is looking like he is going to quit the team. I would hate to see the writers drop a bomb on us, only for them to take it back a couple of episodes later/ The producers have said Foreman is going to be around for Season 4, but his presence on the show will be much different. I thought Honey being brought into the show was a good idea, I like the woman who plays her and think she will provide an interesting new love interest for House. Overall, the episode wasnt one of my favorites but it was still good
  • House makes fun of Foreman for resigning, a girl vomits blood that comes from nowhere and then starts getting infections everywhere for no (discernable) reason, and House and Wilson dosing.

    Another excellent episode of House, though I don't know if it would break my top three.

    In this episode, there are a few highlights.

    The first is House and Wilson dosing each other up; their relationship is so flawed and yet so...close, in that you see that Wilson (obviously) cares about House, but House cares about Wilson too. They do things that would make normal friends never talk to each other again and take it in stride.

    The second is House's relationship with Foreman. In this episode, I think they exaggerated Chase's ass-kissing a bit too much, but it worked to clearly differentiate between him and Foreman — Foreman actually has a spine, and unfortunately looks to make good on his promise to leave. House, of course, ridicules him to no end about it, and you get the feeling that House is pushing for Foreman to leave because he knows he's so good that Foreman will inevitably come back to him. Cameron and Cuddy do decent jobs of trying to pursuade him to stay, but of course he doesn't — where would the next chapter be?

    Finally, Honey is introduced and, for lack of any better descriptive words, is just hot. More than that, though, she seems like she would be able to put up with House — but again, it seems like House would test to see exactly would far she can be pushed, and that never ends well for anyone.

    In terms of medicine, the graphics are somewhat graphical. House, of course, is his usual 'who cares what the patient's name is?'; but the drugs don't affect his reasoning capability, thank goodness.

    All in all, a good episode, with good plot development and witty lines as always.
  • Because,seriously, aside from House dosing Wilson with amphetamines nothing happened...Boring...

    I’m glad I reached Acceptance stage last week. Because this week they continue to show House more and more miserable. Right after the “Tear Drop” intro House got “get out” from Cameron, so I wasn’t surprised anymore, especially considering the fact he was smiling insanely on a coffee cup at the time(he’s been involuntarily “antidepressed” by Wilson, as we’d learn lately). BTW, they now really put some liquid in those coffee cups – I heard the gulp. Yay ! It was driving me crazy, why they always “drink” from the obviously empty cups…But back to the “character development”. If it wasn’t for RSL hilarious acting as “seedy oncologist Wilson” and Piper Perabo’s scenes( the character was weird and I didn’t fined her that beautiful, Wilson’s patient was much prettier, for instance, but Piper did the great job to make her alive, fresh and even lovable in a way) the ep was BORING. This depression has a viral cause ,I assume, because now they had 3 “supper-depressed” characters on the show, Foreman and Wilson got it too. They should definitely make Foreman’s self-pity-let-me-go line shorter, it’s been the third ep. of him winning ,”I don’t want to be House”, enough already. Or they , again deliberately , are trying to make us dislike the character ? Why (and how? Does he always keep the door open in case she would come?)Cameron came into House’s bedroom in the middle of the night? To give a “little something” to the Army of Hameron shippers? It’s just lame. And the “most important” for a procedural medical show – the medical case was as “hazy” as House on antidepressants. It must be very painful( and apparently not very effective) way to commit suicide and I didn’t get how the vain-artery bridge could possibly give the girl an infection. I’m sure they had some real, unusual case, but it was very unclear in writing.
  • Boring!!!

    I actually found it boring. The POTW's case was just weird and the resolution was not plausible....he's talking to Wilson one minute and the next he's all 'she was always like that', so she must have tried to commit suicide by kitchen cleaner put into a capsule....yeah I totally would have made that connection too!!!

    The House/ Cam scene was weird. It didn't fit with the rest of this episode...not that much fit together in this one, but the scene seemed like it was thrown in there to appease the fans, too bad it didn't work. I like my House/ Cam scenes with meaning or intent, this was too random. If they are going to throw a scene in there like that, it needs some more meat to it....follow up with them going into the office, talking...anything.

