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  • House is the doctor you never had, or wanted. He is a genius diagnostician, but his bedside manner scores in the negative. Together with his team of hand-picked doc from various specialties solves patients' ailments like CSI labs tracks down a sus

    By far one of the best shows on TV. The stories progress so nicely that you don't even have time to wonder how House gets through a week without being sued out of the hospital.
    Between his cutting remarks to hypochondriac clinic patients to brilliant revelations that solve a seemingly impossible case, House always leaves you anxious for the next scene.
    Episodes on the outside should seem formulaic and boring; each one begins with a scene of someone falling ill, the team tries various treatments that don't work, then House has an epiphany that calls on a risky treatment that Dr. Cuddy, his boss, is initially against, but always allows in the end, and always cures the patient. Despite the cookie-cutter writing, each episode still manages to seem fresh and exciting, and never disappoints.
  • Best show in the world!!!!!

    This show is the best. Amazing actors. Great cast. House is an amazing actor, the show is great, its smart, brilliant, genius, funny, crazy, fabulous, exciting, gets better every episode, exuberent, outstanding, extraordinary, amazing, awe-inspiring, astonishing, prizewinning, sharp, clever, astute, intelligent, bright, intense, fresh, impertinent, impudent, overbold, smart, saucy, sassy,
    wise,terrific, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous, marvelous, marvellous, rattling, glorious, magnificent, splendid, vivid, this show deserves an award.
    This show could last way after our time, it takes a whole different prespective on medical shows. Best show on fox. Best show in the world. Absolutely genius, perfect show. The most exciting show in the world. House and crew are all great, directors and writers are amazing, great storyline, great plot, amazing overview.
  • The good doc pops his pills then fixes you up...

    House is the perfect doctor show for those of us are in to the dark, twisted, and dry humor that makes this show so great. Basically House is a disabled drug addict who is one of the world's greatest doctors with the expert diagnosis, surgical ability, investigative genious, and the personality of a grumpy, witty old man who doesn't hold his punches. The actors and characters feel real yet not so real they bore you. For some reason the condesending tone and dreary speech comes of as witty and endearing instead of annoying. As long as your not one of those people who don't enjoy belittling humor to any extent or need shows that are very technically sound in their science and such this show is a must see.
  • Smart, witty, and cerebral.

    Though i got into the show very late i thank USA network for getting me up to speed. A friend turned me on to the show and i was hooked. House is the kind of person who says what he is thinking and who doesnt want to? He often gets the chance to cut people to the bone for not thinking things through. aNd often they stop and realize he is often right.... in the end. Even house makes mistakes. As we often see even the best of the best can often misread things. Even with his signature philosophy that everyone lies, makes you think how often you may lie just to protect someones feeling.
  • A drama about an unethical doctor that is only interested in treating patients with diseases that are extra-ordinary.

    Another great show on TV. Are there really any unethical doctors that are as crazy as House in real life? There is only one word to describe House, he is such a hoot! He is the kind of doctor that you want to save your life. ( Of course as per normal in virtually nearly all the episodes House gets to save the patients but before that endangers their lives with dangerous medical procedures.) Not only is it great to watch House solves the medical case and treats the patients at the very last minute but also the the banters between House and Cuddy. I find it interesting that Wilson will always forgive House for whatever stupid things that he did. Other great characters are Chase, who loves ( Teachers pet! Familiar anyone?) to agree with House and Foreman, the opposite of Chase ( who loves to defy House)and for that House respects Foreman.
  • Great Show ...

    House is a really interesting show. When they first did the cast change,I wasn't so sure about, but continued to watch, but this season completely changed my mind. The character development (especially w/ 13) is really good! I also like that we still see Chase and Cameron often.

    Hugh Laurie is amazing as Dr. House! He portrays the sardonic doctor, addicted to painkillers, very well. The plot between Cuddy and House is also super great, although House's attitude can be quite annoying, that's what makes him House (who we all love so much). House is definitely a great show, which I recommend.
  • its great!

