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  • Slightly Down

    This show is gold. I've been watching since about season 3 or 4, but I really like it. My sister got me into it. I like House and I like the way he acts. He sometimes comes off as a big jerk but it is funny. I like a lot of the storylines, as well as the acting, which really makes the show. However, I think this current season is the worst so far. Others may disagree, and of course, that is perfectly alright, but I haven't been getting into this season much. Hopefully the quality increases.

    But, still a fantastic show overall, hopefully more seasons to come!
  • It has got to be one of the funniest shows on TV!!!

    This show is great, I would be shocked and horified if they decided to canncel it. House has to have at least 8 seasons if not more!It is one of thoes shows that stickes with you and you cant wait to tell your friend what House did to who and wioth what. Great Show!
  • House is so awesome! That man is one of the most manipulative jerks I've ever known and yet I love him. He is the bomb and every season, he just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Keep this show going for ten more years!

    I am excited that House has a new team and the old doctors are still around. I hope that later on in the season, they play more of a role than they have in the fall. I must say that I love #13. She is so hot and I wish she was mine. I'm glad Cuddy let her be hired because if she wouldn't have, I would have stopped watching. What's so fun about House talking to three men? Uh, nothing!

    House has gotten funnier every season. I thought the first season was a riot and I was nervous that after the second, House's jokes were going to start getting dull. But he hasn't. He's gotten funnier and hopefully he will continue to get funnier with the seasons to come.

    I love the cases more than I do the interactions. I've seen some very interesting cases that just appalled me when I found out what the problem was with them and how they could treat it. I always get excited just watching how the show will take its course. But I'm sad the guy in the wheelchair died. It was so depressing. I don't know which is better. Alive but trapped in a wheelchair or dead. It seems like either way, you're dead to the world and mean nothing. Then his dog ate the pills and he died. But the show must go on and we have to remember that there will be more patients that will be saved and like House said, "Once you make a mistake once in the doctor's office, you'll never make it again."
  • I think there's something missing

    well, im probably not going to make many friends by bashing one of the most popular shows on tv, but hey this is just my opinion. House is an interesting show, no one can argue that, but when it comes right down to it, it just feels like it's missing something. It's an interesting premise and i find myself really liking houses character. the only thing that really puts a damper on this show, for me anyways, is that it seems that it is just too easy for house to do his job. I understand that it is only an hour show, but every time i watch it, they are always able to come up with the right diagnosis just in time for the end credits to roll, no matter how far off they originally are.For example, i remember that in one episode a child was diagnosed with having some flesh eating virus and they had to operate, milliseconds before the operation telling that the diagnosis was wrong. I simply think that ever so often maybe they don't figure out whats wrong in time and they have to live with that mistake. Overall, its an interesting show, although a bit unbelievable. It's still worth your time to watch it, however, for the mere humor that is the sarcasm that is house.
  • Awesome medical drama

    such a great show and house is awesome! HIs atttitude and cruelty kind of makes me laugh! IT seems impossible that a guy can figure whats wrong with someone every time..right..wrong! House can!!!!!!!!hope it never goes off the air!!!!!!!!!! Its the best show ever! IT makes you wait in suspense!It teaches me new things and always has a way of making me laugh and cry. Sometimes both at the same time! ITs not a bad show and if you dont like it you should give it another chance and at least really sit down and watch! Im not forcing you to watch it but im asking you. ...Think of it like a favor! BYE!
  • always the same...

    It's always the same pattern: a patient with an incurable disease which noone can figure out, the team tries and tries and at the end, House figures it out by some miraculous afflatus... Admittedly, there are some cool storylines in between but even they tend to repeat. Great show for one or two seasons but it really wears off! Plus, if you aren't a medical genius yourself, you can't really follow the line, they could basically tell you everything.
    I don't get how people can be so fond of House, he is a real **** sometimes and just because of his 'genius' he gets a free pass for everything?! Doesn't work like this in real life.
  • I think it's not amusing.

