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  • What happened to House...this show used to be amazing.

    I used to love this show! But what happened? Seriously--after season 3--completely different House. Anyone watching this show from the are you still in love with it??? Only one other person on this site has noticed? I'd like to find the new writers, producers and wring their necks--too sad. House used to be amazing...if you haven't noticed the changes--let me spell out a few: no more clinic, he never bounces his ball anymore, the lighting is all wrong, very few close-ups, dialogue terrible, Foreman seems to have had a lobotomy, House doesn't write on his dry erase board any longer, his vicadin habit has magically gone away, and finally--there is almost no focus on the patient anymore. Really, the list could go on. In short, it's as if people who never watched the show a day in their lives got hired after season 3--if anyone knows why, I'd love to know....writer's strike or what?
  • Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie,is an overbearing, ego maniacal,rectal cavity that refuses to demonstrate any human emotion.House is a show that has past its pinnacle of greatness and should now bow out gracefully.If you've seen one,you've seen them all.

    This is the story of an overbearing doctor with unlimited knowledge to assess and diagnose the most bizarre medical malformations that the medical profession has to muster his way. Dr.House played by Hugh Laurie is a pill popping, wise cracking, rectal cavity, know it all, that refuses to be nice to anyone.The rest of the hospital staff and the public for that matter don't know if they should take his attitude as pure brilliance or attribute it to his lonely self promoting arrogant ego. My money is on the latter. House is able to solve every known medical mystery acknowledged by man and then some.
  • excellent show, but it has me worried

    I used to love this show more than anything else on tv. the patients were complex and imperfect and the doctors were dark and angry. people complained that the show was repetitive (person gets sick, doctors diagnose, patient lies, patient is cured), but i think that the pattern the show followed was excellent. i was always fascinated by the lies the patients told and why they did so. however, now the show has become more about the conflicts between house and his team. i believe the show should focus on the patient's conflicts and not the teams'. With weekly spars about house's personal relationships, the show has turned from a medical drama to a soap opera set in a hospital. to win my affection back, the patients need to start lying again and the staff needs to level out a little.
  • Kutner offs himself. House withdraws into own misery. Thirteen reflects. Thirteen holds Foreman's hand. Wilson still doesn't think House is a heartless bastard. Cuddy empathizes. We (presumably) are supposed to care.

    Sad to say, but the last chance for resuscitating House is thoroughly behind us now. The Fridge has been decidedly Nuked, the Shark has been Jumped Over. The show was obviously in peril before this episode (to be blunt about it, the show's quality has been routinely chipped away since the season three finale), but I can honestly say I did not expect the show to take such a dramatic downturn. There is now practically no emphasis on the cases, and the "House psyche intrigue" is now simply annoying. The Huddy thing was interesting for about five seconds, and now the show runners are beating us over the head with it in some vain attempt to shock us into enjoying the program. The show was still watchable, but last week's Mos Def episode was so frustratingly mediocre that I had to stop watching it. I only showed up this time to see the Very Special Episode of the Fifth Season. Kutner was the easiest character to bump off, because he had the least effect on the painfully static House universe. Even up until the broadcast, I thought that there was some slim hope that the show might have some balls and kill off, say, Foreman. But, no. This is television--we cannot attempt to tamper with the formula. Sorry, House is over. Clean out your locker.
  • I'm hoping House will be my doctor every time I am in the hospital!

    You don't have to be a nurse, a doctor or someone with a degree on the medical field to enjoy this show. I for one does not fully understand the medical terms on most of the episodes but i am still loving every minute of House. There's just nothing that you can't like about this show. There's drama when you need some and it's always full of fun every time House opens his mouth. I just wished "13" didn't have to leave the show though. I'm a huge fan of her and it really saddened me to see her leave House. The show, not the doctor. It's also nice to see House and Cuddy finally together. What took them so long? The episode where they finally realize their feelings for each other was one of my favorite episodes. The other is the one where Wilson's girlfriend died. That was a very sad episode that a true fan of the show must not miss. My week is not complete if I can't watch the episode of House.
  • Ha yess, House md my favorite show on tv right now, House is a brilliantly made show and will forever be remembered by me as the show that had me hooked for so long!(it still does)