    House is great and i think that if you were to watch this, its something to watch from the beginning. Its a great TV show which has many great characters. House is especially a great one as he is not an ordinary doctor and that why i love him. Although he can be quit distracting and even anoying, he is still the main character and the one to always look for. Another good reason for the show is that all of the medical facts that they say are actually true, therefor you learn a lot while having fun watching the TV Show.

    All around thought its a great TV Show and i recommend watching it!
  • A great little show about a maverick doctor who solves medical quandries that no-one else can... sounds dull but is truly fabulous.

    Who would have thought a show about a Vicodin addicted anti-social narcisist of a doctor would be so damn compelling?!

    Not only is this show brilliantly written but about 99% of the medicine is dead-on and the other 1%... well there has to be some artistic license!

    It also has some great characters in fact one of my only complaints is that we just don't see enough of cameron or chase in the recent episodes. Although i think expanding the cast was a great idea and has really given the show a new lease on life. Plus the plot for the new season is great. I will say no more on that as i don't want to ruin it but I think it is the best it has been since the first season.
  • One of the best shows there is!!!!!

    Amazing show, with an amazing actors. Has a very good story line every time, and does not get boring after a few seasons. With Hugh giving great acting with his american accent, and the way he just seems to know every word in that medical book, with few thousand pages. the other actors also do not disapoint, with the new team, being especially into giving into houses games all the time. The little chemistry we see now between Cuddy and House, is one of the ways that it makes the viewing process more pleasent and interesting in the long run, What happens next?
  • Awesome show!!

    I was hooked on House ever since the very first episode. Brilliantly written, it is nice to see such a fresh show!! Hugh Laurie as the miserly Dr. Gregory House. His bedside manner is less than ideal, but his interactions with every other character on the show is an amazing thing to watch. I absolutely love his character. It is a very well written show, and it inserts humor at just the right time, never to take anything away from the seriousness of the issue. While the other characters are great, House has to be my favorite. His "Houseisms" are brilliant and memorable. Overall, this is one awesome show and I would recommend it to anyone!! I hope it is around for a long time to come!!
  • house is indescriable... in a good way of course ;)

    house is indescriable... in a good way of course ;)! house has all the elements of a show that can go on forever without it beng boring.... its very original... the comedy is different and hilarious... the cases arent your usual "cancer cases" like on other shows.... i just do not know how to describe it! there are no words that have been created yet in the english language to define who great this show is! everyone's character is totally different.. they are like the odds & the ends or the junk drawer in your kitchen, but in some strange and impossible ways that make the perfect cast foor this show! i honestly do not know how to review this show! you just have to watch it youself! but i warn you: you might become addictive after you watch only one episode! ;)
  • Dr. House is a Vicodin popping cynical doctor who takes on the most unique, obsure cases that anyone's ever seen. His team is made up up of another 3 doctors Drs. Chase, Cameron and Foreman. Wilson is House's best friend is Wilson. Dr. Cuddy is the boss.

    Incredible acting. Witty dialogue. Especially between House/Cuddy and House/Wilson (they're my fave pairing). I love how House solves his cases. He seems to figure out bits of the puzzle through conducting conversations with other people completely unrelated to his case and somehow he connects whatever they're saying towards saving his patients. It's very much Sherlock Holmes. Apparently that's how House and Wilson got their names. Holmes/Watson became House/Wilson. I love how in recent episodes House's flirtation with Cuddy has bloomed more into full fledged feelings for her. The show's so good you really start feeling for the characters. LUV IT!
  • house is the best show there is right now plain and simple...

    houe is the best show there is right now plain and simple... does anyone know how to get their hands on music from "band from tv" its the band laurie playes keyboard and vocals in for a house episode.. let me know thaks k k k kk k k k k k k k k k l l l l l l l ; ; ; ; l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll ll ll ll ll ll ll l l l l l l l l
  • This is so hilarious!!!!!!!