    The only thing I did like, which I probably shouldn't have, cause I don't condone drug use at all....but Wilson on speed was funny. Alas, maybe next weeks episode will have something more positive to write about, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket.

    The writing has been crap since Half Wit. Even if Katie Jacobs is directing the finale, at least Kaplow co-wrote it, that means the script should be good. Something that can't be said for the last 7 or so episodes.
  • House likes someone?

    This episode is fantastic - for the fun stuff..the medicine isn't so hot.

    As with a lot of episodes recently, there isn't a huge emphasis on the actual medical mystery. There is more story developing between the characters.

    The story is about a a young adult female who suffers blood loss and organ failure. The medicine is not really good and the diagnosis doesn't follow very well.

    So far so good then, the rest makes up for it a lot however. Wilson an House interaction is the best ever and the way Foreman goes through the episode with the others is fantastic.

    Most importantly, House finds someone he actually LIKES, he meets Honey (Piper Perabo) while working in the clinic and immediately takes a liking to her and even asks for her phone number. This is new and is brilliant and refreshing.

    This would be a perfect episode if not for the silly medicine which seems to be taking a back seat now.
  • A young girl is brought in after coughing up blood, and he insists she has an infection, while the rest of the team thinks otherwise; Foreman decides to resign; House considers hiring an attractive nutritionist.

    There was a lot going on in this episode. We find out new things about each character that may or may not be surprising. First, we have Foreman. It was hard to see whether he truly believed that he'd turn out like House or not. Chase seemed to be figuring it out, but maybe the loose ends will be tied up next week. I particularly enjoyed the banter between Wilson and House. What's cool about Wilson is that he can see right through House, and is very straightforward with him about what he sees. The writers did a good job showing that in this episode, when we see the friends basically dosing each other with amphetamines and anti-depressants, just to see the effect it would have on their personalities. When House finally figures out that something about the way he is acting isn't normal, Wilson admits putting the anti-depressants in the coffee, and the friends go back and forth accusing each other of being depressed. I'm actually not sure what Wilson's motives were, but it seems to me that he is really the one that is depressed. I loved the ending this week, more than anything in the show. Usually with this show everything comes together in the end, and you say "oh, that's what happened?" and we look forward to next week's episode. I liked the fact that House told Addie's parents that the girl was depressed when he was legally bound not to, and that shows that even though the man is a miserable bastard most of the time, he does have a good heart. In essence, this episode was good, but not great. There's still too much going on and too many subplots at once, and the subplots overpower the real plot.
  • "I don't want to turn into House." Yes, we know that.

    How incredibly monotonous episode. There were no surprising moments, with the case anyway. The case didn't really have any depth to it, and that's partly because of the bad acting of the patient and her parents. Come on, a doctor tells you that your daughter is going to die and all you do is shake your heads and shed a few tears? I just didn't find any of these people believable. Therefore I enjoyed the doctors more. The episode starting with House actually smiling was something new, and I was very freaked out by that. Of course we later learned that Wilson had dosed him. I actually couldn't believe it, because it was such a House thing to do (and House did do that too). Maybe Wilson's the one turning into House..? Chase was acting weird in this episode. He tried to analyze people, and that's certainly not like him. But I think it was odd that he was very much active in the first half of the episode, picking people apart and all that, but then he kind of disappeared. Where was the continuity with that? But I have to mention this: for once he didn't remind Cameron about his feelings! What a relief. This episode got me liking Chase a little bit more. Cameron was like herself in this episode, not much to say about her. But Foreman... He doesn't want to be like House, we get it. Somehow that line kept repeating itself. How long are they going to drag this storyline? Foreman doesn't really want to leave, and I believe he won't. So that's why the whole storyline feels so useless (and not to mention boring). If Foreman's intention is to leave, why did he have to tell Chase he doesn't like him? I though that was quite mean actually. He could have just let it go. Honey, the new character didn't do anything for me. She didn't seem like a person House would get interested in just like that. But I already disliked this character in advance because I really don't like Piper Perabo. The best part in this episode was definitely Wilson going hyperactive. It was something we have NEVER seen him do and it was hilarious. RSL did a very good job with that. House had his funny moments too as usual. All the fun stuff rescued this episode, without it I would have died of boredom.
  • A good episode with quite a lot of character developments and fun moments.

