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  • I don't know off the wall is a good classification...? I hope it is because I meant it in a good way :)

    I've been watching House since season 1 and although I don't really watch it every week anymore, I do occasionally catch the new episodes. But I miss Cameron and Chase, especially because Cameron was my favorite character. I was very disappointed that she wasn't a part of the team anymore. But I've grown to like the other characters even though in my mind Cameron, Chase, and Foreman will always be THE team :)

    As for House, I always found his sarcastic humor funny, even though he was quite mean sometimes and some of his quotes were completely uncalled for. However, I thought his character was very interesting and complex, and I think Laurie pulls him off wonderfully. House has the greatest storylines and complex characters. All in all, great show! :)
  • Hugh Laurie caries this show on his shoulders and does a fine job of it. A bit boring at times because to process of analysing the decease every weak is a bit the same. I hope that they find a way but losing faith in that every episode.

    What would you say if you don't care how people feel about it.
    Gregory House does it all the time and more…and you can't help but envy that brute honesty.
    It is great to watch this incredible actor limping around being depressingly hilarious.
    I do have to say that the rest of the cast have weaker characters. It's a pale contrast to house his role. Lisa Cuddy and James Wilson are in second place thou. Both great characters that create a nice dynamic for house the work with. Foreman, Cameron and Chase got a bit boring after a while. It was a good idea to change there parts. This show is one of my favourite shows to watch. It does have a tendency to get a bit boring because to process of analysing the decease every weak is a bit the same. You can see that the writers struggle with this. Main reason I am watching is because I love the house character. Hugh Laurie is a great performer that manages to keep the show fresh and fun.
  • I love house

    He is hot, and funny. This show is my favorite, mainly because of him(house). I wish they would have kept Chase, Foreman,and Cameron but hay I love him so.... what ever. There is never a dull moment on this show, I want house and Lisa Edelstein known as Dr. Lisa Cuddy to get together one day. they are a match made in heaven don't you think??????? But anyway, I have heard some say negative things about house(the show), but at least you can learn a couple of things while viewing. I wish that fox will let house guess star on the Simpsons, cool.
  • There is a Doctor named Gregory House.He is rude and disrespectful.Hes not very liked by people.He has a staff of three doctors and his bosses name is Cutty. She s pertty hot.Alot of people think so. He hurt his leg and uses a cane and is on pain killers.

    So I'm a big fan of the show House and I've been wathing it sence the first episode was on television and I think its one of the best television show out there. I've also always been a big fan of Hugh. So he plays a doctor named Dr. Gregory House, everyone just calls him House anyway hes only has a couple of friends but mostly poeple think he is rude and dis- respectful and he is but he is really funny about it. He's very obanctuse. But I look forward to the show every week and if I missed an episode i thought I would have to wait till it came on television again but then I found out about hulu. Thanks.
  • What has happened to House?!

    After reading most of the reviews people posted on this thread it's very clear that in most of the fans opinions this show doesn't need any character background to fill the 42 min. episode. They only want a nervous breakdown if it has something to do with solving the case. I now get why they feel this way because for them this show is about solving cases more than what is happening in the doctors personal lives. You only want to see House rip on people that would actually give a tiny rats butt what he got to say, hate him for it but deep inside love to see him being right at the end of every case. Joke here joke there , Wilson House cat fights , Cuddy's secret love for House the usual. But I don't think the show could of lasted long with this kind of routine going on over and over again, after awhile the same fans would be bored by the reruns of House's your mama jokes and celebrity impersonation. On top of that seeing that there was no character development during the seasons was just one of the reason i could never of connected to anybody but House, which is a petty because I really think that the old cast kicks the new casts butt all over the place. If you don't believe me that nobody's character developed except House's then ask yourself this:
    Does it really seem that the old cast really learned something from House other then he is always right no matter what? or did you see on a regular basis when they approach their own case, a little House in every of them? If you answered no, then it's perfectly normal not wanting the writers to bring a new cast, not because they are different, but because the old ones weren't ready to leave the nest. In my opinion re unit the old cast together but instead of having 42 min. episode only evolving around the case have at least 5 minutes in the show to get to know Cameron Cuddy Wilson Foreman and Chase, you know randomly, like they did with Cuddy's baby fever during the 2nd season. a little here and there but about everybody. I think that would really settle everything for all the fans.
  • A true HOUSE fan!!! The show definatly keeps you on your toes. It is serious but with comic relief. I just love Hugh Laurie's sarcasm towards everyone on the show. What a great character he plays and a wonderful actor.