    People if you haven't watched this show please do now, at first I thought it was another boring medical show (which I do love sometimes) but I've been watching it for some time now I can honestly say I'm pleasantly surprised by the humour that being but in this show.
    I've classified it as Cutting Edge because it's not done before like this, no doctor has been so funny, insulted as much people and got away with being as hard as possible to his patients as House, witty en funny en every week I'm wondering what he's going to do next. There is drama in the show but with al the jokes en insults the show just makes me smile . .
  • Dr. Gregory House is akin to a medical Sherlock Holmes.

    Sure it's formulaic. But who said the formula doesn't still work? Great characters, great writing, fascinating science, and one of the most memorable television characters since Perry Mason. It's remarkable how Hugh Laurie's performance is so consistently great. Even more remarkable is how he has been snubbed by the Emmy's five straight times. This is perhaps the best show on television. The current season hasn't been quite so great as the first 2 or 3, mostly due to too much of Dr. Hadley, who wasn't much of a character until some recent developments (which I won't spoil.) And her performances in the past few episodes have been as good as anyone else in the cast. The show reeks of greatness, mostly due to the fascinating medical scenarios, most of which seem relatively plausible, and the pitch-perfection of the casting. One of the best television programs to have come around in years.
  • Excellent!!!!

    I recently stared to watch this show, and it became one of my personal favorites. Every episode it a mystery on it own, you never know what the end it going to look like, and that is what it keeps you to stay and watch. The character of Dr. Gregory House is one of the most beautifully written and performed characters I have ever seen on TV. The other characters like Cuddy and Wilson contribute even more to bring out the brilliants of House and the show as a hole. Over all I hope that the show keeps going as it is and I can't wait was else is going to happen in it.
  • Solo puedo decir que House es mi programa favorito, es lo mejor que hay en TV hoy en dia y espero que continue por muchas temporadas, Saludos Hugh, keep the good work!!!

    One of the best Shows on TV, I love it!!, It`s genius, amazing, I really hope that keeps going for many seasons. Never let me down, every episode is awsome and lets you thristy for more, the humor is excellent and the caracter profile brilliant. excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent,excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent!!!
  • Stop whining. It was a fantastic episode that probably saved the series. You're welcome.

    Some people are trashing this episode, and they're entitled to their opinions, but those who are saying that the writers "killed" House or that this "wasn't House" clearly didn't pay attention to the episode.

    SPOILER WARNING: Season and episode spoilers below

    The basic premise of House was starting to get stale. The producers tried to salvage the show by replacing Foreman, Chase and Cameron with Kutner, Thirteen and Taub. They realised that they still like the original three character but couldn't get rid of the new three without spoiling the plot, so they kept the old three in the background. Failed revitalisation attempt #1. At the beginning of this season, the producers flirted with the idea of getting rid of Wilson. They quickly changed their minds on that one. Failed revitalisation attempt #2.

    However, through this one episode, which barely changed anything in the larger plot--except Thirteen is now optimistic for a Huntingdon's treatment--the producers have finally renewed interest in the show. And it was simple! Have a sick guy demand a diagnosis at gunpoint. No recurring characters had to leave and no new recurring characters were introduced. Better yet, in all the commotion, we see Dr. House remain the same while everyone else changes drastically, always the rock on which the other characters are anchored.

    To those who lamented in their reviews, "This is not House! You're ruining him!" how was it not Dr. House when the episode started with him fooling around in Cuddy's drawer and ended with Cuddy's drawer bottoming out when she opens it? Especially since he preserved the drawer in it's booby-trapped state while the gunman was threatening his life? That's certainly the Dr. House I'm used to. He invoked an obscure calcium deficiency test as an excuse to slap an idiot gunman. That's Dr. House. He refused to leave until he knew the answer to the puzzle, even while lives were at stake and he was ordered to leave the room. That's House.

    This was not only one of the best episodes of the series, but it's the episode that has done more to revitalise the show than a season and a half of shuffling around cast members.
  • Not the best episode but still an ok watch

    This episode stretches the believability to the limit. The whole situation is so completely unlikely that you can't even pretend that it could ever likely happen. And although Hugh Laurie is at his sarcastic best, over all the dialogue is flat and differential (my favourite part) boring. The episode doesn't even move the on going story line along with Cutty and House both still admitting to liking each other and that is it. So in my opinion if you missed this episode don't stress and certainly don't go out of your way to find a copy as nothing happened that you can't work out from the next episode.
  • here has already done a great job of putting together an episode summary, so read that.