    Excellent writing of House's part on this episode. Him insisting on the diagnosis and following it through just like in the good old days was highly refreshing. Also his talk with Adie and him ending up telling her parent's she tried to kill herself, despite of his legal obligation to her, because he felt she would do it again. Good for him - it feels like the old House is back from the dead.

     We finally got an explanation for House not being himself lately, due to Wilson's "friendly" coffees. This guy never ceases to amaze me - tricking House into getting antidepressants and making him hazy, thus jeopardizing his patients as a result... and all while he is the one who's being treated for depression... unbelievable! I always said Wilson is by far the more screwed up of them both and this just proves it. "Mr. Well Adjusted" is not only "screwed up just like the rest of us", as House says, but a lot more. Yet I can't ignore the fact he's doing it all because deep down he does care about House, in his own very twisted way. And House does care about him - enough to drug him as well.... What a pair! Wilson on high speed was one of the funniest moments ever and House's revenge for the way Wilson treated him when he had his migraine was great as well. More scenes like these, please!

     What I didn't like about Wilson this time was him trying to interfere with Foreman's decision to leave. House seems to take it calmly, and rightly so, so why try to mess it up? Well, it's Wilson after all.

     And as for Foreman - well, how long are we going to have to deal with him leaving/not leaving thing? We've really had enough of this. This guy has a pretty high self esteem and a pretty short term memory. He tells House "You're going to tell a patient she's dying and you make it about you. I hope I'll never be like you" - hello, Dr. Foreman, remember only a couple of weeks ago you endlessly talked about yourself to a patient who was about to die because of YOUR mistake?! You're not anywhere near the level of House - never was never will. Maybe that's what's been bugging you since day one.

    All of a sudden he confineds in Cameron? the one he stole an article from, the one he injected with a disease, the one he said was his colleague not his friend? And he "never did never will" like Chase who did nothing to him but always tried to be a good friend? Disgusting. And on top of it all, he still thinks Cuddy should tell him he's better then House? Unbelievable.  Go home Dr.-who-didn't-visit-his-sick-mother-for-8-years.Adios and bye bye.

    Cameron sneaking into House's bedroom - what was that all about?! That was so weird. The woman is getting really insane lately. But at least she didn't talk so much this time around. I like it when she doesn't get too many lines. Keep it up and hopefully she'll resign soon too. I'm all for new ducklings. These guys are some pretty big hens by now. It's time for a drastic change.  

    Chase was the only bearable duckling on this episode, though he was completely Wilsonized  - analyzing everyone to death. But he took Foreman's nasty remarks very stoically. Nice. He's getting a backbone, yet misdiagnosed the case. Oh well, can't be perfect I guess.

    As for Honey - well, she's really no match for House on any level. Yes, give him a couple of nights with her but she's not sharp enough for him. He would drink one peppermint tea for her and then go and have a burger with her very unappealing boyfriend! J

    What didn't make too much sense was the whole strange way the girl tried to kill herself. By far a too complicated way. And when her head exploded and they're all standing and chatting around her, with no masks on and Cameron with her long hair??? How very hygienic! No wonder House insisted it was an infection. If she didn't have one to begin with, that's the way to get it. All they needed was a few cups of coffee in their hands, to complete the theme...  and how many more sick kids/teen we need to see as potw this season? With 2 episodes left, probably 2 MORE!
  • House has to figure out why a girl started spewing blood

