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  • great show LOVE IT!

    House deserves my praise, as it is the greatest TV show in a really long time. I aint been this addicted to a TV show in a very long time.

    My favorite aspects of House M.D. is the way we watch a man who see's the world as it is, which amazes people. Its something entirely new to see a show that shows a depressed man which only see's the world as a meaningless game which ends with nothing. The thought is depressing, yet i cant stop watching the show. Its a little ironic :).

    What im not happy about in House is its take on humanity. Its entertaining and interesting at first, but you can get a little depressed from having ignorance smashed to bits. It doesnt destroy the show, in fact i think its an somewhat important aspect. And there probably isnt a better alternative. I love the show
  • Gibson, m'dear, but my opinion greatly differs from yours. I loved it and love MOST episodes...only a few get on my nerves or bore me, very few. Sorry you didn't like it.......

    Excellent DIRECTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice idea of the lockdown and how certain people "made use" of their time. Loved Hugh, as always and even loved that goofy, sometimes brazen TAUB. I just find some of the best writing and witty delivery in each scene. It never ceases to amaze me how Hugh, and many other English Actors can just drop that accent!!!! I think it would be very difficult to not "lapse" back into your normal accent and give Hugh Laurie kudos for his flawless American-ese. Thanks, TV executives for providing us with such an intelligent and funny (and touching, too!) entertainment to come along in, like, FOREVER!!

    I say not only does Hugh deserve the next Emmy but am stunned that RSL has never even been nominated!!! His scenes with Hugh are priceless!!!!

    Bring on the Emmy's next time!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The man is absolutely fabulous!

    I first came in contact with this show on DVD, my aunt got the series and told me to watch it and I did and I basically never stopped and I probably never will! House is a medical show that doesn't even come close to the others. It's not about the doctor who would do anything to save his patients life or who just cares to much, the hunk who's dating a new women every episode. House would do anything to solve the puzzle not save the persons life, doesn't care at all about the patient and is to screwed up to date. This all makes it an amazing character to watch, and it being played by my favorite British actor Hugh Laurie makes it in to one of the best shows ever. It's entertainment of the highest rank.

    The only thing I'm having some difficulties with the end of season 4 is the fact that the old team just keeps coming back, OK I can deal with Forman being there assisting the new team, but Chase and Carmon either bring them completely back or get rid of them. Besides that there's really nothing that I would change in House or maybe a bit more romance (or sexual tension whatever you want to call it) between Cuddy and House ;-) but this show is something everyone should watch.
  • Everybody lies

    This show is very good. A medical mystery-drama with bits of humor thrown in about a doctor who is unsociable and at times down right rude, but lives for the love of his job. The premiere episode cemented the appeal of the show and every episode thereafter only built upon that appeal. The characters are refreshing, the stories are fascinating, and the suspense is perfectly paced. Supporting a large overall story ark, while maintaining the capacity for an episode to episode show, and actually creating character development in the process is a rare gift in a television show. It is a good show but ER was better.
  • Perfect.

    Perfect. I'd have give it an 11 if that was possible. The season premier was absolute rubbish. Ep 2 was better, but eps like this are why I love this show.

    The Chase / What's her name flip flip was unexpected and fantastic. House helping the 'vet' instead of chastizing him was awesome. The whole episode rocked, and I have 39 more words to write (why do we have to write 100?) but nothing to say.

    The weather here has been cold and rainy the last few days, but it'll be warmer tomorrow and cloudy. The rain will return for the weekend.
  • A great medical investigation

    House (also reffered as Dr. House, or House M.D) is a medical investigation drama/comedy about Dr. Gregory House, a jerk doctor and his team while they try to save lives and solve medical problems.

    I havent seen much of this show, basically just parts of season 5 and 6 and some episodes of the previous seasons, but my impression so far is that it is an awesome show. Its funny and dramatic, and is an investigation series that varies from the rest of them, different from the cop serials that we have in tons. House, or Dr. House or House M.D, is an amazing drama/comedy medical investigation!
  • House:crude,hardnosed and painfully funny. as for rest of cast it's nice to see strong good people fold to a psycho-genius.

