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  • house is horrificly great

    i'd love to have house as my md
  • House, same ol' same ol'

    I've been a fan of House since the beginning but I am sorry to have to say that it is time for it to go bye bye!

    House has become nothing more than a predictable characterization of the character he is playing. I don't blame the actors but rather the producers and the network for trying to wring out every last drop of loyaty from the fans of a show that was thought provoking, funny and smart. Today House is none of those things. When a self indulgent slam at Rupert Murdoch is taken as "clever" rather than what it really was, childish, then I figured it was time to go!
  • Sorry! I have lost total interest!

    Once House crash his car in to Cuddys house! I just had enough! It is just boring and unerving the stupid stuff the writers come up with him to do! Please do us a favor, take the stupid show off the air, for good!
  • Not a Fan

    I've watched the show for a long while till I finally came to the realization this show condones immorality and infidelity if conditions are met. Conditions usually being a fight, medical condition, or boredom. I understand it is a show, but everyone initiating malpractice at one point or another makes it completely unbelieveable that all these ppl arent in jail yet, taking me completely out of the show. And House's attitude was good for one season of entertainment, when everyone started revolving their lives around "why" he's such a douche bag, makes me roll my eyes in the back of my head, thinking aloud... why do you all care, why? are your lives not interesting enough to ignore him? I promise you, if you ignore him, he'll stop being a jerk. This show is for the dimwitted, jerry springer watching masses who enjoy conflicts between people as a story telling device, rather than a good story itself. Every other episode, someone, either the staff or the patients is cheating on their spouse, or girlfriend/boyfriend and tone of such infidelity is meh, it's sex, and Im bored with who Im with- why not ride a different train for a while... with a little amount of guilt if any, and usually no repercussions, except one episode where a woman cheated on her husband, got a disease from it, rather die than let her husband know, but eventually did tell him through nonverbal means. But even then, he left, no biggy, since it implied, the person who she cheated with will be there for her, and the doctors seemed to look at the husband with a sort of disgust that he wouldn't stay with her after she cheated on him. This show lacks any morality, end justify the means in most cases, and promotes infidelity. Why this show is so popular? I can only think of two reasons, both not being very flattering towards the fans.
  • I love house but...

    I love house not liking the " newbies" too boring .. 13 brought some mystery.. I know "13" is a big time movie star now .. But it would be nice to see a character with a mysterious storyline. The character with blah look and personality. ( u know whom I'm talking about) I love house and Wilson. Without Wilson there wouldn't be HOUSE
  • Love it!

    I've seen House from the beginning, even have a couple of seasons on DvD, and I'm still loving it this season. I've been wondering what happened to it since I haven't seen a new episode since Nov.

    I've read people say that it's not as good since Cuddy left, but in my opinion I was glad to see her go. She ticked me off at the end.

    Dr.Park... eh. She's too blah for my taste. But I guess we needed someone a little down closer to the earth. Granted didn't think she would be buried in the earth....

    Forman... Yea I saw his promo comin when I read that Cuddy was leaving. My feelings are back and forth on that one. Sometimes its interesting, other times your kinda wondering "Why is he here again?"

    Glad to see Chase and Taub back. During the off season I kept on thinking of how the whole baby situation was gonna play out.

    The Wilson-House relationship, I still get a kick out of. Glad to see everything worked out in the end there.

    I will be sad if this ends up being the final season. I have already stopped watching one of my regular shows this season, would hate to lose another. I always love Hugh Laurie, and Dr. House was a riot.
  • Love it!

    Regardless of what anyone else has to say, I think the show is just as amazing as ever, even without Cuddy. I would prefer them getting rid of Dr park, she's just very unlikable, but still, I think the new season is just as good (not better, but just as good definitely) as the past ones.
  • Was a must see

    I absolutely loved this show since the beginning but this season has taken a turn for the worst. I could easily follow the transformations that the series had taken in the past but now I am left wondering what I'm doing watching this dribble. To say I am disappointed is certainly an understatement. I have always looked forward to this show and now in the middle of an episode I'm ready to change the channel.