    This show made me happy. House solved it. It was hilarious. The medical mystery was the A plot. The B plot was House/Wilson banter (one of the best parts of the show). The C plot was the other characters. This is the way it should be be. And I liked how House's character is revealed more subtly in this one as opposed to the other ones. It's good when you have to really think about what such-and-such a line really says about his character, instead of Cuddy or somebody saying, "You're exactly like this!" and spelling it out for us. I like to think this show is geared at intelligent people. This show made me laugh hysterically a number of times, like when Wilson said, "I'm not on anti-deperessents; I'm on speeeed!!" Keep and ear out for that most excellent of lines. I mentioned in a different review that House has some good camera shots, and I was a particular fan of the shot where House cuts up the amphetemines and puts them in the coffee. The symmetry was cool.
  • Another excellent show leading up to the end of Season 3

    This is another excellent show in this series, it deals with a lot of character development for the main characters. There are a few interesting sub-plots running in this show and a couple characters are moved forward.

    I don't like to put spoilers into reviews (I leave that for summaries), but the Wilson doses House, House doses Wilson subplot was hilarious when the interaction between House and Wilson towards the end of the episode played out.

    Also, while unstated, I imagine that the dosing mechanism was the same (via coffee/espresso) for both characters, and House's 'magicians force' on Wilson was also hilarious.

    This is an episode well worth watching, and I am looking forward to the season being released on DVD so I can marathon it.

    The House M.D. show consistently delivers good to great shows and the writing and acting are awesome. The series is my favorite by far that is currently being aired of the current crop of tv shows.

    Keep it coming!

  • So drugs can be used medical professionals! Medically interesting.

    This episode was pretty good in my opinion. Although the pacing was a little slow for my taste, there was certainly a good plot and good writing involved. Foreman's attitudes have changed and the past 3 episodes have showed this. Foreman doesn't want to be like House, but doesn't he realize they were completely different people to begin with (which hasn't changed). I don't think he should be saying that... "I don't want to be House" - you don't have to be him. You can be an award-winning pathological and infectious diseases expert and still be a nice guy in real life. So, i feel the writing is off here, not as realistic as it should be; not making much sense to me. The writers could have made him say that he was sick of doing medicine the "wrong" way or something along those lines. The girl's case was pretty interesting and that saved this episode. Chase also gets an applaud for an effort to brighten the mood. Cameron added nothing to this episode, just questions like "what's going on" and statements like "House, your patient is dying". Not even Cameron being in House's apartment - something which you'd expect would lead to something else - led to nothing, nothing at all. Finally, Wilson vs. House on drugs - Wilson is clearly the more humorous of the two!
  • "Well, how miserable can you be saving lives, sleeping around, and doing drugs?" You know, she's got a point...

    Is it bad that I don't care that Foreman quit? Or that if he left I wouldn't miss him at all (that being said, I have no doubt that Foreman will stay). House is right, Foreman is already like House, always has been. It's in his personality and quiting won't change that.
    On to the highlight of the show: Wilson and House. There was no part in their scenes together that I didn't love. Wilson secretly slipping House antidepressants? Brilliant! I think the relationship between Wilson and House is probably the most meaningful one either have had. Forget House/Cuddy, House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase, Cuddy/Wilson. More House and Wilson (in the non romantic sense people!) please. This is what makes the show worth watching.
    The case was pretty interesting. House was right (as usual) the it was an infection, but he was wrong about the 'why' of it. We didn't however see that much of the girl, brain leaking aside. I just hope (really, really hope and pray) that House (the show) stops going in direction of Grey's Anatomy and keeps the focus on the patients NOT just the lives of the doctors.
    I don't have any problem with House/Honey thing. For one thing, it would be nice for House to have something to do outside work. Beside, Honey seems kinda cool; "Well, how miserable can you be saving lives, sleeping around, and doing drugs?" It won't last very long, but anything that stops House's obsession with Cuddy's personal life it good by me.
    So for the House/Wilson scenes (and the scene where Wilson is high) : 10/10
    For the rest of the ep: 7/10
    Next week looks like fun. Can't wait.
  • Well another desperate soul enters the show with no explanation of her symptoms. Foreman makes his choice. Everybody has secrets. Important Foreman info inside..README!

