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  • I think this show is so totally wild, yet makes so much scary sense, that it is great.

    From the first time i saw this show, it hit me as a very serious, outrageous show. House is so in character, as a matter of fact, all of the actors on this show have excellent skills as actors in my book. Every detail of this show is so realistically based, it makes you think about doctors and how they practice medicine. (Although this show is strictly fiction, right ???!! ) All in all, i love the craziness of it, and continue to watch every episode , and record the ones I can't. Keep up the wackiness, and keep the suspense of House and Cuddy.
  • Angst

    This is what many of us wanted. A Huddy kiss. And now, what's to follow. Weeks of skirting around the issue of 'what next?' House is afraid of what? Rejection? Failure? How can they not be together? The reasons against them are many and genuine. But they don't count for anything. Love is in the air. If House could stop acting like a smitten teenager and just be with Cuddy. And if he doesn't can I have her phone number? :)
  • I love this show. The only reason I won't give it a 10 is because of some of the medical inaccuracies. Example- House has a bad right leg. He uses his cane on the right side. This is medically incorrect. I think Cuddy is HOT!!!!!!

    Just one fabulous show. Most of the characters are believable and the love - hate relationship between Cuddy and House is always something to keep me coming back for more. Wilson is House's alter ego that keeps House thinking all of the time. Forman is a good enemy for house to have conflict because he is just like house but doesn't realize it yet. Cameron------too soft to be a Dr......well maybe a gyno!! Chase.....typical British snob!! All in all a really terrific show. I am so glad that USA has reruns every single night because i missed the first two seasons.......
  • I accidentally put my episode review on here, so I am very sorry, I will make it up by creating a new review for this brilliant show.

    This is the most AMAZING show I have ever watched. It is extremely clever and witty, with excellent and developed storylines. I love all the characters (excluding the new team) and everything about this show is superb.

    This has been my favourite show since the day it aired, I own all the dvd's and wouldn't miss a single minute of this show for the world. Hugh Laurie makes the show great, and the writers are pure genius. It has slipped the past two seasons, but still better than all other shows on tv. There are not enough words to describe the brilliance that this show is, so I will leave with saying that I am completely and utterly obsessed, and it is the funniest drama ever. House is such a wonderful character and his presence is what makes this show so unique that it differs from every other show on television, making it so much fun to watch.
  • House is not just another hospital drama. Dr. Gregory House leads a team of hand picked specialists for diagnosing the bizarre and unknown. The show offers not only an exciting medical story but equally delivers the personal drama of the characters.

    House's personality keeps me coming back for more week after week just to see what he'll say or do next. House is as bold and to the point as he is discrete and mysterious. Not the typical bedside manor you'd expect, Dr. House always says what he thinks and pretty much does what he wants. Especially when dealing with any type of authority figure. But, underneath all of the gruff, it's not hard to tell that Greg House is seeking the same thing as the rest of the human race. You never know what to expect from one episode to the next. As miserable and manipulating as he can be, it's hard not to love him!
  • Gregory House is the disgruntled and unorthodox Doctor of Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. His manner of treating his patients is peculior, his very behavior borders on neurotic, but don't ever mess with him; he very well may save your life.

    I admit it: I can't stand blood. My dad is a cop and my mom is a nurse and I can barely stand the smell of it. So why am I watching House? Simple. I love it.
    No, there are no car-chases, no guns (well, one, but it was well deserved, eh House?) and no Mafia connections. Its a show about a Dr. saving lives as he deals with his own demons and meddles in the lives around him. Love? Bah. Friends? Pshaw. Vicodin? GLOMP. House is unproffesional, rude, bullying and a little pyscotic, and yet he continues to drive the fangirls wild.
    I love this show because is a thriller for the BRAIN. House makes me think. He makes me step back and reexamine things from a new perspective, and he gives me hope. Really! House is so determined to prove there is no God, and yet the more I watch and the more House struggles to keep his sanity (and make everyone else lose theirs) I fine myself believing more and more.
    Seriously though folks, give Foreman some screentime. The man has comedic sarcasm like no tomorrow.
    Wilson, don't you EVER scare me like that again! Never ever leave!
    Cuddy! House! End the sexual tension already!
    Chase! Take off your shirt! ^^;
    Kutner: You pawn! =D
  • This show is my weekly comedy/thrill/romance!!!