    House md could be described as a detective story set in a medical environment. And it is that! It's just so brilliant, funny and fantastic how they can make each episode in which they (most of the time) do the same thing (finding what's wrong and curing it)so unique and amazing to watch. House md got the story of House himself perfectly interwoven into the episodes. You will simply love all of the characters right after you see them for the first time. They all have this unique attitude and interaction with House which is damn funny and brilliant. (I know I used the word 'brilliant' a lot in this review but it just fits House md so perfectly). I do have to say that normally I am not a big fan of making a show longer than 4 seasons because with most shows it can drag on and on and on... and eventually become so boring I stop watching. I am beginning to see the difference between the first seasons and the current season so I kind of hope that the directors of the show would either have the courage to stop the show when they sense it is too much or the gift of making the same quality of episodes. (I know I will miss it when it ends and a lot of people will too, but I'm just so afraid that they will make a season which sucks so bad that it will ruin the entire show for me)
  • House is Brilliant!

    He makes intelligent, outrageous, and incredibly ruthless comment at anyone he finds in his vicinity. You see how a brilliant mind works, while a childlike attitude breaks the tension. Great show, definitely my #1 of all time. If you want a show that brings the human psyche out to take perspective of, look no further. House astonishes everyone around him not only with his diabolical way of treating patients but also his friends and subordinates. The story has no unwound and really brought house through a full circle by showing what types of obstacles and roadblocks our cripple has gone through. GREAT SHOW. MUST WATCH

  • I know that House is rude, but hey, he is a genius. I also love Chase and Thirteen. House M.D. is #

    I think House is one of the greatest shows on TV. House is my favorite, but Chase and thirteen are amazing too. i Love House M.D!!!

    I was so happy and shocked when i learned that House and Cuddy were going out. they seemed to be nagging at each other since the series started. but i can't say it was a bit disappointing. who wouldn't want to see them together?!

    as for Thirteen, i so hope she will come back soon. to tell the truth, she was my favorite of the new recruits (no offense to Kutner, Taub, and Forman fans). i wish she didn't have to go, but i know she will be back, eventually.
  • Best Show In The Universe

    Actually there is no further commentary required for this if you just say "the best show ever on TV". But if there is a at least 100 word limit i should carry on.

    First of all it contains every little pieces which are necessary in a drama. The thing that seperates House from other shows / drama shows / hospital drama shows is the lead character. There is nobody in this world who can play House as well as Hugh Laurie. His mimics and all that stuff are great and we have to give a huge credit to the writers. When you watch House, in every episode there is a quote that somebody in this world can hang it into his wall and arrange his / her life around it.

    It is show that combines great writing, acting and scenes (setup).

    I haven't said a word about the soundtrack because I don't have time for a review which has more than 1000 worlds in it. You can check it out, it's a unique element what makes this show "complete".

    What else can someone want from a TV show.
  • WOW - It's been seven seasons of a show that was both innovative and thought provoking - presenting a unique character - something that has rarely happened on television.

    Having said the above - let me tell you why I've been disappointed lately.
    a) I know its hard to keep a show fresh, and often the writers add or delete characters, often to good effect. This has not been the case with House.
    b) House's personality, his brilliance coupled with a truly acerbic wit works only in conjunction with the characters around him. All of them were necessary,Cuddy to put him in his place, Wilson to act as "whipping boy" - but most important was his team. Their growth was to be expected - even their changing jobs within the Hospital was a workable twist.
    c) Bringing in a completely new team, in my opinion, has been a mistake - or at least the actors chosen for that new team are all wrong. They are humorless and two dimensional - I find it very hard to give a crap about them.