    What happened? The writers of the show do not seem to know what direction to go. The loss of Dr Cuddy has really taken its toll which I am confused by. The show had always been easy to watch and House's wit was always entertaining but the jokes have gotten stale and the new crew really does not help any of the episodes move along to manageable viewing. I am watcjhing the show because I have since the beginning and I'm wanting to see how it will end but lets get the ending already.
  • Used to be great, but now requires life support

    The first few seasons were a blast. Excellent characters, writing, and an overall excellent show. However, since the loss of the original team, House hasn't been the same. The show gets less believable each episode and I no longer care about any of the character's arbitrarily chosen woes.

    Dr. House's snarky wit and abrasive attitude used to make me laugh or at least smile. Now I can't even remember the last time I enjoyed watching the show. Hugh Laurie is still phenomenal,and he deserves a better show. One with more life left in it.

    So if you are new to the show, watch the first few seasons and enjoy them. Just don't expect it to get better in the later seasons.
  • 1.5

    Shock and awe only go so far and I had my limit about 2 seasons ago. I kept hoping for something to change but the show seemed to go from bad to worse and I'm not going to watch it this season. Don't know why the character turnover rate is so HUGE...other better shows to occupy my spare time this season.

  • This is one of those shows where you hope it will never end. House is not only a genius but he is hysterical and does not give a crap about that any says. What he does is unconventional to say the least, but in the end he gets the job done. I love him!!!!


    This is one of those shows where you hope it will never end. House is not only a genius but he is hysterical and does not give a crap about that any says. What he does is unconventional to say the least, but in the end he gets the job done. I love him!!!!

  • Great show!

    I know many people who dislike House MD in my country. We watch it translated, so some jokes and great dialogues are sometimes lost or hard to follow. I've never liked shallow love stories and, to be honest, I'm starting to avoid endless rows of dead bodies whose killers are being pursued day after day.
    I find House, who is clever, witty, intelligent, sarcastic, down-to-earth, yet childish, immature and vulnerable, in a word, a very complex personality so excellently played by Hugh Laurie, just a perfect choice. I hope it'll stay on for a long time.
    Unwritten is a great episode of the House we know and love, Laurie is perfect as usual. Great dialogues, interesting plot (of course House reads books for "overly annoying teenage girls"! so do I!), excellent patient of the week and, if I was to split hairs, the part with go karts could have been done better, but if it stays this way, without too much sexy-cuddly sleeziness, it'll be fine with me.
  • Great Medical Drama! :)

    House is the BEST and most unique medical shows. Just the thought of a doctor with a disability treating and healing people was genius. At first I actually despised Dr. House and thought he was no good, but now he is one of my top tv characters. The show's writing and directing is so good, and just brings out the best out of the actors. I love his negative and rude/ arrogant attitude. Sad thing for Wilson and Cuddy is that House is always right no matter what. Pisses them off a lot, especially when he has broken a million rules to get what he wants. I just think this show is genius, the CSI themed Emmy Award Nominated medical drama starring the amazing British actor Hugh Laurie. I think it's about time [H]ouse won that Emmy!
  • Used to be a 10, now changed to 8.5 thanks to last season. Not going to watch season 8. Done with this show.


    As so many others have stated, this show fell off ever since episode 2 of season 6! I, too, was blown away by the season 6 premiere expecting nothing but magic from that point on, so to speak, but instead I was magically disappointed.

    Season 6 had some good moments, I suppose, but it was mostly just depressing and boring. Then season 7 came along and I truly felt like the first half of it was moving in the right direction. Up and down, yes, but they had the right idea. While 6 completely lost the humor factor, 7 started to bring it back. And the episode where 13 comes back is actually one of my favorites of the whole series! Careful though, Homecoming was one of my favorite Green Day songs...but American Idiot was their worst album ever (not counting the new one which I purposely avoided even listening to). And the same is true for season 7 - it was the worst. So bad, in fact, that I decided half way through the finale that I wasn't even going to bother coming back for season 8.

    I was tempted to re-rate this show a 6 or something like that, but I could not considering that the three seasons (and maybe even the fourth) are among my favorite of all time including all shows. Anyway, if you've never watched House, then I have to recommend that you watch only seasons 1 - 5 and then pretend like the season 6 premiere is actually the series finale!

