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  • The pinnacle of television drama .....

    A supreme cast, excellent story lines with mind blowing twists and prudent direction make "House" one of those very few combo packages that prevent you from leaving your seat for its full duration .... Each episode is a roller coaster ride that leaves you breathless and yearning for more in the end. Hugh Laurie's Gregory House is one of the most memorable characters in television history. His portrayal of the arrogant,conceited,manipulative and brilliant doctor who comes on top no matter what the adversity is simply breathtaking. The show's greatest triumph is that even after 111 episodes, it shows no sign of waning and continues to produce top notch episodes time and time again. If ever there is a show which deserves a perfect 10, this is it folks !!!!!
  • The witty and arrogant doctor Gregory House is a medical genius who only has half a muscle in his right leg. He and his team of doctors try to cure very ill ordinary people from all over in the United States of America.

    This show is amazing. It keep you interested until the very end and always wanting more once it is over. There need to be more shows on like this one. The mysterious medical cases maybe a reason, it's mostly the amazing cast of actors, and no i do not mean just the main characters, the guest actors also play their roles well. The fact that they can make a show based on medical mysteries and have it be such a success is awesome. I look forward to every weeks episode. It is simply genius. I just can't get enough of it.
  • Genius has side effects...

    "Everybody lies" was the first quote I remember from that show when I started watching it in 2004. Gripping in it's story lines, I have to say I am more than satisfied while watching every minute. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't getting enough story of the main characters, but in all honesty, I enjoyed more the stories of the patients, and the past of House which we can never seem to unlock (heck, he doesn't even share what he has for breakfast most days). Although I thought this show was appealing because I had seen ER, even if someone didn't like the show ER, I would still recommend it. It's not like ER at all. House is like the Sherlock Holmes of medicine, and that brings me to...

    Hugh Laurie's accent. Honestly, I don't know what people are talking about that they can hear the English accent and he does a horrible American one. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea that he was English until about halfway through the first season, the show exploded and everyone was watching it. I saw an interview with Hugh Laurie, and I was really taken aback; I had no idea he was English!

    The show is not for the weak of stomach nor the weak of heart. The story lines are great about the patients, and to me, House is the ultimate 'anti-Hero' in a medical television series.

    Season One - 9.2 / 10
    Season Two - 9.5 / 10 Season Three - 9.3 / 10
    Season Four - 9.0 / 10
    Season Five - 8.7 / 10
  • One of the top shows in recent years.

    I started watching this show this past year when it started rerunning on USA. Prior to that I just heard my family raving about it. However, since starting to watch it just over a year ago; I've seen almost all episodes. It's a solid cast and has some predictibility to it; but it's very entertaining. The outlook on life that Dr. House has, to some extent, should be adopted by all of us. Many times we read too deeply into things and don't always just take them for what they are. We should also not always take what people say as what they mean either... as House would say, "everyone lies".
  • Why do i like this show so much? Only one reason i guess... cause it's FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

    From an outisde perspective House maybe one of the most predictable shows ever, but from someone who actually watched more than 13 episodes you would know why it's a hit. Though the mysterious medical cases maybe a reason, it's mostly the amazing cast of actors, and no i do not mean just the main characters, i'm also talking about guest stars too. This show just knows what actors are great for that part. It's not only the cast but also the spectacular writing. Writing doesn't get better then this. It applies drama, comedy, philosophy, mystery, and more in a perfect balance for a show like this. What makes this show great is how important the guest stars are. They aren't there just for character development or plot. Each guest star in each episode of House has a significant role in the episode. Each patient has this dark secret or does something so unexpected that you're simply taken by surprise. The patients' chracters are developed so efficently in one episode, you just have to praise the writing. The main characters are also really interesting. Each with a unique personality and each having their own problems which in turn also takes you by surprise. The writers again displaying their genius, take their time to work on the character developments for the main cast knowing full well that they have lot's of time to work on that and slowly progressing their changes within each episode. Though each and everyone in House is a great character, there is no doubt that the most interesting character on House is non-other than Hugh Laurie as House. House may just well be one of the most interesting t.v characters of all time if not the most. He is an athiest, psychotic, brilliant, doctor who toys with his patients as-well as his colleagues. He is a total ass who you just find yourself rooting for most of the time. He is like a anti-hero. He saves people's lives, but for all the wrong reasons. He only cares for the thrill of solving the case than helping the patient but still does his best to save their lives while also trying to spread his philosophy. His motives differ with each episode and you never fully understand him. Each episode depicts him trying to solve a puzzling case and each episode shows him being in a inner struggle with his emotional unstability, constant pain in his leg, and his habit of messing up every relationship he's ever been in (friend or more). His only friend being his colleague Wilson and his only relieve for his pain being a drug he constantly takes (vicodin) House has very little be happy of, which is why everyone deems him "miserable". Hugh Laurie does an amazing job portraying his character and House is truly the biggest reason why this show is such a big hit. House is my favorite show and truly a must watch for anyone.
  • He doesn't have time for feelings from other people and even himself. His job is important. It's the case that matters more than the patient...

