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  • this is the best

    i havent enjoyed a show like house since the era of seinfeld and x-files, it is so good i cant wait till wednesday nights every week i havent looked forward to a tv show in a long time, the way the show is set it is so original it is one of a kind and will be unmatched for all aternity
  • on of the best medical show out there. i think that it is ahead of its time.

    House is one of the best medical show i have seen.No one expects to ever see a doctor like Gregory House. He is not afraid to tell anyone and everyone what he is thinking. He is an amazing doctor when it come to diagnosing weird cases but the scary thing is that he is almost always right. Definitly better than ER.
  • This new Fox drama takes place in a hospital with a colorful cast of young doctors, and the cynical genius, Dr. Gregory House.

    As a worker in the healthcare profession, I find this show more realistic and intelligent than ER. The critical thinking skills involved in each episode gives the audience a chance to find out what was wrong with the patient, and seeing who was right at the end of the show when the diagnosis is given. Hugh Laurie as the cynical jerk fits as well as a powered latex-free surgical glove.
  • Great job Fox!

    Fox hit the jackpot with this show.
    I have been waiting for another great medical drama. Chicago Hope was cancelled too soon and ER has just gotten tiring (Same 'ole, same 'ole).
    Finally, a med drama that is interesting again. Don''t get me wrong, ER was a great show when it first came on, but it seems like the show never evolved - it is still exactly the same as it was when it started. Just with a completely different cast.
    House is Fox's greatest addition to their line-up in a long-time. I hope they take this as a sign to quit doing so much reality crap.
    House doesn't need American Idol in front of it to be a ratings smash hit.
    Excellent show.
  • The best in a very long time.

    I absolutely love this show-my hair stylist and I discuss it every time I see him. My 14-year-old son stops playing video games to come out to watch it-it\'s absolutely the best show I\'ve seen in a long time. I\'ll buy the video in a second when it\'s out.
  • When I first heard about this show, I was unsure, having watched it, I just want more!

    I watched the pilot of this episode expecting another ER/Casulty/Holby City/you name it rip off, just drama and random things happening with social awkardness filtering through making it next to unwatchable, but instead you get a doctor by the name of Greggory House who IS the socially awkard one which makes it entirely watchable.

    The premise for each episode is simple, Dr House and his team get a patient in to try and cure some esoteric disease of which noone knows, it shows you their field of thought, the diagnostic process and how they come up with a cure, except the cure usually doesn't work out.

    Sometimes theres those cures which are only possible if a certain factor is true, one which can only be assertained by relations to the patient, which brings about House's core philosophy "everybody lies" - and how right he is, each episode shows how lying hinders the patients and by simply telling the truth, they could be healthy much more quicker.

    Prehaps the best part of each episode is House doing his regular clinical duty (simple doctor work, diagnose, give drugs, tell em to go away, next please) they without a doubt emphasis House as a character and bring exceptional meaning to "Everybody lies" - just the exceptional laughter moments make the show special.

    I always refere to this as a cross between Scrubs, ER and CSI, except noone but myself seems to get the Scrubs aspect (or why I bother mentioning it in the mix) - a lot of "dark comic" aspects of Scrubs (in the cases of patients) are echoed a LOT here, more so than ER, It's just they make it a lot more serious, the CSI aspects are obvious, with the upfront close imagary of blood clots and nerves breaking leading to comas, very graphic stuff, almost groundbreaking had CSI not done it beforehand.

    Without a doubt a show I will continue to watch, a surprise at my end and I'm sure Fox were surprised that it was a big hit too!
  • Very funny, witty writing.

    Caught me off guard, I barely watched it until the 11th episode when I finally realised what I was missing. Hope it lasts a looooooooong time. The jokes are funny, the characters becoming more well rounded. The main character is really different from any other one out there. Pain (emotional but esp. physical) is a constant and House's rationalisation of his addiction adds even more interest to a character, who while flawed in many ways,(purposly by the writers) is fascinating.
  • A great doctor show along with some great comedy.

    This show is very affictive and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is honestly the best doctor show I have seen. It also has some comedy just in the right places to lightnen some of the harsh moods. I hope they release the show on DVD.
  • A physician with an atitude! How much better can it get?

    I work for a physician so medical shows always attract me. But "House" is more than just another "ER". We have Dr. House to contend with and he is exactly the way alot of physicians would like to be if they could get away with it. The physician I work for and I laugh about it the next day. I love his attitude and they way he says the things we're all dying to say. Hurrah!
  • Very adicting.......

    Some friends of mine got me watching this show. I thought it would be borning like most other doctor shows but it wasn't. Someting about this show really gets me into watching it. The show has a great cast that goes together very well. I'll have to get the DVD when it come out since I missed a buch of episodes last season. Looking forward to next season.
  • I never thought I would really like medical dramas, they seem repetitive and all so alike. Finally, one to stand out from the rest. My opinion has changed!