    This show is DEFIANTLY my guilty pleasure!!!! My favourite character is Lisa Cuddy, I love her romance with House its soo great!!! My second fave is Stacey, but she is gone now which is sad. My gosh this show is CRAZY! Love, comedy, and life-threatening diseases makes a crazy awesome thrill. Not scary, thrill. Like, a spine chilling rush that you get when your excited, or with someone you love. The beginning credits come and I'm like, WOW that's intense. I mean look at the picture of House holding the heart. That's not something you just do randomly!! anyhow, There's only one show thats slightly better than House (only cause Iv'e been watching it for years) and its NCIS.
  • Gregory House is a brilliant diagnostician who is obsessed with puzzles, namely cases of patients with illnesses that most other doctors cannot figure out. However, he crosses lines no others would dare go near, and so is often accused of being immoral.

    A 10 may seem over-the-top, but I strongly feel that anyone who loves cleverly-written humor, intelligent dialogue, psychology, and medical mysteries would absolutely love House.

    I first began watching it about the third episode of Season 1 on Fox, and it seemed like I was watching yet another hospital show, and then Hugh Laurie delivered a stunningly cutthroat comment that made me laugh, and hard. Ever since, I was immensely intrigued, and soon became obsessed with watching it. House is amazing in many points. Each character is extremely unique, and develops well throughout the series. Like any good show, movie, or book, you absolutely fall in love with them.

    Dr. Gregory House himself is the most interesting character of all. A genius, world-renowned diagnostician who loves puzzles and detests patients, his methods of finding diagnoses shock the audience in ways you wouldn't expect, and he quickly becomes a favorite for any viewer. It's easy to see that he's a pretty messed-up guy, but the audience will enjoy him that way. House's lack of respect for rules and regulations makes him an icon of sorts... and gets him into trouble with the wrong people.

    The plot follows House diagnosing a new illness almost every episode (some very rare exceptions apply) and dealing with his own problems. His addiction to painkillers and social problems lead for a very interesting story, following his relationships with the people around him, as well as people in high authority who attempt to step in when House's rule-breaking takes things too far. It makes for a strong sense of irony to watch House do the things he does to patients; one of the things about being a doctor is being careful and following regulations, as you hold someone's life in your hands. What sets House apart is that he doesn't care for the life of the patient, only finding the answer to the puzzle, which winds up also saving the patient (if the disease is curable) while destroying legal boundaries and parameters. Oddly enough, House saves more lives this way, which keeps the hospital manager, Lisa Cuddy, from firing him for breaking the rules.

    The best part of this show, in my opinion, is the writing. Humor is one of the most commonly seen emotions, which I like for a hospital show, but the story also delves deep, utilizing psychology to the extreme, and causing viewers to really think about their behavior or how their own minds work. I love shows that make you think, but also being able to make you laugh has me give House two thumbs up and even go for a 10/10.
  • THe best of the best

    It was a flook when one day I fell on this show. Now I can't wait to see the next episode. Every medical mystery comes with a twist and sometimes it's out of the blue. You say to your self, "how can the writers think about stuff like that". You get hooked up until the end. House is the best good guy/bad guy there is on TV. His lines are priceless and his actions are gold, not to mention he has amazing blue eyes! The characters development goes well with the medical stories and you get so attached with everyone. If i had to recommend a medical drama, it would be this one.
  • House is a tv series about a doctor called Gregory House. House is uncapable in any emotional relationship and he almost never say thanks or praise anybody, because hes afraid hes gonna fall into a weak position

    This season has been so curious... House's private investigator and first Wilson wasnt House's friend and now they are best friends again. Next episode was the most curious, House kissed Cuddy and left without saying a word, next episode will be exciting to watch what's next This season has been so curious... House's private investigator and first Wilson wasnt House's friend and now they are best friends again. Next episode was the most curious, House kissed Cuddy and left without saying a word, next episode will be exciting to watch what's next - - - - - - - -
  • A quirky diagnostician causes hell and still manages to have everyone give him everything that he wants. Something new every week, something everyone can realte to, and everything a good television show should have!

    I absolutely love this show! The stories are always captivating, and there is always something for everyone. You can relate to something in the show everytime whether it is the personal lives of the patients and doctors, or the disease that they are studying in the episode. Everything is realistic and accurate. The writers did an amazing job with this show.

    I'm trying to find something about the show that I don't like, but I really can't find anything. I think that I really kind of miss the original cast, but they are still there just not in the spotlight so much. Hugh Laurie carries the bad boy attitude that every girl dreams of in a guy; he is honest, brutal, and gorgeous! He is also the successful person that we all want to be. These characters are amazing and full of life and personality! I love it.
  • This show is interesting and sad at times. It is also very funny too. You never know what house will do next.