    Overall love all the actors on the show, but I think that Hugh is perfect for playing the role of the doctor. Hope the show will stay on air for a long time. Every Monday I count down the hours until it comes on. I enjoy a great laugh with a little suspence waiting for what will happen next. When House first came on, as a viewer I was already hooked. As a matter of fact if I so happen to miss one of the episodes I go online to view the show on hulu. Thank goodness for hulu, I can get caught up until I can see it on television. This is a very good show!!!
  • I really love this show. It has the exact amount of drama and comedy to make it difficult to say which genre it was.

    I really love this show. It has the exact amount of drama and comedy to make it difficult to say which genre it was. It has a nice rhythm that makes you stay interested in the story as considering only the episode or the whole show. The acting is very good, specially from the protagonist.
    My favorite episode is called "Human Error". It is incredible fun and interesting at the same time.
    It has some flaws i´m certain, but like all lovers I can´t see many of them. One I know for sure is that the show isn't medically accurate, but I don't care about it. Because it´s simply too fun too watch.
  • the story of a drug addicted doc and his cohort of associates tackle the mysteries of the medical world

    man, this is one of those shows where if you start watching it, you cant stop watching 'till it's over, and then you're begging for more of it. this follows the life of a very unfriendly doctor named Dr. Gregory House, who despite seeming to hate every person he comes in contact with, possesses an unusual level of genius in solving some of the toughest cases to hit the medical world, paralleling the detective Sherlock Holmes. if you liked Gray's Anatomy, You'll like this (then again, if you liked Gray's, you're probably already watching this). anyways, if you haven't seen it, watch it, you're bound to like it, just be prepared for a bit of gore.
  • I like this show because its different then the usual Hospital dramas.

    Greg House, is a cool dude. He's the most bad ass doctor ever!He is a bit crude, but the bit crude that have a soft-side. He has a cool cane too. He takes on strange cases that sometimes appear beyond explanation though they find one. The characters at times conflict like oil and water. That adds to the fun all the more: The debates and arguments with colleagues.
    This show is a must see in my opinion I like watching it each monday the plots seem to make time fly so fast, I question if my watch is broken. :p
    In conclusion if you like an edgy lead character and gripping characters in a Hospital show this is for you.
  • I really like house I think he is a fun character and makes tv fun

    I keep waiting for the next House, though I do miss the old team, I think the staple of the show is House and he's the reason I still watch, Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor and really brings a realism to the show which I love. The medical mysteries are always great and I love trying to see if I can figure them out first, which I never can. Most of the time I don't even know what they are talking about, but it is still a unique show, and the more House I get the happier I am.
  • Great show for men and women!

    My husband and I only agree on about 4 or 5 television shows and House our personal favorite. The main character is a bitter, sarcastic, brilliant doctor who diagnoses patients with unusual conditions. He works with a team of doctors, mainly because insulting them and making fun of their ideas helps him to reach his own conclusion about the patient's treatment. I thought the show jumped the shark during the episode arc about House's arrest and the cop who is harassing him, but it got back on track after about 4 or 5 shows. I was also worried changing the supporting cast members (House got a new team of doctors) would also hurt the show, but it remains as brilliant as House himself. A wonderful show! Hugh Laurie is incredible.
  • Interesting case, but I'm getting tired of the character analysis

    I love this show and I know that most who will read the following give my review a thumbs down, but I need to get some things off my chest. I've always had a problem with the 13 character. I know that as a rule you need beautiful people on your show, but she is simply not believable. The Cameron character was able to pull off being attractive and convincing as a doctor, but 13 basically looks and dresses like a model reciting lines.