    So I haven't been watching - I tried at the beginning of the season because of the budding romance between House and Cuddy. Sadly, it has not been enough. It's great that Chase is back but he and Cameron made up 1 whole person/ without her he is almost as boring as Taub. And the writers clearly don't know what to do with Foreman - is he the boss? (well not really). So what is he? I miss the arguments/insults between House and him. I could go on but the jist of it all is, the show is sinking - somebody throw them a life raft.
  • House the character is a butt he is mean and sarcastic but he gets the job done

    I like the show mainly because I want to see whom House will be the most sarcastic to I keep a tally Chase:1,000 Camron:900 Cutie:800 Foreman:850 recent victem:400 thats usually how it goes the thing about House is you have to want to hate him but you can't or you just hate him down right of course its your choice but don't make the wrong one or he'll be even more of a butt. a friend of mine and myself have declared or selves his worst nightmare and worst memory I can be pretty anoyying and sarcastic myself so he may get overwhelmed *thinks for a sec* okay maybe not but I will be some day!
    anna-chans friend miz-chan:Is that really the type of thing to strive for? And I'll always be his nightmare, memories can be surpressed Haha.
    *glare* anyway Its a good show despite its sarcastic main character.
  • eh its ok ,I dont really like it ,overrated

    Gregory House is a doctor who thinks every patient in his hospital is a faker. The characters on this show are pretty bland except house who is ok sometimes. House is a jerk to his patients whether they are faking or not but he usually finds out what is wrong with them before its over with. I got sick of the characters pretty early on. The only reason I watched this is beause my mom does. It is very repetitive. I wish people would stop talking about this show he is a jerk big whoop there are millions of jerks in real life. This show isnt awful its just not that good.
  • Excellent show. Starting to Repeat a little bit.

    This show is an excellent mix of drama and humor. I used to clear out my monday evening every week to make time for it. However, the story line is very repetitive. Each episode starts with someone experiencing a random unexplainable "body malfunction" i guess (drama). Then it goes to House in his office and his socially unacceptable behavior with his coworkers (humor). Then House takes a look at the patient and before the show is half way over the patient has been diagnosed. But wait! Another random bodily crisis proves that this is not the correct diagnosis so the entire team gets stressed and frustrated with this near-death patient. Then within the last ten minutes of the show one of the doctors has an epiphany and solves the case. The patient is cured, everyones happy. But to keep you tuned in for next week there is always a dramatic cliff hanger in House's social life. Its always very entertaining, but can get old pretty fast.
  • A once brilliant, abrasive and wonderful show that has been downgraded to an average medical drama without much originality but a lot of soapy elements.

    Romance isn't always a good way to pump some fresh blood into an 'old' show. You have to do it right, especially when the main character of a show claims to not give a damn about anybody. Of course we all knew from the start this was a lie. But let's be frank: Since the writers decided to actively hook up House and Cuddy this show started sucking. The best episodes after the first kiss were those who either focused on the medicine or on House's soul or - even better - on the things House can learn from his patients while he treats them. The way they stir something up in him. The formula worked perfectly during the first four seasons. It made the audience see the mechanics behind this abrasive, yet brilliant and deeply hurt character. It also worked perfectly to get insight into the team members, Wilson and Cuddy. But at some point in season 5 the storylines got cheap. The psychology started to feel simple and harmless, a tendency that grew stronger in the course of the last two seasons and lead to the utterly cheap and cheesy 'revelation' that only love can save you ('Help me'.

    Ugh. Seriously. That House needs saving is obvious, but the storyline that made him realize it feels really really forced. It could have been done much more subtle and clever (after all, we know what the House writers are capable of). Don't misunderstand me, I don't mind House hooking up. But the way it was done was so... 'Grey's Anatomy'- like. Come on, we can expect a bit more realism of this show. It just felt so forced (can't repeat it enough)!!!!
    I also don't mind witnessing personal issues of the other characters. But they don't really develop anymore. Their personal lives evolve around kissing, affairs, stolen sperm, divorces, dating issues and open marriage. Soapy stuff. And there are rarely any connections between the main characters and patients anymore. Much too often the cases feel shoved in, as though somebody in the writer's room remembered at the last second that this show was created to be a MEDICAL drama.

    House used to break all the rules of the genre and now all that was so special about it has been shoved aside almost entirely to make room for soapy elements and schmootzyness. I know it sounds harsh, but I think the shrinking audience is proof enough that a lot of other people seem to dislike the change of direction on all levels, too.