    Amazing characters are what really make this show. A high drama medical show that is hilarious, not something you see all the time. Dr House's terrible bedside manner and dry wit makes this character the most interesting character on TV at the moment. Despite his quirky mannerisms, he is an abosolute genius as a doctor, thus will keep his job. The show bravely steps out of the ER style medical drama and adds another element that sets it in its own league.
  • A very straight-forward and rude doctor is equipped with a brilliant medical mind. Not a great combo, but every week he tries to help a new patient with an unknown disorder, that will probably result in his or her death within a few days time! Exciting, n

    "House" is an awesome show. It just plain rocks! Every week, a new patient is introduced with a mind-boggling problem, and the disorder always turns out to be the most unexpected thing! Dr. House is absolutely hilarious with his abrupt and rude comments. His comedic remarks, the mystery of the patient's problem, and the shocking results make for one cutting-edge show!
  • Medical Genius

    When I first strarted watching house I thought it was like some sort of spin off of ER, But it's not. In a way it has way more drama. The cast is great the writers are great every one who is involved in the show is great, it's just an all around great show. Its all about takeing risks in order to find out what is wrong with the sick people. Some times endangering the patient or so it seems to uncover the truth. If you like medical, drama, ans a little bit of comedy the House is the show for you.
  • I wish more doctors were that dedicated.

    I wish my doctor would just lay it out there for me! A truthful doctor? What a concept! Dr. House is dedicated to the curing of diseases! He may have a 'gruff' bedside manner, but when you are in the hospital and no one can tell you what's wrong, wouldn't you want to have a doctor like house? I would!!
  • House is the best show on TV. Superb Cast. I love it.

    House is the best show in the history of time. The plot is exceptional. The cast is first class. Everyone should watch it. It is way better than ER, Scrubs, Medical Investigation, Grey's Anatomy and all those other hospital shows combine. I love it, it is my favorite show It will win Emmys
  • An amazing show, Brilliant Chracters and amazing story lines.

    I usually don't like medicals shows, And I didn't think much of the adverts for the show before it started on five. But I thought I would give a go because I am a huge fan of Hugh Laurie (I loved him in Blackadder), And i loved it. I missed the pilot and saw the second episode. I was able to get up to speed with the sort of show it was and all the characters. I just love the Hugh Laurie's character Dr House. His attitude to his patients is just hilarious. I would recomend this show to anybody.
  • Brilliant combination of writing and acting.

    In my opinion the only season of a TV show that is in the same league as the first season of House is the second season of Taxi. Hugh Laurie is brilliant in the lead role. His use of facial expressions in dramatic moments almost belies the fact that he is best known in his native UK for comedy.

    The show has delicately unveiled more and more about the House character as well as the supporting characters. This nuanced approach is absent in most TV shows today.

    The combination of humor and drama keeps the show from becoming too one-note. In fact, despite the fact that the show is technically a drama, some of the funniest lines I have ever heard anywhere come from this show.

    If you haven't seen this show yet, do yourself a favor and watch.
  • greatest show ever!!

    Dr Gregory House, a bitter, grouchy yet tallented doctor heads a team of brilliant but young doctors.

    You watch this show and feel sorry for him, he's in constant pain from his leg, he has to use a walking stick all the time, and he's addicted to pain medication. Yet he has a lovable rougish character about him, you can't help but like him.

    The show itself can be histerically funny, or horribly sad and serious. This is a great show and should be watched religously.
  • House is a good show but get's repetitive after a while.

    House is a good show but get's repetitive after a while. Every Tuesday night, if I'm not doing anything, I watch House because it's a good show but after a while it started to seem the same every week. It still has great plots, great characters, and is well done but it could use some twists and better cases that involve House and his team traveling to more places and doing more things.
  • I love House MD and Hugh Laurie in particular. The fansite is my second home.

    Season 1 started weakly but by changing tack and focusing on Hugh Laurie's character it came into its own. Hugh is a brilliant actor and can make a purse out of a sow's ear.

    Give that man an emmy.

    Initially the show was very predictable, focusing as it did on a set plot structure but by the last few epsiodes of the series it had thrown out that device. I hope Season 2 doesnt fall back on the lazy plot structure.
  • A doctor show

    This show is alright. It has good acting and some really intense suspense and drama. It had some exciting episodes like the finale. I just don't see myself watching this show every week though. It uses the same basic conscept every episode with a little different plot and characters. The basic thing for every episode is that the doctor has to make a though life changing or even life ending dicision for a patient.
  • Genius. This show is off the hook.

    As I live in England, this show only started early June and I was unfortunate enough to miss the first episode, but I ended up watching the second reluctntly. It was great. The combination of medical mystery and comedy is worked so well into the characters, House being the best of all. The one who solves the mysterys and delivers the best comical lines and speeches. Although the humour of the show may not appeal to everyone, it is still hilarious. I reccomend everyone watch it, whether you missed early episodes or not, there is nothing (so far) to catch up on.
  • You've stolen one of the best British actors in the business!

    It's our loss in the UK. This show is one of the best I've seen in years. We have no decent series in Britain at the moment. I might as well go live in the States since all I watch are US shows.

    Hugh Laurie sounds American, it's uncanny! A much better accent than Kevin Costner could do in Prince of Thieves!