    Another thing that I'm getting tired of is the character analysis by whoever is playing armchair psychiatrist that week (usually it's Wilson). Towards the end when Cuddy started with the, "You do this because of X. You don't allow yourself to be happy because of Y. You hate yourself because of Z" which we have already heard about 30 times from Wilson, I felt cheated. Whenever they have a character going off like this, I feel like we are sitting in a writer's meeting listening to one of them thinking out loud about the motives behind House's actions. I feel this type of "dialogue" cheats the audience by spoonfeeding what is in the character's mind rather than figuring it out on our own. When the audience is allowed to figure stuff out on its own it makes us feel smart. When we are told what to think, it shows that the writers are convinced we are dumb.
  • Refreshing show about doctors helping patients with unusual diseases. Dr. House is extremely bitter but always gets the right diagnosis.

    Very fascinating. Being a nurse myself I'm used to most of the terminology and find this show quite believable. So refreshing to find a show in this day and age that takes place in a hospital that actually focuses on patients and pathology; rather than on all the nurses ruining the marriages of all the doctors. Hugh Laurie is an excellent actor. To be able to pull off that condescending arrogant personality in the show and seemingly be such a stand up guy in all his interviews. His playing the part of an addict detoxing was impeccable in my opinion, as I have seen this behavior up close and personal during my own career.

    I'd have to say that this is one of the greatest dramas on TV for a long, long time. I really like this show and would recommend it to anyone.

    I love this show, and watch it every time its on. but I dont have the FOX channel so i have to wait for the rerun to come on on USA. which sucks cuz i love this show and watch it all the time. please change the channel that this show air's. I myself am in the medical field and when i watch this show i love it how i can try anf solve the patients illness along with the show. OH I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE if anyone can do something about the channel change that would be just wonderful, thank you.
  • Story of a grumpy doctor who is good at diagnosing diseases and his team.

    A great show which is very educative. It contains a great cast and a great storyline. The choice of the protagonist is a great one, his name is House (Hugh Laurie). The show has a great storyline and it is also very humorous. The writers do a great job of coming up with different ailments that must not be easy but they do it so well.Every episode we look up for a new complication and always trying to solve the cases is very great one minute you think you have gotten it then the next minute you feel like an idiot. All in all a great show kudos to the cast and crew. A great storyline and definitely a trendsetter.
  • House MD is a show about a medical superstar, Dr. House. He manages to combine his cynicism with personal discovery and poor interpersonal relationships to solve medical riddles and saves life of patients, going outside codes of conduct when necessary.

    The sherlock holmes references are apt and make the show much fun. I fancy the way the diagnostic process unwinds and eventually discovers the real problem along with the personal stories of the physicians and patients.

    The irony of Dr. House personal health and frequent references to it is also striking, as well as his poor skills at almost anything else.

    I have followed many seasons of the show and find many episodes above average, sometimes excellent. I prefer the old pre-fourth season cast though, but has grown to enjoy the new faces. The many reviews and comments about Hugh Laurie himslf and the show are a testament to its quality.
  • A wonderful blend of human emotions and human interaction.

    House is my kinda man! I guess because he reminds me of myself ... Don't be afraid to speak your mind, although maybe with a little more tact! All of the characters feed off each others strengths, weaknesses, and emotions. It amazes one how a professional could be soo intelligent and yet so far removed form his piers. Wait a minute. Does House have any piers? Is he some kind of alien? Or is he "for real"? I feel his pain, as I too struggle with dibitating pain. Each time I reach for that Vicodin, I think of House. Just wished I was getting paid to take it like he is!
  • Love it

    Casting is perfect, story lines are perfect, originality perfect. the show is just perfect I love love love it!!!!! Nothing else like it and there never will be. I cant wait to tune in each week to see what house will be up to next. My only downfall is when we have to wait weeks and weeks to watch it, put an end to that!!! a week is long enough to go without my dose of house. Please dont make us wait any longer. But I personally love this show its my all time favorite and I pray it doesnt go anywhere for a long time.
  • I love this show!