    Through all the antics,Sarcasm,and unorthadox medical work I think this show is the absolute best show in the world. You can't help but love that smart mouth. The way he can manipulate the others on this show and how he keeps baiting Cuddy is mind bendingly funny to me.I hope this show has many many more years of episodes to come. It would be nice for house to finally be with Cuddy or to have some kind of trist that last awhile just to cause alittle chaos. I love this show and would like to see it soar.keep it up!
  • The best show ever! House rocks

    House is the most annoying doctor you will see, but this is what makes this show the best of the best.

    Unlike other shows it is a mixer of drama, comedy and mystery. What house does is beyond our imagination. House never pay for his food in the hospital canteen, treatment of the patients is a matter of fun to him, he is rude with everybody....... but this is what makes him better than everyone else.

    Another great thing about this show is that every episode is getting better than the previous one. And they always have some new idea.
    House is the best !
  • I just can't get enough...!

    It is amazing how season after season they just keep getting better and better .. that is what makes shows like this stand from others. It is not easy after 6 seasons to keep the public stuck to their televisions and House do it ... easy as pie :) At the begging of a new season you always have the same thoughts: is it going to be a lot different? new characters perhaps? new focus on the history? But most important of all, in a show you already know and are so fond of .. you think: Is this the season that will be THE crappy one? Well, they did it again (so far i mean!), i think this new season is amazing .. 'House material' amazing.
  • A show just about a mean doctor? I don't think so.

    People who say something like this clearly haven't watched very many episodes. House is really a show about a genius diagnostician, the doctors who work with him, and their relationships. One of the best qualities of House is that it's not gonna give you a view of the masterpiece in any one episode. To truly understand the beauty of the season premiere of Season 6 "Broken" you would have to have seen quite a bit of the show so far. House as a character has developed so much and so beautifully. Not to mention the intriguing solving of these medical mysteries. House is absolutely amazing.
  • Everybody Lies...that's his basic idea from where he starts doing,everything.

    You first watch this show thinking it's a show with a crippled guy one of the best doctors, cures everybody, gets laid with the chief and lives his wonderful medicine life. But no this is not like other shows. It's not comparable, it's unique and will always be, not to mention original. House M.D. is the only show that respects the actual medicine terminology, it's practice, the words themselves are amazing. House really IS one of the best doctors that is crippled, only he is miserable, he's a drug addict (painkillers), he's ironic, brilliant smart, mean but straight to the point, always and i mean always surprises everyone, has good taste in music, finds the weirdest of cures and list goes on. House is one the best shows at the moment, and it definitely won't go unnoticed.
  • House M.D. - A show about being an ass and getting away with it !

    I rarely write reviews, but House deserves my praise, as it is the greatest TV show in a really long time. I havent been this addicted to a TV show in a very long time.

    I wont do an actual review because people here should know what House M.D. is if they got this far :) but i will tell you what i like, what i would wish for in the show and what i dont like *cough*

    My favorite aspects of House M.D. is the way we watch a man who see's the world as it is, which amazes people. Its something entirely new to see a show that shows a depressed man which only see's the world as a meaningless game which ends with nothing. The thought is depressing, yet i cant stop watching the show. Its a little ironic :).

    What i miss from the first seasons of house is all the clinic hours and the focus on Gregory House, which had me laughing more intensely than the new seasons. This doesnt mean i dont like the new approach the show has taken, I'm not entirely sure why they changed the formula, but they probably had good reasons.