    I tried to watch this show over and over but I never liked it. It was so boring and I really don't get it. Why do people love this show ? ? ? I really trier and tried to watch it but I was unsuccessful . Except it was boring , the characters are bad . I don't like them . The show is not funny , imaginative and it is unoriginal . We have 100000000 shows about doctors and medical institutions and I didn't love any of them . For example , I never loved ER or Grey's Anatomy. GA was ok but not so good. All things considered , I don't like this show at all !
  • Makeover pretty much killed it

    For over two seasons, this was a great show. It had everything; interesting medical plot lines, great comedy and likeable characters with depth to them. Then, when everything was moving along just splendidly, the decision was made to remove most of the likeable characters, and replace them with utterly bland ones that completely lack anything resembling depth. Overnight the show had pretty much lost all dramatic elements of interest, and turned into a seconed rate comedy show, with Hugh Lauries' performance as its' only redeeming quality. I have no idea who is responsible for this insanity, but it's becoming clear that there are no plans to ever restore the elements of the show that made it great (the bloody character development for crying out loud! where did it go?!) so I've adjusted my previous rating of 9.0 to a more fitting 6.5, and I will stop watching this until such time as the writers get their heads screwed on straight again. It'll probably never happen...
  • WAS a great show. WAS one of my favorites

    Seasons 1 and 2 were great. when stacy left it lost part of the edge. When he lost his staff at the end of season 3 it's lost most/all of the character devleopment as well. Sex references are shocking when they are used once in awhile. This whole show has become one bad teenage sex joke that I cannot even fake laugh at. New season of House and nothing else is on....I'll go back and watch reruns of Lost or get some extra sleep so I can stay up late at watch lost later! If they don't learn how to make this show entertaining (something other then lude and stupid) they might as well roll this into grey's anatomy and save the viewers the pain of 2 dumb shows
  • The Worst tv series i ever seen

    The New Season Is Awful. House continues to be one of the Worst dramas ever on TV.
    The writers have notched the tension up to the screaming point, which they probably think is a good thing. There's a mantra among writers these days that Conflict is Everything. No conflict, no story. Oh yeah? There are such things as comedy, love, friendship and affection, but you won't find any of those elements ever portrayed in this season of House. Instead what you will find is hostility, hatred masquerading as wit, shouting, screaming, insults. The writers have run out of ideas. They don't know what to do with their characters. House cannot love anybody and cannot grow. There's no love interest. House remains a narrow, caustic nerd unable to show any affection for anyone. I find him to be a pathetic waste of space. Therefore, in their creative desperation, the writers choose to bring in sideshows. You have freaks brought in to be cured by the misanthropic genius. First the dwarf... then the Gypsy... and then I picked the DVDs up and threw them all in the garbage can. I did not enjoy this portrayal of sado-masochistic relationships, and in my judgment, not many other people will, either. This show is doomed, and I doubt there will be many more seasons. The writers have run out of gas. This happened with "Six Feet Under" after season two as well.
  • Dr House

    House is a brilliant doctor with a knack for figuring out what is wrong with a patient who other doctors have either given up on or pronounce well. He uses his "team' to help him figure out the symptoms and what they mean, BUT he treats his team as if they were dirt and never ceases to put them down.

    He is a non caring drug addict who not only uses prescription drugs but also snorts cocaine when he thinks he needs it.

    He not only has a lousy bedside manner but shows and feels no kindness to patients or his fellow doctors.
  • Jumped the Shark, unfortunately.

    When I saw my first House episode I caught the bug. My girlfriend and I got the DVDs and watched the first 3 seasons over the course of about 2 months. It was a full fledged ritual: come home, make dinner, eat it in front of the TV watching House. The action, the suspense, the wit of House. We were totally engrossed and emotionally invested in the characters. Hook, line, sinker. But then... one cold and windy night we watched the episode "One Day, One Room" and as the episode ended we looked at each other and said "House just jumped the shark." After watching that episode we tried watching few more, and every one after "One Day, One Room" seemed cheap and uninteresting. For me, the episodes prior to the Shark Jump are still good, but anything after just is unbearable.
  • This show was one of my favorites but now it sucks!

    I just got into this show earlier this year and it was awsome. I was a little nervous about watching it because i wasn't really into doctor shows and all that medical mumble jumble but a few minutes into my first episode and i realized that it was different. My favorite character has always been Wilson. At times i got pissed at him for sticking up for House but he's just being the sweetie he is. I was so interested in seeing how the House/Wilson relationship will continued but i didn't know they were kicking Wilson off. That pissed me off to know ends. He was the one person that had sense on that show and now they're getting rid of him. And on top of that they're REPLACING him! WTF!! So now i am officially not a fan of this show anymore. That's my story.
  • Except for the last 5 minutes, this was an average episode of House.

    Except for the last 5 minutes, this was an average episode of House. I just want less POW things and more House-Wilson-Cuddy time. And...those last 5 minutes? Lisa's performance as the crushed Cuddy and THAT KISS! whoopie! Now I can not wait for next week! House and Wilson in his office were priceless...House's one word "Nope" was also an excellent delivery. Its also interesting to see that 13 knows her way around Cocaine (who knew?) and she is becoming more and more interesting even as Taub and Kuttner become less and less interesting. The rest of the season is shaping up to be a good one!
  • Great leading star, good plot lines, extremely formulaic.