  • Love This Show


    I Love watching House, only thing is I really don't care for the new character Dr Parks-she is sort of blah-her delivery on her lines fall flat- I will enjoy seeing Chase and Taub when they return, and Foreman and Wilson really need to interact with House more! I sure miss Cuddy tho....loved seeing "13" on last weeks episode-hope to see more of her. keep up the good "House"work!

  • House is a breakthrough!

    A friend told me to watch this show and I never wanted because I was never attacted to ''hospital movies'' like ER or general hospital. But honestly this show really is a breaktrough as it uses fascinating caracters to guide you to the world of medecine. House (Hugh Laurie) is the best character since JR Ewings in the dallas series. And there are lots of stuff outthere but not many characters can go so high as the JR, David Duchovny, Bill Cosby, Seinfield, Peter Falk (columbo)ect...House is incredibly funny (and I Im very difficult when it comes to funny) intelligent and is certainly the main reason to watch the show but not the only reason of course.I dont know were he comes from but this guy (Laurie)is VERY GOOD and I never get tired of his jokes and smart acting is 10/10 and they should do everything to keep him on board. I also Im impressed by Robert Leonard (Wilson) who ,with House, is one of the best duo on tv these days.Cuddy and Foreman are the other notable performances.Keep up the good work and I hope it will last 10 seasons or more!
  • A Deal Breaker

    Have been a devout fan since the beginning - and now his character has been getting meaner - not just sarcastic - really mean without any upside. The make or break for me will be if the powers that sign the paychecks put him on heroin. I would view that as a deal-breaker for his character. I forgive him all that he does - even when I find his words occasionally biting and uncomfortable. But deeper into drugs benefits no one. He can do lots of damage with his current Vicodin munchies. Wilson leaving the show would cinch my decision to leave the viewing public. I will rely on all the dvd's I have purchased to enjoy what the show once was.
  • Seriously addicting, and always makes my day :)

    Always heard about this show through friends and the media, and I always wondered why so many people liked it. I decided to finally start watching it, and the first couple episodes were good, but not as amazing as I hoped for. Still, something compelled me to keep watching. That same evening I started watching house, I finished the first season. I was hooked. There is just something about this show that I really love. It's witty, funny, always makes me smile, and then it has it's dramatic moments. Of course, you can't forget the medicine! Sure, they talk in big words (which are sometimes hard to understand), but somehow, you manage to keep up with what's going on, and still enjoy it! I think I've learned a couple things here and there too! This show has a variety of characters, and I love watching them interact. But I think the thing that makes this show stand out the most is, obviously, the main character, House. He is an arrogant sociopath, who always has to be right. He always has to know the answer. Sometimes I wonder if he's even human. But that's the thing I love to see most on this show, those rare moments where we get to see House be "human". House M.D. is a must see.
  • House M.D. used to be my most favorite show.


    House's sarcasm and genius, the wit of the other characters plus the interesting cases make the show a fascinating experience.

    The motive of change through the show and its interpretations and the not so secret comparison between House and Sherlock Holmes are just plain awesome and only part of the reason why I keep watching even though the important ideas are exhausted.

  • Excellent!


    Excellent episode! House got his friend Wilson back!! yay!! Who needs Cuddy anyway?Lisa who? She's not good enough for House! House is bar none the best show on TV! I watched it from day one and love it more every time i see it! and boy have i seen it!

  • House, the way you like it!

    Tonight was on long reminder of why I watch this show! The time-jumps. House experiencing need. The scene where Lisa Edelstein gets a face full of sucky boyfriend. The excellent child actors (this seems to be the only show that can cast good child actors). The very limited amount of Taub on my screen (still too much). But most of all I loved Laurie. From complete egotist, to hilarious, to deeply unsettled about his relationship with Cuddy, to awesome, and back to hilarious. The range that man has is just incredible. I crown him to my favorite actor in the whole business.
  • Used to be great...

