Season 3 Episode 22


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 08, 2007 on FOX

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  • Cracking episode as we deal with Foreman's bombshell.

    This was a much better all-round episode than the previous couple, as a teenage starts coughing blood whilst doing karate.

    The patient was quite interesting, especially with "its an infection" joke that was repeated throughout, and I can't remember House annoying parents that much since Paternity early in Season 1! The ending of the case was a good twist to, and it was one of the most plain yet interesting cases they had this Season.

    Meanwhile the team tries to deal with Foreman's departure. I think this was one of the little downpoints of this episode, as Foreman seems to be a little annoying in this episode as people offer their opinions to him. Nevertheless, it gave Chase good screen time as he reads the situation, whilst giving the others a chance to voice their opinions about House. I thought it was touching the way Cuddy said there were worse things to turn into than House.

    I thought the humour in this episode was back on track- the clinic made a welcome return, and Honey made a great impression. I loved how House described himself to her at the end! The funniest part, however, was House and Wilson doping each other! Wilson's reaction was hilarious, especially his talk with Foreman and "I'm on sppppeeeeed"- it really got me laughing!

    Overall, a near perfect episode, and a welcome return to form! Hopefully the final two episodes will be as good!
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