    Hugh Laurie is a great actor. I enjoy his delivery, I enjoy seeing House and Wilson and their friendship. The rest of the old cast is alright. The new cast is hit and miss, they're just really unlikable.

    The character's personal lives are the best part of the show and some of the cases are rather intriguing, but does everything have to be so formulaic? Like the funeral episode, we could have done without the medical mystery, at least that one time.

    Another thing I don't like about the show is most of its fan base, specially certain reviews. They can sometimes turn a great episode into an annoying experience.
  • I am a rabbid House fanatic, and this episode was he worst thing I've seen on TV in quite a while. The episoide was an incoherant mess and the writers irreprably damaged House's character.

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Is this just a case of not meeting my extremely high expectations for my favorite show on TV? Partly.

    Bust mostly I feel that this episode crapped all over House's character, and must be forever be forgotten by fans of the show.

    In this episode, Dr. House used his well-known powers of observation to point out when the people locked in the room with him were inexplicably violating their evolutionary survival impulse. As such, this theme divided the cast into those who valued their lives, and those who had already given up on them. And as though we were supposed to wait in suspense to discover which team House played for, his character played the field: from self-sacrifice, to idiocy, to disregard for human life, to suicidal tendencies. But this is not the House I know and love.

    The real strength to House's character - that which I see now that some writers still have not gotten the hang of - is that when all is said and done, he retains the most significant and desirable qualities of a doctor, which why he is the best. He cares about life and it is always his highest moral charge to do what he can to preserve it. It's not about how cool he is, or how much drama surrounds him.

    But in this episode, House handed his life and the lives of others to a deranged patient on more than one occasion. He acted as though he cared about nothing but the puzzle. He empathized with the patient, who would obviously have justified killing just to solve it. And I'm sure that thirteen and everyone else on the show will shrug off his total disregard for their lives and cheerfully work with him in the next episode.

    In reality, House's cold demeanor is a defense mechanism. His pragmatic take on life pushes him to express a lack of caring. He is morbidly curious, and needs to solve riddles to feel in control, but none of this can ever compel his as much as the desire to survive and heal.
  • Same old, same old...

    The initial premise is not bad considering the recent uninspired episodes. However, the structure of the show is becoming tired and predictable now. First they search around with a myriad of theories until eventually House gets that spark. You all know how it's going to end... they always solve the mystery don't they?!. Furthermore, there is usually a complete recovery with no complications to the patients future health. This is very general but I could be talking about any episode and this would be true.

    The new crew is a total bore. They have been since the moment they were introduced and this barely changes over the episodes including this one. There is a total lack of chemistry between any of them, and especially with House. I dont really care for any of these charisma free wooden planks. The format needs a rethink... otherwise this is getting very dull very quickly.
  • None of my friends know I even watch this! It's funny & crazy...and that's what makes it great!

    I had never given this show the time of day until I started watching it in my Human Anatomy class every Friday! I was never a fan of shows like me I'm squeamish and I don't like blood or medical dramas. This show was different for me. The cast works really well together and House, well I love his sarcasm and dry humor. That's what truly makes a show...the cast! They're all amazing! I have to admit there are a few episodes that have scarred me for life & a few were not that interesting at...but despite that, the show as a whole is really good
  • House is a good show.

    House is a good show. I thought that it was very entertaining the first two seasons, and then for some reason I stopped watching all together. But it was a cutting edge show and I have to say that it truly had some terrific acting. Hugh Laurie made this show great with his snarky character of Dr. House. He is a great actor and can take over a show by himself. There aren't too many versatile actors or actresses as him. My favorite parts of the show might have to be the beginning and the end. It is really good. Thank you.
  • Lost its touch

    Probably and by far the best show that aired in TV. One amazing, weird and sarcastic Dr. Gregory House and three amazing actors playing Chase, Cameron and Foreman as "interns" without forgetting Dr. Lisa Cuddy to add some fun and boob jokes. What the hell happened to this show? Thirteen is the only one saving herselft from the main the cast. What about the rest? There is just no story there not to mention the sarcastic jokes are way below the initial level. Might as well forget about the patients as well since they are a completely secondary subject with these days episodes. The best twist was probably Wilson's girlfriend and yet you managed to kill her. Well ... a great way to kill her but kill her none the less. Loose the new guys. Bring the old ones back as main actors and with more time on screen.
  • House is annoying.