    The show is brilliantly scripted and fast paced, and all the cast work well together.

    I can't wait for more!
  • House is a brilliant new twist on an old favorite: the hospital docu-drama. Instead of soap-operaesque writing and characterization, however, and the usual lack of wit, House (the character himself) brings to life the ego-mania that is modern medicine.

    What originally turned me to House was the recommendation that it was a new, exciting hospital drama. Skeptical, but a huge fan of Scrubs, I entertained the notion and watched episode 10. After very little time, I was hooked by Dr. House's abbrasive personality; his intensity, as well as his dry humor, breathe life into an otherwise overdone docu-drama style prime time show. House isn't the only important draw, however, as the rest of the characterization, from Cameron's quirky infatuation to Foreman's undercurrent of racism, complements House's own blunt abrasiveness. Already a fan of Dr. Cox on Scrubs, Dr. House seemed the logical extension into the realm of serious drama. As such, House has become a staple of my weekly TV. The medicine and science provide a steady, interesting background on which the characters can play out their twisted interactions, making for exciting TV, which has continually improved through the development of the first season. I look forward to further improvements beginning next season, as the writers settle into the framework they've cast more comfortably.
  • Having read many of the reviews - good, bad and ugly about Fox's new medical drama - I decided to weigh in on House.

    I must admit I started watching this show based on the commercials shown before the start of the show. I was taken in by Mr. Laurie's enigmatic stare. I am so glad I started watching.

    While I am not a 100% lover - there have been scenarios that I could do without. Chi McBride is the biggest one. Making Dr. Cameron sappy in 4 episodes was not attractive either. Of course I'm not sure if Tom Cruise didn't use her behavior as his dating guide for Katie Holmes. I've never been a big Sela Ward fan, but almost all of us can admit to dating someone severely flawed in their past or present.

    This is a great show if you remember it is that - a fictional show. There are so many boards that grind it down for medical goofs, etc. Most of us wouldn't recognize them. Viewers should remember not to use it as a personal medical guide and just enjoy it for the actors.

    The dynamic, yet flawed relationships between the characters are true to life. The friendships are not perfect, the people are not perfect. The characters have both really good and bad sides, making them believable and entertaining. If you are not a fan of sharp sarcasm, then stay away from House. If you enjoy hearing the truth, no matter how painful, give House a try.

  • House works well because it's operating on three levels at once: mystery, drama, and comedy. And with a great performance by Hugh Laurie the result is a fantastic show worth watching every week.

    Thank God American Idol brought this thing into the spotlight. I'd been watching since the pilot and was instantly captivated. Not so much with the medical mysteries but with the character of Dr. House.

    It's brave for a show like this to make its lead character into such an unlikeable person on the surface. House is a man that, from how he talks to his patients, is easy to hate. But Laurie's performance was so remarkable that he managed to make us feel compassion for House.

    House is lonely and bitter about his injury. And despite his poor attitude much of the time, he cares deeply about saving the lives of his patients.

    The plotline with the greedy chairman of the board was unpopular with some of the fans but it was a temporary plotline and by the end of the season, House was back on track.

    Check this show out if you haven't already. It's great all around. It works on a lot of levels.
  • Instantly addictive! Hugh Laurie is the secret of the show. His incredibly dry humor and beautiful blue eyes, draw the fans in like flies to a zapper;) A must see for sure!

    When I first saw House, I immediately loved it, but feared adding another television show to my growing list. I would watch it every other week and feel the same each week. When my other shows went on hiatus, House was there with its thrilling storylines and dry humor;) House is here to stay, good-bye ER;)
  • You'll laugh, you'll cry....

    House is a breath of fresh air. Its a comedy and a drama all wrapped up into one. Its not your typical medical show. It shows the many different sides to doctors. The actiing is wonderful as well as the story lines. The cast work extremely well together. They combine serious issues with just the right amount of humor to make you come back week after week. It shows terrific reactions from the stars as well as the guest stars. The show is open to countless number of ideas for episodes. And every episode has some eliment of surprise to it.
  • House is my favorite show of all time! Hugh Laurie does an amazing job portraying Dr. House. All of the other actors and actresses also portray their characters perfectly. I hope that this show stays on TV for a very long time.

    House is the best show on TV! I love medical mysteries, and this show keeps me guessing. I think that all of the actors and actresses are perfect fits for their roles. House is so sarcastic, you can\'t help but love him! I hope that this show stays on the air for a long time!
  • A show about a sarcastic doctor you cant help but love. He always helps but it takes him a few guesses.

    This is the most exciting sho I have ever watched and I never miss it. I cant wait for it to come out on DVD. Everyones character is so well rounded. Chase and the fact he used to be in seminary. Cameron and the loss of a child. House has the capacity to love b ut he thinks it makes him weak because it messed up for him the last time. Cameron thinks that if she loves House she can change him. House is very caring but it is hard to see. He has an odd way of showing that. He does have one friend that sees that side of him. I am REALLY glade Vogular is off of the show and they brought Cameron back.