    At it's height this was one of the better shows on TV. Nowadays it feels like it has out stayed it's welcome. The early seasons really were great episodic television, with the weekly mystery made more compelling by the development of the characters throughout the series. House himself, used to be a lot more interesting. You'd think that as he progressed you come to enjoy the journey with him, and at times, his character development made some of the better moments of the show. However, at this point the whole show feels a little bit redundant. Now that House is sort of "cured" of what made him an interesting character, it's basically just a medical "drama" that isn't particularly interesting after 100+ episodes. The weekly formula is never really that interesting and the characters aren't really going anywhere of too much interest. Overall I guess I'd recommend seasons 1-6 but season 7 has been lackluster. Season 3 was the pinnacle of this show, with Houses battle with a disgruntled cop being top notch story telling. Hugh Laurie makes this show worth watching, and I think without him it'd probably be a 6/10.
  • Dysfunction at it's worst!

    I faithfully watched the first 3 seasons of House. At first I thought it was great show. Very funny, even endearing. I loved to see House and team diagnosing the almost unsolvable medical conditions. House is a brilliant doctor who is downright mean to everyone he meets, patients & colleagues alike. However, in time House's extreme dysfunction became difficult to bear. He went from funny to sad. Sad because House is just plain mean. Mean/funny is like Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. She is mean, but often displays real compassion and a desire for love. On the other hand, House is incapable of having any kind of decent relationship. He delights in spewing his meanness on the world. In time, the show's character development left me wanting for more. After being a devoted viewer for 3 seasons, I unplugged House for good. There are better shows out there. I won't waste any more time on this one.
  • A patient suffers from a genetic disorder and House and Cuddy's confusing relationship gets more confusing.

    The best way to sum up my feelings about this episode is "cheated". I feel cheated that all of it was built up to only end abruptly and leaving us to scratch our heads together. House and Cuddy's relationship is played up and a "War of the Roses" ensues, which admittedly was cute to see unfold, culminating in an act of kindness to lead us to believe House actually cares about Cuddy in a serious way. And then the ending comes and it's like being told Santa Claus isn't real. Why even bother? I am pretty disappointed. I feel cheated to no end.
  • How do you spell vomitous bile

    Not since Airborne has an episode of house been so horribly wrong. This episode eroded away some of the goodwill that I have invested in this show. Thankfully though the good in house far outweighes the bad.

    Anyway - onto the episode itself.

    ROFLMAO .. do the writers actually think we are idiots - lets just suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that a baby (presumed dead) and born in a squat and covered in a coat will spontaneusly burst into life the moment the mother leaves the room.

    Also the whole virgin birth thing. House is presumably smart. We have all seen lately the farce that is the pregnant man on Oprah of late. Virgin birth - ok thats 1minute before the mother is on the phone seeking 3 million dollars from oprah .. 5 minutes later a 2nd opinion is sought and 3 minutes after that the legal team start litigation. On top of that House would be under investigation from the medical board. FMD. PS .. i did like the inhaler woman and the look on his face when she sprayed up.

    Anyway .. maybe the writers left for Christmas a week early and Dr Buffer wrote the script on this one.

    Also - 13 and foreman .. pffft ... House and Kutner would be more believable.

    Anyway ... dross this week but still looking forward to the next one.
  • I'm not tuning in, I'm tuning out from now on.

    Joy To The World can be described in several ways, but I'm deciding to keep it PG. It seemed, like most HOUSE episodes, that it would actually be all right during the first scene, where we met the POTW, giving us the traditional beginning of HOUSE. Though, very soon this crumbled down and what was left was an episode that made me laugh out loud several times. What bothered me most was the constant presence of Cuddy, that before has been motivated by various things, but now it seemed that the only reason they had her there was to give House the opportunity to brood over her. They put her in the conference room with a sticker saying that she was there to care for the patient, when really she was only there to be House's love interest. This episode might have been better than a few these past two seasons, but that is not saying much. The script was painful, especially in the scene where they interrogated the students at the school, and when Cameron (former team member of House's team?) was concerned about the patient's well being. While I love these two characters, and I'm very bitter about the fact that they are pushed into the background, these two scenes made me throw up in my mouth. Bad, bad, bad script. Ridiculous. In the end of the episode I was only half listening to what was said, but it seems that Cuddy is finally getting her baby. Does this mean that she won't get excessive amount of screen time, or will they find a way to give her that, like they have with Chase and Cameron (note bitter sarcasm)? It was a cute scene, I have to admit, though I still don't see the point of underlining Cuddy's need for having a baby even more, since it has been shoved in our faces since "Joy". I do hope that the writers, and producers, of this show will wake up and see that they are loosing audience. More than 27% of the audience have given up on HOUSE, making them the show that has lost the most amount of viewers. Nothing to brag with, and giving me backup to this statement; HOUSE is so brilliant show no more, HOUSE is not what it used to be. HOUSE is a soap - this I say because the only thing everyone seem to care about is who ends up with who, and that there is a new ship in town; Fourteen (or something like that), a ship that evokes no emotions in me other than utter boredom. Relationships on HOUSE, with House? No thank you, I will go watch a show with a little dignity left.
  • This was my least favorite episode because of the direction that Thirteen's character is heading.