    This is the best television show on tv today. This show is one of the tv shows that keeps me interested. If it keeps me interested then it is really good. I do not see how anyone can not like this show. If you have not watched this show then you should watch it and believe me you will not hate it. Hugh Laurie is the funniest actor. With him you never know what he will do next. This show might be sad becasue of the people that come to House that has some kind of medical problem, but with the stuff house does it makes you not focus on the sad parts.
  • House in general and overall..

    House is the greatest show to grace the television set, in my entire lifetime. THe show is exciting, entertaining, and interesting, never dull or boring. The plot is simply can't be imitated or duplicated, and the cast could never be replaced. Hugh Laurie fakes an american accent, simply unheard of, and completely amazing. This is the only show i watch loyally. Each season it gets better and better. Each eposide, something new, something more unbelievable. The idea of the show is completely genuine, and the writer is a genius. There is never been a show that i've enjoyed so much. House is, as the rating show, number one.
  • This show is about a doctor named Gregory House and his team who have to diagnose people with sicknesses and/or diseases. This sounds easy but how would you like to have somebody's life in your hands?

    House is one of the best shows ever. It has a funny yet drama filled plot. It will make you laugh and cry all in one episode. Each episode will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. It is very easy to get attached to each of the very different characters. At the end of each episode you will always want to know what is going to happen in the next episode. I would recommend this show to anyone with a good sense of humor and a need for suspense.
  • I love watching the is a very amazing guy he makes me laugh all the time.

    house you are very funny and i enjoy watching your show.when i watch this show it reminds me of whats going on out in the world.i love the fact that omar epps is in the show.the show needs to air more so i can tape every tv show.when will they come out on dvd so tht way i can have them all.and be able to watch them when i want you should try being nice just once and see how you feel after that.the actors are great and they shouldn't change at all no matter what house says dont.
  • Oh my...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this show more and more every day...screenwriters better not be messing up with my hopes with this thrilling end!!

    Oh my...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with benner82. Cases were interesting but could have been explored differently. Well, people when you'll reach the last 3 minutes you'll forget about the rest of the episode anyway so who gives a damn? Not me, I was getting sleepy by the end of the show but I'm fully awoken now and can't wait for next episode....
    This show was getting a little bit on my nerves with all the "thirteen's bull..." we had to go through lately..but this is finally getting somewhere and I hope they don't blow it like they did in the past with other potential characters' developments. Guess we'll just have to wait...this won't come soon enough!

    Love House!!

    I've been watching House for a few months now. I cant belive that I had not discovered this show before. I sit at home watching reruns of the episodes on USA and waiting for the new episodes at 8 on FOX. I fell in love with this show and the cast the minute i started wayching. They have the most exciting plots and climaxes that you cannot stop watching. I dont know what I would do if I couldn't watch this series anymore they are the center of my life no I'm just kidding, but they are very important to me. I thank the writers of this show, it's the best i've seen yet
  • "Lucky Thirteen" ;) Spoilers

    I loved this episode, and not just for the hot scenes with Thirteen and her one-night-stands.

    A few of my friends say they don't like Thirteen, she's too whiney, or Olivia Wilde just isn't the right actress. I say they are wrong, Thirteen is dying and she's on a downward spiral of drugs and sex. I'll admit there were patches that had me annoyed at her (both the actress and the character), but all in all I enjoyed it. From Houses 'comments' to the way he handled it when she screwed up was perfect. I was actually a little suprised to learn that Thirteen's only a 7. But I'm certainly glad he did not fire her. From the plot of House and Wilson, it was excelent. I loved how Wilson tricked House, I believed it too. The end was a bit of a suprise, and I think House has it bad for Cuddy.

    I've noticed some people commenting on how they're going to stop watching House because of the homosexual nature of this episode. I'm sorry, but gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are very real, and its unfair to say it would have been okay if only it were a man she had the one night stand with. I think they went a little overboard with the teaser (which was hot ;D), but not really the point of the episode. Still 30 seconds of lesbian at the begining, a cute kiss in the hospital, and another 5 seconds and people are freaking out. Seriously people. It's not likely we'll get that every episode, so just chill out.

    All in all this episode pleased me and the teaser for next week has me dying for time to pass faster so I can watch it.

    Love and Peace!
  • Went from being one of the best shows on TV, to struggling to be one of the best shows on TV.