    Dr. House can not only give brashness he can take it. He also encourages it so that he can think better about what is and isn't a good idea. He doesn't have time for feelings from other people and even himself. His job is important. It's the case that matters more than the patient and sometimes, for him, the patient gets in the way. House is a fantastic show and proves that crass can be good for a point, that is. I dislike that they moved house to Mondays. I enjoyed it on Tuesdays. It clashes with my other shows on Monday like Heroes and the Big Bang Theory. But I've caught several episodes this season and they have done a great job. I really love this show.
  • House is a doctor that solves cases and instead of treating patients.

    I find this series one of the best medical series out there. How House handles his patients and how he solves the cases he comes across makes this show even more interesting. I can truly say that I am addicted to watching this series. Hugh Laurie (Dr. Gregory House) plays this role very strongly. I think House is a show that would never get old. The other strong point of this series I think is the relationship between House and Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) the head of the hospital. House always gets his way by breaking rolls and Cuddy would usually cover after him. It is simply Perfect.
  • One of the most brilliant shows on TV!!

    When I grow up I want to House!!...seriously, I really do, he is amazingly intelligent and arrogant,and soo refreshing in all the wrong ways! I love this show. I think Hugh Laurie is a terrific actor! Absolutely amazing!, I love most of his ridiculous facial expressions in this show!

    Anyway, back to the show. This show has one of the most balanced mixtures of real medical ideas and stories, and character romantic, sexual, and interpersonal relationships! It has more medicine than ER, Diagnosis Murder, or Grey's Anatomy, and House's character by virtue of his ridiculous and intrusive personality always makes sure the viewers know about any romantic relationships that form in the show. The writing is almost always amazing,a nd i learn something new every time i watch the show! is masterfully created and executed!

    WOW! I never watched this show through the first couple seasons, than one night I watched the pilot, then a couple more first season episodes, then before I knew it I was basically addicted to House and have watched every episode. It is a show that leaves you guessing, aggravates you throughout, but gives you a sense of accomplishment and resolve. The mysteries are so well thought out, and as soon as you think there is no possible way to solve it, House has a brilliant idea and brings the case to closure. You get to see first hand the rise and fall of HOuse on a show to show basis, the good and the bad. Great show!
  • Everything about the show is great...

    Fantastic, totally I dislike hospital dramas because from some point it all becomes repeating itself. But house is an exception. The script is wonderful and powerful both for the patients and the personal life of the staff. The characters are well developed and the actors are more talented.
    Hugh Laurie is an exceptional actor I can't imagine any other man to play Dr. House. His mimics, his voice, I don't think if some else plays this role; it won't be do the effect on viewers.
    According to me season 5 is the best season and I can't wait for the season 6.
  • It's different from any other TV show ever!

    The creators of HOUSE really did a pretty good job building House's character. Hugh Laurie made an incredible performance, that guy should had a chance to prove himself earlier, but I think he's satisfied now more than ever specially he's preforming a very very complicated character, unpredicted, rough in a funny way, hard to deal with, and of course many more that you already know. Besides House's character there's a wonderfully written script about the patients, their cases, and how the treatment can be. Also the little complicated drama with all the cast and their relationships with each others. I never got bored at any episode from all House's episodes that I've watched.
    I just hope they don't try to make an unexpected ending to the show like killing House for example ..
  • Episode 107?