    Let's hope TPTB will appreciate the old style of the show again and create some good new 'old' stuff.
    Otherwise I am not sure I will continue watching. It really hurts to see your favourite TV show go downhill like this.
  • Gregory House...the Magnificent Bastard!

    Here is another television show that qualifies as a cooling oasis of smart in the intellectually stultifying wasteland that is prime time television. A very, very well written and excruciatingly well researched medical drama, this show challenges the intelligence of the viewer and has no patients with and shows absolutely no mercy whatsoever towards all the reality show addicted dummies out there in viewer land. Can't handle Gregory House? Well bleep ya if you can't take a joke, the rest of us are moving on. Ha! Hugh Laurie, a British actor with a strong British accent in his normal speaking voice has flawlessly mastered the American accent. I had no idea that Hugh was British until I saw him on a late night talk show for the first time. Amazing! This is a truly great show.
  • The best serial I've ever seen

    From the first time i saw this show, it hit me as a very serious, outrageous show. House is so in character, as a matter of fact, all of the actors on this show have excellent skills as actors in my book. Every detail of this show is so realistically based, it makes you think about doctors and how they practice medicine. (Although this show is strictly fiction, right ???!! ) All in all, i love the craziness of it, and continue to watch every episode , and record the ones I can't. Keep up the wackiness, and keep the suspense of House and Cuddy.

    You can watch the first episode of season 7 on the address:
  • Gregory House is a brillant world known doctor who has a knack for solving cases no one can. Problem is, is that House is a arrogant jerk who thinks things like humanity, relationships etc. are irrelevant and uneeded.

    When I first started watching House I was immeditaly hooked on the series it was smart, fresh, and something different. The first three seasons were incredible there was hardly a dull moment or episode for that matter but in the fourth season things changed dramatically and for the worse it seems many episodes in that season seemed sub par compared to those in first seasons. After season three the series has taken a bigger interest in the personal lives of the characters rather than being solely a medical drama, and the medical mystery seems to has taken a back seat to the mystery which lured viewers into watching the show in the first place, character developement by all means is a good thing but I think it should be back seat to the mystery. I would recommend House M.D. to anyone whose intersted in Medical Dramas I can say you won't be dissappointed.
  • House is probably the best series in tv these days. Why? because unlike a lot of other tv shows, House has depth. It's defently not superficial. Every detail has a lot of meaning, and it makes the whole show more intresting. [....]

    House is probably the best series in tv these days. Why?
    because unlike a lot of other tv shows, House has depth. It's defently not superficial. Every detail has a lot of meaning, and it makes the whole show more intresting. The cast is great. Hugh Laurie is a fantastic actor, and I couldn't imagine this series without him. Robert Sean Leonard usually there for the comedy, but in the more dramatic episodes, he did a great job. The rest of them are great also. I am not a huge fan of the new team, but I already got used to them.

    The writing. it's usually fantastic. in the last 2 seasons it was a little bit off sometimes, and the first 4 seaons are brilliant. The photography is also worth mentioning. They do such a great job with it.

    and another thing worth mentioning is the music. I usually don't care about this, but the music is extraordinary. We get a wonderful soundtrack (and sometimes House plays the piano..).

    Best season so far in my opinion is the 4th. Wasn't a huge fan of the new cast but it was great to see something fresh. The all 16 episodes are brilliant, especially the last two (House's Head & Wilson's Heart - OUTSTANDING).

    I recomment this series for everyone. Even if you are not into the medical stuff, it has everything into. you can easily relate to the series. :) I give it 9.5/10. just because of some boring episodes on the 5th and the 6th season. but It's still the best tv show in these days.
  • House and the team treat a patient with genetic mosaicism; meanwhile, House goes on methadone with serious consequences.

    I was not very impressed with this episode of House. The risks of methadone were EXTREMELY overplayed, for the following reasons:

    1) Methadone should NEVER cause respiratory arrest if the dose is safe. House has already been on high doses of opioids (Vicodin) so even a high dose of methadone is likely to be safe for him.