    It seems like every show is the exact same these days, they have an AMAZING first 2 season, a off third season and a rebuilding 4th season ( which is really your last chance to make or break the show).
    House is no exeption.

    this show is still riding on its first two season succes but yet it still remains addicting / reciving good ratings! is it hugh larie? well yes he is one of the main reasons why this show still flys near the top of TVs best list. the show has tried to re build and is still in the process of doing so. after a weaker 3rd and 4th seasons, compared to the first two, house is looking for that "highlight reel" epsiode re fell their fuel tank for the rest of the season..... but is it to late?
  • There has been a long time since I've last seen an excellent House's episode like this one!!!

    There has been a long time since I've last seen an excellent House's episode like this one!!!
    Of course, the last episode from previous season was excellent but it was especially made to touch public's feelings. So it was certain to be great.

    On this episode I could find "the old and good House" interacting with Wilson. Both have a very special chemical that work perfectly together.

    It was wonderful to see that the police officer has quickly portrayed House's personality and "sort of" was supportive to Wilson's.

    It was nice to see the old ducklings together and quite odd to see Chase being so sour about HOuse (that's really him, I guess). From the new ducklings, I've especially appreciated Taub's confrontation style when he said that House should also discuss problems out w/his mother. That was genious and kind of caused a reaction from our beloved Dr.

    But I still have no guess about what the writers reserve in terms of ducklings' teams. Will they partly mingle all of them by killing one and keeping the most "sourish" one out, for example? Or simply chose going back to the olders by showing that the new ones' objectives in lives are not making part of House's team? I don't know.

    It was also good to know how House and Wilson first met. Of course, we find out that since the very beg of their relationship, House was disgustingly manipulating all the situation. THAT'S ALL HIM!! He chooses the following act and decides who plays the roles. Also it was great to see both making their "diagnosis brain storm" together (just like the old days).

    Not to tell the funeral scene. Gosh!! I've almost fell for it. Only in the very end of his speech I said to myself "Bl...y manipulator" (Of course, Wilson knew it from the very beg). Finally the return of Wilson and the reinforcement of their friendship was absolutely marvelous. In Brief, wonderful plot presenting all the good qualities of the show we've learned to love since its very first episode from its very 1st season.

    I saw this Tv show sicne the beginning and season after season i only can tell one thing... AWSOME!!!
    This show its great, the actors, the staff, the characters its all awsome i have to say this show really rocks!!
    Hugh Laurie makes me laugh so much its an excelent character and Dr. House is awsome really deserves a 10 from my part hands down people knell before House
    Season after season gets better and better i have Season 1 & 2 on DVD and im ready to buy Season 3 excelent show well doen guys well done indeed 10/10 Really a rock!!!
  • Excelent...

    Hugh Laurie its the best actor ive ever seen its funny, sarcastic and OMG House is so good i want to be a nurse when a grow up and this show its so influencial I think Hugh Laurie only needs a talk show for himself its a so great actor the cast of House its the complement and every episode i laugh until i cant breath also House has those tearjerker moments but its an excelent show and i start from Season 2 and like me so much that i buy Season 1 and since that watch watch watch Excelent show Hugh Laurie needs his own talk show now jajaja!!!
  • An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits.

    The series follows the life of anti-social, pain killer addict, witty and arrogant medical doctor Gregory House with only half a muscle in his right leg. He and his team of medical doctors try to cure very ill ordinary people in the United States of America.

    This is one of my favorites programs, the cases are so nice, and well selected. although the doctor attitude is some times so hard that it appears so unreal. Doctors take classes in university on how to deal with patients and how to act in order not to show them what they really feel.
  • A brilliant doctor with the worst of bedside manners.

    The medical team headed by Dr. Gregory House always solves the most bizarre of medical mysteries. This despite House's quirks coupled by a lingering pain in his injured leg. The show is completely engaging, even for those unfamiliar with most of the medical terms used in each episode. How I would love to see House as a more optimistic person but I don't know if that would in effect decrease the level of his brilliant medical mind. At least I want him a little less miserable, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of the show. But despite his "weaknesses", he is still capable to love. And that is the reason why I still have hope in House. Dr. Foreman is so like House, Dr. Chase is a dreamboat, Dr. Cameron is such a sweetie, Dr. Cuddy is firm but compassionate, a trait House lacks, I must say, and House definitely has an ally in Dr. Wilson. Among the new members of the team, I'm really curious on how Thirteen's character will develop in the series.

    Hugh Laurie = LOVE
  • Gets better and better every single episode !!!

    I am a HUGE Hugh fan and have been for a long time, and this show is just great, it is pure genius. The script writers for House, I bet, have a lot of fun making House do this that and the other.
    I have seen each and every episode since the premier, and I am not joking when I say this, and have been a good fan and kept on watching. House M.D is very good at making you sway emotionally along with the characters throughout their snares and troubles with House. It makes you wither hate or love house and I have fallen in love with Hugh's great acting skills.
  • A genius, painkiller addicted doctor solves mysterious illnesses with his crack team of doctors who don't fully condone or understand his methods. Smart and at times funny.