    What happened to the episode (107 I think) that had the guy who stood in his kitchen all day smelling coffee? He didn't know that he had been there all day. I started to watch it and I got interupted and now I can't find it. I love House and I don't want to miss a single episode. I record every episode but somehow this one didn't get recorded. I wished on the reruns they would show some of the episodes that usually don't get shown. I've been trying every site to find this episode, but no luck so far. Someone, please help me.
  • awsome

    i started watching this show from season four. i have since seen all the previous seasons (thank you USA) many of them more than once. you think it would be the type of show that would loose its appeal once you solve the mystery but it is in fact just the opposite. each time you rewatch you discover something new that brings a new aspect to the episode. i cant wait for season six and i hope there are many more to follow. this show is definately destined to become a classic right up there with the likes of M*A*S*H!!
  • Perfectly vicious episode

    It seems like it is the year of the cruel and mean end of the season episodes, or at least the ones i see. Funny old man end up with pancreas cancer, happy cranky doctor end up in a loony home, at least someone got married. Any how very good episode, the case kind of intresting but not the most important part in this episode, it is sort of forgoten in the end. I would love to see a happy House at least once, but it wouldnt be House so... It is a superb episode, i would have put a 10 but it was just too cruel (I mean they already killed Kutner in this season... was it necessary?)
  • this was the episode to see all can be said is O.M.G.....

    episode "both sides now" nothing more to be said but O.M.G.............i felt every emotion especially at the end. It not only effect the outcome of just that episode but it tied every single episode altogether. Making what seemed just a show after show a view into the mind of a single person. just wow is not the words for this. I am not a big doctor show fan and this help me see into the patients head. This definitely was the episode to see if you missed it watch it, if you dvr'ed it do not erase it. awesome!! O.M.G!!!
  • Well executed twist

    The twist was not overly played and they did not show their hand too early. I was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I have been a fan of Hugh Laurie since I saw him on Spooks many years ago. I am new here and I hope that this review will let me edit the incorrect information someone put in the notes about a song. Usually a show plays the reveal a little too heavily with "look what we did aren't we clever, huh, huh" and this show came close but didn't overdo it and I give them kudos for that.
  • This tv drama is about a doctor,analyst with his team of people that diagnose patients with the most bizarre of illness.The star of this show is a doctor called Gregory House who is rude,treats his patients like trash but always find a cure for them.

    I dont now about you but Monday 8:00 PM on FOX is the night i always look forward to.After a five brilliant season a shocking season finale says it all,House md is a brilliant show.I was a little worried when the original crew of his assistance was replaced by other people and i thought to my self,boy,this is gonna drop dead soon,but was i wrong.The next crew was also brilliant and it kept the show alive but most importantly,it gave us something to look forward to.The bottom line,show is great and i am looking forward to season 6.House MD RULES!
  • I need you… best House's line in more than a 100 episodes….

    So the girl was losing her skin…big deal, the whole medical mystery was second fiddle to the real drama going on House's mind….First, him admitting that pain scared the #$%^ out of him and that he needed and trusted his friends but admitting his hallucinations; Chase and Cameron had the typical "I have doubts" scenario and Foreman showed remarkable leadership skills…even if it was Taub who came up with the "hail mary" desperate solution of the week….the last minute with the "Huddy" was something fans of the show really looked forward and the end of the complicated and disputed 5th season is at our doors now… a roller coaster of powerful emotions….good episode.
  • Refreshin show

    This is one of the best shows on t.v.but what makes this one stand out is because this one storyline writers have not ventured into until now.a doctor who gets the job done no matter the cost.even defies his superior just because he has a mere assumption.and most of all he is completely deviod of feelin to his fellow human being.its a cool show.the sexual tension between him and cuddy is refreshin,his relationship with wilson very parasitic.cameron's crush on him,thirteen's relationship with foreman.with a lot of unimaginable medical mysteries.the show also has the right amount of humour to the show alive
  • Excellent

    This show is very good. A medical mystery-drama with bits of humor thrown in about a doctor who is unsociable and at times down right rude, but lives for the love of his job. The premiere episode cemented the appeal of the show and every episode thereafter only built upon that appeal. The characters are refreshing, the stories are fascinating, and the suspense is perfectly paced. Supporting a large overall story ark, while maintaining the capacity for an episode to episode show, and actually creating character development in the process is a rare gift in a television show. It is a good show but ER was better.
  • Honestly the best TV-show i've ever seen!