    What im not that happy about in House is its depressing take on humanity. Its entertaining and interesting at first, but you can easily get a little depressed from having ignorance smashed to bits. It doesnt destroy the show, in fact i think its an somewhat important aspect. And there probably isnt a better alternative. I still love the show :)

    9.5/10 - Superb, nothing to complain about (yet :))
  • I love "House"

    "House" - the best medial show so far. When I first tuned in, it was to see the two favorite actors "Kumar" and "Harold". Too bad, John Cho was in only one episode as a patient. I wish he would have had a longer term role in "House". Kal Penn - obviously in a smart doc. I miss the funny side of him in this sitcom. But, Dr House is so intriguing and I am into "House". I was questioning in my mind why "House", and relates to the question "Any doc in the house?" I related Dr House to Dr Cox as well (Scrubs is always something I want to go back). Dr House's linguistic side does remind me of Alan in "Boston Legal" of courthouse, legal setting. It is also good again to see more feminine side of "celebutane" Lisa Edelstein. When seeing her in "Ally McBeal" I kept wondering if she was really transexual. I never like General Hospital. ER or GA never made good entertainment for me. Oh, Nurse Jackie is worth watching too, but she is so tough that she seems bi- to me.
  • House, definite blockbuster and lovable series.

    House is a very interesting show, probably the best doctor drama out there. Unlike ER and Grey's Anatomy, House explores the character of House and House alone. There are episodes that explore other characters, but the show revolves around the charcter House. House is a very lonely man. After losing his wife, the chronic pain in his leg due to a bad surgey and now addicted to Vikodin (a pain killer)House has become a neglectful character. He does not care for anyone but himself. Seasons after Seasons and episodes after episodes, House has recovered some of his humanity, all leading up to the exciting climax in Season five's finale. House is very interesting in the fact of seeing him grow as a character as you see him retain the keys to his life that are lost somewhere in his mind. It is very exciting when he realizes and finds the he is experienceing an emotion or care and then when his logic can't reason with a human emotion. However, what is a docotor without his team. It started with 3 doctors, Cameron, Forman and Chase. Then the orginal team was dropped and a new team was hired, but Forman stayed and Cameron and Chase were assigend to differnt parts of the hospital. The new team consisted of Taub, Thirteen and Kutner. House also has his only tortured friend Wilson and his boss Cuddy, whom House harasses almost evry time. House is funny because he is scarcastic and uncaring. He is the main drama and the comic relief and it is very easily balanced out. House is a show you just can't miss.
  • House the movie :D

    It was like House the movie - loved every minute (....and to the person who gave these episodes a "1", How dare you call yourself a House fan!")

    Brilliant acting again by Hugh Laurie along with excellent storyline. Loved the whole One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest setting - worked so amazingly well and now we are all setup for new episodes! Looking forward to it although I do wonder how he is gonna interact with the rest of the staff now. Particularly good to see Cutty and Wilson again and how he deals with those situations! Cant wait for next week!
  • Dazzling performances, great dialog and an unexpected detour in the life of a TV series make for great drama.

    An extraordinary two hours into the soul of complicated man, "Broken" broke from the traditional format of the program and went to another, far more interesting place. That place was Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital where Dr. House is encamped to detox after years of substance abuse. He is free to leave at any time, but the head administrator will not write him a recommendation so that he may get his medical license back, unless he undergoes therapy. The idea of House in therapy is shock enough; this is man who has defied emotional connections, creating a character for himself that is insulated and often insulting. Andre Braugher plays the head shrink Dr. Darryl Nolan, and is the perfect match for House, who is usually three steps ahead, but not this time. His intent is to heal House, not reinvent him-there is an underlying respect for House. House attempts different strategies to undermine his "therapy" only to find that in the end, it is a confrontation with himself that is the answer. In the final minutes we do see a broken House, who has admitted feeling, pain and even love into his emotional being and that is what is so compelling: where do they go from here? Will House become benign and loving? That is for the writers to decipher. As an audience, we treated to some dazzling performances from Lin-Manuel Miranda as the hyper-rapping roommate and Franka Potente as House's unexpected love interest. But it is the mind games between Dr. Noland and Dr House that resonate deeply in a moving and startling episode of
    an already great show.
  • Too fabricated for me, but not a bad start.