    First, the best part that had me laughing out loud was when they dosed each other... House knows Wilson so well, he knew which to cup to offer, and which he would take. Then Wilson's acting job was great! When he had to put the heart monitor on his finger in front of the patient! CLASSIC! Now with Foreman. His character development has been poor. His reasons for quitting is that he does not want to become like House. NOTE/If you remember a few seasons ago, Foreman was razzed about having the same shoes as House, but he didnt even know, or did he? And Chase and Cam are not trying too hard to have him stay either. But towards the end when Cuddy is talking with him, she tells him that there are alot of worse things to turn into than House. And no Tuesday mention of sex from Chase to Cameron...

    And if House likes all these younger women, where's the one from last season...she should be 18 now! What about Cam? She's Jim Morrison's niece for JC sake! Then I'm attracted to that girl next door look myself.
  • Great episode.

    This show is just great.. I never got into it until this season but now i know why it is so good. This episode was awsome, a young girl starts to throw up blood with no signs of any problem. House trys to also get foreman not to leave and stay. He tries very hard to convice him to show him that his methods of being a doctor works. He tells everyone this girl has an infection but the others disagree and of course you will have to find the rest out by watchign it but you will not beleive what this girl did.
  • Wilson and House pranks are fun and that keeps my rating high, but why does House have to become a ordinary midlifecrised pervert? And Foreman? read the rest.

    The Foreman story is poor, because if he can't stand to see pain and death he's got the wrong job and should not only quit the PPTH but look for another job... it has nothing to do with becoming House or not. He is already a jerk (to Chase "I don't like you"... that sounds friendly!) and if he quits I don't care because he behaves like a jerk but with all of a sudden the high moral standards Cameron had. She has become more realistic by the time.
    Already at the beginning: what the heck was this? The Ducklings discuss a case and when House comes in the tell him to shut up instead of inform him about the case? Is the show getting more and more far fetched?
    The Wilson - drug action was the only that made me really smile, but this because of RSL fantastic acting. Kudos! I liked also how they care by trying to help the friend, discussable if this is the right way, but still they try to - both! Oh... BTW, the young lady patient of Wilsons is much nicer than that Piper person. But this is my taste.

    House as drooling old pervert? Please, give me a break!!!! This is so poor! This is exactly the creepy old guy that makes mi shiver and disgusts me. Please, don't turn my favourite tv person not into a creepy old person !!!!

    I know, a lot will disagree with me, but I am really disappointed by this episode.

    I hope this is not the "new" sty.le of the show, because if it's so, I have to go back to watch the previous eps again and again because I won't watch the show again.
    Give me hope for better eps, please!!!! And never ever that Piper person again !!!!!!!
  • House is mean...but in a very funny way!!!

    I think one of the main reason we like to watch House M.D every week is that we know he is a little left of center, he is a genius but this season we have seen how his behavior and unethical ways has permeated into his staff, when Foreman say’s he is afraid of becoming like “house” he isn’t aware that he is the character that looks more alike, always a wonder to see the good guy-bad guy dynamic between House and Wilson, especially now that Wilson is not having a perfect day; The Honey character was well developed and hopefully we’ll see it again next season… the medical case was light and this episode was more about the characters than the diagnostic…but then again…you know that already.
  • I'm on speeeeeed!

    The same thing happened in the latest CSI Miami episode: they led us to believe that the guy is fired/has resigned and there's no way he's coming back. And in this episode, it seems like they're having second thoughts, so I'm starting to believe that he'll stay. House and Wilson dosing each other was the coolest prank ever, that's gonna be memorable for sure. Almost no patient ever dies, but one died not so long ago, and I though it would happen again, but it didn't, so that was another surprise. I watch TV a lot and it's hard to surprise me, so 10/10 for this episode.
  • A happy episode, with no intensity, resolution, drama, or suspense, no interesting bridge or suspense is being created for next season.

    This was a very weak season finale pre-plot outline. No gunshots or angry cops, no life altering situations hanging around.