    I must admit that I wasn't really what you would have called "excited" about the show when it was announced that it was going to be broadcasted in Sweden (where I live). I thought that it was just a new average TV-show from the states, and I didn't even saw the first episode. Mostly due to pure laziness… But next week when I turned on the TV for no particular reason, and I saw the last 30 minutes of episode 2. I don't even remember exactly how I reacted to it, just thought that there were something about this show that just made me so thrilled. I found myself laughing hysterically in one moment and starring in shock in the next minute. It was most certainly something special about this "House M.D", though I had never seen a full episode at that time, and tried to find out more about it on the internet. It was then I found out about that the show was partly inspired by the books about Sherlock Holmes. I have been a fan of that great detective since I was 10 years old and this new information made the show even more interesting! And I can honestly say that this IS the absolutely, truly, best TV-show that I've ever seen.
  • Great medical mystery show with new shocking things happening every episode!

    House is a great television medical drama. A lot of the episodes do have the same plotline as Grey's Anatomy, though they are mostly correct on the medical terms and the hands-on surgeries. Although, there are sometimes when they are inaccurate. For instance, in Season 1 episode 17 they diagnose a patient with toxoplasmosis. House and Foreman say it is a "fairly common fungus" when it is actually a single-cell parasite. But in laments terms, most viewers will not catch the inaccuracies.

    Besides the patients and medical stuff, the plotline of the characters is most interesting. I mean, who doesn't love hearing about Chase and Cameron, House and Cuddy, and especially Wilson.
  • House is in it's 5th season.

    House is the best show on TV right now. While many people are very unhappy with the shows current season, I think many of the things that have happened this year will lay a great foundation for season 6. In the first season, the show seemed to focus more on the medical cases, until the Vogler plotline was added. In 2-3 House's addiction and former girlfriend Stacy are introduced, making the show hysterical. In season 4 House old team is gone and he begins the process of hiring a new team. Another great season (except for 97 seconds, terrible episode). In season 5, Wilson has to get over the death of Amber. By the end of the season, Kutner commits suicide and Cameron & Chase get married.

    Many people who have criticized House say that in this season none of the events have any reprocussions. However, they must be patient, as many of the things that have happened will re-introduce the old team, and make the show more of an ensemble drama.
  • How death affects people.

    SPOILER! This episode was a shocker to me.(and I suppose to many of you). I didn't even know that the actor is not going to be one the show next season. There was no rumour about that(unlike TSCC character derek reese)But i still think it was a great episode after all. The impact that Kutner death is going to have on characters, especialy house, is going to be huge. I am looking forward to it.Just like Wilson said at the end of this episode, house is crashed, because he did not see that coming. He is known for his ability ro read peolple. And if he lose that ability, who knows what might happen...
  • House is one of the supreme shows in the current primetime schedule due to it ethical exploration and its unique personality the makes it stand apart from other soap opraish medical dramas on tv

    House is a example of what a great writing staff, great production team and even better actors can bring to a show. Hugh Laurie leads up the incredible cast that has taken a genre of show that can get stale real fast by giving case after case after case. This show has explored feelings in a way that hasn't been seen since Homicide Life on The Streets. Through depression, addiction, death, love, hate and any and every thing. I love these characters and their struggle to find meaning and their place. That's something we can all relate with which will make this great show continue to be more current and real-life driven!!!!!
  • One of the best on tv right now, but repeats itself easily

    House is one of the few, if not the only, show with a main storyline per episode which I like. Usually I see those shows as stupid or easily written, but House breaks through the pattern and provides good medical mysteries with sometimes a funny, sometimes a shocking conclusion.