    I love watching House! While it's not my favorite show, I do tune in mostly every time I see that it's on. It's so entertaining to watch, and House just cracks me up every time! The drama is also very good; it's not too cheesey or anything like some other shows. I usually forget who most of the other characters are, though, because I just mostly pay attention to Dr. House.
    Anyway . . . this show is really good. Hugh Laurie is perfect for the role of the title character. He just does and absolutely amazing job!
    Overall, I great show!
  • Give 'em all kudos!

    Well done with the award Hugh! Keep up the good work!Which, according to the interview with Katie Jacobs, they will be as Hugh Laurie has signed on for the EIGHTH season according to an interview with her. You can find the interview on House's homepage! I didn't realize he was also an executive producer. I'm sure most of you 'House' fans already knew. I first became a fan of his from his appearance on friends and will continue to be. Of course the rest of the cast keeps up with him and offers their own unique style creating an excellent ensemble. Looking forward to years more offbeat fun! Live long and
  • Man u should watch this serial:)

    On start my review i want to ask why did i watch this serial ? First think what i had in my mind is "ah I had a lot of free time so i searching some funny serial with nice opinion and in that moment i saw new episode of house next step was go on and look at opinions about it. Ther are ok so I decision to start M.D. House". After first episode , first season I think - hmmm really nice , some funny dialogues , nice actors and actress, so next I watched all first season and that I think - Yes It`s that what i want , wonderful serial for evening. After second season I fallen in love in Gregory House :)personally for me he is totally genius in this what he`s doing in this serial. The right person on right place nothing more. Ofcourse I watched third, fourth season and now fifth . My opinion is the same - just brilliant . AT the end i want to say one thing who didnt watch this one of the best comedy/drama serial he really should do this .

    Hugh Laurie > respect
  • This show is great. SO Addicting.

    House is an amazing show. I caught on a little late like around the end of season 4 but i now have all the seasons on dvd and am currently watching it this season and it is with out a doubt one of the most addicting shows ever(the other being Bones which is equally awesome!) The cases are always awesome and of course House is always entertaining and funny. The House and Wilson friendship is so great to watch and you can never get enough of the witty dialogue between those two. Anyways great show and highly recomend it. Once you start you cant stop.
  • Overall, my boyfriend and I love this show. what we are both curious about is, is there such a doctor? If so, where is he? Literally! Where is he? I love the character he plays and always solves it. And right now, that's what I Need.

    If anyone knows such a doctor please reply back. It does not hurt that I tried. Lame in believing television shows, but I am just hoping. I just want the real deal instead of beat around the bush doctors and different medicines. Just get to the point, you know? I do not know what else to put because of the requirements(100 words min). The rest is just a repeat.
    my boyfriend and I love this show. what we are both curious about is, is there such a doctor? If so, where is he? Literally! Where is he? I love the character he plays and always solves it. And right now, that's what I Need.
  • Cameron present House with a suicidal patient that has been living in chronic pain for three years without a diagnoses. Cameron hopes that this will make House deal with his own pain in a more constructive way. Witch of course he does not.

    I like this episode. I handles the subject of pain in a subtle way, without failing to show that living in chronic pain can make you suicidal. It could easily have been over the top, having the patient screaming in agony all the time, but they didnt. House is not changing the way he deals with his pain, even though its worse than ever. But it show us that House IS on a path of changing his world view to "less pessimistic", even in severe pain. Good or bad for the show? Because this episode did have a lighter tone to it, despite the theme of pain. Houses water pipes breaks, and he is blaming everybody else for it. Cuddys house is a mess, when she tries to deal as a working mother. The scenes in House and Cuddys homes created a domestic feel to it, forth shadowing things to come, I presume? Their banter is as fresh as ever, as Cuddy sees that being a working mother means that somethings gotta give. And House is jealous of "Mowgli", and shouts back. But not in a mean way this time. I loved the part were House caresses Cuddys office desk, the mysterious college desk he restored for her in "Let them eat cake". Rumours will have that something romantic or erotic happened on that desk. I hope we will learn what happened soon.