    My brother and I were on the edge of our seats for this one. It was interesting to see House run the differential without the fancy medical tools until the end. Great performances and interesting how they were still able to work in some great lines and the prank at the end.
    I've never been a die hard for any particular pairing. I think the Cuddy-House thing has always been interesting. It's a relief that the writers aren't making them jump straight into a serious relationship - instead they're making it complicated. I'm glad that the usual bantering will be coming back, from the looks of the next promo.
    I've been pretty neutral about 13 since the beginning, but this was the first time I actually sorta liked her. Good to see her starting to move towards a positive course of action for herself.

    This show is my all time favorite! Between the mysteries and relationships,it is mind blowing! I think it is great that they leave most of the medical reasons towards the end because then we get to try and see if we can come up with something that explains it.And everything on the show is medically correct except one time whe nthe blood pressure was off,but we can learn so much from it if we just really start to pay attention.Through the personal relationships or the chacteristics of a cast memeber,we can somehow relate ourselves to them or someone we know.It's a great show to watch for fun or like an avid watcher,like me.
  • This show has intrigued me from the first time I saw it.

    Part procedural, part character driven this show about the cranky brilliant diagnostician Gregory House and his fellows is a wonderful moral drama. How far are you willing to go to solve the puzzle? What are you willing to risk in order to save a life? Are some people more deserving of care than others? These are some of the many moral questions that are asked in the various episodes.

    But this show is also a medical mystery. Every week Doctor House and his team race against the clock to to solve the cases that no one else can solve. House is a medical genius who driven to solve the puzzle of his patient's illnesses even if he is unable to save them. He teaches his fellows to search for the truth in ways that can often be seen as cruel and incentive. But House always has a reason behind his actions and his motives are usually more pure than they seem.

    House(as beautifully played by Hugh Laurie) himself is a study in contradictions. As confident and egotistical as he can be as a doctor he seems to have no sense of personal self worth. He cannot accept praise for the good he does and purposely presents himself as an ass in order to keep those who would try from getting too close to him. But for all of his bravado he is really a very sad and lonely man who is terrified of being hurt again. It is the combination of the medical mystery and House's own personal story that make this show so compelling. And the best episodes are the ones that can tie the two together in a firm but subtle way.

    I consider this to be one of the all time great shows and hope to be able to watch it for many years to come.
  • Song Search - can someone tell me the artist/song that played towards the end of this particular episode? The episode, titled "Emancipation", showed this evening, November 18th. The song I am searching for was acoustic, a guitar and a male voice.

    Song Search - can someone tell me the artist/song that played towards the end of this particular episode? The episode, titled "Emancipation", showed this evening, November 18th. The song I am searching for was acoustic, a guitar and a male voice. The arrangement was simple but complex. It played during the final 10 minutes of the episode and then the melody played softly in the background a second time as the show closed. When the song began to play, my first thoughts went to The Kings of Leon. Within seconds I flashed past Pearl Jam then could no longer sustain a valid guess. Thanks.
  • I think this show is so totally wild, yet makes so much scary sense, that it is great.

    From the first time i saw this show, it hit me as a very serious, outrageous show. House is so in character, as a matter of fact, all of the actors on this show have excellent skills as actors in my book. Every detail of this show is so realistically based, it makes you think about doctors and how they practice medicine. (Although this show is strictly fiction, right ???!! ) All in all, i love the craziness of it, and continue to watch every episode , and record the ones I can't. Keep up the wackiness, and keep the suspense of House and Cuddy.
  • Angst

    This is what many of us wanted. A Huddy kiss. And now, what's to follow. Weeks of skirting around the issue of 'what next?' House is afraid of what? Rejection? Failure? How can they not be together? The reasons against them are many and genuine. But they don't count for anything. Love is in the air. If House could stop acting like a smitten teenager and just be with Cuddy. And if he doesn't can I have her phone number? :)
  • I love this show. The only reason I won't give it a 10 is because of some of the medical inaccuracies. Example- House has a bad right leg. He uses his cane on the right side. This is medically incorrect. I think Cuddy is HOT!!!!!!