    I don't know anything about season 5 yet (I just saw episode 12 of the 4th season), but it looks like this show is getting better every season. I didn't like season 1 very much because of the way of acting, camera's etc... (but I have this with a lot of shows) and season 2 was a bit better, but it got really good in S3. And when I thought this show would suck when Foreman, Cameron and Chase left as House's assistants, S4 got even more interesting with the competition for a job.

    There are only 2 problems I've got with House.
    1) Just like Lost, you can't really feel for the characters because of the little attention there's being given to their personal lives. I know, it's still a medical show, but it's starting to get old that House sort of learns something by the end of the episode and there's nothing said about it anymore the week after.

    2) It easily repeats itself. There's always a pattern in the episodes and you know House is going to find out what the patient has in the last five minutes, or that patient's going to hell. It always has the same way of thinking (which is logical for a group of doctors in this position, but still) and sometimes, you just don't care about the patients.
    Luckily, all this is frequently disrupted by the comical Cuddy-House interactions (gotta love Lisa Edelstein), Wilson's silly remarks and the gentle, female touch of Cameron. And now whe've got serious Taub, witty Thirteen and.. well, Kutner. I only can't stand Foreman, just don't ask me why.
  • Where is the sick dog?

    By the end of the episode - I was not happy with the choice of reasons given for the sudden death of on of the shows main, and funny, characters, but through it all....House and the whole hospital, and family of the deceased NEVER mentioned the dog.

    Was there a dog? Is there still a dog? Was the dog sick - why has the dog never been mentioned before. And yes, I do think that he was murdered - in light of the fact that annoying (should die next) doctor knew that the dog was sick, and no one else did, leads me to believe that whomever killed Cutner, either let the sick dog out, or took the dog and killed it elsewhere to stop the dog from making noise and rousing the neighbors suspicions.

    I have to watch the episode again for the scenes in the apartment...there are signs that someone has a dog....but in this case - the cause of the "suicide" took over the whole show...and quite frankly stole from Meat Loaf what could have been an Emmy winning scene with the woman playing his wife. I would have gone a different route and had them both die...regardless, dark and twisty...oh wait...that's Grey's Anatomy! HEHEHEHE
  • Love the Show but Very Down !!!

    Love this show but This episode depressed me and surprised me because I didn't expect Clutcher to commit suicide or get murdered. I Loved him on the show. Why o Why !!! I think his chatachter was great on the show and made it great with House and the others. The way House and him worked together was just great and the way the teased each other made the show more fun and excited. It made me sad to see him dead and off the show. Now it doesn't feel like the same crew of people working together. You can see how it affected everyone, especially House !!
  • It's a show about a crazy and very smart doctor name House, He never consult his patients yet he knows all about their case, He is crippled and addicted to vicatin. He'd do whatever it takes to get what he wants and his favorite quote : "everybody lies"

    This show is definitely a must watch. With time (meaning by the end of the first season) it became my personal Favorite. It's hilarious not the stupid way but the smart way. And House...Oh man, that guy is just crazy :-) Anyway, as i said before, this show is a must watch, even if you are not interested in medicine you can watch it. It's true that some of the terms are sometimes hard to understand but don't worry you'll get past them faster than you'd actually thought, plus at the end, they usually explain them so no worries. Just relax and enjoy it......
  • House is the funniest most sarcastic doctor you will ever meet. Everyone lives him, his vicodin, and his quotes. "It's never lupis"

    I love this show!!! I like downloading like 5 episodes at a time. I sit there and watch it, then I add all my favorite quotes to my facebook page!!! You'll never get anything better, Hugh Laurie is just so funny. I wish there was more sex, but that's okay...I guess you just need the right relationships. Just give it a chance if you haven't seen it yet, I guarantee that within a month you'll hear someone talk about it, and you'll be glad you've at least seen a few episodes. Dr. House finds what is wrong with people by treating them with cocktails of medicine, they either get sicker, better, or they die (usually not the last one) But most of the time, everyone seizes, it's like their show's thing.
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