    This was my least favorite episode of House. I think Thirteen's character is heading in a dangerous direction. It's sad that Chase's role has diministed to just a moment here and there....and Cameron's too. The dynamic between Wilson and House continues to make this program fun to watch. House is my absolute favorite TV series. Is there any chance that Chase and Cameron's roles can be increased? I hope this series runs for many more seasons!! My husband has started watching with me and he thinks House is the best. He likes the direction that House's mind wanders, I think most men do.
  • House and the team rush to solve the case of a suicidal man suffering from unrelenting, increasing pain. Foreman goes above the limit to garner the attentions of a depressed 13.

    While this was certainly not the best episode of "House" ever seen, it was still good, just because we're invested in the characters and not because it was so exciting. That said...
    It seems completely implausible that a woman of Cuddy's stature and accomplishment would be so completely dumbfounded by a baby. She has money; hire a nanny. House and Cuddy have zero chemistry, so it's nice that the love interest storyline between them is fading. The kiss itself was unexpected and therefore exciting, but he always has and always will belong with Stacy. It would be awesome -- although probably impossible, considering his handling of the situation -- to see Stacy back on the show. Sela Ward rocks the house wherever she is, and she was House's sole equal. They were great together. Cuddy just submits. Fun in the hospital, dull in a personal relationship.
    Kutner is a riot. Interested in whatever he's doing. Nice to finally see some information revealed about Taub. We know very little about him, and that makes him less interesting.
    13 and Foreman have no chemistry; give it up.
    Cameron taking over in place of Cuddy in ludicrous. She has never been able to stand up to House, and their interaction in this respect is non interesting. And her hair is such a distracting mistake. The lighting for Season One was much darker, but she was much more attractive in her natural beauty. Now, when she's on screen all I hear is "Blah, blah Blah blah Blah", like the teachers on Peanuts, because I'm so busy looking at her unhappy over-processed hair. PLEASE dye it back it's natural color.
    Where's Chase? We hardly ever see him anymore and he's such a more interesting character nowadays. I like the storyline between him and Cameron, but ... her hair....
    We miss Wilson. I know in the bonus interviews he said he prefers as little work as possible, but he is integral to relationships on the show. Without Wilson, House is ... well, just running ramrod over everyone. Including Foreman. Not interesting.
    Rehashing a pet peeve: In terms of character development, the biggest gyp ever was bringing back C.B. as Wilson's girlfriend and then killing her in two episodes. Four? Whatever. Wilson was growing as a character and so was House. The mommy-and-daddy-fighting-over-playtime-with-baby was one of the best threesome story lines ever. In conclusion, I'm a little bit bored but I'll keep watching because, eventually, the show never fails to deliver.
  • hugh laurie is wiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Since the past episode this was better... outstadingly better i can not wait til next week episode! the one hundreth one... and the preview... they always know how to make you want to tune in every monday night. And I can not belive of how many witty things they can think of for Hugh Laurie to say. He is one of a kind. I love that he can give that American accent every week... i am almost to one hundred words. I need eghiteen more... wait it keeps on going... i need ten... how do you people do this reviews... BLEH!
  • Man this is one of the best shows that i have seen. just keep it coming and don't stop.

    this show is amazing. his arrogance is so natural, he's an amazing actor. wish we could defy our bosses the way he does. cutty is amazing as well and she knows how to control him. camron is cute. wish she was back in the team but let's see what's in store for us. foreman shouldn't have been taken back. chase was more the innocent one in the group. don't stop this serial as it's one of the best one's around, and one looks forward to see how the great hpuse is going to save yet another life. so keep them coming.
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