    Just one fabulous show. Most of the characters are believable and the love - hate relationship between Cuddy and House is always something to keep me coming back for more. Wilson is House's alter ego that keeps House thinking all of the time. Forman is a good enemy for house to have conflict because he is just like house but doesn't realize it yet. Cameron------too soft to be a Dr......well maybe a gyno!! Chase.....typical British snob!! All in all a really terrific show. I am so glad that USA has reruns every single night because i missed the first two seasons.......
  • I accidentally put my episode review on here, so I am very sorry, I will make it up by creating a new review for this brilliant show.

    This is the most AMAZING show I have ever watched. It is extremely clever and witty, with excellent and developed storylines. I love all the characters (excluding the new team) and everything about this show is superb.

    This has been my favourite show since the day it aired, I own all the dvd's and wouldn't miss a single minute of this show for the world. Hugh Laurie makes the show great, and the writers are pure genius. It has slipped the past two seasons, but still better than all other shows on tv. There are not enough words to describe the brilliance that this show is, so I will leave with saying that I am completely and utterly obsessed, and it is the funniest drama ever. House is such a wonderful character and his presence is what makes this show so unique that it differs from every other show on television, making it so much fun to watch.
  • House is not just another hospital drama. Dr. Gregory House leads a team of hand picked specialists for diagnosing the bizarre and unknown. The show offers not only an exciting medical story but equally delivers the personal drama of the characters.

    House's personality keeps me coming back for more week after week just to see what he'll say or do next. House is as bold and to the point as he is discrete and mysterious. Not the typical bedside manor you'd expect, Dr. House always says what he thinks and pretty much does what he wants. Especially when dealing with any type of authority figure. But, underneath all of the gruff, it's not hard to tell that Greg House is seeking the same thing as the rest of the human race. You never know what to expect from one episode to the next. As miserable and manipulating as he can be, it's hard not to love him!
  • Gregory House is the disgruntled and unorthodox Doctor of Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital. His manner of treating his patients is peculior, his very behavior borders on neurotic, but don't ever mess with him; he very well may save your life.

    I admit it: I can't stand blood. My dad is a cop and my mom is a nurse and I can barely stand the smell of it. So why am I watching House? Simple. I love it.
    No, there are no car-chases, no guns (well, one, but it was well deserved, eh House?) and no Mafia connections. Its a show about a Dr. saving lives as he deals with his own demons and meddles in the lives around him. Love? Bah. Friends? Pshaw. Vicodin? GLOMP. House is unproffesional, rude, bullying and a little pyscotic, and yet he continues to drive the fangirls wild.
    I love this show because is a thriller for the BRAIN. House makes me think. He makes me step back and reexamine things from a new perspective, and he gives me hope. Really! House is so determined to prove there is no God, and yet the more I watch and the more House struggles to keep his sanity (and make everyone else lose theirs) I fine myself believing more and more.
    Seriously though folks, give Foreman some screentime. The man has comedic sarcasm like no tomorrow.
    Wilson, don't you EVER scare me like that again! Never ever leave!
    Cuddy! House! End the sexual tension already!
    Chase! Take off your shirt! ^^;
    Kutner: You pawn! =D
  • This show is my weekly comedy/thrill/romance!!!

    This show is DEFIANTLY my guilty pleasure!!!! My favourite character is Lisa Cuddy, I love her romance with House its soo great!!! My second fave is Stacey, but she is gone now which is sad. My gosh this show is CRAZY! Love, comedy, and life-threatening diseases makes a crazy awesome thrill. Not scary, thrill. Like, a spine chilling rush that you get when your excited, or with someone you love. The beginning credits come and I'm like, WOW that's intense. I mean look at the picture of House holding the heart. That's not something you just do randomly!! anyhow, There's only one show thats slightly better than House (only cause Iv'e been watching it for years) and its NCIS.
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