    The episode ended on a funny note, House finding out that it was indeed he himself who had destroyd the water pipes, due to his handicap.

    Minus - to little Wilson, to much 14, (take away that beard Foreman!) All in all - a smooth episode.
  • quite good for a tv show

    why would I say that? because usually a tv show has some up episodes and some downs but this one seemed to stay up with every episode it has. I don't like it just because the characters seem to be sarcastic and throw around some cool funny lines. I enjoy it because the actors know so well to perform their characters and plus the pseudo info they give it's quite interesting. As conclusion this show worth watching because after an awful day at work/school gives you ay huge laugh and makes you realize the world it's not so bad as it seems it might be even worse but you'll never find out :-)
  • This show has a doctor who has some physical complications. Because of those complications he is a very straight forward person. Many people would call him a jerk. However, he is the best doctor in the area.

    I think that this is a very funny show. It shows how a jerk of a doctor can still succeed to save patients. I love Hugh Laurie. I think that he was the perfect actor to play this role. The cast is amazing as well as the storyline. It is very easy to get wrapped up in this show. I know that some people may not like the show because of the rudeness of the lead character, but I think that is what helps make this show great. I recommend anyone considering watching this show to give it a shot... it may not be for you, but it is definately worth a watch.
  • An Informative, Entertaining Show.

    Who would have thought that a Bus. Ad college student like me would be interested in watching House, MD. My friend who is a Med student recommend the show, but I was having my doubts since I wasn't and still am not interested in the field of Medicine, but this show is great by all means, It's a show definitely worth watching regardless of your field of study. This show has the whole package i think, drama, comedy (Hugh Laurie is hilarious) and suspense. I rate this show an 8 since the hospital exposure each and every episode is pretty dull. But overall, worth watching.
  • 13 and Foreman should NOT go together.

    I think Foreman and 13 should not go together because there was no relashonship between then when they started the new season.13 character is one of the best, but i think 13 should solve cases and not be foremans girlfriend. Its just not right that 13 has a disease and foreman and her get together just because of this disease. Its nice that House and Cuddy get together, but for Forman and 13, no. House and Cuddy have a nice relahionship, but if you put 13 and Foraman together who knows what will happen like Cameran and Chase will get back together.
  • I thought this episode was a bit ridiculous. I love this show..but the ending was horrible, because there is no chemistry what so ever between 13 and foreman. So why would you want to hook them up together??!?

    I thought this episode was a bit ridiculous. I love this show..but the ending was horrible, because there is no chemistry what so ever between 13 and foreman. So why would you want to hook them up together??!?

    The rest of the episode was okay. But I would rather suggest that chase and cameron should come back to join the team, and foreman just goes away somewhere..or atleast have cameron join back into the team!

    I think Wilson is going to keep trying to get house and cuddy together and might end up with cuddy. Cos i dont like the idea of house and cuddy together somehow. they dont look like they belong together
  • a show about a doctor who was shot and now deals with massive amounts of pain. Great show.

    House is one of my favorite shows. It has a lot of serious problems in a very real enviroment. I wish Dr. House was a real person, althought the acting by Hugh Laurie often makes me belive he is a real person. I often feel bad for House because of his leg but how he overcomes the pain is inspiring to us all. House is the best docter period. He is able to not think about the distractions of every day life to assist his patients. I also enjoy the acting of the secondary characters in the show such as Dr. Wilson with his compassion for people and ability to put up with house and Dr. Cuddy and how house treats her badly. House is one of my favorite shows.
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