    2) Methadone should only be prescribed by a doctor who is specially licensed to do so and trained to manage chronic pain. If House had been listening to his doctor and taking his pain medication appropriately, nothing should have happened.

    3) Methadone can have potentially serious side effects, it is true. Having said that, this is why you start methadone at a low dose and titrate up, and why you also get an ECG prior to and periodically during treatment with methadone. It's also why House needed to make sure any doctor he saw was aware he was taking methadone so potentially serious drug interactions could be avoided.

    All in all, methadone is actually a very safe drug when used appropriately. Also, once you have stabilized the appropriate dose for the patient, there is no risk of cognitive impairment, so it would have been very safe for House to continue on methadone and still work at the hospital. There are Class 1 semi drivers who take opioids and are safe to work.
  • House is my favorite show on television right now. Best drama I have ever found and the only medical show I like. You can watch it at blackboxshows. com

    House is great, It is definitely my favorite show. Its got the perfect amount of mystery drama and humor. I really think Hugh Laurie does a great job, really sells the role of Dr House. I really Like how they started this season focusing on the relationship between House and Cuddy. I think the diseases they have worked on have been suspenseful enough, I worry for the patient... or I'm really interested in the diagnosis. In my opinion this show has not lost its touch, it is still going strong. If you haven't watched this show you should check out that site :)
  • Great show, great episode and great cast...and who cares if the writers have run out of rare infectious diseases to give people? In this episode House goes to site of a collapsed building to let assistance.

    It's all about the eccentric Dr. House; they didn't call the series "Diseases". Any way I have a great plot for season 8. Dr. House witnesses a murder and not one that one of his staff commits; and House has to go into WITSEC under Agent Mary Shannon (In Plain Sight). The story can end when Dr. House is kicked out of WITSEC and returns to his practice. After a few episodes the patient turns out to be the same criminal Dr. House put away. Does Dr. House find the cure or does he or one of his staff members lets him die?
  • Best Show Ever, literally!

    This is, my favorite show. House is an awesome show with a mixture of drama and medicine. A lot of people don't like House because of Hugh Laurie's "attitude", well that's the purpose of the freaking show!

    The episodes are great, lets not mention the #1 Theme Opening. All the characters are fantasic, House's ongoing love with Cuddy, vice versa, Thirteens former Romance with Foreman, The Dipala case, its all exciting.

    At least its not like Grey's Anatomy where its all drama :P

    Vicodin is House's favorite medicine just incase you didn't know.

    All the characters role in this show is perfect!

    Meh, its the best show.
  • Dr.House is cranky, sarcastic, misanthropic, & is definitly lacking in bed side manner, but he is also a brilliant diagnostitian. Each episode has a compelling medical mystery, & tons of hilarious wit that will keep you laughing & guessing to the very end

    This is my all time favorite show right now, and I neeeeeeeeeeeever miss an episode. It is absolutely hilarious! It may be listed as a medical drama, but amidst all the angst is loads of sarcasm, and laughter. The cast is amazing and full of merorable characters. I can't tell you how perfect the actors Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard are as the characters Dr. House and Dr. Wilson. Each episode has an interesting medical case that keeps me guessing to the end, and I can't get enough of all the witty dialogue, plus the facial expressions alone make me roll on the floor. I am as addicted to this show as Dr. House is to his Vicodin, all I regret is that I only get a dose once a week. It is most definitely the best hour on television and theres no one that can tell me otherwise!
  • A good medical drama?

    This is an extremely well written show with even better acting. The show is about a vicodin addicted doctor (now off of drugs) named Gregory House, who struggles with the pain from his leg, his drug addiction, his relation ship with Cuddy, his job and the people who surround him everyday, like his patients and his co-workers. He is a widely known Doctor who can find a way to solve any medical issue(s) that is happening to somebody in almost any case he faces. He only has one friend named Wilson, Who seems to be the only person he can share things with. This is the only medical show out there that i watch, and the only one i would recommend for somebody to watch.
  • I love this show!