    If I was to write this review a year ago it would have been much more flattering. See back then the old crew weren't relegated to cameos every ep, the new crew weren't whining abouse then mimicking him and Wilson was still roaming the corridors. Sadly so the sake of mixing things up the show is now on a downward journey.

    The sow's premise is very formulaic, a gifted doctor (House) cures people who have bizarre diseases with the help of a crew of young but savy doctors who question House at every turn. Luckily what made the show great early on in the series is still retained and that is Hugh Laurie. Though I was used to seeing him as the bumbling fool from Black Adder and alike to see him as a cynical, tongue-in-cheek doctor is just as good, if not better! He brings his own style to the show and has used it to carry many of the more stale episodes.

    Though my gripes at the beginning may seem damning the show is still solid in its own right. But that's the point, it's just solid, it used to be brilliant. The shows producers seem to want to mix things up and break from formula by expanding the cast while relegating originl cast members to supporting roles.

    Cameron and Chase now only appear in 1 of every 3 episodes and even then they would struggle to get 30 seconds screen time. They have been replaced by 13 (bi-chick), Taub (little jewish bloke) and Kal Penn (don't know the character's name!)who are at times entertaining but often just tedious in how they spend most of their time questioning House only to then mimick him for the next half hour. As for Wilson, god knows where he has gone or if he is ever coming back. He was House's moral compass in the first 4 seasons but now House seems to have given that title to a private investigator who is a bumbling fool. The sad thing is after calling this man a bumbling fool I will then go on to say that he is probably the best new character.

    All that said though, the cases are still fascinating, Hugh Laurie is still brilliant and Cutty is as sassy as ever. So it's still worth a viewing, for now. But this show is well past its prime and will continue to go down until the producers realize that maybe a return to the old ways would work.
  • If you have yet to discover this show, you are missing out on the best hour of your week. Clever, funny, and heartwrenching, this show has it all, and NEVER fails to fascinate.

    It simply doesn't get better than this show. House M.D has found that brilliant - yet often elusive - balance between character development and the procedural medical-based mystery that stumps both the doctors, and us, every week. But of course, no one can deny the one element that holds this show together: Hugh Laurie's amazing creation of the character of House. He has put into form a mixture that seems completely paradoxical: a character we love to...hate, but really, well, love. Possibly the most obnoxious man in television, yet the more annoying and outrageous this genius doctor is, the more we love him. But never far from the surface of his total disregard for humanity is his vulnerability, and in this Laurie has created perfection, and a character we will never get tired of watching.
  • OK the bottom line is this.House is a top 5 if not a top 3 show now.In reality it is the Top of the food chain.With past classics like Sopranos over and Gil Grissom leaving csi-lv that opens up the top two spots and house is moving in.

    Sopranos are done,if we are lucky we can get a movie out of them.That was the best show ever.Nothing close.Then we have the monster that has been running forever the original CSI LV.This show revolves around supervisor Grissom,and with him leaving the show mid season and the death of Warrick,that is going to unfortunately hamper,if not cripple that show.I will still watch,but Gil Grissom was the show.This brings us to house.This is the chance he has been waiting for.The top spot is open,must make a move.This will be a VERY important season for house.I think they need to bring the old team back together in some way to work a big case or just get them more involved,and Wilson can not stay off this show.He cant leave or the show is ruined too.House needs Wilson.Anyway I predict by the end of the season House is the #1 Show
  • This show is amazing and never lets you down

    Typically im not into medical dramas but House changed medical dramas by showing that you can have a serious plot and a dramatic ending but still keep it fun and entertaining to all different groups in the process. House also has such an amazing array of characters all of which are easy to fall in love with and relate to. House is now in its 5th season(i know, hard to believe myself) and is showing no signs of slowing down. It has even introduced a new character that is either houses new wilson jr or else houses new enemy aka Cuddys lapdog. House will always be one of my favorite shows!
  • God I love this show I never miss an episobe.

    I what house like ther no tomorrow like the day it comes out on DVD I buy it. I love watching Hugh on Ellen espically the time were they exchangeing slag and he didn't know what shawty was. I don't like how the no very much of Chase and Camron any more and I don't like the new guys at all. I also wish Wilson will hurry up and forgive House like how can you stay mad at that man well very easy but I like there relationship it was funny in so many way and I wish House and Cuddy would get to gether that would be great.
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