    Just nothing.

    It was really bad to have a bad guy this season, as in others before, that just kick house's behind, and lives to tell the story, to now suffer from lousy episodes.

    First we had the bad black millionare that hated House, then the guy that shot him, the review board that punished House when he was not even the one being reviewd, then Tritter, all of them deserve some ass kicking, but the writers never give us any satisfaction.

    This writers drag the plots for several episodes, making us hate the antagonist, and then suddenly everything works out and no revenge is taken.

    There is no logic, House punishes everything, and these huge bad guys go away like nothing happened????

    Returning to this episode... nothing happens, i really don't care if Foreman stays or not, i care even less about Piper Perabo, the ugliest coyote in that movie, it was simply a happy episode and nothing else...

    Maybe the antidepresives should be prescribed to us viewers.

    (sorry for my english, not my first language)
  • Oh well, 1 glove is enough.

    Not my favorite episode. Not that much happening.
    Especially the scene where Cameron wakes House up was strange.
    (She's got keys?? Or House didn't change his hiding place – on top of the door ledge ?)

    House and Wilson deciding to dose each other on the exact same day.
    (Funny "set up" though , with the stacking coffee cups - although I figured that out when Wilson asked how he did the cane and 2 cups.)
    But House letting Wilson deal with patients knowing he was high on amphetamines … It was very funny to see Wilson like that though, the glove was great!
    Other than that there weren't that many laugh out loud funny bits in this episode.

    Foreman quitting, acting mean towards Cameron and Chase, and Cuddy and Cameron trying to get him to see he's not like House. Chase was very analytic (and correct) though - good!
    But were last week I went "It's sad if he quits, but I don't mind" now it's "I hope he quits".
    I really hope they go through with this, since I can not see how they can believable not go through with it.
    Nutritionist do not go to medical school (here), how can he replace Foreman with Honey ?

    Addie. Tried to kill herself with kitchen cleaner.. how again did that cause her skull to explode ? And why does antibiotic/steroids help? I didn't really get this case.
    Infection, not infection, infection and/or protein H deficiency...?

    The directing was "better" than last week though. Last week was good, but not too House like, more headshots (though I didn't mind the blue eyes ;)) and less " whole room" ones which makes describing easier.
  • Another great episode.

    We had another great episode. It all started with a girl who was kickboxing & started bleeding. The team tries to diagnose her, but fail time & time again. All the while, Foreman has resigned. He really doesn't want to leave, you can tell. He's just afraid of becoming like House, too late. Foreman is more like House than he wants to admit. House meets Honey. There's an attraction there, it's visible. Wilson is getting House coffee & House is seems like he's a little bit happier. Wilson seems to be giving House anti-depressants, without him knowing it. House, in the mean time thinks Wilson is depressed because he's yawning. So, House gives Wilson some amphetamines. It's quite funny when Wilson is buzzed on them, talking & moving like a chipmunk. Back with the patient, she's having an MRI & she starts complaining that her head hurts. They check it out & her skull has broke open. Talk about a splitting headache. House ends up telling her that she's dying & then he finally figures out what's really wrong with her. She tried to kill herself because she's depressed. He diagnoses her & saves her life. House meets up with that nutritionist at the end of the episode. Seems like she kind of likes House. Will we or won't we see more of her? Stay tuned on that one. It was another great episode. Sad part, only 2 new episodes left of the season. Stay tuned., they get better with every one.
  • Wonderful, informative and hysterical.

    This episode was quite magnificent. In my opinion, it combined all of the elements that make this show the best medical drama ever. The cast is always superb. I almost get tired of saying that, but it always bears repeating.

    A quick summary for this episode: Foreman hands in his resignation, while the team races to diagnose Addie, a 19-year-old girl, who is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after coughing up a mouthful of blood during karate class. The team is in a dilemma to save her life or diagnose the disease.

    The writing was extremely good, the patients you have a genuine interest in, and some of the scenes were just hysterical. This episode will always be one of my all time favorites.