    This is probably one of my favorite shows for alot of reasons. House is a total, complete ass whenever and to whoever he wants. He does not really care if he hurt their feelings or offended them. He only cares about himself and he has an addiction to painkillers which might explain why he is the way he is. The cases on the show are usually bizzare and not really realistic, but it is entertaining and interesting. Somehow, the patients almost always end up surviving even though they are told that they are going to die within a couple of hours or days. Anyway, this show is great and I think that it's one of the best.
  • House is an all-in-all good show.

    Even though I stopped watching House about a year ago, I still think it is a brilliant show. It is rarely repetitive and is pretty much always funny and interesting. Dr. House can be extremely funny with his sarcastic jokes but he can also be serious when he wants to. The acting is extremely good. Not only are the main actors good, but the extras can also be very good at acting.
    The only problem I have with House is that some of the problems the patients have are a little too absurd. For example, There was an episode with a little kid and he ended up having too much Iron in his body from eating to many vitamins. A good idea? Yes. Realistic? No. You would need to have barrels full of vitamins every day to have that much Iron. But, all-in-all, House is a superb show.
  • One of the best shows on tv.

    House has to be the best tv show on right now it is smart, funny and a lot of drama i enjoy watching this show. House is a bout a smart angry drugy docter and yes he is a docter house and his team get the hard to crack cases and try to save a life.
    like i sead befor it is a great show for people of any age. love sex and a docters.
    the best acting for a tv show.
    i can not tell you to watch anny more then i have./
    great people great story a lot of drama a lot of fun. phenox.
  • One of the best shows on television, it took me a little later to become a fan but I'm addicted and I just love Hugh Laurie in the title role as House. One of my favorite shows on television today.

    House is an odd show because it's different then every other medical show. House is who you'd expect to be a villain in just about every other television program, a guy who is a huge egomaniac, a drug addict, and most importantly a jerk who is a genius. Yet it works because Hugh Laurie portrays Gregory House in a way where he is a figure that you just love to hate, because of the way he acts. House works at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where he works in Diagnostic Medicine treating unusual cases. The interesting thing about House is that he doesn't care about the patients like other medical dramas like ER, but he cares about solving the mystery. House is a man driven by logic and everything to him has to be rational, he needs to figure out everything that comes in his way and that's probably what makes him a genius doctor. House usually gets into arguments with the Dean of Medicine and Administrator Lisa Cuddy, spends time making fun of his best friend James Wilson, the head of Oncology and literally the anti-House, as well as mistreating his fellows and the patient as well. His original group consisted of the Australian Robert Chase, Allison Cameron, and Eric Foreman but the original group disbanded and House managed to form a new group (though Foreman remained) with Thirteen (Remy Hadley), Chris Taub, Lawrence Kutner (Something happens to him), and ultimately Chase. House is a jerk but he's so mesmerizing to watch and it's just so bizarre how Hugh Laurie, such an amazing acting talent has yet to win an Emmy for his performance. Very awesome show.
  • Best Drama Show

    This show is a hospital drama about dr. House and how his team of medical experts deal with the problems presented to their hospital. I'm not a huge fan of drama's, so you know when I rate one high it's a great show. I got into thanks to my dad, and I love it. Dr. House is the best character on the show, because he's tough, hard to deal with, and yet hard to not like. I will admit the newer seasons are harder to get into, yet I still admit it's quality for detail over other dramas. Overall, one of my favorite shows ever, I highly reccomend it even if your not a huge fan of drama shows. 9/10 A-
  • Dr.House... Sadist, cynic, sarcastic, almost old man making people laugh their hearts out...

    My favorite show of all times! There is not one episode that didn't made me laugh or think about life and stuff related! The man that wrote it is a genius which made my life a lot happier... I have a lot in common with Gregory House and that"s why I can say that I understand the show completely! I love the way he threats people (especially his team) and his way of looking at the world because its very similar to mine... The cases and patients are often interesting, unique, funny and sad. The thing that makes this show so charismatic is Houses dialogs with patients which are usually verbal and mental fights where House always wins... The relationship between House and Wilson is certainly one of the many things that make this show awesome as it is... I could watch every episode over and over again and never get bored because they are full of wise things and secrets about life and people in general...
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