    Unlike what I suspect to be the majority of the viewers, I watch House mainly for the character development and drama rather than the medical mystery. Even with the medical mystery, I am more intrigued by the surrounding emotions and situations than the medical mystery itself. Anyway, as I stated in my summary, the plot seemed to convenient and fabricated for me. First 10 minutes especially went far too quickly to setup the apparent antagonist, romantic interest, and challenges that I was rather let down. House's Prison Break-esque escape plans could have been done smarter, and his obnoxious but resourceful roommate was a bit of a cliche. However, the show did pick up with the failed super hero incident, and I was soon fully immersed in the episode. I was hoping that House would spend at least a few episode in the clinic to cure a few patients that should not have been sent to the clinic... feel like they wasted an opportunity where they could have 1) covered psychiatric medical mysteries 2) let House solve medical mysteries that the team cannot figure out, on limited freedom and resource. Anyway, I look forward to the season, and I hope it is filled with surprises and twists and turns... I am betting my wallet House is chomping on Vicodin by episode 5.
  • This episode was as fresh as rain, with a set of likable detox misfits to muddle House's incarceration. House plays the troubled soul tonight, and the prescriptions for health were served rare. His German love interest Franka Potente steals

    This episode was as fresh as rain, with a set of likable detox misfits to muddle House's incarceration.

    Amid the lunacy, Andre Braugher played the steady heady Doc in charge, and a foil to House's conniving attempts to disrupt the zoo and annoy the animals.

    House plays the troubled soul tonight, and thankfully the prescriptions for health were served rare. The show picked up with Franka Potente as his German love interest. She grabbed her first scene and millions of fans will be asking for her to come back soon. Her Run Lola Run video clip and pictures can be seen at Mashup Arts for fans who did not get enough tonight.

    Laurie carried the ball all evening, except when he stopped for a smoke, but it was the special teams that won the game.

    Encore si vous plait!
  • This is one of the best TV shows ever made (honestly!). To make it even better, sign this petition to reunite Dr House with his partner in crime Stephen Fry:

    This show has everything.

    Dr Gregory House was based on the famous character of Sherlock Holmes, every episode is a great mix of medical sleuth, drama and seriously witty dialogs. This is a show that will move you to tears one moment, and to tears (of laughter this time) the next.

    Hugh Laurie's acting is simply enchanting, I have known his work for a long time now, and he is completely transformed into a miserable genius New Jersey doctor to an extent I would barely recognize him, if not for his unique face.

    The rest of the cast does a great job as well (Robert Sean Leonard!) and brings the great stories to life in a way that makes any other TV show obsolete.

    The perfect remedy for a stressful day at work, but equally well suited to fill an evening with your girlfriend or to steal your time without your noticing it.
  • Deliciously Ridiculous

    For years House has been topping the charts with its twist of human drama with medical breakthroughs. My first impression of this show was, "this is show is unrealistic! I mean come on, drinking someone's urine to save their life? Show me one hospital that does that in their diagnostic process". But as I started watching the show, I realized that the show had more to offer than just medical absurdities. The dichotomy that is House and the philosophical topics that arrive regularly on the show are enough to get someone thinking. However, I've noticed that the writing staff has been doing something that House himself would scoff at, change. Now, I will admit some of the changes have been good, but others I'm not so impressed about. The most obvious change they made was the team. At the end of the third season some people had to be wondering, "where is this show going? The writers just got rid of half the main cast, what are they going to do now?". We've gone from Chase, the persistent sycophant, Cameron, the pinnacle of care and concern, and Forman, the man on a quest to avoid his destiny to avoid becoming House to Kutner, Thirteen and Taub. But the team that they have now is decent: Kutner is a more childish version of Chase, while Thirteen distinguishes herself with all her issues of she has Huntington's/she's dying/she's bi (how people say that she's like Cameron is beyond me. The only new team member that I have an issue with is Taub. Taub is nothing more than a drier version of Forman. The man just seems emotionless and unfazed by everything. Now I would have lived with this new team if they didn't kill off Kutner. Why couldn't Taub go work for Obama? One change that has been creeping in the show since the beginning is the emergence of relationships. At first, the only relationships on the show were Chase/Cameron, but now we have Chase/Cameron, Forman/13 and House/Cuddy on-and-off. These relationships would be fine if they moved the show along, but the only one that proven to do so is Chase/Cameron. The Foreman/13 relationship sounded good at first, but by season 5's end it just blended into background. Honestly if they break up, it would surprise me, and I certainly wouldn't cry about it. Now, if they want to have House in a relationship, they have to stop having him chicken out! If Huddy is destined to be, then let it happen! If they would just stop dragging relationships and could-be-relationships, that would be great. Now, I don't know if you've noticed, but since season 4 the show has starting shifting away from their traditional flow of the show to a more Grey's Anatomy-esque style. The show seems to run more like, "Drama, drama, drama, character development…oh snap! We're doctors in hospital and our patient is in V-Tach! Why?". Now personally I don't mind this change, but I have heard that some people miss the medically charged approach, complete with the obligatory clinic patients. But to those who don't like this flow of show, don't think it's going away soon. With house in the asylum, prepare for even more character development and drama. Love it or hate it, but this is here to stay. House is still at the top of their game. Though maybe not as popular as years past, they certainly haven't lost their edge. And with Season 6 coming soon, you can be sure to see more of just why House is one of the most popular shows on television, and for me, a personal favorite.
  • Who would have thought that your doctor was the one with an illness? House, a genious medical show with a twist of humour.