    As a Medical show, House gives and inside scoop to the bloody world of Human Biology. Though House is a cocky doctor on pills, we must remember that this is a show, and even though we'll watch the shows again and again, it does not make us certified life savers. With it's fair share of medical drama, we see the characters itself grow and nurture with each other, or horribly fail and plummet back down to earth. I am quite fond of this show, But House's character itself still puts me off. As dangerous as the medical world is, i pray that i won't need to go there. I'm not afraid of it, but i am glad that i am still healthy and with no broken bones. House, I pray they knock some sense into you.
  • This show is all about sarcastic and mean dr House.

    This show is rightly called House MD, because the other characters are just to full the empty space. It would be ridiculous to just show House on his own, right? Erm.. The cases they take on can be a bit far-fetched, but it is understandable that the writers want to make the show more interesting. Sometimes the randomness of it all bothers me, but then House says something extra mean and I forget all about it.
    This season Gregory is a bit soft for my liking, but I am hoping he will make a full comeback next season.
    You will get a masochistic pleasure out of it. Definitely recommend it.

    House is a great show, currently my favorite TV show.

    Its a medical drama, but with so much more. If you have never seen House and you watch a random episode you will find it very interesting and quite funny to watch, but if you follow the show you will love it.

    The storyline is very compelling and the end of each series have had many twists. The end of season 5 was superb, and the the double episode to start of season 6 was like a great movie that you could watch even if you've never seen House before.

    The show is very addictive, and the more episodes you watch the more you love it
  • wonderful show

    I love this show, how the whole plot is written, but there is one thing that really bothers me and that is the out come of House and Cuddy relationship. I know not all relationships have a happy ending but I think that house deserve a break specially after all the things that have had happen to him. I really don't like the idea of the guy that started as an PI hired by House now is the cause of his sadness. Can the writers come up with something better?, Just to give it a little twist. I really love this show.
  • one of the best shows thats on tv today

    i been watching house since the first ep. i think its great show. the way house acted in early days made the show great with the way he disliked treating people up close. he would always say something that was totled out of control. or something you really could not say to a patient. and the others would really talk behides houses back things they disagreed with or something they though he was doing that was dangrious. its diffrent from most doctor shows it has is comedy in it and its seriousness and its weirdness which to mee makes a great show.
  • house is an outragously great new tv show!

    house is a great tv show to teach u about deises i love it! i love how house trys to b a smart ass!i think cameron is awesome with her hidden love for house

    all of it got deleted!! crap this sucks!!! i just typed 100 words and it got deleted!
  • My review of House

    Great show I love it especially the ongoing stories throughout the seasons.As a minor critics I would like to see more of that and maybe less of the one off medical solutions. I think it would give a lot more depth to the already well crafted characters. When House does do that as in the episodes 9 - 5 and Wilson that followed the day in the life of key characters, it does it really well. Season one wasn't the best, but from the end of that season moving into season two I find that the writers really seem to find their feet.

    The end of season five was really well written with lots of twists and turns, I am intrigued to see what happens at the end of this season, will there be a season finale?

    It's a great show, in fact it's my favourite on TV at the moment, I can't wait to see more....
  • GREAT SHOW!!!!!

    GREAT SHOW!!!!! to complex for people who find it rubbish, Hugh, as always and even loved that goofy, sometimes brazen TAUB. I just find some of the best writing and witty delivery in each scene. It never ceases to amaze me how Hugh, and many other English Actors can just drop that accent!!!! I think it would be very difficult to not "lapse" back into your normal accent and give Hugh Laurie kudos for his flawless American-ese. Thanks, TV executives for providing us with such an intelligent and funny (and touching, too!) entertainment to come along in, like, FOREVER!! House Is AWSEOME
  • Not a show you would want to miss out on!

    You won't get enough of this show. Hugh Laurie's sarcastic, mean sense of humor won't make you stop laughing. What really makes this show different is the medical cases. They're interesting most of the time and you can't believe what will happen next. The rest of the cast are just as hilarious and intriguing as House. Chase's dramatic storyline and Foreman always disagreeing with House just makes it better. This show has drama, comedy, and a medical theme;what more could you ask for? This show just keeps getting better each season. Hopefully, there are a lot more seasons to come!
  • The idea for the main character to be not all sweet but rude and sarcastic was a fabulous one. A drama and comedy in one.

    The idea for the main character to be not all sweet but rude and sarcastic was a fabulous one. It keeps the show comical but yet still has the serious medical mystery. Every week Dr. House just about kills some paitent and plays Gameboy. The medical mystries are so unusual and very interesting and even educational. I personaly have learned a lot. Then the realtionships between the characters are very entertaing also, so its not just all about the plot. The Dr. Cuddy and Dr. House realtionship is allways out of the ordinary. House is just basically one of the best shows on television.
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