    Dr. House, a drug addict with a brillant mind who runs a medical diagnostics team. He rarely meets his patients, yet diagnoses them and most of the time cures them. However he is the one with the more serious problem, drug addiction. This intelligent show leaves people who have watched it wanting more, because of the tension between the characters and great research into the medical problems. House is a show that must be watched by all who want to view something that is intelligent but fun at the same time. I highlu recommend this show for anyone who doesn't watch it, because you are missing out.
  • This show is amazing it shows you diseases known and unknown and how to cure them. The Show is basically based on a Doctor who treats patients his own way (By being Enabled)and finding cures for the diseases they do on the show.

    This show is just so awesome that I rate it higher then a 10 and rate it 50 out of 10 I just love the show.
    Hugh Laurie who plays how does a awesome job doing what he does his was it is just awesome and so is everyone else on the House Team I say if you haven't seen any of the episodes do now so that you can see what I am talking about. I say they should make a game based on house like you play as house and make decisions and that would be a game I definitly would get.
  • If you don't know what kind of sickness you have, then, you might wanna consult Dr. House and his team of experts. He might be a jerk, but there's no better doctor in that hospital, than him.

    This is an incredible show which combines the tension of E.R., the mystery of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and the suspense of Prison Break. Dr. Gregory House, helped by his co-workers Dr. Eric Foreman, Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, Dr. Chris Taub, Dr. Allison Cameron, Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Lawrence Kutner, by his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy and by his best friend Dr. James Wilson, tries to solve cases that most of the times no one is able to solve. Coming up with methods which are everythingbnut orthodox, House is able to solve the cases by combining his experts in many fields, along with his ablitliy to predict human responses and instincts. The cast is probably one of the best ever chosen for a series of this magnitude, and the proof that the series still has things to show to everyone, is the fat that the actors are so good, and the fact of the scriptwriters coming up with cases so complex that makes us want to know more about them.

    Personally, this is a great series which I think will run-off for many more years to come. Long Live House M.D.
  • When you don't know what is causing you to be sick, you go to the best diagnostician around, Dr. Gregory House. This is the story of an unorthodox doctor, solving medical mysteries, while alienating everyone close to him.

    House combines the thrill of medical mysteries with the drama of every day relationships. Each episode introduces a new patient with some rare disease that House will eventually solve. As interesting as the medical cases are, the best part of the show is the interactions between the various characters. The relationships evolve, change, and sometimes just end. Another great part of the show is that once you have seen all the episodes, you can very easily watch any random episode and enjoy it as much as you did the first time. I do have a problem with the show. They work with people on the brink of death but hardly ever lose a patient. I know that if they lost patients on a regular basis, the mystic of Dr. House would be lost, but all medical shows lose patients and House should be no different. In all, House is a great show that will continue to intrigue me as it enters its 6th season.
  • A medical show with Doyle's Holmes as a model. The show follows the cases of Dr. Gregory House M.D. During each episode he solves a mysterious illness while annoying, bullying, and shocking everyone around him.

    This show is smart and funny. It is a must watch for my husband and I. We love the Holmes references and find the witty banter very amusing. Each season brings new cases as well as new antagonists to pester House. Some of these drama inducing characters have been less than amusing. I particularly did not like his ex-fiance with her handicapped husband. She was more annoying than anything and I was very glad that she was not on the show for very long (although at the time it seemed like forever). This one small hiccup aside, I think the show is incredibly written and the acting is superb.
  • House is a drug addicted doctor who if not for his semi understanding boss would not have a job. He is mean cruel and last but not least a genious!! every episode he take on a mind stumping case that only he can solve.

    House is a great show. It combines some great drama with comedy and lots of BS! house does a greta job being such a mean person but every once in a while opening up to show he is infact alittle bit human after all. I also love his relationship with all the people he works with. how he love cuddy and how he and wilson are best friends but are so different. All in all this show is one of th best medical show i have seen in a wile. Every episode has a twist in it that will leave you on the edge of your seat untill the last second!
  • ok, this show is about a man with a bad leg and attitude who helps people solve the mysteries of how they got ill and then help streat them even thoguh he was not given that job entirely

    i htink that this show is pretty good, but i ahve seen too many shows like this... i would not watch it if it wasnt for Hugh Laurie doing such a wonderful job as House. I will say that this show does have a difference than the other shows but i would have to say that I would rather be watching NCIS,I am not trying to be the bad critic or anything I am just saying that I would not say this is the best show in the world..... it is very dramatic like CSI and other crime shows, I just expect them to be a little different form other crime shows.
  • This show is very good and has lots of mystery, comedy, romance, and basically everything else you can think of!

    This show is a very good show for anyone whoo likes a good mystery. Every episode has a patient that no one else ca diagnose. Dr. Gregory House is the one the will find out what is wrong with these people. It also has lots of oter thing in the plot about the characters. Dr. House isn't like a normal main character for a show. He is very sarcastic and he is a *slight spoiler* drug addict *spoiler over* that isn't much of aspoiler since you figure that out in basically the first episode. There is a very big range of characters in the show with every kind of personality traits. Overall this is a very good show and it is very addicting.
  • For a Doctor or someone who likes medicine, this is a wonderfull, greatly made and profficiently produced show that grips you till the end.

    I am a graduating Medical student, and that gives me the advantage to properly understand the show to deeper level than any other person that does not have a medical background. and althouh this show will appeal to almost anyone, it will be a lot more appealing, intresting, and facinating to anyone with medical training or knowledge. that is greatly due to the point that all the medical stuff in the show is accurate. the symptoms and the diseases are correct, down to the dosage of the drugs. the accuracy of the medical information used in the show proves how deticated and proffient the writers of the show are, these guys are by no doubt doctors or heavily consult doctors in the writing of this show. the actors are great also, they act like doctors, they pronounce the material correctly and talk like real doctors. In the end the best thing about the show, the one thing that pulls it out of the crowd of other medical dramas. is that the show is focused on the medical mystery and not the comedy and the drama or love stories that take place during the events. dont get me wrong this is a humorous and pleasure to watch peice of TV. but i like that it focuses on the medicine more. and about the doctors sleeping around habits less. :) i highly recommend it
  • As a late follower of the show, I must say I'm impressed

    I only started watching house near the beginning of 2009. My friends had watched it and complimented it to me. Even my mother who doesn't really watch that much tv loves the show. But I never watched an episode. Then at some point I wanted to see what the fuzz was about and I'm glad I gave in to my curiosity. First episode wasn't getting me hooked. But as always I give a show a second chance, and watch the next episode. Once again I am glad I did. It was brilliant! And from there on I started watching the show with exitement. I bought seasons 1 and 2 on dvd and I have to admit, it didn't take long before those were watched. Now I am waiting for season 3 to get a bit cheapear so I can continue watching the show. Looking forward to the future episodes!
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